December 20, 2021


So some they told me about, most they removed without telling me. Lots of my filming from Finsbury Park is now gone from Youtube. This latest one from a protest outside the US Embassy was a speech from Martin Mubanga who was released with no charge from Guantanamo bay. He was talking about the desecration of the Koran by guards there. Youtube are saying the video violates their "Violent Criminal Organistaions" policy. Unless they are referencing the guards Martin is complaining about here it is pretty much blatant that they are lying as the last I heard the Government settled out of court when Mubanga sued them for illegaly deporting him from a third country.

October 15, 2021

Remembering Yassar

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I am very very sad to hear of the passing of Yasar. The friendliest person I met with Abu Hamzas posse way back at the start of the Iraq war in 2003, guys who all had reason to distrust cameras at the time I started my Malung TV escapades.

Yasar always remained a very wise friend through the ups and downs of the Finsbury park story and my own ups and downs I had shared with him on occasions over the years since. I had seen him very irregularly over the last few years but I brought him some dates back last time I was in Saudi and was intending to this time. I pray he is enjoying dates somewhere inshallah and I will miss his laugh and his wisdom very much. He actually inspired one of the main characters of my frequently stalled cartoon and now I will never know if he approved or not.

I will post a link to the only video we did together below. He always laughed at how many Muslims came up to him referencing the video and he would complain about the title though he was always laughing about it as well and never asked me to change it.

I almost filmed more of his story many many times which I so much regret not doing as he was such a mine of information on the early UK jihadi scene, from reversion from a party lifestyle like mine he describes with such humour in the video through to a link up with Sheikh Abdullah el-Faisal and on to Abu Hamza when el- Faisal challenged Hamza to a debate he allegedly failed to turn up to. We disagreed on so much which seems insurmountable in theory but as you will see in the video in conversation so much humanity would shine through and now it is gone. Bless you Yasar.

"if they allowed the TV all over the world to let people speak their real opinions we would sort out our trouble in no time. Get rid of these politicians" - Yasar.

April 28, 2021

4/20 HYDE PARK 2021

While I am launching things.. Yeah! We are going to legalize weed this Summer! #legalizeit2021

March 01, 2021


Jeezus. Let me blow the cobwebs off this blog to launch the prelude to my Comic Londonistan.
Video launch below.
This blog logs the footprints of how this project came about. Its quite a time capsule for me. I hope you all enjoy it! As you will see scrolling I have had almost all my Finsbury park related videos taken off of Youtube most without even informing me. Lets see what these algorythmic tossers next move is launching this. I am sure it is cancelable for something. All feedback here or on Youtube. This is my rudumetary attempts to get to grips with software (Corel painter 12 30 quid) over my friends pencil sketches with a drawing tablet (Wacom Cintiq 16) I am seeking artists to continue so if that is why you are here do get in touch.
cheese mate!

March 05, 2016

Abu Hamza's ally Haroon Aswat sentenced to 20 years by New York court

"I would like to start by apologising to the government and the court for breaking the laws of your country," he said, seated in the Manhattan courtroom in a navy t-shirt and chinos, his long hair plaited into corn rows. "I have learnt that crime does not pay."

January 17, 2015

‘Evil’ British preacher Abu Hamza jailed for life in US

...Abu Hamza showed no remorse for his crimes, and again pleaded his innocence in court and demanded to be sent to a federal prison hospital, where he said he would be better treated as a double amputee suffering from diabetes. “With all honesty I do maintain my innocence,” he said, dressed in navy scrubs and gesticulating with his raw, red stumps. His face was pale behind a grey and white beard. Forrest said she had thought long and hard about the severity of the sentence but ultimately concluded the world would not be safe with him a free man. “Evil comes in many forms but doesn’t always show itself immediately in all its darkness,” Forrest said. There is “a side of you that this court views as evil.” She called his crimes “barbaric” and “obviously unacceptable in a civilized society.” ...

