April 30, 2008


Well the brainwashing part anyway. Watch as we all go to hell in a hanging basket. A hanging basket? How many units did it sell? Who did the pitch? I am hooked anyway. You can actually see the brainwashing on their faces and in their reactions to Sir Alan. It is strange. Years and years of training and what good is it actually doing? Anybody? Is it me? What actually is it these people are doing on the screen in front of me? Monkey's walking amongst other monkeys convincing them they want stuff they don't which they are going to go on to other monkeys to....? I've got to remember sometimes that it is me who takes the drugs and not them.


Hofmann was disappointed when his discovery was removed from commercial distribution. He remained convinced that the drug had the potential to counter the psychological problems induced by “materialism, alienation from nature through industrialisation and increasing urbanisation, lack of satisfaction in professional employment in a mechanised, lifeless working world, ennui and purposelessness in wealthy, saturated society, and lack of a religious, nurturing, and meaningful philosophical foundation of life”.

Albert Hofman pictured here with DJ Goa Gill has passed. Good luck on your next trip Abie! I missed an opportunity to go to his 100th birthday party in Basel Switzerland. People who went told me he still took acid sometimes. Do read LSD-My Problem Child here. MAPS project here.

Channel 4 News. I am pretty sure all this stuff about "People jumping out of windows" refers to a fucked up experiment the CIA were doing with one of their staff members, and as for Abie being against people partying with his drug- well what is this?

Anyway I haven't taken any acid for a very long while. It is interesting that the new research is into treating problems of the psyche and post traumatic stress disorder because reliving stress was one of the reasons I stopped taking it. I'd end up walking round in circles talking to myself.

April 29, 2008

This is a reworking of an image from The Book of Kells. (Click on the pic for a larger image)

April 27, 2008

Thoughts on Quilliam

Its like Newsnight but with flowery chairs and no Paxman butting in- Daniel Sandford, Home Affairs Editor BBC

Musa and I had a chat about the Quilliam Foundation particularly in relation to his brother Atilla. I've embeded it as a youtube playlist which should work in three parts. ( do contact me if it doesn't or click on my youtube page.)

We also have shown up in the background of a Reuters news piece obviously enjoying ourselves. I haven't seen anything else yet. I saw CNN interview Rachel, but did it make the news? I have joined in the debate hosted by Sunny here on Pickled Poltics. Do pitch in.

also do read Brendan O'Neil's take on the trial of Izadeen: The imprisonment of Abu Izzadeen for the ‘criminal offence’ of Talking Bollocks In A Mosque represents a grave assault on free speech.

UPDATE: Bit disappointed really. I suppose judging a public figure is an easy habit to get into. I think whether these guys are serious about trying to stop terror is more important than judging whether they are good Muslims or not, although in fairness they also seem hot on judging other Muslim's too. I can't really join in this one being a kaffir, I'll just wish everyone all the best. I thought it was funny when someone was worried about me being "accused of being a closet sympathiser". This video shows me sympathising with Musa although not in a closet. I think the whole notion of a "British Islam" really amusing as Hamid and Atilla are the most British Islamists you could ever meet.

UPDATE: Thanks to Andrew in the comments below- Not only did CNN do a piece, but a very well put together one at that. Well done CNN. This actually encapsulates the stakes all these arguing parties should be focusing on. The reporter, Paula Newton. Now that rings a bell. Could it be this Paula Newton?


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April 26, 2008


I'll keep what I wrote below as an amusing first impression. I've since read quite a bit online about this, and Maajid Mawaz's In and Out of Islamism which was presented to attendees of the Quilliam event as a book but is the transcript of a session recorded on Youtube. Part 1 is below. It appears that both he and Ed Hussain are Muslim's who once rejected "the system" who now think something can be gained by engaging with it. I can't really fault that. I'm not sure what Musa has read I am heading down to his place to film. I think I wrote a lot of rubbish below. What I would keep would be the idea of taking Quilliam into Belmarsh. I'm sure this would be fraught with peril, loads could go wrong eh, but I reckon its the way forward.

