July 31, 2005

Midsummernight's dream

As promised, here are some pictures from our production of Midsummernight's dream. Concieved in the pub, it was an epic journey of nerves and missed rehersals which came together on the night in proper Voodoo style.

Bottom (middle) was a fantastic "over-actor". The faries behind him were nuts.

Oberon was like a camp heavy-metal devil and Puck's Italian accent and size contrasted well. They acted great together. I played Eggus as a shouting conckney cartoon. We did three nights but the first was by far and away the best infront of 150 friends all of whom were suprised that we could pull it off. As I only was onstage at the beginning and the end of the play I watched most of it from behind a tree. It meant a lot to everyone involved and I can't wait to do another one.
My favorite actor was an ex-motorcycle courier who played Thisbe.(right of pic) He drank a bottle of vodka during each nights performance but never missed a trick. Twice he came onstage drink and cigarette in hand. Lysander or Oberon he would never be able to do but as Thisbe, a "hard-handed man" playing a woman badly he stole the show every night.

South Africa

Last time I spoke to Abu Abdullah he said

"I love Britain. I am British."

but he also feared for the future of Muslims here and was thinking of moving to South Africa, as he heard that the Muslim community was organising quite successfully there and growing.

this is from Islamonline

In South Africa today, there are over 500 mosques, 408 educational institutes, colleges, Muslim private schools, religious instruction canters, and colleges of Islamic Sciences. Many universities offer Arabic and Islamic Studies as part of their academic curriculum. Muslims are involved in every profession and field of endeavor, and played a significant role in the anti-apartheid struggle and in the post-apartheid government of South Africa .

The proliferation of Islamic media is testament to the vibrancy of the local community. Private Islamic radio stations are broadcast in nearly every province with significant Muslim populations: Radio Islam in Johannesburg ; Radio 786 in Cape Town ; Radio Al-Ansaar in Durban . Islamic newspapers have also played an important role in educating the Muslim community about various issues. Prominent newspapers include Al-Qalam; The Muslim Digest, Ar-Rasheed; Muslim Views, Al-Ummah and The Majlis.

searching about I also found this fairly dramatic tale of Islamists taking on drug lords in the ghetto's.

Islam is emerging in communities like Cape Town as an organizing force against rampant crime, drug use and social dislocation. A group calling itself People Against Drugs and Gangs which operates out of a network of mosques, is believed responsible for armed attacks and even murders of drug users and leaders. Major rioting erupted two weeks ago when several thousand members of the group, known also as Pagad, marched into parts of Cape Town which are considered turf to some of the 140 gangs that operate in South Africa.

"The sudden collision of vicious gangs, deadly drugs and militant Islam has rocked President Nelson Mandela's fledgling democracy, "noted the Los Angeles Times, "and exposed a dangerous new fissure in a nation struggling to overcome the bitter legacies of apartheid." Reports suggest that Pagad may beas much of a threat to stability and freedom, though, as the gangs they fight; People Against Drugs and Gangs is believed to be a "front" for militant Islamic groups operating out of Iran.

July 30, 2005

No....Its the 21st century.

Following sparkles directions I clicked onto Mudville and found this. I used to be a christian. I am not interested in 12th century politics anymore. It is horrific to see it revived in my life time.

The Zambian mastermind?

...there's the man arrested in Zambia described by some tabloids as Mr Big in the London bombing campaign.

But my sources in spooksville say that's overblown, that he is
certainly not the mastermind - but it's all on the murky side, and we are
actively looking at what the whole story may be - at seven

from Jon Snows Snowmails


As part of George Bush's war on terrorism, the military is thinking of planting propaganda and misleading stories in the international media.

via skrufff mailout

July 29, 2005

The other Republicans

Completely off topic, I've found a very interesting Irish Republican perspective on recent events over there.

The Crusades are just so 12th Century darling...

How is this any less disturbing than what the Jihadists come out with?

NEAR FALLUJAH, Iraq, Nov 6 (AFP) - With US forces massing outside Fallujah, 35 marines swayed to Christian rock music and asked Jesus Christ to protect them in what could be the biggest battle since American troops invaded Iraq last year.
Men with buzzcuts and clad in their camouflage waved their hands in the air, M-16 assault rifles laying beside them, and chanted heavy metal-flavoured lyrics in praise of Christ late Friday in a yellow-brick chapel.
They counted among thousands of troops surrounding the city of Fallujah, seeking solace as they awaited Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's decision on whether or not to invade Fallujah.
"You are the sovereign. You're name is holy. You are the pure spotless lamb," a female voice cried out on the loudspeakers as the marines clapped their hands and closed their eyes, reflecting on what lay ahead for them.
The US military, with many soldiers coming from the conservative American south and midwest, has deep Christian roots.
In times that fighting looms, many soldiers draw on their evangelical or born-again heritage to help them face the battle.
"It's always comforting. Church attendance is always up before the big push," said First Sergeant Miles Thatford.
"Sometimes, all you've got is God."
Between the service's electric guitar religious tunes, marines stepped up on the chapel's small stage and recited a verse of scripture, meant to fortify them for war.
One spoke of their Old Testament hero, a shepherd who would become Israel's king, battling the Philistines some 3,000 years ago.
"Thus David prevailed over the Philistines," the marine said, reading from scripture, and the marines shouted back "Hoorah, King David," using their signature grunt of approval.

July 28, 2005

God told me to do it.

I trust God speaks through me. Without that, I couldn't do my job."
- George W. Bush, Lancaster County, July 2004

"God told me to strike at al Qaida and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East."
-George W. Bush


The UBA seem to have reformed in light of recent events. Do get in touch. This must be all of your nightmares come true. What are your plans? Feel free to comment on anything here.

The thing is, as a private individual against Islamic terrorism, what can you do? You can protest where Omar Bakri speaks or at Speakers Corner, but the Police will hassle you more than the Muslims.

For about 30 seconds I saw a debate once between some UBA and Hamza's friends before the Police stepped in. As a British film-maker, just 30 seconds was 1000 times more interesting than all the boring journalists efforts put together. I'll see if I can dig out a transcript of what was actually said.

I think the UBA guy said

"I haven't got anything against anyone of any religion. But I have against people who take out and don't put nothing back in."

"But all your tax money is going to Israel." said the Muslim.

"How can you say that? How much is it costing the Old bill to close this road..."

and the Police stepped in.

Abdullah and co agreed to meet with a guy called Stephen from the UBA years ago but he never got back in touch. I asked Mr. Hamza if he would meet some of them the previous time they came to the mosque, before he was arrested.

"They say they are not racist..."

he declined.

"I don't want to give the media such a show. I have spoken to Nick Griffin. Some of his ideas are interesting..."

I think he said if I remember rightly.

Here is one of their handouts.

They seek him here...

OK. They have apparently found Haroon Rashid Aswat in Zambia.

A US official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the US newspaper that British and American anti-terrorism investigators had gone to Zambia and were in talks with officials about where best to prosecute him.

Aswat is wanted in the US for allegedly trying to set up al-Qaeda terror camps in Oregon six years ago.


Nothing against gay people myself, not into the idea but it could be said that I am in touch with my "feminine side". So this sort of thing disturbs me. Not a society I would want. The second time I ever spoke to Abu Abdullah he quoted me a passage from the Bible which said homosexuals should be put to death. That disturbed me, but also made me wonder why we are not being terrorised by Christian fundamentalists as the Bible seems to be way more bloodthirsty than the Koran.

Peter Tatchell, the leader of OutRage; Brett Lock its campaign coordinator; and Aaron Saeed, the organization's spokesperson on Muslim affairs, have been warned they will be murdered, Tatchell said Monday.

In a statement Tatchell said that they have been told they are on a "hit list" and are going to be "beheaded" and "chopped up", in accordance with "Islamic law".

For the record, when I asked Abdullah if he advocated gay bashing he was really hurt.I don't doubt that Peter Tatchell has this type of problem with some of the Muslim community, but I get the impression that Abdullah lives in quite a closed community and doesn't spend a lot of his time thinking about how to kill gay people.

