April 29, 2009

Intelligence is Difficult

and still, in the case of 7/7 it is incomplete

...A request from MI5 to West Yorkshire Police for information on the men from Beeston was never followed up. Scotland Yard also failed to pass the surveillance pictures to the FBI to show to Mohammed Babar, an al-Qaeda supergrass who organised a terror training camp in Pakistan attended by Khan.

Even though the mobile telephone number of Khan had already appeared during an investigation into Q, a man from Luton who was using young British men to courier money to al-Qaeda in Pakistan, no further action was taken against him.

If the police or MI5 had not dismissed Khan as a peripheral figure they might have followed him and Tanweer to Pakistan in the following December. It was there that the pair received the orders from the al-Qaeda leadership to attack London.

At the same camp was Muktar Said Ibrahim, the leader of the cell that attempted an attack in London on July 21. Members of another British terror cell, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, were also present.

Perhaps the security services would also have made the link to Mohammed Hamid, who styled himself Osama bin London. Throughout 2004 he organised jihad training camps in Britain to radicalise young men and send them to fight in Afghanistan and East Africa. Among those whom he trained were Ibrahim and the other three men in the 21/7 gang, Yassin Omar, Hussain Osman and Ramzi Mohammed.

Perhaps they would also have noticed how the hair of Khan and his fellow bombers was bleached by the explosives being made at their two bomb factories, which led to neighbours complaining about the smell.

A senior anti-terrorism officer insisted that the decision not to arrest the July 7 bombers before the attack was down to human judgment and a lack of resources, and had been the right decision at the time...

...Detectives remain convinced that other people were involved in the preparation for the attacks on July 7. The fingerprints of up to ten unidentified suspects were discovered at the bomb factories...


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Anonymous said...

...that other people were involved in the preparation for the attacks on July 7...undoubtedly...

With the Crewvice arrests in late March 2004, what were all the other plots that the spooks/plod were watching?

Following the Crevice operation (which we now know featured a number of the 7/7 accused bombers), arrests undertaken were those associated with 'Operation Rhyme' (Dhiren Barot & his merry led men) in early August 2004. These arrests (so the story goes) were precipitated by the release of the name of Naeem Noor Khan, which, according to the US'put a premature end to "a big MI5 and police surveillance operation in Britain."

So more resources freed up then??