July 19, 2007


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If she wants to be a "Blair babe" she's left it a bit late no?

July 17, 2007

Extremism or Extremism

Moderate clerics are incapable of protecting young British Muslims from al-Qa’ida’s radical influence, extremist preacher Omar Bakri reportedly said on Wednesday

"A sign of the power of al-Qa’ida" in Britain was that educated Islamic youths were being recruited for terror attacks, he said from his home in Lebanon.

Bakri is blaming the spread of al-Qa’ida’s influence on the new anti-terror laws for stopping firebrand preachers like himself from protecting the youth.

"Al-Qa’ida are happy that people like me are having to leave the country and people like Abu Qatada is imprisoned, because it gives them more grounds to recruit young Muslims.

"Radical followers used to be controlled by radical preachers, but they can no longer exist in the UK, so they are being controlled by Al-Qa’ida," he added.

This might not be as far fetched as it sounds. Hajj was telling me the other day how Abu Hamza, a long while back mentioned in a khutba that the younger kids who used to call him weren't calling anymore- implying they may have moved on to more dangerous activities. I don't know if I have this is on tape anywhere.

The Crevice plotters left Bakri's posse critisising them for being "All talk." I heard more than one journalist in Finsbury park saying "but they are not going to do anything..." sounding almost dissapointed. I am worried that Bakri is right here, maybe there is extremism and extremism. Radicalisation and radicalisation.

"I always believed radical preachers could control young Muslims. They would do so with protesting and peaceful demonstration, and not violence."

Bakri said he would not have left the UK if anti-terror laws including those banning incitement of religious hatred had not been introduced.

He said the 21/7 bomb plotters deserved to face the consequences for trying to attack Britain, saying: "I never believed that you should try in any way to attack the people you are living among.

July 16, 2007


Controversial Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri should not be extradited from the UK to face terror charges in the US, a court has been told.

Lawyers for Abu Hamza, 49, from west London, told a hearing in London that US evidence had been gained through torture and should not be used.

Prosecutor Hugo Keith denied the claim, saying it would use phone records and the cleric's own admission at a trial.

Hamza faces extradition to the US on a string of terror charges. If convicted he would be held at the notorious Supermax prison, the successor to Alcatraz that is even more secure than the island-based jail.

The court was told of the 23 hour lockdown regime at the prison, where inmates include shoebomber Richard Reid, and the likelihood that if extradited and convicted, Hamza could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Today, a defence witness for Hamza, American attorney and extradition expert Bruce Malloy, told City of Westminster Magistrates Court of the measures Bush had put in place.

He said: "US citizens are barred from financial transactions with Abu Hamza under a power that allows the president of the United States to list individuals and companies. It controls the contact US individuals can have with those.

"This is a statement from the President that the US believes this person to be a terrorist of such significance we have put them on this list that bans US citizens from dealing with them financially.

"Anyone who provided legal services to Mr Hamza would have to get a licence from the American treasury. I have to have a permit to offer legal services to Abu Hamza.

"This is part of the President's unfettered discretion in foreign affairs. Congress has allowed the President to act outside the due process of law.

July 14, 2007

Ways Forward?

I don't know what sort of faith in Politicians you have, but here is Channel 4's Iraq commision report. One of the witnesses, Patrick Seale gave evidence in the Hamza trial- not that it did him any good. Seale argued that what the prosecution were calling a "terrorist training manual" was actually an historical document of the sucessful jihad of the Afghans against the Russians. The jury agreed with the prosecution.

Uncle J on the roots of and the reasons for a right wing backlash among US students

July 11, 2007

Family Connections...

Mrs Felix-Browne is travelling to the Middle East today but will be unable to meet her husband as she is still awaiting a visa for Saudi Arabia and his passport is being held by the authorities. She insists that her husband does not support terrorism and has not seen his father since 2000, when they both lived in Afghanistan during the period when it was controlled by the Taleban.

“The only reason I would like to meet his father is to ask, ‘Did you do it [the September 11 attacks] and if you did, why?’ ” she said.

July 09, 2007


An "Extremist plot" unfolds...

You may remember I was asked if I had any pictures of these guys outside Finsbury park mosque a while back. I wasn't really keen on combing through footage to sell to TV news. Having started in 2003 with high hopes of making a TV documentary which would be useful, informative and above all, a step in the direction of some kind of peace process, for me, in 2007 to be looking through tapes for stills of people who have tried to blow up feels like a personal failure.

Nevertheless, its been an interesting experience as one of the first to contact me was Daniel Sandford from the BBC. I remembered Daniel from the first time I was in Finsbury park. It was very easy to see him through the eyes of the locals- one of the smart suited "Zionist media" enemy lined up against humble local Muslims. Such a long time later I was interested to see what I would make of him away from the mosque, and after a couple of emails he very graciously invited me in to the BBC and gave me the full tour includng a look in the newsroom and the edit suites around it as news was being made. I resisted temptation to sit in the chair and ask for the autocue to roll.

In his own "mission control" I laughed when I saw a signed picture of the then home secretary John Reid, thinking what the Islamists I had filmed would make of that. Up on the wall was also a picture of Goya's collosus.