John Denham

I've been looking for some sort of posting about John Denhams chat with Jon Snow on Channel4 news yesterday. If I remember rightly he said

"The mistake we are making is assuming straight away that those who try to understand these people in the Muslim community are themselves terrorists."

I wish I had written it all down.
via talkleft:

Ahmed Ressam, "who plotted to bomb Los Angeles International Airport on the eve of the millennium," received a 22 year sentence today...U.S. District Judge John C. Coughenour, tacitly criticizing the Bush administration, made these compelling remarks at sentencing:

"I would like to convey the message that our system works. We did not need to use a secret military tribunal, or detain the defendant indefinitely as an enemy combatant, or deny him the right to counsel, or invoke any proceedings beyond those guaranteed by or contrary to the United States Constitution."

What do you reckon?

The original image I copied from the BBC website...
A close up of the apparent mistake...
And this is one I doctored myself, putting the arm in front of the bar...

July 27, 2005

And a fairly upbeat message from Al Qaeda (Two rivers branch)

London links...

from Asian Tribune:

The man refuted accusations that he had been at a terrorist training camp in Oregon in 1999. He admitted, however, that he had lived with Abu Hamza, a controversial Muslim preacher at the Finsbury Park mosque in London, who is currently awaiting trial in Britain on terrorism and race-hate charges.

The Swedish man says that he lived with one-eyed, hook-handed Hamza “for medical reasons, as a nurse.”

The man, who is described by the FBI as “very dangerous”, denies that he was involved in the London attacks of July 7th. In an interview published by Expressen on Friday, he says that he has not left Sweden in the past three years.

Responding to reports that he had flown to the United States in 1999 in the company of Haroon Rashid, suspected mastermind of the London bombings, the man said he does not know who Rashid is, and has never met him.

While denying involvement in the London bombings, the man said that the suicide bombers who attacked three underground trains and a bus were “martyrs,” adding that he hoped also to become a martyr one day.

“They are not terrorists, as they are doing what Islam requires,” he said.

Sweden, he said, is not threatened by al-Qaeda, although he told Expressen that this could change if the Swedish government handed him over to the British or American authorities.

“If Sweden hands me over to another country then it will only have itself to blame. Sweden will then be punished with the greatest punishment.”

from Frontpage magazine:

A long-time preacher at this mosque was Abu Hamza al Masri, a cleric with ties to Al Qaeda who helped to inspire both shoe bomber Richard Reid, and Zacarias Moussaoui, the would-be 20th hijacker on September 11th. Al Masri was also investigated by a federal grand jury for his efforts to establish a terrorist training camp in Bly, Oregon, with Muslim convert James Ujaama. Ujaama has resurfaced in the news during the last week because of his connection to Haroon Rashid Aswat, the main suspect that authorities believe was behind the London Attacks on July 7.

from Global Politician:

Failed London Suicide Bomber's Connection To Abu Hamza

The picture came from a series of video tapes Jenvey obtained following an Internet sting operation on the radical London-based cleric Abu Hamza...in an interview, Jenvey said the individual in the picture pulled from the Hamza tapes was photographed some time after 1998, but before Sept. 11. 2001.

"The tape is of several meetings held by jihadis in London," Jenvey said, "and also shows clips of fighting in Bosnia and Kashmir. Abu Hamza (also seen in the tape) holding meetings inside Finsbury Park Mosque, and other halls and meeting places."

Jenvey said there was a reason he was focusing on these now old tapes while investigating a new crime.

"Wherever Abu Hamza is, there seems to be links to terror
. I have learned this after looking into the preacher over several years that he is one of bin Laden's main men in the UK."

...Jenvey told the "Sunday Times" that after receiving the tapes he continued to monitor Hamza's website. In April 2003 he saw a film showing Russian soldiers being blown up by Chechnyan terrorists. The film was available through a link from Hamza's website. It showed training with live ammunition at a camp in Afghanistan and appeared to be a training exercise for potential assassins. Many of the target images were obscured, but former President Bill Clinton, was clearly visible.

Hamza's website was shut down by its internet service provider soon after Jenvey reported his observations to the appropriate authorities.
Hamza's website closed down? Really? What this one?

from channel 4 news

"They also revealed that they told police a year ago that they were worried about some Islamic extremists that had come to the area, after the Finsbury Park mosque was closed down. We understand police are investigating links between the attempted bombings and an associate of a radical cleric."

and from the telegraph:

Another shopkeeper, Ali Dursun, claimed Omar often railed about halal meat and praised Osama bin Laden.

"He said Turkish people were not proper Muslims and two days after September 11 he was coming into my shop praising bin Laden and saying he was a good man. I nearly called the police," Mr Dursan said.

"He said I should go to Finsbury Park mosque to see Abu Hamza but I threw him out and banned him for six months."

and last but not least from the good ol' US of A:

Indeed, the notorious north London Finsbury Park Mosque, which helped produce a crop of terrorists including shoe-bomber Richard Reid and Zacarias Moussaoui, was founded by the inspiration of none other than Prince Charles... this mosque became a haven for foreign radicals under the leadership of firebrand preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri, who was only this month expelled from Britain for inciting violence.
Expelled from Britain this month? Is Belmarsh foreign soil now? Maybe the US should have the same deal with the British as they have with Cuba over Guantanamo. Save both countries taxpayers a bit of money.

July 26, 2005

...despite early arguments from Bush administration officials that fighting insurgents in Iraq would help prevent them from launching attacks on Western targets. The war has instead turned into a recruiting tool, experts said.

The constant images on Arab language networks of dead and dying civilians — coupled with U.S. soldiers conducting operations — has only heightened sensitivities.

"Iraq has been an absolute gift to al-Qaida," said Paul Rogers, a professor of peace studies at Bradford University in northern England. "(Al-Qaida) seems to have no difficulty in getting more and more recruits."

doctor doctor

via omegaprojektet again, an Infowars claim that the photo of the 7/7 bombers is doctored. Badly.What do you think?


I thought this was a pretty even handed documentary, althought that isn't obvious from the comments below. It showed pretty much why, who and how people are rallying to the Al-Qaeda call through the internet. Peter Taylor interestingly started by dissing "the power of nightmares" claim that the Al-Q threat was largely made up but finnished up with someone saying:

"Unless the US government tells its people the truth about why these people are fighting, the ideology of Al-Q will always be winning."

I didn't really understand this point in its context.

from the comments below:

why can we not close down all the cyber cafes in this country and private internet access, leaving just business addresses which could be policed by internal units in the same way they currently are? We clearly now have potentially millions of people living in our country who wish us harm. We have to take action before this problem becomes overwhelming.


It has been very clear for a long time that this country desperately needs a much stronger government to root out and destroy these religious maniacs. The time for a "soft approach" has long passed. When oh when will we get some strong decisive action?


A friend of mine who is connected to Political groups for womens rights sent me this:

Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq
_______ ______ ________ __ _________
Al- Fardawse Square Area - Al Za'im Street - Next to Al Saadoun Private Hospital - Tel no. 011 964 1 7170953

Women in Iraq need you!
Condemn a Constitution of de-humanizing Women

An era of post-occupation atrocities unfolded to disclose the final chapter of human rights abuse in Iraq: A constitution of legalizing women's discrimination.

The constitution draft which was circulated secretly eliminated the minimal rights women had under the previous 1959 "Personal Status Law". Although this law was partly based on Islamic Shariaa, it included much reform that secured minimal standards of human rights for women, such as preventing marriage for female children and making polygamy more difficult for men - a practice that is allowed under Shariaa in addition to beatings, stoning, flogging and forced veiling.

The draft constitution indicates in its article 14 the elimination of the current law and refers family laws completely to Islamic Shariaa and to other religions in Iraq. In other words, it leaves women vulnerable to all inequalities and social hostility in addition to designating females as second rate citizens or semi-humans.

