April 01, 2009



An historical meeting will occur at an undisclosed time today at one of the worlds most prestigious monuments and World Heritage Site.

President Obama of the United States of America is visiting the UK for the G20 meeting and part of his UK tour includes visiting Stonehenge and meeting Senior Druid and Battle Chieftain, King Arthur Pendragon . Road diversions of the A303 may be expected for the duration of the meeting and the WHS may be closed to visitors but please contact the usual media and traffic centres for up to date information.

President Obama is 'intrigued and mightily impressed with King Arthur' who, in searing unshaded heat of last summer and the winter temperatures of 12 degrees below, has stoically carried out a vigil and protest, collecting signatures for his UNESCO Petition at the Stonehenge site for nine months. King Arthur fully intends to continue until the government and English Heritage announce the implementation of the long awaited project to address the neglect and shameful inaction to protect the temple/monument.

President Obama has every sympathy with King Arthur's protest and intends to discuss with him the ever growing petition with thousands of signatures from visitors across the world which will be presented to UNESCO, who have also raised their own deep concern at the neglect of Stonehenge and have even suggested removing the World Heritage Site status.

For contact please use the President's email facility

http://capwiz. com/politicsol/ mail/?id= 3181&lvl= F&chamber= P

http://www.whitehou se.gov/contact/

and King Arthur's contact details are: k.pendragon@yahoo.co.uk and/or 07840 277 812

Issued from King Arthur Pendragon's Press Office

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