April 14, 2009

The Police Hit People on Demonstrations?

What the fuck is this about? and here on Yahoo news. How is this anything new? What is the surprise or rather why is this being presented as a suprise or something new? All these journalists have been on the same demostrations I have been on over the years.

March 2003. We get an explanation of what is going on and why from a Policeman. Seconds later someone is shouting at this Policeman "Don't hit the girl! What a big man!"


It wasn't a woman either. It was a teenage girl.

What are the media rules of engagement now? Does everyones riot footage finally get to TV? All I want is people to be honest about our side and the Police to be honest about what they are responsible for. They are a hundred times better already than Police almost everywhere else on the planet. Progress can be made if lessons learned at the Stonehenge round table talks are applied to anti-Capitalist protest.


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