Since the beginning of the occupation, the US administration has recognized Iraqis according to their ethnic/nationalist and religious identities. This predetermined polarization of the society around its most reactionary forces has resulted with a most lethal weapon which is a government of division and inequality - a potential timed bomb for a civil war that has already started. Furthermore, the only mutual agenda for the parties in power is one of oppression, bigotry and misogyny in addition to representing the US occupation interests.

The enemies of the people seated in the panel of writing the constitution have decided to give life to resolution 137. This resolution isolates Iraqis from the modern world and turns Iraq into an Afghanistan under Taliban where oppression and discrimination of women is institutionalized under Shariaa.

We have witnessed stages and kinds of atrocities under this occupation. The time comes for the US occupation to leave an unprecedented hallmark of abusing human rights by forcing a constitution that turns 13 million women into semi-humans.
We need your support in rejecting a constitution that gives way to decades of silent massacres against women.

Let the freedom loving people of the US know what is being committed in their name and in the name of democracy.

Write open letters to the US administration, to its allies, and especially to the UN. Remind them that women's rights cannot be the price for a hideous democracy of racism, ethnicity, religiosity, sectsrianism and misogyny.
Help us find a way out of the never ending attack on our freedoms and lives.

Yanar Mohammed
Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq
23 July 2005
from the guardian:

more than 1,000 protesters chanted "Die America!" as they banged on the gates of the main US base in Afghanistan to demand the release of three local villagers detained in a raid.

Demonstrators threw stones at the base's outer gates, which were guarded by Afghan soldiers, but no one was wounded. The outer gates are around 300 metres from the first checkpoint manned by US troops.

The three men detained were arrested in a raid on Dheymullah, a village around two miles from Bagram base, last night, the local government chief, Kaber Ahmad, said. "Those three were wanted by the Americans, but no one knows why," he added.

Stacks of tyres were dumped on the main road near the base and burned, sending clouds of black smoke billowing over the area.

Demonstrators said they were angry with the US for carrying out the raid without first consulting local authorities.

"We have supported the Americans for years," Shah Aghar, a 35-year-old local resident, said. "We should be treated with dignity. They are arresting our people without the permission of the government. They are breaking into our houses and offending the people. We are very angry."


Taking hits from an invisionfree forum but it is closed so I can't see what has been written. If you are here from that thread can you write down what it says for me? Friend or foe?

July 25, 2005

Met Monty the 14 ft burmese python over the weekend.
"Always know where his head is and never let him make
a full loop around your body..."

I have make up round my eyes because we were getting
ready to perform Shakespeare's Midsummernights dream.
If we'd have known the snake was going to turn up we'd
have given him a role.

July 23, 2005

On one level, the Report is the story of a handful of individuals who could reject our civilization, and yet slip into our country and live here for months, mingling with the people that they're plotting to destroy. But it's also an alien story, like reading about clashes in ancient history: We see the irreconcilable differences, but we're not ready to close the gap and understand the enemy, because at the same time, we still need to demonize them.

The Pop Culture of 9/11
Story by Chris Dahlen

Would you Fuckin' adam and eve it?

from omegaprojektet:

"Iran gave free passage to up to 10 of the September 11 hijackers just months before the 2001 attacks and offered to co-operate with al-Qa'eda against the US, an American report will say this week. The all-party report by the 9/11 Commission, set up by Congress in 2002, will state that Iran, not Iraq, fostered relations with the al-Qa'eda network"

Amazing! It was Iran, not Iraq! What a fucking suprise! So when Bush was making all those links with Iraq for all that time he was actually slurring? Thats why he got it wrong!

"I was trying to say Iraq. No one around me was listening. All the media around me are so used to not asking questions they all wrote it down, went away, and we invaded the wrong country."

Can some of you Republicans find out? Is he still pissed? A secret coke head?


Youblewmeupyoubastard link from Skrufff mailout

ring ring

OK. I called Abu Abdullah. He says that a lot of media people (especially American) are calling him to tell him that he knows Haroon Rashid Aswat. He says that he doesn't. Apparently he is doing some TV later this week to "Defend Islam". I told him about 'Sparkle's worries that I might be at risk from his group. He laughed like a bear.

"Do you still believe that it wasn't Muslims in the face of all this?"

"Yes. I believe it is the CIA and the Mossad."

July 22, 2005

Haroon Rashid Aswat

A Republican doing his own personal Jihadiwatch on me calls his blog The Ox rant so I thought I'd better have a look. I've been metasearching Abu Hamza quite frequently over the last few weeks to see if any newspapers were trying to connect him to current events but I missed the article he quotes.

LONDON, July 20 - The police investigating the terrorist bombings here have begun a worldwide hunt for a former aide to one of Britain's most militant Islamic clerics who they believe may have played a key role in the July 7 attacks, according to British, European and American intelligence and law enforcement officials.

The man, identified as Haroon Rashid Aswat, 31, originally from Dewsbury in north-central England, was a senior aide to Abu Hamza al-Masri, the blind, one-armed militant cleric who preached at the Finsbury Park mosque in north London until his arrest in April 2004.

this from yesterdays guardian

Security officials in Pakistan were yesterday questioning a British man arrested on suspicion of playing a key role in the 7/7 bombings in which 56 people died.

Haroon Rashid Aswat was carrying a belt packed with explosives, a British passport and a substantial amount of cash when he was seized, according to intelligence sources in the country.

His name is understood to have been passed to Pakistan's security agency, Inter Services Intelligence, by British authorities after it emerged after an examination of the mobile phones used by the four bombers.


Aswat, 31, is of Indian origin and may not be in Pakistan, according to two intelligence officials in Islamabad and one in the eastern city of Lahore, all speaking on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to talk to the media and because of the sensitivity of the inquiry.

Two British newspapers - The Times and The Guardian - reported Aswat had been arrested. The New York Times, citing unidentified intelligence and law enforcement officials, reported police have begun a worldwide hunt for Aswat.

"We have no information about Haroon Rashid Aswat. He has not been arrested in Pakistan,'' Information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said.

The Oregonian:

Three men were in the car he had pulled over that early December morning six years ago. They wore fatigues and trench coats. The driver explained that his passengers didn't speak English. They said they were visiting relatives in tiny Bly.

Smith jotted down their names and wrote out a special report. Eventually, Smith's report found its way to the FBI.

One of the men thought to be in that car was Haroon Rashid Aswat -- now considered by international investigators as a suspect in the July 7 London train bombings. The attacks killed 56 people and injured more than 700.

Aswat and the other men were in Bly to scout a location for a terrorist training camp, according to a law enforcement source and court documents.

July 21, 2005


Trying to keep upbeat but with unfolding news of more desperate bombing attempts is hard. The BBC showed the Beslan documentary again tonight. Its harrowing stuff but what drove these people to such desperate action? The Muslims I speak to say there is a war against Islam. We have not seen such in depth footage of the 30,000 Muslim children that have apparently been killed in Chechenya. I am not trying to justify. In the case of Beslan neither did Abu Abdullah. If what he put forward on the street outside Finsbury park are his true beliefs he is looking more moderate by the week.

Rightwingsparkle and the search for Jenjus Khan…

If you'd have told me three years ago that I would be filming with Abu hamza and his friends I wouldn't have believed it. Likewise, if you would have told me maybe a year ago that I would be trying to set up a meeting between them and Rightwingsparkle's posse I would have thought you were mad.

Its good when suprises happen to you in your life which shake you out of your norms. When I first read "miss blindin' nashers" blog, in the build up to this Iraq war my reaction was not unlike this guys. It scared the crap out of me, but not as much as the one I found her on.