April 25, 2008


Beautiful warm day the other day. Stepped out in my suit heading out to meet Musa at London Bridge, and on to meet Rachel at the Quilliam Foundation event in The British Museum. I got togged up in a suit mainly to make Musa laugh but also I must confess to feel a little less out of place at what looked like it was going to be a very posh event.

"How do I look?" I asked a girl down my street on the way out.

"To be honest the facial jewellery looks more frightening in contrast to the suit than it would to your normal clothes..."

With that ringing endorsement I was on my way.

I met up with Musa as planned to find he had been warned about the Quilliam Foundation by Muslims he knew and that he had been seriously considering giving it a miss. I told him for totally different reasons I was uncomfortable at these sort of things, and was glad that he had decided to come. Musa agreed it would be good to find out for himself what Quilliam was all about as he had been invited and we sort of decided we would keep shtum and just watch.

Rachel was waiting for us outside the Museum, relaxed in bright sunshine. Inside there was a large group of people waiting on the left of the main hall and it became apparent that we had just walked in with one of the stars of the show. I was hoping some of the Muslim's I have met over the years might be there but I didn't recognise anyone. It was really hard to read the crowd. Quite a lot of media columnists, a lot of sombre looking professional Muslim journalists and a very small number of women in Muslim dress. I was glad I was wearing my suit.

Standing in the middle of the crowd were Daniel Sandford from the BBC and Angus Walker from ITN both of whom we had met in Belmarsh courts and at the BBC. Angus straight away launched into how he had been haranguing his newsroom in very sarcastic terms to do a positive story about Islam for once. He stated that on all his stories he deemed it important to talk about terrorists as criminals and not attach them to the word "Muslim".

I like Angus, he always makes me feel comfortable. Rachel told me after that they are great pals and call each other for a gossip all the time. Trouble is, when someone makes me feel comfortable it all comes out.

"Tell me seriously David. Do you really think ITN is worse than the BBC News?"

"Seriously? It looks like it is made by coke heads."

He checked that that was what I was saying.

"I mean, the BBC looks only marginally better. It looks brash and full of itself and they talk in a really puffed up excitable manner about extremism, it all just looks like it has cocaine involved in it. The whole of television looks laced with cocaine to me, I mean at the other end the children's presenters are actually caught with the stuff and die from association with it..."

I told him about how important I thought it was for America's to see A Life in Hashistan, as I thought Chris Turner, a normal American guy with a thirty year knowledge of the Pashtun people had the ability to explain Afghanistan to the US no one else had at this critical time. I rambled on about dogfighting, people going after mountain lions armed only with a strong felt coat and traveling Malungs filling up pipes with huge rocks of dope. A few people round us were laughing but afterwards I was mortified that it looked like I had come up to these people screaming "DRUGS!!!!DRUGS!!!!" in their faces.

Musa and I went on to talk about our “Atilla Ahmet football manager” campaign and about his eight seasons undefeated coaching a schoolboy team. He told us to get on to the Football Foundation who worked in prisons. (I haven't contacted them yet, I've heard back from Arsenal who aren't able to help...) We all agreed that Football was a language a lot of British street style Muslims would respond to.

It took a long time to get downstairs, Musa had a bit of trouble which was quickly sorted when a girl came up saying it was she who had sent the email inviting him. While Rachel was being interviewed by CNN and everyone else a few journalists spoke to Musa and got his contact details and we filmed this:

When we eventually got into the lecture theatre we ended up sitting right in the middle. It all looked really slick and expensive and it was very hot under the lights. After the introduction came some five minute speeches from invited guests including Rachel and Jemima Khan. Musa looked really stern holding his hands firmly on the arm rests as everyone around us politely clapped. In a bit of solidarity with Musa I had decided I wouldn't clap until I had heard anyone speak in a language the guys I met outside Finsbury park would be able to relate to. Musa eventually heard what he had expected to hear. Someone talking in worrying terms about making a "British Islam".

"There is only one Islam." he said seriously. "If I say anything these people'll think Rachel has brought along an extremist.."

I laughed imagining the reaction to this "Brother of Atilla".

