April 02, 2009


No protest. For one, I support the Brazialian president in what he says about honkys with blue eyes. I was considering getting the devil mask out again, veteran of a hundred police photographs but I thought fuck it. There you are, kettling works. Good deterent. The bloody photographing doesn't. I don't give a shit about that, but kettling does. Anyway I don't agree that focus on Police tactics does anything to stop Capitalism. I am looking for different tactics.

A friend of mine who went yesterday in a suit with a box on his head actually got attacked by three capitalists in suits. Capitalist fight back! See if the Police stood back and let the hippies fight it out with the city boys things might be interesting!

The Police were banging on the door of some squat in the city all night and in the morning they bust in, smashed everything up and arrested everyone. I think they did the same at Ramparts Social Centre.

There have been mixed feeling amongst my friends about Russell Brand turning up at the protest. Personally I am glad he still comes. I think the guy is genuinely one of the freaks and he speaks about freakdom all the time. I thought it was also a great idea of his to bring bouncers. Why didn't we think of that before? If each protester hired three bouncers we could kettle the Police eh.

New Internationalist here
Metcountymounty (who "cleared the climate camp") here



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