Throughout the Iraq war "Jenjus khan's attrocity commiting death machine" was the most hilarious and the most scary republican blog I came across. I couldn't believe that someone who called themselves christian could glorify war like this. I was hooked, clicking on it all the time waiting for the next post. I was aware that M. and I continually ribbing him could result in the blog disappearing so I kept trying to remember to save it all. Throughout the Iraq war, whilst his proud American forces seemed to win every battle but loose most of the arguments, Jenjus actually managed to win every argument but committed inexplicable hairi kairi.. I think it may have been something to do with this article M. wrote on socialistwanker

So where is Jenjus? This pale imitation of his former glory is the only rememnant of his work online. Maybe he just blogs under a different name now. I bet someone on Freerepublic knows him. I was a bit worried about him when he disappeared. I thought he was going to become the first Republican suicide bomber.


I didn't put this snowmail up from 7/7:

When the blast finally came

It has all the hall marks of a Madrid style attack, co-ordinated brutal
and targeting the very softest of targets. But politically
devastatingly timed as in Madrid were there was a general election pending within
three days - here it was the meeting of the G8 that clearly attracted
the terrorist attention. The victims were ordinary people going about
their ordinary business in an ordinary way, aboard ordinary trains and
ordinary buses.

The searing brutality of the bombs, four of them, destroyed a London
double-decker bus, and caused chaos aboard three tube trains. The force
of the bomb on the bus blew the roof, many feet in the air and horribly
injured many of those aboard. Those on the tube trains exploded first
at Aldgate East at 8.49 am followed by the other two at Moorgate and
Edgware Rd.

Those first two stations are at the epicentre of the City of London
which was immediately brought to a standstill. The other one was right
next to door to Paddington Green station, which is where terror suspects
are held and indeed where Guantanamo detainees were returned when they
were released earlier this year.

It's too early to know precisely who did this, but it does not feel
Saudi. Iraq as a cause cannot be ruled out, and North Africa as a base
seems more than probable - for it was from that quarter that the Madrid
bombers hailed. But these are early days, and the attack that had been
feared for so long and then which gradually seemed to recede as a threat
has come when we least, and should have most, expected.


You can tell that the newsreader does not suspect the cause could be homegrown jihadis. In two weeks we have moved to a situation where the Pakistani govt is accusing Britain of "Not doing enough to tackle Islamic extremism."

who would have thought it?


Talking about pigs blood, wasn't it pigs blood which was responsible for all this current wave of hostilities between monotheists? Wasn't Mr Bin laden's teacher's brother a certain Mr. Khutub who was tortured by CIA trained experts who covered him in pigs blood and set the dogs on him?

Was he another of "them" that deserved it?

Did the philosophy of violent jihad come from torture or was it the other way about?

If that pigs blood episode hadn't happened would 9/11 have happened?

The Power of Nightmares

July 20, 2005

Checking out a coupla 'publican sites I found this article about events in Southern Thailand which was interesting. The comments below are quite a civilized debate. A cut above the usual "kill 'em all and cover their bodies in pigs blood"bullshit.

July 19, 2005

Quite depressing really. I watched the news. The ex- Al Mhujaroun guy refused to say that the British public should not be a target. He seemed nervous and could stop talking once he started. They had to keep turning him down so as the other guy could get in. Then this guy came on in a discussion taken from an arabic news channel on July 8th saying:

There are No "Civilians" in Islamic Law;The Bombing is a Great Victory for Al-Qa'ida, Which "Rubbed the Noses of the World's 8 Most Powerful Countries in the Mud"

I am pretty sure this is the same guy who sat next to The man with the hat on the first day of Abu Hamza's trial.

Over the two years I watched events unfold in Finsbury park I never heard anyone speak like this.
No idea who they are really, but these guys seem have a plan. They also seem to have faith that properly focused, they can achieve their ends through democracy.

"we agree that foreign policy should change, and if you see virtually all other articles on this site we highlight this. However we also know the Government will not change it until Muslims get involved. We are not stating the obvious, we are ensuring Muslims change it themselves. Teach them how"

This support for democracy would not be popular in "Fundamentalist" circles.

Dont hold your breath

UK Muslim leaders and politicians agree to tackle terrorism "head on", says Tony Blair.

Even the BBC site says that they don't stand much of a chance, as they have as much contact with radical ideologists as they do with alchoholics. For years all these mosques have been enthusiasticaly "rooting out extremism" at the behest of the government, now the government wants them to be missionaries to these same people. Sorry I don't think its going to work.

Hamza said these people

"Sold their religion for a jar of honey and a passport from Tony Blair"

I do not doubt that everyone who represented radical ideology at the US embassy protest agreed with his statement.

I do not share Abu Hamza's religious views, or hold an opinion as to which Muslims are good and which are bad as long as they all agree that terrorism of innocents is against the Koran.

As you may have gathered by now, I have doubt in my mind as to Abu Hamza's terrorist status. How he spoke, his demeanour in the street, those closest to him, none of it fitted. Standing in the street defending what he was, for over a year and his willingness to go on TV to try and explain himself also caused this doubt in me.

I am really sorry if you hope he is a terrorist and this offends you. All I have done for two years is to try and engage with the sort of people Mr. Blairs Muslim buddies are now suddenly looking for ways to approach.

It is a shame Hamza hated the government so much. He might have been very useful in this situation. I know it sounds ridiculous now, but the BBC tried to engage with him properly once here. (download zip) Watching him mellow over a year of fielding relentless questions from the kaffir media like myself, it almost seemed like the questioning itself was "rehabilitating" him although of course no one got to see this process on TV.

He always seemed to enjoy the cameras. I thought that the media industry could have absorbed him. Even giving him no attention at all would have been better for us in the long run than vilification. As for his friends I hope they would disown any Muslim who wanted to kill innocents here whilst there are Muslims directly suffering in places like Chechenya.

But how many Muslims are there in this country who might think Hamza a "soft Muslim"?


Txt from Mike H:

Thanks for the PKD video (Phillip K Dick)Why it make you think fo me in particular?

I cant find the link to the PKD video but I will stick it up soon as, promise. In it the narrator tells a great story of how a mad speed freak scrapes a living writing mad shit about his personal habits, ends up writing Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep?...

and then goes off he deep end...

Do have a look at Real Gem. I would advise against the going off the deep end bit, but hey, choice is choice innit?


Hello to whichever sarf London thieving bastard stole our computer for a rock! For about 2 hours or so some pornograhic verse was edited into my blog! My password was on the stolen computer. I have since changed it. Was it the thieving junkie, the person he/she sold the computer too or my imagination?

Tony Parsons in the mirror:

The bombers hated everything about this country apart from its privileges, its benefits and its freedoms. They may have carried British passports, but they were not British by allegiance. They had no loyalty or love for this place.

We have been too soft, of course. We have allowed too many people to build their lives here without asking anything in return.

We sneer at the Americans for making their schoolchildren pledge allegiance to the flag - but who can deny that any country is healthier if it is loved by all of its people?

I do not know where it went wrong with these young men. There are no excuses for what happened in London. There are no justifiable reasons for tearing innocent people to pieces.

And there was something nauseating about those who brought up Blair and Iraq when rescue workers were still pulling broken bodies from the wreckage of Tube trains.

But you don't have to be George Galloway or a mad mullah to believe that the wrongheaded invasion of Iraq inflamed Muslim feeling. Muslims feel a life in London is valued more than a life in Baghdad, and they are right.

Abu Abdullah:

What Muslim would love the religion of God and choose hellfire? Unless two Muslims agree and witness that they are guilty i will not believe the "kuffar" government. I believe it was Mi-5 and those individuals who rule the world.


I don't know what the fuck is going on. I don't think that Muslims are brainwashed into blowing people up any more than we are all brainwashed into wearing clothes made in the third world by slave labour. Look around you. Everyone is wearing it. We've been brainwashed into it no? It all causes suffering by different rates no?

Can I respectfuly suggest we all just pause in the street for another minute and look around us and see

1. Who is really suffering and
2. What we can do about it.

Mr. Scrutinator, help me here. Mrs. Rightwingsparkle, how can you guys not want to "Make poverty history"? I know you do. It is beyond me to question either of you. Its just the right thing to do. In our lifetimes. Imagine how you would feel if we were the generation who accepted that sort of global individual responsibility. Its easy. I think we could do it.