The only time Musa looked with anything but discomfort was during Jemima's speech when she said she was bringing up her kids to pray five times a day.

"Mashallah!" said Mus.

We joined in clapping Rachel who delivered her speech with her fathers eloquent preaching in the blood. I'd like to see her dad in action for comparison. Ducking outside into the sunshine for a bit so I could have a smoke we had a frank discussion. We spoke about Muslim's who would critisise him for the way he dressed. In the same way these are Muslim's he has critisism's of. We agreed that the most important thing was whether their heart was in the right place about what they are doing and that people don't judge each other. If we are all here looking for ways to stop people blowing up then we should do that, which can involve critisism's made in a constructive manner. Musa seemed a bit more at ease.

Many people judge Hamza for instance, I said. But they don't know him. I saw him preach loudly against randomly bombing in this country for a year. That's what I saw. But I don't know him. In the same way we don't know these people. You have to speak to people for a long while to feel you really know them, like I had done with his brother.

"Yeah" said Musa, "The sisters criticize Jemima Khan saying she puts it about a bit, but I don't think that makes her a kaffir. (apparently if your are Muslim you are meant to hide your sinning) I mean, if someone takes drugs they are still a Muslim and we should encourage them and I will tell the brothers and sisters that."

"What do you think Atilla would make of it?" I asked.

Musa didn't know. I don't think either of us could see Atilla as part of this, yet we could both see that to seriously make some headway into tackling extremism at ground level Atilla could reach people none of this lot would stand a chance of reaching. I remember thinking I would love to set Atilla on these people with a camera rolling when he got out of Belmarsh but I would be scared that he'd go straight back in again. Maybe they could have him on day release. Hey, that's a good idea for the Quilliam foundation. They like winning debates, they should get some of the brothers out of jail. Can you imagine Hamid taking this lot on? Now that would be an interesting debate. I am still trying to track down tapes of Hamid in action at Speaker's Corner. Obviously I haven't seen the new reformed Atilla. I suppose for whatever reason I am more comfortable with the crazier Islamists than these intellectual ones.

I confessed to Musa that I really missed all the pure nuttiness of Finsbury park. I thought that while Hamza was shouting loudly about not blowing up in this country, the Police had an opportunity to watch people who came and went and the situation worked for everyone except the tabloids. It was an outlet for some serious pressure and although it was bizarre, and a lot of things were said that I disagreed with, it was also just normal legal British protest. I could have filmed there for years. It was ridiculous.

We went back in to catch the debate chaired by Angus Walker. It was really boring. I've emailed Angus apologising for not joining in. I really wanted to tell these people that why I thought I could level with "Islamic extremists" looking the way I do was because I very vocally agreed that the reasons a lot of Iraqis were lying down now who shouldn't be was totally that they had been shocked and awed by a brainwashing, extremist ideology which we had to counter. I wanted to make a commitment to these people that if they sorted the Islamic end out the rest of us would sort our end out. Who's with me?

I wanted to say "Rachel, you are a proper lefty like me; Come on Angus! You are up for a laugh- How does the panel feel about the idea of revolution?"

On a more serious note I wanted to tell these people that the Muslim's I know just think that speaking out about injustice will get them arrested. The louder they shout and the longer the beard the quicker their front doors will be knocked down in the night. Simple.

I didn't say any of this. Maybe I have got these people wrong. I've since read a bit of Ed Hussain and most of his views about foreign policy are similar to mine. It just looked to me like the sort of people who could communicate with enthusiastic bodies eager to pay for this sort of thing but not the sort who could communicate with the Muslim's I had met in Finsbury park. It was all about countering extremist Islam and nothing about seriously countering extremist capitalism like it wasn't there. Unless I am profoundly mistaken there are relatively few Muslims who would mean us harm in this country. The rest of us are hopelessly up to our necks in extremist Capitalism. We can't move without it. To be fair I missed out on the American guy who said some good things at the Doha debates and I didn't get to discuss any of this with anyone after.

Rachel collected us on her way out of the lecture theatre. Angus came up with Rachel and I asked him what he thought of the event.

“Well they are preaching to the converted here a bit really aren't they.” he said carefully. “Let's see what they do.”

