September 17, 2006


As promised here is Abu Abdullah telling me my footage would be worth a couple of hundred grand were any more bombs to be set. At the time he believed the 7/7 bombs to be the work of MI-5.

He also calls Zaki Badawi a dog, speaks against Muslims who vote and talks about his intention to move to South Africa. When I got home from this interview, the picture of the 7/7 bombers was on the evening news.


BigDog said...

I had a little trouble understanding the words, and some of the terminology is obscure to me. No criticism on those points, it just is.

I am always amused by the insult "dog". I like dogs. They are loyal, brave, and will sacrifice themselves for those they love. Its not offensive to me.

This stuff is valuable for the historical record, Dave. Hope you have a backup archive. Even if you don't sell the rights, you can probably donate them to a library.

dave bones said...

Fascinating isn't it? I've got quite a document of Abdullahs journey but should have done much more.

It feels like proper "malung" style stuff which sits beside the mainstream stuff as a "bloggers tale" I hope.

J Andrew Morrison said...

Did you see the former British Intel officer today claiming the whole "bombing planes with hair gel" conspiracy was simply laughable (I think he used different words, but still)....

This could get very interesting.

Is the government now using criminal trials as intelligence gathering methods?

J Andrew Morrison said...

did you ever have any contact with Rashid Rauf or his brothers?

Your guy seems to be just a loudmouth with no interest in staying out of trouble when it presents itself.

If there is some connection between Mr. Rauf and the school, then maybe Finsbury Park wasn't the link between them. (Then again maybe Mr. Rauf was simply a guy who went to Pakistan at the wrong time).

dave bones said...

strange isn't it? maybe they just tortured someone at random.

J Andrew Morrison said...

Rauf most likely has ties to terrorists. What I'd like to know is what Rauf's ties to your crowd are.

Rauf apparently hasn't been in Britain since his uncle's suspicious death in 2002. British Police are very eager to state that they have not interrogated him themselves.

Does his family go to the Finsbury Park Mosque? What is his connection? How was he able to come up with the names of your group?

I don't doubt Rashid Rauf has ties to Al Qeada, I just don't follow the links to Abu Adullah. Are you aware of any connection?

dave bones said...

I will make inquiries.