I have very much enjoyed witnessing a" renaisance in Republican thinking" in this virtual world. There definately seems to be one even if I don't agree with it. I want to link with those Republicans who want to take it somewhere which can be truly of bebefit to all human beings.

July 18, 2005


Report damns the us in USA
Once they were the pukka stuffed shirts of diplomatic thinking, quite
the top of the tree. Suddenly the Royal Institute of International
Affairs as they once were, now Chatham House, have come out with an
explosive indictment of the government's involvement in the war in Iraq.

In a report it says: “The UK is stuck as Pillion Passenger to the US
war on terror. A high risk policy has left the ally in the driving seat”.
Presumably to do the steering.

Tonight the worm - in the form of the Iraq War - begins to turn. What
did it do to contain Al-Qaeda and what happens now? How the London
bombings are gradually re-opening the entire debate.



I wrote about Magic Dave way back in October last year (see PARLIAMENT SQUARE TERRORISED) A regular at Speakers corner with a plan for the global takeover by the people (or summat like that) and a member of the cogers society, the oldest debating society in the world still active so he tells me. Anyway he wants to invite you all to this:

Into the belly of the beast
Money and Power: Monday 25th July 2005

A special Cogers debate on money and power! A not to be missed opportunity to take part in what promises to be an extremely informative and lively event, a real must for anyone who would like the opportunity to develop public speaking skills, and a chance to take part in an intelligent and wide ranging discussion.

Many of us are starting to realize the power of strong reasoned argument and its capacity to influence and inspire. The Cogers provides a friendly and supportive framework in which to do this (see www.Cogers.org) and to celebrate 250 years of doing so we are inviting all comers to this event.

And as an extra incentive should one be necessary, delicious food will be provide by the FBI, probably the best non aligned chef in London. The program for the evening at the St Bride’s
Institute in Bride Lane (at the Ludgate Circus end of Fleet Street) looks like this, with food from 6pm. Get there early as places are limited (only 150). The debate starts at 7pm

There are three opening talks before everyone present is invited to have their say. The first Given by Magnus Neilson, a blue badge guide and historian is a review of the City's importance in UK and world development over the past 250 years.

Then come two dissimilar views of the future.

The first will be given by Stuart Fraser who has been a member of the Court of Common Council since1993 and is the Deputy Chairman of the Policy and Resources Committee. Stuart is a Fund Manager in The City at Brewin Dolphin and is tipped to be the next Lord Mayor of London. We are promised that we couldn't have a better man to talk about The City, Money, and Power.

The second will be given by a speaker who is likely to see the future of the city in rather different terms from purely economic success. Instead could it lead the world into a very new financial future - with the emphasis on the developmental benefits for the entire world's population, the future of the planet and the ethical issues of the poor, all becoming a touchstone
for the future. Chris Cook, who himself had an excellent City background, is a trailblazer in this

The real beauty of a Cogers debate must be experienced to be fully appreciated for it allows for everyone with the courage or the inclination to speak for up to five minute without heckling or interruptions unless these interruptions are consented to by the speaker (you).what is more it
is an excellent way to improve ones public speaking skills as well as a teaching tool and confidence builder, I could suggest that the house of commons could learn from us.
this snowmail from last friday...

New Anti-Terror measures

And now the government announces still more anti terror measures. New
offences of handling or being trained to handle hazardous materials;
Indirect incitement, what ever that means; and acting preparatory to a
terrorist attack.

There's a whiff of knee jerk in the air, there is also a surging
feeling amongst Muslims that they are the fall guys - that they are to blame
that they are the enemy. The email traffic and contacts I'm getting
from people expresses huge resentment at the way they are being regarded.

A Zimbabwe tale

Also tonight an amazing event at the House of Commons in which three
people the government sought to deport back to Zimbabwe tell a harrowing
tale of their danger their and their treatment here - claiming a
callous disregard for their safety.


Moqtada Sadr speaks to newsnight:

"Resistance is legitimate at all levels be it religious, intellectual and so on," Mr Sadr said.

"The first person who would acknowledge this is the so-called American President Bush who said 'if my country is occupied, I will fight'." (Texas National Guard mutter mutter mutter)

However, speaking in the interview to be broadcast on Monday night, Mr Sadr said he believed "America does not want confrontation".

"So I call upon other parties like the Iraqi army and the Iraqi police to exercise self-restraint with Iraqi people and not be provoked into them or the occupying forces as this isn't in the interest of Iraq," he said.

"I also call on the Iraqi people to exercise restraint and not get enmeshed in the plans of the West or plans of the occupation that wants to provoke them."

Mr Sadr argued that it is the presence of foreign troops which is the cause of Iraq's current problems.

"The occupation in itself is a problem. Iraq not being independent is the problem. And the other problems stem from that - from sectarianism to civil war," he said. "The entire American presence causes this."


Ted Heath is dead. Take your pick of obituaries between the times and lenins tomb

July 17, 2005

Tim Rice, Cliff Richard, Richard Branson, the whole of Pink Floyd,DJs Bob Harris and Mike Read are all totally interchangable people no?

(sorry I know there are inexplicable amounts of American republicans coming this way but I had to slip this one in for the Brits. What am I saying? We are all British now aren't we?)
BBC Radio 1 found, at the end of last week, many young people in the Muslim community around Luton who simply refused to believe there was any connection at all between Muslims and the bombings.

They seemed to believe the bombs were part of a conspiracy to damage the Muslim community.

No shit?

BBC Online here

Pakistan has accused Britain of being a “breeding ground for terrorists”

-bit of a turn around. I bet they've been dying to do that for ages!

Britain's largest Sunni Muslim group, the Sunni Council, issued a binding religious edict known as a fatwa condemning suicide bombings as being against the Quran.

from the same article:

"These policies have created the maelstrom of hate from which the extremist Muslims are feeding," George Galloway, a member of Parliament from the leftist Respect Party, boomed to a few hundred cheering listeners. "A fish needs water in which to swim."

The event was organized by groups including the Stop the War coalition, whose chairwoman, Lindsey German, said she had been receiving unwanted attention and phone calls since the fourth bombing suspect was identified as a Jamaican-born British resident named Germaine Lindsay (a man previously identified in the media by a variety of names, including Lindsay Germaine, and complicated by his taking the name Jamal upon converting to Islam). "It's been rather unfortunate," German quipped, "but I'm getting used to it."

Also, not only does the Muslim community disown the bombers, a Black UK magazine also disowns Germaine Lindsay as a Jamaican on its front page. "Not one of us" it says but I can't find the link.
Sorry Tony, if we are seriously talking random anymuslims
with rucksacks carrying out random symbolic bombings,
where THE FUCK is the winning and loosing?
I think I know Molly Cooper by sight, she has some great pictures of Abu Hamza's friends and the UBA here

July 16, 2005

Bomber’s half-sister speaks out

Why and who is still the question when it comes to the London terror
attacks. Tonight, the half-sister of the fourth bomber, Lindsay Jamal,
speaks out for the first time, on Channel 4 News. She says the police
have not approached her - and the first she knew of her brother's
involvement in the attacks was when she went to the newsagent.

video here



Congratulations to Richard and Jojo!


Born of Jojo & Richard

Tuesday 12th July 2.28pm

The first time it occurred to me to ask Richard to help me on this project was after the IWC Media deal bit the dust. I was at a loss as to what to do, and Richard had been teaching me, and fellow “activists” (I am more of a “passive-ist” myself…) at various European creative forum meetings which travelled between a number of vibrant squatted community spaces in London..

Thinking that he would be the usual amateur activist, filming clowns invading Mc Donalds I was surprised to learn that he was an award winning film maker who had also managed to force the suspension of Parliament during the Hutton debate with his fellow Oxford activists.

Richard came to the mosque and met Abdullah and the crew. In the next week I missed a meeting with Abdullah and we fell out. I began a one sided email war. .


