August 28, 2004


Still without a camera.

This week,as Abu Hamza was finally being questioned about terrorism in this country, amongst other things Mr. Abdullah was telling the Police that the maggots would eat them and that they are puppets of the government because they don’t tell the government to ban pornography on TV.

Barry was back {see BARRY THE BOSS}and I asked him if he had a nice holiday.

“ Where did you go?”

“ Nowhere really.”

I asked him what he had been talking about with the trustee’s a couple of weeks back.

“ I don’t know, you try to help people…” he said cryptically.

“ Do you think these people here are the rightful occupants of the mosque?”

“ Well yes...”

“ Is there any evidence that these people are threatening so called "moderates" to stay away? It must be hard being in your position when these guys leader is being called the Bin Laden of Britain...”

He expressed a personal view on that subject which I can’t report. (the clue may or may not be in the title)- and walked away leaving me stunned.

As the mainstream media did their piece to camera at the back Barry was arranging a meeting between himself, the trustee’s and 5 of the guys here with a view to reopening the Mosque. I told Hajj and Abdullah what Barry had said. I can’t exactly remember Abdullah’s reply but it was certainly negative as far as trusting Barry was concerned.

He has told me before how he thought Barry had a different attitude behind closed doors. It maybe true. If I had to make an instinctual judgement I would personally doubt it. I’m not sure what Barry will achieve but he, and all the Police here seem to deserve an end more worthy than maggots.

August 27, 2004


I’ve had so many Paula Radcliffe moments about this documentary its driven me crazy.Or is it the meditation or the drugs?

With so many misunderstood atheletes driven out of the games isn’t it high time there was an Olympics for drug takers? And what drugs do they feed the horses in the dressage anyway, as they stagger diagonally? Ketamine? Many years ago I took two blue planets with a friend and cycled from Parliament hill to Piccadilly, we were fine till we got off the bikes. I would say our performance was definitely enhanced.

Would a shit faced Olympics catch on?

If it did I’d like to represent my country at free style levitation. All competitors would have a week to train however they wanted, then would have 10 days in silence with their eyes closed to levitate. Whichever competitor levitated the highest would win. If I won I wouldn’t be able to stand the national anthem due to the offensiveness of the lyrics. I suppose Jimi Hendrix playing the star spangled banner would do as an anthem for everyone.

And what about a venue? Goa? Byron Bay? The Boom festival in Portugal? I’ll have to start looking into this, I could make a fortune. Whilst on the question of sport I don't really care about rich footballers but Beckham and co's press boycott after the Poland game was a classic.

"You dont support us when we draw so when we win you can go fuck."

August 22, 2004


This week we got an explanation of the Shariah laws on adultery. It was quite graphic considering there were children present. Mr. Abdullah had the adulterous Mr. Blunkett in his sights for stoning. For the stoning law to apply however, there apparently had to be four independent witnesses to the actual act of penetration (Mr. Abdullahs words) If one of them said that the adulterers were just laying on top of each other the law wouldn’t apply.

Only if Mr and mrs Blair, and Gordon Brown and his wife actually witnessed them having sex, and they would swear to it before God would Mr. Blunkett have to worry. Mr. Abdullah assured us he would receive his punishment in the next life. Whether there is a God or not I can never imagine having the urge to stone a complete stranger. I can’t imagine anyone at Finsbury Park being keen stoners either. Maybe I am wrong.

At these times those of us in infidels corner and the Police look at each other and smile at strange customs we don’t understand. I had an advance preview of all this on Wednesday when I finally got myself invited into the “ lair” I refered to in the title. Well, not really a lair but Hajj’s house.( Talking about keen stoners see HAJJ ON DOPE)

Hajj on Muslim attitudes to sexuality is going to be even more compulsive viewing than Abdullah’s preaching. I hope he talks like this with the camera on. He has an amazing Turkish Cypriot attitude and frank, almost crude way of speaking which is priceless. He has made a journey from being a very wordly man to being a very devout man, and boy can he tell it. He's got photo's of his life as a hippie, he's amazing. Just the sort of person NO ONE who reads the Sun would expect to find standing next to Hamza. Hajj has always been the person I could most relate to in Finsbury Park mosque and has always been the person who trusted me the most. Finally being in his house after a few false starts made me wish I had visited ages ago when Mr. Hamza was still amongst us.

With no idea as to who Hamza was I had always been too scared to get too close to what I had assumed MI-5 would have been all over. What an idiot, I’ve really missed out. It’s so weird to see the alleged Bin Laden of Britain’s closest supporters come across like an orthadox church group. Abdullah and Hajj had apparently had an argument . They are like brothers. Comical, human and un-terrorist like. I hope I can get this across on camera. I wasn’t filming or recording, I had broken Nick Broomfield’s rules about having a camera running at all times to my cost, though this was a necessary excercise in trust.

While Mr. Abdullah was talking to me Hajj was in the background smashing a Video machine on the floor in frustration. Abdullah talking about Islam with Hajj in the background mullahing the video in a London council estate is just the sort of picture of British fundamenal Islam I was looking for.

“I’m going to be very angry with my daughter when she gets home.” said Hajj, frustrated.

“ It was an innocent act. She put the child lock on for the protection of children.”
Mr. Abdullah gently admonished.