January 06, 2015

Sentencing on the 9th

US seeks life for convicted London Imam ...In a court filing ahead of his Jan. 9 sentencing, prosecutors said Abu Hamza should be held accountable for his role as a ‘global terrorist leader who orchestrated plots around the world to further his deadly mission.’ ‘The seriousness of this defendant’s offenses and the need for just punishment and deterrence cannot be overstated,’ prosecutors under Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara wrote... ...

June 17, 2014


This is a really old TV debate which seems to be from just before Bakri and Hamza's infamous "Commemoration of 9/11"

June 11, 2014


Again from Salafimedia, here Atilla speaks about Abu Hamza. Mr Waleeds filming is a bit more pro than mine


This is the (shaky at first) 1 chip footage I sent to Hamza's defence lawyers in New York, an edit of which was shown to the jury in court.

May 23, 2014


A few post Hamza stories,

How to beat the preachers of hate By Ghaffar Hussain from Quilliam is coming with the Quilliam idea of engaging extremists in debate on twat and in chatrooms. Fuck knows, it might work.

...Extremist narratives only lose their appeal when they are undermined and thoroughly discredited; when the debate is opened up and won by their opponents, rather than being shut down and lost. We need to enter the realm of ideas and pitch more positive and enlightened values against extreme and regressive arguments.... 

Maybe if we had engaged extremists in suits thousands of Iraqis wouldn't now be dead. Again fuck knows. You can engage people cant you. I suppose.

Another article enthusiastically titled Abu Hamza embodies Britain’s self-destructive madness. Read it yourself, it contains a long forgotten video of long forgotten times when everyone could preach Jihad eh

After studying Hamza, his posse and all the subsequent court cases I attended for so many years I am a bit surprised I haven't really got a post Hamza story myself. I am glad the jury got to see the unreported truth that Mr Hamza spoke very clearly against terrorism outside the mosque because it is the truth. I didn't expect it to do any good.

When I read about the things he was saying and how he over ruled his own defence in a letter to the judge demanding to testify the emotions I felt a long time ago welled up and I frantically sent stuff to his lawyers.  I still have no idea if he is guilty of any or all of this, but I saw enough that I will always be concerned at the difference between Hamza in soundbites and Hamza week in week out on the street. I have as much idea as anyone else about what Hamza may or may not have done behind closed doors, but on the street I was very worried that we might be losing someone who was actually putting the brakes on terrorism.

 I was talking to Raff Pantucci about this the other day who has taken a much more professional interest in all this than I have and over some beer my doubts crystalised as follows.

Hamza either had an unburstable ego or an unshakable faith. Only when charges first came from the FBI was he visibly shaken which I have on film.  I just think if Hamza was in favour of terr-ism he would have bloody well said so. Plenty of others were saying so at the time and have said so since.

Some of Hamza's mates used to say to me "Bakri's posse speak in favour of terrorism, we don't yet we get all the hassle from the media". They speculated that maybe Bakri's posse were working for MI-5. Another of Hamza's friends said Mr H "was concerned because the kids weren't calling him anymore" meaning that he was worried they were becoming terr-ists,

I am cool these days with people believing whatever they want about Hamza, even the Sun who stole my video. People have their opinion and I have mine and the people who know either aren't saying or are saying in exchange for cash and freedom.

Fuck knows.

This sort of thing is obviously more sobering.

I think people should pay for their crimes, I just have the feeling in terms of a wider non existant "peace process" we might have lost someone in Hamza.  The only Mad Muslim to suggest a "peace process" was Moaazam Begg and now we lost him too.

(Update: Moazaam has since been freed) Meanwhile in Finsbury Park Mosque

...Ensuring young worshippers cannot become potential recruits to a jihadist agenda, Mr Kozbar advocates working with youth groups, counteracting the kind of ostracising that helps breed hatred. “We take [young people] away from the street, from gangs, from drugs and from extremism, as well as creating an atmosphere where they can debate and play table tennis and snooker in a relaxed atmosphere.”.. 