Months later I read that they lost the mosque and was told about the Mirror article. I subsequently spoke to Abdullah and Barry (the Boss) to get both sides of this story. I like Barry and Abdullah to be honest. I can see that this is where, (as the scrutinator points out) my arguments become weak and flaky. I sort of trust both sides, but am aware that they conflict.

Months later Richard finally met Abdullah and we got their agreement to pitch a documentary about them. What a ridiculous journey. Richard didn’t have to say a lot.

“They cant change it or re edit it. Its Daves film.”

Afterwards, quite spontaneously we got totally sloshed in the nearest pub. I hadn’t had much of a chance to get to know Richard, but as inebriation set in I became more and more convinced he was a Godsend, and led much more of a "malung lifestyle" than I incidentally.

We ended up taking pills at a squat party in Deptford.

Three days later I remembered that I had left my bike locked up outside the pub. I went back and it was no longer there.I would have been a bit disappointed with the local hoodlums if it had been to be honest.


OK. From the Guardian:

A new package of counter-terrorism measures which will be proposed by the Government on monday would...make it a criminal offence to describe those who carry out suicide bombings as martyrs...

So we are moving into the psy-ops phase now? I think that everyone who believes in the concept of martyrdom should just go to their local Police station and give themselves up right now. The Police would be embarassed.

I know that Hamza's friends I speak to don't even use the term "suicide bombing". They prefer "martyrdom operations" although none of them believed any British Muslim would or should carry out an attack over here. Anyway, they would all be locked up for a start which would keep our friends at The Sun happy, but would it prevent terrorism?

JESUS (peace be upon him)

Jesus. I would like to introduce that lot in Islington Town Hall to Hamza's motley crew.There was a senior looking catholic, A Jewish religious representative who was also a representative of a Lesbian and Gay rights group, the leader of North London Central mosque (as Finsbury Park mosque has been renamed) Some Islington councilors, A representative of the Somali community, lots of 40 something new agers and 3 senior looking Policemen.

A smiling nodding newager was chairing as 20 or so people got up to speak. They said really positive things. The Jewish guy read from a hebrew manuscript. The New Yorker I recognised focused his contribution on the youth of those accused. One of the councillors reminded everyone how the Islington Borough had faced off the rise of the National front in the 70s (?) and suggested we consider liasing with the North of England to transfer the "success" of tings down here, oop north like.

I took my headphones out of my bag to look for a pen and one of the new agers on the other side shat herself and sent her friend round to see if it was a bomb.I suppose that is not unrealistic in a lot of media eyes.


All over the country council groups must be scared. I must admit tears came to my eyes when I shared a communal moment with londoners right in the middle of the main junction north of tower bridge. I tried to remember, or feel that it was a moment for all the innocents killed since 9/11.

I will not blog about big brother. I will not bl....

I will not blog about big brother. I will not blog about big brother. I will not blog about big brother. I will not blog about big brother. I will not blog about big brother. I will not blog about big brother. I will not blog about big brother. I will not blog about big brother...

July 15, 2005

Too early to joke? iamfuckingterrified.com lampoons werenotafraid.com Very London in a "We are not Americans" sort of way.


I'm playing catch up a bit I'm afraid...

I have an interview with Abu Abdullah from 2 days ago I have to decipher and put up. I actually was talking to him unaware of the breaking news about the "Leeds connection" Today, as promised I checked out my "spies" in Finsury park mosque.

There were lots of photographers outside the mosque, which suprised me as the heat is now off as far as "extremism" is concerned. I bumped into one journalist I knew (to the right of Hamza in the hyperlinked pic) There were only two Muslims I recognised who went inside. One of them I remember Abdullah accused of being a spy in a very public row not witnessed by any journalists maybe a month before the mosque was reopened for the first time.

"We had a disagreement. He is still my brother in Islam." he said.

"Are you with the new lot now?" I asked him.

"Look. I am a local. Some of these brothers are locals. I was always campaigning to keep my local mosque open. Mr. Hamza is not a terrorist. No true Muslim can be a terrorist. In any community you would have "misfits." Are the Irish people all terrorists? No."

I shook hands with Jeremy Corbyn who actually remembered me from the last time I had seen him, if not the first. Can't stand politicians. Can't help liking Mr. Corbyn. (its the ****ing bicycle)

Also in Finsbury Park I met a really interesting American journalist called Tina Susman. We discussed Pakistan, ( she had spent 6 weeks in Pakistani Kashmir) She also spoke of the 10 years she had spent in sub Saharan Africa and the previous months she had spent at the Michael Jackson trial. I told her of my belief that London is probably the most successfully integrated places on the planet as far as race is concerned. I asked about New York, where she lives. Apparently there are a lot of racial groups there, but they are strictly segregated by area and do not mix.

Her sentiments were echoed by another New Yorker at the next event I attended, a "Multi-faith meeting" in Islington town hall. Jeremy Corbyn was also there, along with the new leader of Finsbury park mosque, various other religious representatives, and some starry eyed new-age "focus group" type people I recognised. The New Yorker I knew from various "save the world" forums is a bright light in the "open co-ops" movement. He said that London was "streets ahead" of his home town.

As various people went round expressing sadness about the bombing, and joy at the level of tolerance achieved by the London community in general I slipped further and further down in my seat. I'm not usually one to shut up but what could I say?

"Hi I am Dave. Two years ago when my country thought that the best way of dealing with "the Islamic problem" was to invade Iraq I started filming with Abu Hamza's community. I thought that as no one was confronting the issues of "Fundamental Islam" head on with actual Fundamental Islamists in the interests of our security I had better do it.

Two days ago his best pal told me "I love Britain. This is my country." (He also said he'd like to punch Tony Blair)

The mere fact that they even talk to me sends serious alarm bells ringing in my head as to whether or not they are terrorists. Do you want me to give up? Shall I go back to doing drugs and squat parties?"

No one in that room had anything to do with the Islamists they are trying to reach out to. Really. Its all bollocks.

"They will not win. We are stronger than they are."

Mrs. Thatcher came out with the same shit which didn't stop the IRA either.

Last Thursday

Everyone has written tons about last Thursday. I like what the deekster has written here. Very London.

July 14, 2005

Taliban Country

In this documentary by Carmela Baranowska Afghan's allege that their tribal enemies are duping the US army into torturing them. This post on the right wing Belmont Club alleges that prostitutes are being killed by Islamic militias in Basra.


Upstaged in England

Though there are strict rules about impartiality in the news in Britain, the anchors of Channel 4 and the BBC have taken the e-mail-the-audience idea to a much more entertaining place, making their U.S. counterparts look like mush-mouthed goody two-shoes.

Paul Carr, who is editor of the snarky e-newsletter The Friday Thing, is an unabashed fan of Channel 4's anchor Jon Snow (they call them "newsreaders" or "presenters" in England -- arguably a more apt term). Carr gushed in a recent article in the U.K. Guardian, calling Snow the best newsreader in Britain, and saying his Snowmail dispatches were "brilliant insight into the mind of the great man....(and) his thinly disguised mistrust of American government officials." Carr believes the Net has revolutionized the relationship with anchors and their audience, making them almost "favorite news uncles" instead of the detached figures of the past.

Snow agreed on that point, telling me via e-mail that he could be much more candid about events on Snowmail than on the air. However, the anchor also told me that he could devote only about five or six minutes to the task each day, as it's done in a rush -- a stream of consciousness, either written or dictated. While there is editorial oversight on his dispatches, Snow admits some naughty bits have slipped through. "I've so far committed one serious contempt of court (undiscovered) and a couple of libels (equally so)," he wrote. "I named someone the judge said could not be named, and no one spotted it. Fortunately no repercussions but it was a warning. I won't elaborate..."

As for Snow's American counterparts, he says "none of them are as candid or open as ours...We let it all hang out!" Indeed

Finsbury Park Documentaries

I called Mohssin the other day, he said he was aware that someone called Imran Khan was already making a documentary about Finsbury Park mosque for Channel 4. I am not sure that any of Mr. Hamza's friends are contributing to it. Maybe I should pop along to the mosque on Friday to snoop about.