We had originally arranged the meeting as a chance for Mr. Abdullah to look through my footage (some 40 hours now) before he would decide whether to do this doc. Instead the meeting turned into an opportunity for Mr. Abdullah and Hajj to explain to me in a lot more detail what Islam was to them. I used to be part of a converting religion myself as a child, which involved knocking on complete strangers doors to tell them about Jesus on a Sunday afternoon in suburban Dorset.I didn’t feel like I was being preached at.

Mr. Abdullah left early and I carried on talking to Hajj until 11:30. He told me a little bit about how he had become a Muslim and how Hamza had become his teacher. He also tantalizingly started to tell me how it was he who had first spoken to Mr.Abdullah on his journey to Islam.

Before Mr. Abdullah left he set out some terms for my doc to continue. He wanted copies of all the tapes the film was to be cut from, just so as if anything was re-edited he would have the originals. He also wanted a list of questions signed by Channel 4 and Hamza’s lawyers. He had very little hope that what he said would get past the Zionists he thinks runs the media, but I get the feeling he at least believes my intentions are honourable.

August 10, 2004


Regular readers may know that I have been enamoured of Jon Snows snowmails, which come out just before C4 news comes on air. This time Alex Thompson says:

No charges yet on terror arrests:
Terror first -- or was it anything to do with terror? After the
high-profile daylight arrests of what the police called terror suspects we
still have no charges and a quarter of the men lifted have been absolved
of any serious possible charges.

In fact nobody's yet been charged and one of those set free says the
police beat him up. The fact is British police have now arrested hundreds
of young Moslem men and brought hardly anybody to trial in what our
politicians call ' the war against terror.'


I don’t know if the evil Zionists have access to my computer but this is my third attempt at writing this, the first two mysteriously disappeared. After such a long time I couldn’t help but feel pleased for the brothers seeing the mosque finally reopen. The first person I met on the scene was Barry the Boss (see BARRY THE BOSS) who was supervising the reopening with the trustee’s. I had heard so much about them I was looking forward to seeing what they looked like.

Officially the mosque would only be open for prayers and no Hudba would be delivered. Unofficially the brothers all steamed in and within minutes Mr. Abdullah’s raised voice could be heard from within. Police went no further than just inside the doorway. Mr Dumplings (see DUMPLINGS ANYONE?) also seemed to take position as an unofficial doorman so I asked him what was going on inside and if he was pleased that the mosque was open. He didn’t really answer and told me I should wait for Mr. Abdullah to come out.

Mr. Abdullah eventually came out and spoke to the press. They all asked if Hamza’s supporters had taken over, I asked if they would be challenging the trustee’s over their alleged misappropriation of mosque funds in court. Eventually Mr. Abdullah went back inside. He came out later in a much angrier state. Apparently negotiations with the trustees had broken down fairly quickly.

“ Who are the trustee’s? “ after 20 months I was dying to see them. Eventually two conservative looking Muslims came out tight-lipped and grim faced. Escorted by three police they disappeared round the corner to talk to Barry. Meanwhile Mr. Abdullah gave an improptu hudba in the doorway of the mosque.

“ Sodomites like with sodomites! Paedophiles like with paedophiles!” he started.

It seemed to me that he had grown used to giving sermons in the street and maybe he would miss it. He spoke, as usual against Blunkett, Zionist media, government and police. As we saw later on BBC London he actually threatened to fight the Police for the Mosque. At this time Barry was actually standing just behind him in the doorway.

After he had finished a lot of the brothers began telling each other not to leave the mosque. The police told the cameras to move away from the doorway and I began to wonder if riot police were around the corner. Barry looked pretty calm though and although I knew he had no idea what would happened, he appeared to very much believe in his long established relationship with Mr. Abdullah, despite his preaching.

Eventually the brothers were persuaded to leave the mosque.

I heard Barry in his parting comments to Mr. Abdullah:

“ I am going on holiday for two weeks. I can disrupt my holiday to be here if you like, but you wouldn’t want me to do that would you?”

Barry and Abdullah’s relationship is one of my favourite things about this story. A very British Police commander talking to a very British fundamental Islamist, and the fact that its working says a lot to me about Britain. Again I ask, in what other country would any of this be happening? Amazing.

Barry came over to talk to the press. He said he had demonstrated that the mosque in the street had caused no real disruption to traffic. He said that he had known the Muslims for a long time now and knew when to speak and when silence was wiser. He said that he had to ask Mr. Abdullah and co a number of times to leave the mosque, but they had eventually complied and retired to the park to consider their next move. He said that there would no doubt be a continuation of discussions the next week.

The BBC reported that Hamza’s followers had taken over the mosque. Are these Hamza’s followers or the Mosque’s rightful community? The trustee's certainly had no supporters here except the Police. Were they scared of Hamza's followers? They have been standing in the street for the last 20 months protesting the mosques closure, obviously they are quite attatched to the place. As they left some of them shouted at the trustee's who were behind Police lines:

" Apostates!"

Mr. Abdullah complained that the Police were treating them like children. In practice I could see what he meant but it seems unintentional. As there has been no trouble between Police and Islamists all they can do is talk to each other. This being Britain and everyone resorting to British politeness has always made the situation appear quite childlike. Its interesting that at no point have any of the Police treated these people like terrorists, despite recent events.