"There was a reason for that but I can't remember it now.."

Looking along the wall, past pictures of the "Crevice" guys, the 7/7 bombers and the 21/7 plotters I eventually came to Abu Abdullah and Hamid. They didn't have any pictures of the others convicted with them. I must have pictures of them but I still don't know which ones they are.

Daniel said that focusing on Abdullah I had chosen the "most fun character" to do, and I can see why. He also thought Abdullah to be the least likely to have terror in his heart. Though the others in the newsroom were obviously busy they were all welcoming and I recognised one of them from the Hamza trial.

We had quite a frank discussion about perceptions of Finsbury park mosque. I put to him the Supporters of Sharreah's complaints, namely that Hamza on the street was preaching very strongly against terrorism and he wouldn't report it. He said that he thought Hamza spoke with a forked tongue. He'd say something which wasn't threatening and straight away add something which was.

"You've seen my examples?" I asked.

He seemed quite familiar with my stuff, including all the old stuff on Socialistwanker but didn't agree with my point of view.

"For me, the Hamza I saw on the street wasn't a preacher of hate. His defence in court was context, but he was judged in a post 7/7 context. " I think I said. Something along those lines anyway.

He didn't agree with that either and knew the guys who wrote The Suicide Factory personally, one of whom has since died. Yet as a fellow enthusiast for "the story" I felt he was still very much encouraging me to follow my own path in all this and sat without hurrying me for 2 or 3 hours giving me advice, which as I had all but given up, was very timely.

In conversation he told me that the Hamza story was no longer under subjudacy which hit me pretty hard as if I had known I would have tried to contact the Hamza family ages ago.

"If Mrs Hamza wants to talk she had better step on it as the extradition hearing could resume at any time.."

I'm on the case but I'm not hopeful.

We spoke a bit about the disturbingly catchy "Dirty Kuffar" song and Daniel said he often came away from the trials singing it. Daniel Sandford singing "Dirty Kuffar" as a "piece to camera" would be just the sort of thing I'd like to include in a film.

On the way out he took me throught the BBC canteen, past a load of media students on a tour. I was really embarrassed as the look of recognition came across people like a wave..

"Ah..Thats Daniel Sandford" and then they would look across and their face would say "WHO THE FUCK IS THAT???"

The next day I went round to Hajj's place.

"No one is going to speak out now." he said, as did another guy who was round who I never met before, but said he knew Abdullah.

"Hajj, he's facing 100 years. If there are people who can vouch for him, its now or never. I got the impression Daniel Sandford said the things he said about Hamza because that is what he believes, yet he still seemed to be saying to me -if you think you can get the other side, then go for it."

Hajj said he would contact the Hamza family.

"Still his children cry themselves to sleep since the day he was arrested. Why did they have to break into his house in the night with guns? He was a public character, they come like a thief in the night."

"Well Hajj, if you guys think so, then say so. Talk to the family, we'll see what we can do."

An idea occurred to me.

"Listen Hajj, if I asked Daniel to give you the same tour of the BBC he gave me, and you guys sat and had an informal chat, putting your views of all this to each other off the record, would you do it?"

His eyes bulged a bit at the idea of going into the "Zionist media epicentre" but he didn't say no.

"Look Hajj, I've always thought you could be central to some kind of solution with all of this which is why I've stayed in contact with you.."

"I just don't want you to go to hellfire, which is where you are headed.." he retorted.

"Look Hajj, I respect that coming from you as I know you care about me, so I'll try and explain to you my beliefs about God and why I hold them.."

I started explaining but he soon lost interest and started dozing.

I hadn't found any images of the 21/7 guys for Daniel, but over the next week or so I started to find quite a few lost bits on the end of tapes, so when someone from Channel 4 emailed I thought I might as well take the tapes in for them to look through for themselves. Compared to the BBC "news hub" Channel 4 is more ramshackle with the staff still living out of boxes after some sort of unfinished reorganisation. As a lot of my tapes were recorded long play we spent most of the time looking for a firewire lead.

I ended up in the newsroom at a desk behind Jon Snow. I've always wanted to meet him, but as he looked round curiously at 6:45, with the news starting at 7 it didn't seem to be the best time to try and introduce myself.


Oh and I haven't got any pictures of the 21/7 guys.

July 07, 2007

O Allah, deal with them for verily they can never disable you O Allah, retaliate upon them, afflict them like you did to Pharaoh and his nation , O Allah afflict their country with flood , make them in need of money and food and persons ..

Jon Snow here with the newsroom latest....

Afflicted by floods

I have spent the last few days "up north" making a documentary for
transmission later this year. Of course it meant that I have seen something
of the floods. I am bound to say that if this had happened in the home
counties, we would never had heard the end of it.

Well tonight, we are in Hull where 35,000 people are displaced,
businesses are in appalling trouble and the bills so far in this environment
have topped £200m.

July 06, 2007

Gordon Brown (and the Sun) say "Fly the Flag in the face of Terr-r" Scotland Yard say:
Faaarrrrk orrf!

