March 31, 2008


OK. Bumped into Monkeyboy, occasional Malung Cameraman with me in Finsbury park who appears as "G" in this Socialistwanker piece and also in a blog I wrote from the Hamza trial entitled ENTERTAINMENT. He filmed most of the action in my first Finsbury park edit, A Year on the Street and also features in a blog called HIT HIM WITH A PIECE OF WOOD

Turns out he had a bit of an adventure on a one way ticket from Holland back into Stanstead. He's, how shall we say a bit Indian looking, his family hailing from the Punjab and had a Palestinian looking scarf on, which added up to two burly looking representatives of the law singling him out of the incoming passengers for a talking to for an hour and a half.

"I told 'em man" he said indignantly, "I said why do I smell of alcohol? Why have I got a ring in my nose and one in my ear? Look at my name- S___ its a Sikh name isn't it. What is a Sikh?"

"Well you know, the guys who did Mike's place in Israel apparently left empty bottles of alcohol in the guest houses they stayed in to cover their tracks. If you come in doused in alcohol with glazed eyes how are they to know you are pissed? They might well think you are about to blow up.." I countered. "I'm a bit distressed that they actually let you back in so easily. I feel less safe to be honest..Did they ask you why you were smiling at Abu Hamza in the court room?"

"He smiled at me first!"

He fell asleep so I popped round to Hajj's place. Intending to watch a dvd of Al-Faisal on Jamaican Hardtalk I ended up having a long discussion about God, Islam and the state of the world. I left video unseen invited to a premiere of our new music video but I missed that too. Tomorow is another day.

Interview with Frank Lindh

we felt, in a sense, a kind of strength because we had to stand up for our son. He is in fact completely innocent. He’s a traditional Muslim. He has no sympathy for terrorism whatsoever. He never had any involvement with terrorism at all. And, as a parent, when someone accuses your child falsely of some heinous crime it leads to a sort of instinctual response that you have to defend your child.

March 23, 2008


I want you to know I really appreciate your support in all this. Meeting Atilla Ahmet's brother Musa the other day he told me he was warned by Muslims that I was gay and a racist. Filming before Hamid's trial he met the Black girl I was with at the time and reported back his amusement. In my Youtube Inbox I have messages from a BNP/NF Enger-land supporter saying I am a traitor.

I've been ripped off by The Sun newspaper. Fucking thieving pieces of SHIT. I can't even do their fucking windows. They are hiding behind barriers and security guards.

I'm OK, I think.

Those of you who have been around a while will know I am fairly much moving out of the new business. I will do what I feel I should with the Islamists I know. Other than that I'm going back to more familiar territory.


via Making Sense of Jihad a very old video about the 1979 seizure of the Grand Mosque. Get a load of the guy at the beginning. Also links this pdf

I just finished Ghost Wars. What sticks out to me is Al-Zawahiri's statements in 1998 that is was

time to carry the war to the "distant enemy" because...the Americans' would probably reply with revenge attacks and "personally wage the battle against the Muslim's" which would make them ripe for a "Clear-cut Jihad against the infidels."

So the invasion of Iraq wasn't a Neo-Con idea was it? It was Al-Zawahiri's. Does that worry you? Also Massoud in 2000 said:

"If President Bush doesn't help us then these terrorists will damage the United States and Europe very soon- and it will be too late."

The weight of facts, layed end after end right up to Sept 10th 2001 has defeated all conspiracies and the "blame game" in my head. All I can think is, this form of Jihadism has no heart, and this form of Capitalism has no soul.

March 21, 2008


Sorry certainly wasn't the hardest word for David Cameron - after being filmed breaking traffic laws on his bike. He was caught on camera by a newspaper riding in the wrong direction up a one-way street, going the wrong way round a 'keep left' bollard, and crossing the white line at a red traffic light.


also a very realistic picture of London cycling from the BBC


Diplomats in the Yemeni capital, Sana'a, suggested the tough stance might stem from Britain's failure to give them hook-handed preacher Hamza, whom Yemen wanted to question about terror offences.

A source said: "For years, Yemen wanted Abu Hamza in connection with terrorism offences, but the British refused to extradite him here.

''Now they have a chance to get one back. It's revenge."

March 19, 2008


The legacy of Iraq

I'm not sure how I feel about the Iraq war. I was talking to Mr Camel and we both agreed that we were pretty much against huge amounts of missiles being fired on a country from a great distance. Calling it "Shock and Awe" was ridiculously stupid.

