April 06, 2009

Islamic Struggles in Scotland

via Andrew on pickledpolitics here

..."They've become so comfortable in their offices that they've ignored the social needs of their members, or are just so cut off that they don't even realise what's going on - street crime, gangs, burglaries, violence, drug abuse and dealing."

The old guard have been able to maintain the status quo by having sole control over who was selected to join the mosque management board, the young reformers' claim. On Thursday, talks between the two camps reached deadlock and two of the mosque's trustees, who normally remain neutral, backed reform. The president and secretary of the mosque will meet trustees next month to outline reforms.

Siddaqat Khan, 31, who negotiated for the reformers, said: "The older guys thought there was a threat to their kingdom. But society changes. The older generation are focused on being Pakistani, whereas we're focused on being British. That's where the clash happens. British society doesn't work by shutting itself off in a mosque."

According to Humza Yousaf, director of public affairs for the Scottish Islamic Foundation, breaking down the "gatekeeper mentality" of the older generation is essential for the long-term stability of the Muslim community.


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