September 19, 2006


This was filmed maybe a month after Abu Hamza's arrest. For me, in his mannerisms and behaviour Abu Abdullah is the most interesting mix of Britishness and Fundamental Islam. Our society has made him.


Samjam9 said...

Ive been watching your footage and i must say i find it hard to think of this man as a dangerous terrorist. He does seem to really believe what he preaches, where as hamza comes across to me as just being a total publicity whore.

I could see how these preachings could possibly fuel young muslims towards attacks on there own country, but as for what abdullah is saying about things going on in iraq/afghanistan/chechnya etc, i find it quite hard to disagree with alot of what he says, i think thats why alot of the muslim community finds it hard to speak our against people like abdullah and hamza.

I find the muslims who are totally anti non-muslim quite woorying individuals though, just like i find people like the NF worrying.

Once again, thanks alot for sharing alll this footage you have.

dave bones said...


Hamza liked the publicity, I think Abdullah did himself in the end which is why he dropped himself in it on CNN.

I don't think either were particularly aware of ego related issues as Islam would "phrase" such a concept in another way.

Like you say, and I've said myself, when you actually listen to these guys preach 70 percent you'd agree with and 10 per cent you'd want them locked up for.

I thought Abdullah ouldbe intimidating sometimes but I didn't think he was dangerous or had the ability to organise terror attacks.