I was on the big march the other day, but not fully behind it. I don't see Iraq and Afghanistan as black and white issues. I also don't see those who think they lead moves for change in this country as credible. I heard George Galloway saying that the "movement" had "Maybe been a bit too law abiding and a bit too peaceful". OK George where were you when children tried to stop the country? Why did you leave them to be picked up by the throat like kittens? YOU SAID we were going to try and stop the country.

You're full of shit George. Don't worry, I didn't try and stop the country either. As I said, it's not a black and white issue. In 2003, as lots of bombs were being dropped, it was for school kids.

thanks to Flee

see also Where did the anti-war protest go?
and Gungho media

March 15, 2008


Right you've read the bollocks. Here, EXCLUSIVELY ON THIS BLOG until the SUN decide to fucking steal it and call it THEIR EXCLUSIVE: The Real Osama Bin London. It seemed pretty obvious to me that the real story was at Speakers Corner, and I wasn't disappointed. I wonder if the fuckers will dawdle down to Speakers Corner to get their version. Idiots.

Do also read African Neocon's version of the Mohammed Hamid story.

They guy who was appears in the still shot here for whatever reason accused me of "clever" editing on this one so do listen to his Our Media Radio Edit for the fuller picture. Heikoo seemed pleased with it.

March 12, 2008


Ha ha ha ha check this out. The Sun, the nations biggest selling daily are ripping my work off and passing it as their own "exclusive". Ha ha ha ha. Its even got my logo in the corner! 3 min 50 is fair use? I don't fucking think so motherfuckers.

If you click on their video channel here and click in the "roo player" (?) on "Sun Exclusive" scroll down to "Words of Evil".

Let them get away with it and IT WILL BE YOU NEXT!!!

March 11, 2008

Quite amazing exclusive interview with Simon Mann in Equatorial Guinea, also behind the scenes of a crack down raid on Bradford's scag heads on Channel 4 News tonight.

March 10, 2008


OK lovely weekend. I am happy, Musa is happy, Atilla's wife is happy. Atilla was apparently in tears of joy that he didn't get IPP'd. Incarceration has had a transforming effect, long may it continue. Obviously I wonder if our country hadn't been involved in ariel bombardment and occupation of Islamic countries whether Hamid and Atilla would have said these words. I think they are British and Britain made them. It was only when the tapes got released that I heard what I thought of in court as a non commital mumble after Hamid's "breakfast" comments as Atilla saying "I know." I am glad now, that the Police moved when they did. Musa said in court that the Police knew that Atilla was falling away from Hamid's group and that he wasn't the emir, still they recorded what Atilla said.

Obviously the Police can only try and stop atrocities in this country they can't solve the wider picture we are all a part of which has involved unaccounted for atrocities in Iraq who no one will be brought to justice for. That is up to us. I hope Atilla will be able to maintain his Islamic faith and move in a more positive direction. Musa tells me he is reading the Koran properly inside and it has been a revelation to him. When he gets out he wants to concentrate entirely on his family who he is sorry he has neglected.

I didn't realise until Saturday quite how much tension this has been for me since 2003. It could have ended much much worse in ways I don't want to think about. Saturday night we managed to score a full Tama drum kit off of Freecycle. I knew it was worth joining Hampstead freecycle as when I was squatting up there I found expensive French cookware and suchlike thrown in the street. The only thing the kind family whose son has just left for college asked was that we make a donation to Gt. Ormond st childrens hospital so the next gig will be for that.

We picked it up from a street almost parallel to Bishop's Avenue and went off to play a gig in North London with some of the Random Artist posse. I wasn't sure how we would be received as every other act involved rappers. We finally took to the stage about 1 AM, playing into a techno, almost gabba track the DJ was playing. Me and fastfingers particularly enjoy this as we often jam along to techno, but on a proper rig we could actually match it in terms of fullness of sound. The DJ managed to flick the cross fader a couple of times crashing us in at full tilt which felt fucking great.

I think this is the first time we have played through a proper techno rig as opposed to a band PA and it really payed off especially for Mr fastfingers. I could hear every slap and the whole phasing effect. It was like techno bass guitar. I think we need to buy one of these rigs. Unfortunately I couldn't really hear myself properly as the monitor didn't work and my amp just isn't loud enough to monitor from. I could hear when I was playing the wrong note, when I played the right one it slipped into the mash. Obviously in a situation where if you can't hear yourself you are doing the right thing is not ideal but I'm not bothered as we had probably the best audience at any gig we have done so far, we jumped about like lunatics and the dancers were fucking fantastic.

