April 20, 2009

Give me your number and I'll get back to you...

Cop Ignores ID request on camera in The Sun (Who owe me money)

...The CCA claimed they had been flooded with allegations of brutality, including a baton-charge of a peaceful protest camp. Their report, being sent to MPs, said: “The failure to wear identification should be treated as a serious disciplinary matter. It is vital that police officers in riot gear have their ID on their fronts and backs at all times in extra large font so it is clearly visible.” ...The Star

...Sir Ken said that the public response to footage showing several officers making unprovoked attacks, including against Ian Tomlinson, who later died of internal bleeding, had suffered from "a lack of perspective and a lack of objectivity"....The Telegraph

Sir Paul Stephenson, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, is said to be "furious" that officers have been on duty with their identification numbers concealed. Telegraph

Should read: Sir Paul Stephenson is said to have been "furious" that officers have been on duty for years and years and years with their identification numbers concealed . If he doesn't know this, why is he in charge of the Police?

...Mr Malthouse said: “The policy of the Met Police is very clear. The public have the right to be able to identify any uniformed police officer and so badges should be worn at all times. We support the Commissioner's decision to hold officers to account when they purposely conceal their identity.”

The Home Office also criticised officers who fail to wear their epaulettes, insisting the “public has a right to be able to identify” them.A Home Office spokesman said: “We welcome the Commissioner's statement that all uniformed police officers should be identifiable at all times by their shoulder identification numbers, and wholly agree that the public has a right to be able to identify any uniformed officers while performing their duties.”

A Yard spokesman said: “Where provided, epaulettes with identifying letters and numerals or insignia of rank must be worn and must be correct and visible at all times. “It is the responsibility of all police officers, and their supervisors, to ensure this policy is followed.”....(Evening Standard)

If I was the Police I would put Barry back in charge. Has he upset someone high up? Last I heard he had been moved to serious violent crime. He is a wasted asset.


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