The main junction north of Tower Bridge is a busy city bypass carrying a lot of through traffic from east to west.

July 12, 2005


Events seem to have overtaken the conspiracies as evidence of the first British suicide bombers emerges. If this is true it is a bad day for community relations in Britain.

Suicide bombers struck at London (channel4)

More Conspiracies

I've had a quick trawl through the internet looking for conspiracy theories about the London bombing. I thought there would be more.

CIA / Mossad Front Group Attacks London

London Bombing has the Scent of an Inside Job

Tony Blair Ordered The London Bombings

London Bombing: Losing the “War on Terror”

"it now transpires that Scotland Yard received advance warning from Mossad rather than the other way round"

July 11, 2005


OK. On this strange journey into British Fundamental Islam I've got to take a pause, as the reckoning of Abu Hamzas fate took a pause today for the ludicrous outcome of Stephen Jenkins trial in Court one of the Old Baliey. How many juries will it take to determine Mr Hamza's fate?

I am just pausing to try and recount exactly what Mr Hamza will be thinking about all of this. I think he believes that the whole of the court system and the media is set up deliberately by Zionists intent on controlling the world. I thought this laughable when I first arrived, I have since remained officially impartial on the subject.How would he go about explaining this to a jury of his peers?

When I first met the ex-attendee's of Finsbury park mosque they were all totally convinced about the interconnectedness of government and media. I thought that they were over paranoid. They believed that anything I would do would be secretly re-edited. A lot of them still believe this.

I suppose that because I am pitching a documentary to main stream TV it could be interpreted that I do not believe this. When I first started filming I believed it more, but over the years I've come to imagine that the whole thing is a complete mis-understanding.

As evidence of their position Abu Hamza's friends all refer to an episode of Dispatches on Channel 4 where they believed his voice had been faked. I never saw it until just recently. Seeing it, (and other of Mr. Hamza's TV appearances going back to when he still had hands in Peshawar- thanks jamal) I get some idea why they all reacted to me and the other cameras at their strange " street mosque" in this way.

In this film, they play a tape of what they say is Hamza's voice to him in a dramatic sting.

Hamza answers: "That is not my voice."

I am frantically searching for the clip online. It says things like

"If you can kill a kaffir in the street and get away with it, then do it."

They have an expert who says (parked up next to lots of machinery and wires)

"It is highly likely that it is Hamza's voice."

Now I've listened to the voice, and take the view that the expert should reset his equipment to detect NORTHERN BRITISH ACCENTS and try again.

I will try and post what I have next to the clip so everyone can check for themselves. Why would someone fake Hamza's voice? He has said enough controversial stuff anyway no?

I suppose that if it is a fake it doesn't conclusively prove the existence of a Zionist Conspiracy. It could just be a documentary crew who want to make money.

Abu Abdullah

Even last week's bombings did little to curtail the rhetoric of some of the most radical leaders, who criticized British Prime Minister Tony Blair for his statement on Thursday that the bombings appeared to be the work of Islamic terrorists.

''This shows me that he is an enemy of Islam,'' Abu Abdullah, a self-appointed preacher and the spokesman for the radical group Supporters of Shariah, said in an interview on Friday, adding, ''Sometimes when you see how people speak, it shows you who your enemies are.''

Abdullah declared that those British citizens who re-elected Blair ''have blood on their hands'' because British soldiers are killing Muslims. He also said that the British government, not Muslims, ''have their hands'' in the bombings, explaining, ''They want to go on with their fight against Islam.''

here from the New York Times.

July 09, 2005


Jamal called me. Told me to call Abdullah. I called Abdullah. He sounded very stressed. Apparently the Sun and the Daily mail, an arabic newspaper called Al Hayat and a South African radio program have called him continualy. they are giving him the impression that he and Omar Bakri are to be arrested very soon.

In the Suns case this is probably why.

In the name of New York, Washington, Bali, Nairobi, Madrid and now London, we shall have vengeance and justice. Britain is crawling with suspected terrorists and those who give them succor. The Government must act without delay, round up this enemy in our midst and lock them in internment camps.Our safety must not play second fiddle to their supposed “rights.”Nor must those who preach foul sermons on our streets be allowed to do so any longer.

Free speech is precious, but these wicked men mock our tolerance.

"I'm not one to run and hide." he told me. "If I shut up they will blame us."

When they arrested Abu Hamza I wasn't sure what to think. For the year I saw him preach I didn't warm to him, but all his anger was directed at the rich and powerful, none of it at me. I was more offended by Abdullahs khudbahs to be honest, but for very different reasons than the Mirror. When I first arrived he preached against people with facial piercings for 3 weeks. He is certainly "extreme" but comes across more EXTREMELY south London than anything else regardless of what he hollers in the street.

I remember when we fell out I sent him a screaming email saying such things.

"Look. If you don't agree to do this documentary now and a bomb goes off ALL of you will be taken off the street and I will be the only one standing outside Belmarsh protesting and everyone will be wondering why."


I never got the impression that Barry the Boss ever had the remotest intentions of arresting Abdullah.

More 'publican comment

Ha ha ha ha ha

I emailed one of my long term Republican buddies and he came back with this post. It's hilarious. Its like we are next door neighbours! Rightwingsparkle was the second person to check I was OK after my sister! Cheers guys. This is a great post from one of RWS cotillion buddies. If you are still in london, meet me at the old bailey if you can babes!

July 08, 2005

Brian Paddick

One of the strange things of note about yesterday was seeing "Deputy Assistant Commissioner" Brian Paddick in the TV studios fielding questions for the Police. Is that the Brian Paddick? As in gay Brian, the tokers friend? I didn't even realise he had been reinstated.

"Deputy Assistant Commissioner" well I never.
John Snow Channel 4 snowmail:

Africa back on the agenda

In Gleneagles $50 billion for Africa debt relief for 18 of the 60
states that need it.

High criticism from many NGOs who say there's nothing on trade -some
of them are directing their anger both at the G8 leaders, but also the
Make Poverty History Campaign.

That's because leading MPC campaigners - like Geldof and Bono (who is
on the show tonight) - are stressing that the deal, whilst
disappointing, is a much needed start.

Almost total failure to come up with anything meaningful on climate
change. The text actually lifts key phrases from George Bush's own
environment paper of 2002.

The result is being denounced by environmentalists both 'radical' and
'moderate' - as a disappointing failure.


The whole fucking thing organised to convince Mr. Bush to say that climate change is a result of human action. Didn't work. You can just imagine Tony Blair-

"Say it George. Just say it. It'll be O.K. trust me. Just say it. Say it George. Then we will be the world leaders to go down in history as having said it. Say it. George....George...."

Debt cancellation wont work without trade agreements. Debt cancellation. No trade agrements. Half the worlds population watched a pop concert for this?



If Live8 didn't work should half the worlds population do it like this instead?


Name and shame all the bastards who profited from terror yesterday! Fucking hotels doubling their prices. Wankers. Should be ashamed of themselves. I found it understandably difficult to get anyone to look after my bag outside the Old Bailey today.

The fucking Injuns in the Spar (small uk supermarket) wanted £5. I went back to the Italians for £2 but was honestly suprised anyone would take it in the circumstances. So happens a friend of mine walked past who works in nearby leather lane so I am sorted for next week.

I've found another link. La Stampa. Is that like, the La Stampa? As in the Italian national newspaper?

And what does

Qualcuno saputo delle accuse ad Al Qaeda parla di Abu Hamza.


Is it another person calling me a fucking terrorist lover?

I'm afraid I still can't tell you what is happening in court today. I've considered sending my notes to Republican bloggers to publish in America. Would that still be illegal? Don't want to piss the judge off. I've actually heard a couple of cases quoted which might be helpful to my squatting buddies.