I just found Raff in an excellent debate about Jihadi Brits going to Syria on BBC Newsnight here 

May 20, 2014


Very interesting leaflet through the door. Information about the Syria product launch on the Met Police site here.  The leaflet itself you can read here. It does explain stuff in very simple terms.



"for the misery he brought to others" says Mr Blunkett

 Though apparently there is going to be an appeal


May 16, 2014


And it probably is eh

..."He tried to come across to you as a calm man, accepting of others -- the exact opposite of the man you heard on tapes and videos," said prosecutor Ian McGinley. " . . . The real Abu Hamza is not the man you see in 2014. The real Abu Hamza is the one who said 'killing a Kafir [non-Muslim], you can say it's OK even if there's no reason.' "

But the defense said the government was trying to cover up gaps in the evidence tying Abu Hamza to actual plots by falling back on incendiary -- but legal -- rhetoric that praised Osama bin Laden and espoused a militant view of Islam.
"A lot, if not a majority of the government's case, is his words, not his deeds, his words taken out of context, his words without the correct perspective," said defense lawyer Jeremy Schneider. "This case is about what he did, not what he said in the '80s or '90s....


May 14, 2014


People are making TV about Mad Muslims a lot more like how I used to do my Youtube clips these days ie pointing a camera at people and asking them to explain what they think rather than just telling them off on TV or making stupid angles and slants on them. Not difficult is it?  Watch an excellent Panorama From Jail to Jihad and read a good article about it all in The Independent here. Of course to me in terms of mad muslims Vice are knocking everyone else out of the park.


May 13, 2014


Abu Hamza told to stop making speeches by New York judge

Abu Hamza 'stashed guide to bomb-making in cell at one of Britain's highest security prisons'

also on twat
#AbuHamza allegedly planned to send 3000 followers to Afghanistan and set up Taliban office in Finsbury Park mosque

the tweet links to a picture.

UPDATE well it did link to a picture of a letter posted by DipeshGadher which he said was used in the trial but it has since mysteriously disappeared.

reference to the letter in the Sunday Times here. 18th may in an article by Dipesh Gadher. That solves everything.


from the Guardian  Mr Hamza makes a currently unfortunate Jerry Adams reference
Abu Hamza denies Yemen kidnapping role as New York terror trial continues

 ...“I was acting as a mouthpiece, like Gerry Adams” he said. “And like Gerry Adams, of the IRA, you can't afford to do anything that is not legal and transparent.”...

 ...“I felt angry and I felt betrayed because of the ignorance of the people. They cannot focus on the cause. I did not have control of things.”...

 ...Abu Hassan, the head of the kidnappers, was “not visualising the real situation”, Hamza said. He said that the Yemeni government knew “exactly where he was” and there were also SAS special forces in the area.

“They will finish him even if they finish the whole tourists with him,” Hamza said...

 ....Hamza said he told Hassan to keep his focus on the longer term. "I said to him: 'Focus on what you want, you want an Islamic state, you should not be jumpy.'" Asked by Dratel if there was "any discussion of the kidnapping", Hamza replied: "No, certainly no."...

 From KWCH12

...He described Osama bin Laden as a hothead, in charge of an unfocused organization that has betrayed the Afghan people. As for the Taliban regime, it doesn't need his money; it has "millions," yet doesn't feed its own people, he said. 

But in Manhattan, by invoking 9/11 and bin Laden's name, al-Masri mused, "you can convict a person of killing the Dead Sea."...


...But he insisted under questioning from his attorney that he did not know about the kidnapping beforehand and said he felt “betrayed” when he learned about it. 

 “Innocent people are not to be touched,” he said at his trial in New York on terrorism charges. “You can see this in my preaching.”...

I am told at this point they introduced some of my filming.