December 16, 2004


More from Mr. Snow and his pre C4-news outlets:

Homelessness on the rise?

Are the homeless homeless? Or is it all one big scam? Conflicting views
as Christmas approaches and new official figures show an increase in
the number of homeless families.

Dashed out at lunchtime to sing a carol on Euston station for a
homeless project I'm involved with. The young homeless there appeared to be
homeless but then what is homelessness?

Tell you one thing, attitudes on Euston station were interesting. The
better heeled tended not to drop anything into the bucket, the less
well-dressed gave more often.

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This is the reply I got from my friend who works at on whether channel 4 is a "Zionist Media Conspiracy" or not

hey fella, nice to hear from you, sorry to hear about your schtuck.

oh jesus christ, tell the boys to grow up. yes there are lots of
powerful jewish people in the world. to then think they all sit around
in smoky dark rooms deciding how to lie to people through commercial tv
is kinda crazy.

there is certainly an anti muslim agenda of many broadcasters / news
outlets, but that's as much christian as jewish. as much anti-terrorist
and ignorant as anything

c4 is probably the most pro-muslim big broadcaster in the uk.

but what's their fear? you make the film, c4 either show it or they
don't - conspiracy or not, it's not like they can turn a pro muslim
film into a work of anti muslim properganda. shurely?

Funny enough thats EXACTLY what they are suggesting and EXACTLY what has held up a realistic depiction of events at Finsbury Park getting on TV for over a year now- As far as I know.


That was a suprise! Blunkett, great enemy of bnp "extremists" and muslim "extremists" is gone.



14 December 2004


Brian Haw, the Parliament Square peace protester, who has spent over
three and a half years in a continuous anti-war protest vigil opposite
the Houses of Parliament (1), had a charge of assault against him
dismissed today at Bow Street Magistrates Court. The police claimed
that Mr Haw had attempted to assault an officer yet they failed to
produce any evidence and gave conflicting accounts; the judge was not
satisfied that any attempt at assault had been made by Mr Haw. A
charge of 'failing to leave a cordoned area' was upheld against Mr Haw.

Mr Haw was arrested and his extensive protest display removed in a
sudden midnight police operation on 10 May 2004. The police claimed
there was a security threat in the area and said that a security cordon
had been imposed. When Mr Haw refused to move he was arrested.

December 11, 2004


Although I knew that the good people of Finsbury Park Mosque believed in a Zionist media conspiracy, lstening to Jamal's CD's and tapes has given me a new perspective of how they, and others I know in the "underground media" relate to the "mainstream media."

This was brought home to me last night when I suggested approaching BBC London to activists at a nearby squatted church I have commented on before. I was told that they would only agree to do stuff which they edit and present themselves and they had many approaches which they had already turned down.

I mentioned what Christine had done about us on BBC London and suggested that they were squandering a great opportunity for the issue of positive use of empty buildings to be up again on mainstream TV.

My main purpose of this blog is to report what I can tell from street level in Finsbury Park which all the other journalists missed out by coming with accusations and dissapearing. I am really, really proud of what I have.

I do not hate or fear the mainstream or underground media. Rather than complaining about it or shunning it I would prefer to try and get stuff up on it that I like. I don't care if I get turned down, its been fun trying.

As for things I don't know for certain, I am honest about them. When people ask me what I believe in, I usually say that I don't believe in belief. As far as I can tell there either IS a God, or there isn't. In the same way there either IS a Zionist media conspiracy or there isn't.

I have told Hajj and Jamal that my job is to report their views, and my honest impressions acurately. I still believe that this is the most important story in my country. If TV would not accept what I have, I don't mind but I believe the public should know ALL this.

I heard from Patrick at Idealworld that the commisioner of Independent film and video said this story was "What channel 4 was all about." I agree with this.

I get the impression that althought the Finsbury Park Muslims believe that Channel 4 is part of a tightly controlled "Zionist media conspiracy" the I.F.V. commisioner does not. A friend of mine has worked with her so I am gong to make enquirys.

I think that channel 4 would be proud to have this documentary,and include all the accusations of "Zionist media conspiracy" in uneditted form.

It interests me that both the Muslims and the squatters are quite possibly squandering possibilities for the truth to come out because of their beliefs about strangers.

Of course it could be me that is wrong. I don't mind, I loved making my last film, which I have not made anything out of, I love doing this one though it is considerably harder.

A Zionist media conspiracy? I'd have to start interviewing a lot of people outside Finsbury Park to do that one properly.

December 09, 2004


My Islamists treating me like I have leprosy comment was way off too looking back. Finsbury Park's Muslim community treats me exactly the same as most people in London do. If the worlds media hadn't been consistently up here looking for terrorists my story would be incredibly boring.

December 06, 2004


My documentary is up in the air, after I managed to upset the main character in it, Mr. Abdullah. I accused him of being

" An obstacle to the truth"

because I thought (incorrectly) that he was stopping me talking to Hajj and Jamal.When I spoke to him at the mosque I got that impression because I didn't see either of them.

I found out yesterday from Hajj that he wasn't actually at the mosque:

" It's a sad situation up there, with the trustee's and the commisioner's and the opening and closing times. A mosque should be open all the time, serving food and providing a place for people to sleep; If Mosques and Churches did their job properly there would be no need for social security."

In times like this I open the Koran at a random page and read the first thing that appears to me.

" It may be that Allah will ordain love between you and those of them with whom ye are at enmity. Allah is mighty and Allah is forgiving, merciful."

I hope Mr. Abdullah is.

Talking to Jamal and Hajj last night I realised the main problem which has been holding me back for a year.

" Channel 4 will not put this on TV because they, and the BBC and the worlds media are run by the yehud." said Jamal.

" Well if you don't let me make it they DEFINITELY wont be able to put it on." I replied.

As it is such a major issue I think that accusation should go in the opening, before the titles. I can't see why channel 4 would not put an accusation like that on TV. I think that from Abu Hamza's friends people would expect nothing less.

At this point I honestly don't care if this gets on TV or not. I just want to finish this to the best of my ability. The media picture of the Finsbury Park Islamists is this:

1. They are EVIL.


3. They want to kill INNOCENT PEOPLE.

I think that making something which shows a different side of this story with what I have is like shooting at an open goal, and as far as I can tell it's not channel 4 who are taking the ball away. Sure, I can make this for small scale release, or for documentary festivals and have other intellectually superior documentary makers come up and pat me on the head saying

"Ha, ha didn't you do well with those Islamists for a first attempt?" before I stabbed them with a fork.

But if there was just one chance, I would prefer the people of my country to know the reality of what I have seen and whom I have come to know over the last two years.