Musa had grown nervous that the invite had said there were no prayer facilities. We had been pacing around outside as he had already missed one prayer and needed to make amends. He feared that if he got down and prayed in the lobby that someone would try and stop him. I tried to reassure him that no one would stop a Muslim praying at an Islamic event. When Rachel realised what was happening she quickly and without fuss got directions to the nearest mosque from someone nearby and we left her networking. I often find it amusing that the 7/7 guys have managed to bomb someone who is so natural at London style PR. I am enjoying seeing what she does with it.

When we returned the event was over and we met Rachel outside a cafe in Museum street. Musa had been nervous about what to say to her as we walked back, but when I had picked up some fruit juices I found him speaking confidently and simply about his concerns. Rachel advised him to write to the Quilliam Foundation and to see what they said. This was an ongoing process. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown came by and introduced herself to Rachel and complemented her on her speech. I don't think she noticed us.

“She slags of bloggers doesn't she?” I asked Rachel as she left.

Musa went on to tell us how he had tried to get into the Sates in 2002 to marry someone. He had gone though a European Airport where he was tapped on the shoulder by an American who refused his onward journey claiming he was on a watch list. He pleaded his case and saw the guy go over to take a telephone call. Whoever was on the other end said something which made his face turn like he was sucking a lemon. The guy came back.

“It is you. Musa Ahmet. We are putting you back on a plane to the UK. You should be banned from aeroplanes throughout Europe.”

When he got back to the UK he said there were Police lined up along the walls with two plain clothes detectives waiting at the end. They wanted to know why he was on a watch list in the States and not here in the UK. He was as clueless as they were. They kept him for a few hours and then let him go. Rachel listened to all this and said that it was a good example of why we should go about raising his media profile. The articles in the Times and the Mirror would help. There might be ways to go further.

We parted company with Rachel and wove our way through Covent Garden to the House of Commons to attend a Caged Prisoner's event. Neither of us realised that the public were even allowed in the House of Commons and expected heavy security and Police attention. The guy at the public entrance greeted us with a huge smile and complimented me on my piercings.

“I can't have that in this job, not visible ones anyway..” he confided.

Walking through the chambers of the house we gazed up in awe at the architecture and gilded pictures. We found committee room eight where the event was to take place and waited outside until Musa had enough and led everyone in. There was a lovely view across the Thames through the window. Not a lot of people were there. George Galloway came in kissing a baby. We found out afterwards that the baby was actually his. Jeremy Corbyn arrived as did Yvonne Ridley, Mozam Begg and a very interesting guy from the Green Party. Gareth Pierce joined them later.

I know we take the piss out of Galloway a bit on Socialistwanker but sitting listening to him talking seriously about the plight of Muslim's in this country stopped my sniggering, as did the resounding introductions of his fellow panellists. Mozam Begg spoke about children with parents on control orders who couldn't do their homework properly because they were denied internet access. He was totally convinced that it was this sort of action that radicalised people. The Green party guy said some interesting stuff about how during the Foot and Mouth epidemic it had become apparent to him that the mechanisms of a Police state were already there. He also said that The Government were using anti terror laws against other non Islamic groups with Political grievances at the behest of the Turkish government.

Gareth Pierce spoke about her work representing Muslim's the government were trying to deport. She said conditions in this country weren't as bad as in Guantanamo but that detaining people and trying them without allowing them to access the charges against them was driving them mad. A lot of them ended up in Broadmoor. Jeremy talked about the underhanded way extensions to the amount of time a person could be detained were pushed through by Government. Yvonne said that as she passed Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary with Mozam Begg. She had recognised who he was and had looked down in shame. I think it was Galloway who reassured everyone that people would remember Mozam Begg and what had happened to him long after Jacqui Smith had disappeared from public life.

As questions were opened it became apparent that there were a number of “9/11 truthers” in the audience. The first couple of people inevitably made speeches rather than asking questions. The last question was from a truther who asked if the panel would discuss the ramifications of the whole War on Terror being built on a lie. As usual with these sort of things the panellists studiously avoided answering until they were prompted again by the questioner who claimed to be a structural engineer. The panellists all gave what they hoped would sound like very general non committal answers.