A few people said the set was a bit short and I got lost a bit for the slow stuff in the middle as I don't know how to play funk but we got a lot of good feedback from the audience and the "What the fuck is this" looks when we started were priceless. I particularly love the way the dancers cook dinner and have a chat in the afternoon before the gig, and when I open the dressing room door to tell them we are about to go on they are fully costume and colour coordinated, totally original every time as if they have been meticulously designed by a stylist.

It's really nice to see the Random Artist guys, crusty and anti-establishment as ever still in spontaneous messy creativity mode, focusing on what they can achieve with African children, totally self-funded by parties such as these rather than what they can't achieve protesting here. Do watch the film Invisible Children if you can. Whatever your political persuasion, the stories of the child soldiers of Northern Uganda will move you. There is a "makings of" on google video but it's a bit shit compared to the real thing which you really must watch.

I have turned such a corner here I have been thinking about leaving this blog here and starting a new one. Obviously I'd still like to finish a film when Atilla gets out. Thanks for the encouragement from all sides of the Political spectrum.

I am currently working on a gonzo edit of stuff from Hamid's friends and enemies at Speakers Corner last weekend. I've been a bit tardy but it will be up soon.

March 07, 2008


I don't get this.

Times, Telegraph, Reuters, Guardian, Press Association, BBC,

OK I stand corrected. The BBC has a little bit about what happened today.

I turned up early to Belmarsh Magistrates court thankful (hopeful?) that it would be my last time as I really got to hate the place, the people, the whole fucking costume drama of it all except for a couple of prison officers, a couple of journalists and the cop on the tape machine. I realised it would get more painful when I saw the whole of Atilla's family, friends , family friends and their kids there including Atilla's elderly mother.

Paul, Atilla's solicitor came by and said that a German friend of the family and his brother Musa would be the only character witnesses they would call.

"Is David Farrell doing this?" I asked. "I am so sick of that mans voice.."

"Thats why we are not calling you.." said Paul.

Months and months ago now I spoke to Paul at BSB and we thought I might be a good character witness, being such an obvious kaffir who Atilla hadn't threatened to kill. Atilla's guilty plea changed things a bit. For whatever reason I was relieved that they didn't call me. They probably read all this and reconsidered. No matter. It's been good to stay below the radar as it were if only for the sake of objectivity.

I didn't realise Hamid was due for sentencing as well and was surprised to see his daughter. Yasser and Kemal turned up, the gallery which had only seen a few of us previously was full. Hamid came up smiling, with bright eyes, another big guy without a beard didn't. It took me a long while to realise this must be Atilla. No one had prepared me for the sight of Atilla without a beard. I really couldn't get the hang of it for a long time. Throughout the day whenever he got up I would look at his beardless chin. I felt like I was looking at his face with the beard crossed out.

David Farrell got up and summarised the case. The judge then spoke a bit, interpreting the verdict of the jury, as they had acquitted Hamid of a few charges. He spoke about the 21/7 bombers and said that Hamid's connection with their acts hadn't been sought or proved to any great extent. Joel Bennathan spoke about Hamid. I wish I could remember what he said, I can't. Atilla's QC spoke about the letters the judge had received including a long letter from Atilla himself. The Judge said he hadn't read them and adjourned for a tense twenty minutes.

When we came back Atilla's QC introduced their German family friend who said she had always known Atilla and didn't consider his views to be extreme. He then called Musa and asked him about Atilla's change of heart since his guilty plea and serving his sentence. Musa was very emotional and said that Atilla had only done security at Finsbury park and that he wasn't Hamza's right hand man. He wasn't knowledgeable about the Koran and had been pushed forward because he looked tough. He said his brother had been dazzled by his media image and always turned up with newspaper articles which he featured in. He had said stupid things. Musa himself had broken up Dan River's infamous interview, unhappy with what his brother was doing. He said he had advised his brother to give it all up and the family had plans to move to Cyprus. He said the Police knew this.

The QC again invited Musa to bear witness to Atilla's change of heart whilst inside. In the stand, defending his own blood he didn't notice and carried on saying that his brother would never commit an act of terrorism. It could be his own family on the tube or on a bus.

I turned to Yassar and whispered "He's not answering the question..."

The QC said a bit more about Atilla's custody having a positive effect. He said he was a broken man. It quickly became obvious that the judge was having none of it. He had read all the letters and translated what Atilla's QC was presenting as remorse as "unattractive self-pity." The QC asked for some sort of report to be done on Atilla's state of mind. The judge almost imperceptibly shook his head.

