July 19, 2009


(I should say one of them cos I have a couple)

Is on a mission to recruit blacks and hispanics into the Republican party.

I got to e-know Rightwingsparkle during the run up to what turned out to be George Bush's reelection. It goes without saying that we disagree on most thinks politically, but you just can't argue with anyone online for too long without developing some sort of friendship, or realising that you are communicating because you have something in common. These days the only thing I get angry about discussing with "them over there" is dead Iraqis. Things like that, and I have been able to rely on Sparkle as a friend with good christian wisdom through a couple of "reality quakes" over the years.

Anyway, I might be offended by some of the principles and practices but like Islamic Fundamentalism, I find the world of US Republicanism just too damn interesting. Blogs are a great window into the mind near and far. Sparkle's blog has been my window on the world of grass roots Bush fans and what makes them tick for a long while now.

It is a strange thing these days relating to "Them over there", now on the back foot as the party of opposition with George Bush's looming presence in world conciousness suddenly switched off. Obviously I'd love to believe Obama is going to make a better world. In world terms his communication is a world away from Bush's isn't it but in real terms? I couldn't really say I was an Obama fan for more than a week after the elections.

It is obvious that the Democrat party machine got its shit together to capitalise on "The Obama effect" and obvious to Sparkle, taking on some of her own fans in this, that without appealing to blacks and hispanics the Republican party is in dire straits. Now Sparkle is anything if not pragmatic. She is totally motivated by bare and basic pro life principles, but realises that pushing too far would just alienate any chance of achieving these principles as a result in the world America is now. She applies the same realism to where the Republican party is percieved to be now in terms of race issues in the States, and wants to use her influence and experience to do something about it. Its interesting to watch, particularly due to her personal experiences growing up.

anyway, read for yourself in a post entitled Black History, My History, And arms open wide

I have got used to her claims that Regan was a nice person but Nixon? Seriously? Surely not...


Indigobusiness said...

Reagan was every bit as evil as Nixon. Try disputing that to those who witnessed the Contra death squads in Central America.

Nuns were even hacked to death with machetes by those monsters, and Reagan sang their praises from his deluded ivory tower perspective. "Shininhg city on a hill" my ass.

And at least Nixon had real economic accomplishments to go along with his evil deeds. When Reagan was elected, the price of homes in Austin seemed to double overnight, and thus began the crazy economic tailspin we are culminating now.

One thing Obama can't change is the moron factor. People believe what they wish to believe, they seldom seek the bald-faced truth.

Reagan is the rightwing's Santa Claus Christ.

DAVE BONES said...

Yeah I always think of Regan and Thatcher as the ever present nightmare growing up

Indigobusiness said...

They still give me nightmares.