Afterwards the guy handed round flyers for BBC5.TV and said to someone from caged prisoners that if they supported them, they should expect support in return. No one was impolite enough to say that they didn't believe 9/11 conspiracies but it was pretty evident that was the case. Outside the chamber the obviously zealous guy tried to recruit a passing Policeman who was eager to close up. He accused the people inside of being a “Bunch of intellectuals”.

We left, tired from our adventure and made our way to the tube. These Italian shoes might look nice but they are not made for walking and my feet were killing me. They still are. I told Musa that it was really nice that he and his brother had always been rock solid with me, and that it was nice to have so much fun without having a drink.

“It may have not always been apparent but my brother always liked you.” he answered.

We agreed that without each other we would have found the day really uncomfortable. We had been to a posh media launch at the British Museum and The House of Commons in one day. Writing this a couple of days later I've had the chance to read some of Ed Hussain's work, particularly this in The Independent. He knows what he is talking about doesn't he. Like Rachel, his experiences have put him on a zealous mission. Although I have been critical of the flavour of what I saw I am conscious that we were included as guests when a lot of MPs who wanted to be there were turned away. I have no idea if I will get a chance to speak to any of these people or if I could say anything to help. Obviously we will be discussing all this with some guys ex of Finsbury park to see what they say. My whole experience with all this makes me feel more like a Malung as the years go by. Not being a Muslim I have no theological argument with Ed Hussain. As I say, I don't know any of them. I will be very interested to see what Quilliam does.

I am ploughing through all these articles and will comment on them later..

Sunny Hundal in The Guardian and on Pickled Politics
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Jemima Khan backs reformed jihadists (Times Online)
Extremism is going unchallenged(New Statesman)
Muslim plan to tackle extremists (Guardian)
Ex-radicals challenge Muslims to shun extremism (Reuters)
"Quilliam Exposed" blog
First Post

UPDATE: Its all over the blogsphere

April 19, 2008

Rachel North Talks to Musa Ahmet part 2

In part 2 Musa talks about life in Belmarsh with the Crevice plotters who were going back and forth to The Old Bailey on trial at the time.

April 18, 2008


I was watching TV at a friends place last night. I was about to switch it off and switched it over totally by accident to see Rachel and Glen on Newsnight. Abu Izadeen was a favourite radical voice for them over a long time. The show was presented by my favourite brown eyed ex- BBC London presenter who is looking even more sexy as she gets older. She had a right go at Anjum Choudarry who got in his Blair Bush Corporation one liner and is the only one who mysteriously still manages to stay out of the nick somehow.

I'm not sure that I agree with the whole concept of "radicalization" how it is presented here. If the idea that we are totally right and they are totally wrong was true, that "they" have been "brainwashed" by an "evil ideology" we wouldn't be at risk. Continually. I am not sure how I can join in the debate really as it seems so obvious to me but when I tell anyone else they glaze over.

I don't think I met a single person in Finsbury park who appeared to be brainwashed in all the years I used to pop up there. I think the concept of "brainwashing" as it is presented is a serious red herring which will only lead to less understanding and more danger. I wish everyone would get over this whole brainwashing fantasy. No one is brainwashed. Except perhaps the guy at 4.00 they name "Osama" on Newsnight's Al Mujaharoun video he is brainwashed. People should stop with this "swinging pocket watches" fantasy. Now. People believe things. I think certain Koranic verses we all know by now have become alive to a worrying number of Muslims who are reacting to events in the world as they see them. Its not rocket science, I mean they are making the fucking videos. They are telling us really clearly.

Is that a controversial view? I don't know. I'm just selfish. I don't want to be bombed.

via Paula

Ketamine breakthrough in treating depression

the class C drug, which is abused for its hallucinogenic effects, is now being hailed by scientists as a breakthrough treatment for severe depressives.

New research has found that patients who have failed to respond to more conventional drugs can be cured of depression within as little as two hours with an injection of ketamine...

