September 01, 2006


Fuking hell. Remember-

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The Times of all people have struck back! They've found a friendly hippy who took part in the weekends festivities. Is this the rise of the new hip right?

“THIS is where we had the psychedelic trance,” explained the DJ and part-time percussionist giving the guided tour of a multimillion-pound mansion in Primrose Hill.

“It was a peace party. Full of fun-loving hippies. In the other rooms we had funky house and Indian chill-out music. We tried not to let people out on the tennis courts.”

He excused the graffiti — “Home is wherre [sic] the hurt is” — scrawled under a wallhanging of a green worm on a toadstool, hookah-pipe in hand. The slogan, he said, must have been written after the party, which attracted 800 people to the otherwise immaculate enclave in North London on Saturday night. “We would have spelt it correctly.”

The 35-year-old DJ was determined to respond to criticism from neighbours who are outraged that squatters are living — and partying — in the eight-bedroom mansion, which has been sold to an unknown Russian businessman within the past year.

The father of one denies their claims that syringes are being used on the premises and is keen to point out that the empty beer cans, wine and tequila bottles that litter the garden do not encroach on either the neighbours’ properties or the public park.

“What’s more important?” the musician and party-organiser wanted to know, “the property prices for people who have billions in their bank accounts, or giving happiness to 800 people?”

The man, who declined to be identified, insisted that no one was charged entry, only asked to make a donation at the door. He said metal detectors were placed at the gate, and that teenagers were discouraged.

“The people who live here are respectful,” said a young man with blue hair and a nose ring who emerged from the kitchen, accompanied by a smiling girl with long, red hair and leopardskin tights. “There were no drugs here that wouldn’t have been in any club.”

and the reported value of the house cooly jumps from 5 to 14 million pounds. Some kudos from squatting eh? Thats capitalism!

Still that was some party no?

"The noise was just incredible," she said. "They were filing by the houses throwing beer bottles into the streets. Sunday morning, when I went to walk the dog, the party was still in full form," she said.

It took a month to get the djs to turn it up loud enough to get this reaction but it was worth it.

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