I am a bit frustrated being a blogger who would like to scoop the big boys. (sorry I AM NOT A BLOGGER am I Matt drudge?) Suffice to say that if you know anything about this case the "legal arguments" taking place are BLEEDIN' OBVIOUS ones.

I wish I could post a picture of all the journalists on the press bench secretly reading their newspapers. Hamza's not interested, journalists not interested, that leaves me, the judge and two barristers! Fuck it, I'm going to blog about celebrities or reality TV instead.

Anyway, on to the title of this post-

If ever you get a chance to watch a film called What the bleep do we know? watch it. It is ENLIGHTENMENT IN A MOVIE. Fucking amazing. When I first saw fractals, and how for the first time a computer could really rival man as an artist I thought- Yes. That is the answer and the question rolled into one. Fractals are a huge influence on my own artwork.

I've heard of particle physicists and quantum mechanics (mechanicals?) getting excited about their shit in a "spiritual way" but this film is the first to explain to me how and why. Watch it, and when you do, stick a little comment up here if you have the time! I would be interested to know what you think, regardless what you think of me.

When it comes to religion I am a strange one. Those who read this blog may be surprised that I have never been tempted by Islam. I lost a very deeply held Christian faith at the age of 16 mainly because of sex drugs and rock and roll (although they came to me reverse order).

I certainly am not "anti-god concept" at all, and am wondering why I still have group membership to the quality control alliance. I am beginning to think that I am a pantheist, but that is probably only because a friend of mine who is an RE teacher left a book on pantheism around the house.

As a general rule when people ask me what I believe I always say that I don't believe in belief. There either is a God or there isn't one. What I believe makes no difference to that fact. Being a malung, Hinduism isn't far from my "pantheon". It is also to my knowledge, the only religion in recent times to have a genuine miracle reported internationally on television.

July 07, 2005

John Snow's snowmail:

If today is a warning of anything, it is that our capacity to get
inside the minds of those who perpetrate these things is still woefully
limited. And our understanding of what gives rise to such hatred is still
less than embryonic.

Republicans are half the audience.

Spoke to Mr. Abdullah. Says he didn't do it. Described the people who did as "Idiots."

I think calling me a "TERRORIST LOVER" is out of order. You don't know me. I've spent a considerable time gaining the trust of Abu hamza's friends and family for a film in the usual way a documentary maker would work. I like Michael Moores films, but to alienate Republicans as a film maker is to loose half your audience. Instead we have pitched the concept of a meeting between some of our Republican friends and ALL the Fundamental Islamists I have met on this journey.

"If you think you can swing it, I'm up for it." said Abu Abdullah.

If I can make something both sides are happy with I am happy.

Want to see it? email the BBC and Channel Four about it, they both have our proposal.


If Mr. Hamza's trial had gone ahead this morning I would have been just south of Houndsditch about 9. Instead I've been watching the same sad pictures as everyone else. Looking on my sitemeter I can see that someone has sent a lot of Free Republicans my way with this:

Keep an eye on this TERRORIST LOVER'S blog.......


The only useful information I have for you at this time is to repeat what I heard Mr. Hamza say over and over again on the street in Finsbury park:

“ Any Imam who endorses these kinds of statements, (the MCB were calling for Muslims to inform on extremists) it is not lawful for you to pray behind him..if he can he should hit him with a shoe on his head…you can’t serve Islam because of a passport or a jar of honey given to you by Tony Blair. But Islamically also (and I am Islamic) it is immoral to target people who have no say in the war. In fact they were against the war in Iraq…If it was not for this Zionist media… the people of this country…would have informed themselves…so it is not fair to target them. It is not Islamic…We’ve got to distinguish between the evil politicians and the normal people who go about there business every day.”

I am sorry if anyone thinks that I love terrorists. I can't be certain, but I don't think I've ever met one. I actually love everyone. Since the US elections I have been using cyberspace to communicate with Republicans more than any other group.

Cheers for the traffic anyway. Be sure and scroll down to my coverage of the protest outside your embassy. All comments welcome.

July 06, 2005


(from the comments on lenins tomb)

1. Pink Floyd - Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd - 1343%
2. The Who - Then and Now - 863%
3. Annie Lennox - Eurythmics Greatest Hits - 500%
4. Dido - Life for Rent - 412%
5. Razorlight - Up All Night - 335%
6. Robbie Williams - Greatest Hits - 320%
7. Joss Stone - Mind, Body and Soul - 309%
8. Sting - The Very Best of Sting & The Police - 300%
9. Travis - Singles - 268%
10. Madonna - Immaculate Collection - 200%
Source: HMV

1. Pink Floyd - The Wall - 3600%
2. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here - 2000%
3. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon - 1400%
4. The Who - The Ultimate Collection - 1400%
5. Pink Floyd - Animals - 1000%
6. Velvet Revolver - Contraband - 1000%
7. Robbie Williams - Greatest Hits - 800%
8. Pink Floyd - Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd - 600%
9. Razorlight - Up All Night - 600%
10. The Killers - Hot Fuss - 200%
11. Kaiser Chiefs - Employment - 200%
12. Dido - Life for Rent - 200%
13. Joss Stone - Mind, Body and Soul - 200%
14. Scissor Sisters - Scissor Sisters - 200%
15. Madonna - Immaculate Collection - 150%
Source: Amazon.co.uk

Dave Gilmour says he's giving his share away.

From indymedia this picture shows a period of respite for the troops in the battle to overturn society.


Day two of "legal arguments", even Mr. Hamza got bored and left early. You often read of a defendant "showing no emotion" -an apt way to describe Mr. Hamza for the hour or so he came up through the underground tunnel today. Very strange watching such a big guy lean down with a naked stump onto a stair rail.

It brought home how much Mr. Hamza's media image focuses on the hooks, and how harmless he looks without them. The Judge and Mr. Fitzgerald, barrister for the defence seemed to enjoy the detail whilst everyone else fidgeted and struggled to stay awake. It's frustrating not being able to go into any detail about events so far.

There are an interesting group of "trial watchers" who frequent the public gallery currently watching the dramatic conclusions of Steven Jenkins retrial, which is sharing court one with the Hamza case. Another defendant who "Showed no emotion" for the short time I saw him in the dock.

Knowing the trial clashed with the G8 it was an easy choice for me, but I have a lot of friends at the protest. Following news of the disturbance I was waiting to see one of them on TV. I didn't have to wait long. Channel 4 have been doing a week of truly epic news programs here in the UK, taking in the views of world leaders, pop stars and people in the streets of Africa live.

Todays program was no exception. The I.O.C., The French Prime Minister, Our prime minister, Bush's first speech at the G8 (booooo!!!!) as well as a beautiful bunch of kids on the streets of Stratford in the east end celebrating the successful Olympic bid. Flashing up with all of this were chaotic pictures from the Glenneagles protest including a guy who came to Stonehenge with us for the solstice:

"Did you see that? The Police just nicked my digeridoo man!"

If the Hamza trial wasn't on would I be in Scotland? Probably not. I got bored shitless by the predictable nature of violence at protests a long time ago. Both sides live up to each others expectations of each other, nothing changes. For more views about the protest Stuart's piece on indymediaUK is worth reading if you are interested. I empathise with the first comment:

I won't be going on any more big protests til the Italians and Spanish stop turning up. They take themselves far too seriously. -jerry b

I find this sad and very backward looking:

It's a shame to see clowns hugging and smiling with a cop in riot gear (or without!). Too many have died, been brutalized by police in the UK and elsewhere to let us joke with them. We have just to fight them with all means necessary.

here are a few pictures that are a cut above the usual indymedia blah.

Hamza trial continues 2.05 pm tomorow, protest continues ad nauseum.

Old Bailey tip from day 2: You can enter the public gallery at any time if there is room, so do stop by if you are bored or interested in the spectacle of British justice. Leaving your bag with the estate agents over the road costs you £1. Leaving it with the Italians over the road from the main entrance costs £2. They make lovely chicken soup.