...Ketamine is one of several banned drugs that have been found to have therapeutic benefits. Ecstasy has proved effective for traumatised servicemen who have fought in Iraq, and trials are also taking place involving rape victims who are given the drug to help them to recount their ordeals without triggering anxiety. Scientists have used LSD to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety.

However, mental health charities have reacted with caution to the results of the ketamine trials. The charity Sane points out that many people with mental health problems already self-medicate using illegal drugs, and that not enough is known about their long-term side effects.

People self medicate? No shit. I'd say there was some truth in this. K took away my depression and transported me to a world of euphoria- for at least two hours..

Also LSD testing begins in Switzerland:

Dr. Gasser's study received final approval from the study's Ethics Committee (the Swiss IRB equivalent) on July 12, 2007. The protocol is for a preliminary 12 patient, double-blind design to gather basic information on safety and efficacy for this patient population and to develop a treatment approach. Though there has been substantial prior research with LSD in cancer patients that demonstrated safety and some degree of efficacy, that research was conducted over 35 years ago. For this study to follow modern drug development standards, we must start from scratch and build carefully.

Carefully does it.

April 16, 2008

Peace talk jail fanatic Atilla Ahmet...

What is a peace talk jail fanatic? Anyway:

A notorious hate preacher has been isolated for his own safety after telling other terror inmates the Koran does not justify violence.

Atilla Ahmet, 44, also shocked fanatical Muslim prisoners by stepping in to protect a guard who was attacked.

The ex-bodyguard of Abu Hamza, who was exposed by the Mirror three years ago, even apologised to the targets of his past extremist rants.

Now Ahmet - jailed in March for nearly seven years for soliciting murder - has been moved to a hospital wing for prisoners at risk of attack.

One insider said: "For one of them to admit that even parts of their message were wrong and unjustified is a significant development."

Ahmet remains a devout Muslim praying five times a day at Belmarsh prison in South East London.

His change of heart comes as the Chief Inspector of Prisons warned that staff at the jail were not trained enough to stop radicalisation.

Ahmet helped Abu Hamza poison the minds of hundreds of young Muslims at Finsbury Park mosque in North London. The Mirror recorded him ranting about "filthy unbelievers".

He was kicked out by mosque leaders the day after our story.

I disputed the Mirror article at the time. I thought Atilla preached homophobia and I didn't like the words he used about "Jews" but he would usually qualify that he meant "Zionists" and his audience knew that. Anyway things are now in a very different perspective to when I wrote the piece, thinking my doco was in the bag! How naive.

He's been talking to Rachel

'We can neither arrest our way out of the problems we face nor protect ourselves to the point where the threat disappears.’

April 14, 2008


I saw maybe four or five videos, much the same as the other day.

They are doing it because Allah calls the to Jihad. Jihad is the purest path for a Muslim thought they may not like it and is mentioned in the Koran as a duty. Allah will reward them and their families.

I think the questioner is the same person on all the tapes. His questions are always the same. About the accusations which will follow that they are killing innocents, and what people including errant Muslim scholars would say. That they were brainwashed, or suffered from lack of opportunities in life. At one point the questioner even puts it TV News like, qualifying by saying that this isn't what he thinks, but words people would use.

One of them says that he is well educated and could lead a very comfortable life in the west. He said he has wanted to do this for years and is very happy to do such an operation. Another also says he has had this ambition for many years. Only on says he is fairly new to the faith. People aren't innocent because they pay their taxes. That was a recurrent theme. This taxpayers money goes to fund the destruction of his people. People are aware of what their government are doing and they do nothing about it. We are being run by paedophiles and such like and we don't care. People should stay away from Government, Economic and Military targets. They will be targeted again and again by the mujahadeen until the destruction and humiliation of Muslims stops.

One is videoed waving his finger saying that peaceful negotiation is pointless. It does nothing to stop the slaughter and rape of his people. One appears to show a glimmer of awareness that not everyone supports their government actions. He almost thanks them, but justs warns them to stay away from Government, Economic and Military targets.

