April 29, 2009


A minicab driver waited in a getaway car while two accomplices firebombed the north London publisher of a controversial novel about the Prophet Mohammed, a court has heard.
Abbas Taj drove through Lonsdale Square, Islington, where the publisher was based, twice before parking nearby.

He then waited while his accomplices poured diesel through the letterbox of publishing house Gibson Square and set fire to it, a jury at Croydon Crown Court was told.

David Waters QC, prosecuting, said Taj drove off when armed police pounced on Ali Beheshti and Abrar Mirza but was pursued and arrested nearby.

Beheshti, 41, and Mirza, 23, pleaded guilty last week to conspiracy to recklessly damage property and endanger life...


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Indigobusiness said...

Can't we get back to stink bombs, or paint bombs, or something? Sheesh...I'm up to here with all the pointless violence. We've become so desensitized, it's like a little bit of torture is tolerated and soon a lot is expected.

What a fucked up waste of human potential we've become.