August 27, 2010


I am sure everyone knows pretty much what I would think about this "Ground Zero mosque" thing, I have been debating it a bit with my republican buddies. Here is a debate on the radio which tells both sides pretty good.


Wow. There are actually some good statistics in this rather alarming article.

...More than 230 people were jailed in the UK over terror plots in the first decade of this century. But of those, just 105 remain in prison...

According to the think tank Jihadist's are working alone and want to bomb large sports events.

There is even more detail in The Independent:

...Britain faces a "new wave" of home-grown terrorist attacks led by up to 800 Muslim ex-prisoners who have been radicalised by jihadists while serving their sentences, a think-tank has warned...

shit..up to eight hundred? Fuck!

...The Ministry of Justice said it did not agree that radicalisation was widespread within the prison system. A spokesman said: "We run a dedicated expert unit to tackle the risk posed by those offenders with violent extremist views and those who may attempt to improperly influence others."...


August 26, 2010



Terror Rant on Extremist Site

A CONVICTED British Muslim terrorist is urging fanatics to train with guns for a holy war in a rant on an internet site.MPs demanded the extremist website - which also features sermons by hate clerics Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada - be shut down. Evil Shah Jalal Hussain is heard slamming "fake jihadis" who do not prepare properly for holy war...

Doesn't mention the site, but it turns out to be and here is the terr-r rant. See what you think. I have only listened to part 1 but I can hear a hell of a lot about a covenant of security. He takes the piss out of people who don't believe a covenant of security applies here. Maybe that is just me. I often think a bit different to people who write in The Sun.

UPDATE: Shah Jalal Hussain has responded here

August 20, 2010


I would dispute the shape though. I and some republican buddies worked out a long time ago that this should be a globe and not a square as all these extremes meet up round the other side.



August 19, 2010


I don't know how many more times Channel 4 can make documentaries like this with the same decriminalization message over and over, but I am glad they do.



I saw this on Madam Miaows blog and thought it was great. This guy gets people he likes into his show then rants on and on while they sit there laughing. A German chick in my house watches RT all the time, she reckons this guy looks like a character from The Simpsons. is a very interesting mix of government propaganda and really really interesting stuff.

Otherwise I have been having small stabs at working out the electrics on my ailing chop which is making me laugh and cry at the same time, and very much enjoying Sons of Anarchy. The story is great, the acting not so good. It would have been better with less capable actors with more experience of the sort of stuff they are portraying. Which jobbing actor can get their head round the sort of character who would burn someones tattoo off their back? Anyway I just started series two and Henry Rollins has turned up as a white supremacist so things are looking up.

Also worth watching is Channel 4s mission doco series about some Amish kids coming to the UK. Thankfully they have left out the usual wanker presenter voices and let one of the kids narrate the thing themselves. The way these kids and the English kids discuss their differences gives me real hope for the rest of us- and both sides obviously had a lot to learn from each other. I particularly enjoyed the commentary of the Amish kids when spending time in our education system which is based on a lot of abstraction and playing compared to their education system which is based on teaching the to provide for their families.

Amish: The Worlds Squarest Teenagers

Last of all, I haven't watched this yet but am about to Panoramas Death in the Med about the recent attack of the IDF on a boat heading for Gaza

August 10, 2010


The Sun (Who owe me money) apologise. Although not to me for stealing my work off of Youtube.


August 09, 2010


More mad Muslim stuff if anyone is still interested-

About The Quilliam Foundation putting out some kind of document labelling Muslim groups they don't like

this about an anti-terror training camp (no paintballing)

some bad bwoy journalism from Iraq,

some Al-Qaeda stuff from Afghanistan,

Oh and some anti disestablishmetarianist Islam from The Guardian.

I got no comment about any of this, I just got back from France so I'll probably be pissed for the next two weeks.