The questioner uses the phrase "Preachers of Hate" asking if they had been "radicalised" by "scholars". He says he's been radicalised by the starving of a million kids in Iraq. By actions in Kashmir, Chechenya and Palestine. They say they have gone back to the Classical Scholars. One of them spoke about Sayed Kutb, but the only other scholarly person mentioned is Osama Bin Laden. What do they think about people who will say that their actions cause Muslims in the west to suffer? Muslims in the west should read the Koran and Sunnah and return to their deen.

They are all adamant that they haven't been brainwashed by anybody. They can do what they like with their lives, they are choosing to do this as a reaction to what is happening to the "Muslim Uma". Mohammed was a fighting man. Until the kaffirs stop stealing the wealth of Muslim lands, raping and humiliating Muslim women and killing Muslim men there is going to be more of this. Wave upon wave.

We saw containers of 20% Hydrogen Peroxide which were in the Garage. The video was found under a plastic bag on a high shelf. There were also syringes found. I don't know a lot about explosives. I know the 7/7 guys apparently had ice packs around theirs. I wonder whether someone would actually make it through customs onto a plane with this sort of mix without going off.

Channel 4

Rachel North in Kingston

ABC News piece via Musa

April 13, 2008

Rachel North talks to Musa Ahmet

Times Online

This is part one, part two will include loads more about The Bridge to China raid, also Musa speaks candidly about life in Belmarsh with the Crevice guys, Dhiren Barot etc...

Yeah anyway. No one believes me so I told Rachel and she told everyone with the Sunday Times on their coffee table today! Thanks to The Sunday Times for doing this. It feels really good. We did it! It wasn't difficult. Musa rocked up 4th October last year with all this and we started filming straight away with Mike, Claudio Franco (a real journalist) and Katya Nisim who made this. There was no issue of trust, as his brother in his darkest hours had been talking about me saying

“Dave Bones knows I'm not a terrorist. He's got loads of footage.” etc.

Pre- trial our conversation focused a lot more on serious tensions between Atilla and Hamid, jointly charged as leaders of the group that is probably not surprising. Now the trial is over I am glad we didn't use this story. Musa is a very credible person. He appears in Preachers of Hate but that was one of the only times I saw him in Finsbury Park and I had no idea he was Atilla's brother as I didn't speak to him.

He's not what I would call a “Jihadi” and he wasn't involved like his brother was. As I say, no one believes me and I had a deep yearning for something a bit closer to "The Real Atilla" to come out so I introduced him to Rachel and we filmed the above. The Ahmet family hate journalists, but Rachel, with what has happened to her is a person Muslims who aren't in favour of terrorism are going to want to explain themselves to isn't she?

There is loads more to come soon. Atilla, in his situation is very lucky to have a brother like Musa. He said to Rachel that when he told his bro he had been talking to a journalist Atilla had a right go at him. He called him later saying what a nice woman he had seen on Newsnight.


I know Atilla is bigger, but Musa should still punch him when he gets out. I remember blogging that I hoped something positive would come from this. Unaware what was going to come out in Atilla's trial I had been nervously "suspending belief" about what Atilla had either said or done, as well as preparing myself for the improbable notion of standing in front of a load of professional wigs and a jury of my peers saying

"Well I thought he was alright you know? A bit nuts undoubtedly, but he's from Cyprus isn't he? They are all like that over there aren't they. I mean you should meet my mate.. etc. etc. "

I realised what Musa had to say about the Crevice guys was very news worthy, and properly surreal “Malung TV News”. I've had journalist friends with my interests at heart bollocking me for not doing this story myself. I just got sick of shouting in the relative darkness and I was also worried that a "shoot the messenger" situation might occur if I popped up with all this in a newspaper. For someone who didn't want to accept Atilla's reformation it wouldn't take too much of a dig around this blog to find plenty of target practice to subtract credibility from something by me- but you can't argue with Rachel can you? Unless you are a conspiracy theorist apparently.

I've got so much footage of Atilla in action in Finsbury park I haven't put up. I don't dare in case the Sun come pilfering again.

Finally- if THE FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION want to give Atilla a start coaching when he gets out- EIGHT SEASONS UNBEATEN with a schoolboy team. Do you know ANYONE with a record like that? I mean seriously, why are we getting fucking foreigners in to run things when we have home grown talent like this? Shameful that's what it is. Its a fucking disgrace.