"What more do I need?" I think he seemed to be saying "I've been listening to this guy on tape for the last two months.."

I saw David Farrell smile.

The QC was floundering but spoke about another letter which he had only seen himself that morning. The judge said he would check his chamber over lunch to see whether it had fallen out of his files. The QC said it was the only copy.

Outside Paul tried to reassure everyone and said that if the letter wasn't located he would ask for an adjournment. We were all skeptical as it was pretty obvious that the judge didn't like Atilla from what he had heard on the tapes at all. A very nervous hour passed for the families bouyed somewhat by Musa's courageous sense of humor. I became aware that the letters "IPP" had been brought up in relation to Atilla and that this wasn't good. It meant that a person was Imprisoned for Public Protection, only to be released when the court decided they were no longer a threat.

We went back in. Atilla came in motioning with his finger across his own neck, obviously distraught. It was horrible watching his mother try to console him.

The judge had found the letter which turned out to be from none other than the "Director of Race Relations" or something like that from Belmarsh. In the letter he stated that Atilla had been of excellent character, had spoken against extremism on a number of occasions and had once stopped a prison officer being attacked by an inmate. This seemed to have an effect on the judge. He said that Dawood (the undercover cop) had himself said that Atilla was more "tactful" in real life than his preaching would suggest. Atilla's QC, quick to follow this mentioned a letter the judge had from someone who had been filming Atilla over many months who had said much the same thing.

"Who was that then?" I asked Yasser who shrugged his shoulders..

Judge retired to consider his verdict.

When he came back he said that although Hamid was a charming fellow, he used his charm to recruit terrorists. Although it seemed this recruiting was for acts abroad, that was still terrorism. He accepted that Hamid exaggerated, but said that exaggeration was intended to recruit people. He said Hamid hadn't shown remorse and he remained a danger to the public. He sentenced him to seven and a half years.

Turning to Atilla, he said he was an attention seeker, he didn't have good knowledge of the Koran. He also seemed to criticize him for not going on terror training camps because he was too lazy, which was a bit of a surprise. He said that although Atilla hadn't pleaded guilty at the first opportunity, he was satisfied that he had pleaded guilty in time to aid proceedings. He was also happy that Atilla had reformed somewhat and was no longer a danger to the public.

He sentenced him to six years and 11 months which means (we think) he'll do another 22 months.

It appeared to me that he liked Hamid, but thought he was a danger, he didn't like Atilla but thought he wasn't.

Twice the judge had said "Anyone serious about terrorism would stay well clear of Atilla Ahmet" which was more or less word for word what I have been saying for a while. Before I left I heard him commend all the QCs. Hamid's daughter was obviously devastated, Atilla's family were very, very relieved.

Speaking to Atilla's wife a bit earlier we agreed that Atilla had done the right thing pleading guilty and was on a clear pathway now. He has the same amount of time again as he has already served to do, but he is capable of doing it and more importantly has time to think and to make real plans. He is no longer in the boiling pot of fundamentalist dreamers who have all deserted him. He can take his time to do right by real people who have stuck by him.

I would have thought "Hamza's number 2's" change of heart would be more of a news story. Maybe those who write these stories aren't ready for such a truly radical concept yet. Personally I am happy. I had contact with Newsnight and The Times about a story behind all this. In the circumstances I am really, really glad that didn't work out and the story is not coming out here either. Now hopefully I can get on with some fucking music.

March 03, 2008


...Whenever I went out on night patrol with one particular pandacar driver, the first stop was the "tube station" - the off-licence.

We would buy a couple of "tubes" of Foster's lager which we stowed under the front passenger seat. We would wait for a lull, go to Kentucky Fried Chicken and then sit in the car eating and drinking lager.

In those days the unofficial policy was to try to avoid arresting people for drink-driving - because police were drink-driving themselves...

There is too much wisdom here to quote check it out yourself.

March 02, 2008


I went down to Mohammed Hamid's spiritual home, Speaker's Corner today to gauge the reaction to his conviction amongst his friends and enemies there. People are really tricky to get on camera because everyone thinks everyone else is MI-5. I got what I was looking for, an edit is coming. Meanwhile-

I felt that I couldn't just "Go to Speakers Corner" so with a sense of occasion befitting such a grand national institution I made a placard last night and had a bit of a rant myself. I was a bit stoned when I wrote the placard, hence the two "ARE's" but I think it still works no? Speakers Corner really is one of the wonders of the world.

Thanks to African Neocon for filming me.