I'll dig out the letter I wrote to the judge at some point but I remember the last sentence was "I hope the court will take Atilla's rehabilitation very seriously".

If anyone wants to write to Atilla do get in contact. His wife told me he doesn't get letters. I know Atilla as a man who has huge emotional energy which he is desperate to put to good use and along with sorting things for Muslims in a responsible manner, I couldn't think of anything better for him than terrorising over paid football stars for our national benefit.

April 10, 2008


Anyone with the remotest non conformist tendency may well snigger about this...


A substantial majority of Palestinians (84%) and Egyptians (80%) believed westerners to be lacking in respect for the Muslim world. In Turkey (68%), Saudi Arabia (67%) and Iran (62%) opinions were almost as strong.

Such views were mirrored in the west. Some 82% of the US population believed the Muslim world not to respect the west. In Israel 73% shared that view, according to the survey. The figure in Denmark was 69%, in Italy 70%, in Canada 67% and in Holland 55%.

I popped in for a quick suicide video this morning. This one had an interviewer asking questions for a change. The questions seemed to be concerned with peoples perceptions- particularly to do with accusations which might follow about attacking innocent people and brainwashing.

The interviewee said that people had been warned time and time again to stay away from military, government and economic targets and who is innocent anyway? Taxpayers money goes to fund war against Muslims. He also said that it was only Allah who had washed his brain.

It was filmed in front of the black flag of Islam and had the tell tale finger wagging. One of these guys is going to get off one day for not wagging their finger.

The jury'll say "He didn't wag his finger- he can't be one of them."

When people start wagging their finger you know explosives are likely to be somewhere in the vicinity eh though this video is missing the music which goes along with Iraqi versions of the same stuff.

Another thing- I have been saying time and time again that this "brainwashing" thing is a red herring. No one listens to me.

I couldn't stay long. On the train platform coming back I overheard an argument between a lesbian couple. A tough looking black girl was telling her daintier partner that she was too materialistic. Her partner countered that she always surrounded herself with "fit girls".

"But fit girls don't cost me money!" said the black girl.

C4: Martyrdom tape: jihad is 'obligation'
CNN:Airline plot suspect vows jihad in video

April 08, 2008


Bloody third place? What is that about? Come on London. He's tough on crime. He's gay and he's running the London marathon. What do you fucking want? Blood? Come on. Gay people know how to party. Vote for Brian. You know it makes sense.

April 07, 2008


The Olympic flame was extinguished three times on Monday and the Paris leg of its round-the-world tour abandoned after the event descended into a French farce.

Though a certain lady will kill me if she sees this- I have to post a link to another perspective on the Tibet thing from an old friend of us Socialistwankers Anna Chen

"Tibet or not tibet: Shangri-La la land"

April 03, 2008


One of them, Umar Islam, justified the plot by saying people in Britain were too busy drinking and watching EastEnders to care about the murder of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Can't help you. Glad to say I don't recognise any of these guys. Hope I don't have to go through my footage all over again. I always worry every time pictures like this are released. So far apart from Atilla Ahmet I haven't seen those who appeared to be closest to Hamza outside the mosque involved in anything.

UPDATE: I couldn't stay away. Went to court for a few hours. Lots of Gulzars, Salwars and telephone numbers. I had a good look at the guys and I'm not so sure I don't recognize a couple of them in the flesh. This is always the case though as these sort of people are a certain "photofit" aren't they? I won't start jumping up and down yet. Suppose I'll have to have a trawl just in case.


via Rachel

It may be difficult to swallow but the reason why Abu Qatada - the Islamic scholar whom Palestinian militants recently called to be released in exchange for the kidnapped BBC journalist Alan Johnston - has a following is because he is extremely learned and his religious rulings are well argued. His opinions, though I now thoroughly disagree with them, have validity within the broad canon of Islam.

April 01, 2008


The Impossible - Music Video

Here is our first ever music video. Thanks to Jason, Alex, all the dancers and all the extras.

The Impossible