July 04, 2007


Is it me? I became a one man terrorist alert in the West End today. Walking up Whitehall with my hood up and an odd shaped guitar under my arm in the back of my mind I was kind of half wondering how long it would take to be aprehended. If I had stuck to my original plan of changing onto the Central line at Bond St I might have caused less vexation.

I managed to walk up to Denmark st, buy a nut (pictured below) for my "Weapon of Mass Destruction", meet my ex on the corner of Oxford st and then go back down Charing Cross rd to sit in a coffee shop for about 45 minutes before a red BMW Police car pulled up as we sheltered from the rain at Cambridge Circus Theatre.

As soon as I saw them stop I knew they were coming over. They saw I had clocked them and reached in for their machine guns just in case, although the "item of suspicion" was leant against a wall.

"You took your time!" I said.

"You caused a few people a lot of worries mate.."

They were pretty cool and didn't even want to open the bag. They ran a name check which came out clear.

"What sort of music do you play?" asked one.

"Sort of Psychedelic Space rock..?"

"Oh you'd like Buckethead then.."

I laughed and said I'd like to film him with his hand on his H&K talking about Buckethead.

"He's got all the albums..he listens to them back at the station" one of the others added.

"I buy parts off ebay and build my own guitars."

The two talkative guys I couldn't really see using a machine gun in anger, but the third, quieter one seemed more like an ex-marine. He gave me my Stop and Search form as a souvenir.

If I was doing a Terr-rist test run I couldn't have timed it any better as I bumped into Hajj when I got off the train on the way home.

"You can't blame them really can you?" he laughed.

I've rarely walked along a road with Hajj, only having met him outside Fisnbury park mosque or at his house. A lot of people stare from one to the other. He invited me to a Cypriot community centre for a game of pool tommorow.

"They are all really angry."

"Why?" I said, expecting news of Muslims being harrased or arrested maybe.

"The smoking ban." he said. "They are all annoyed with having to smoke outside."

Hajj told me he was a mean pool player. I'll find out tomorow.

July 03, 2007


"Surrender, you are surrounded," the leaflets said. "If you are a terrorist, beware, because your last day was yesterday. In order to spare your life, end your actions and surrender to coalition forces now. We are coming to arrest you."

Two pro War arguments...


Cabinet ministers have been told by the Foreign Office to drop the phrase 'war on terror'

They are taking the ball away! No honestly this is an interesting development. Don't get any hope up yet. Remember Tony's first days!

...The shift marks a turning point in British political thinking about the strategy against extremism and underlines the growing gulf between the British and American approaches to the continuing problem of radical Islamic militancy...

...'It's about time,' said Garry Hindle, terrorism expert at the Royal United Services Institute in London. 'Military terminology is completely counter-productive, merely contributing to isolating communities. This is a very positive move.'

A Foreign Office spokesman said the government wanted to 'avoid reinforcing and giving succour to the terrorists' narrative by using language that, taken out of context, could be counter-productive'. The same message has been sent to British diplomats and official spokespeople around the world...
I'm interested in these experts who have been popping up on TV to explain Jihadis to the British sofa audience. On BBC London news yesterday Ed Hussain argued with Riz Latif. It was amazing. It was like they were speaking different languages to each other really heatedly and I couldn't fucking understand either of them. Neither did I think their discussion was any use at all. It was like a waste of time.

He was critisizing her for interviewing members of the MCB who he accused of being secret Jihadi's. There was a load of stuff about "Political Islam" being some sort of bogeyman... Seriously, no idea.

July 02, 2007

If you need some masonary done...

Found this on Blairs Youtube

Tony Blair is a 33degree freemason(Lucifarian-Anti-Christ) who worships the Enlightened one,the Illuminated one,the Light bearer,the Fallen angel,Lucifer!.Lies,Deception,War and Death is their way.Please don't believe me research yourselves,i have U/L some proof of this in my videos...

(will probably be deleted by the time you click on it) the "proof" mentioned is here

Is Tony Blair the man to help Christians, Jews and Muslims get along? Is he really the person to foster interfaith dialogue by means of a global foundation to be run, if reports are to be believed, from offices at the £3.5m Connaught Square home to which he will shortly retire? Some are sceptical. "He may want to build bridges between the world religions, but the fact is he has already burned them," says vociferous Blair critic and Lib Dem MP Norman Baker. "He has been seen to be partisan in the Middle East, slavishly following Bush, and will have no credibility with the Islamic world. His bridge will at best be a pier."

An arch-conservative cardinal chosen by the Pope to deliver this year’s Lenten meditations to the Vatican hierarchy has caused consternation by giving warning of an Antichrist who is “a pacifist, ecologist and ecumenist”.

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, 78, who retired as Archbishop of Bologna three years ago, quoted Vladimir Solovyov (1853-1900), the Russian philosopher and mystic, as predicting that the Antichrist “will convoke an ecumenical council and seek the consensus of all the Christian confessions”.

The “masses” would follow the Antichrist, “with the exception of small groups of Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants” who would fight to prevent the watering down and ultimate destruction of the faith, he said.


When viewed from a different angle, Mr Blair becomes US President George Bush and the bus turns into Baghdad during the Iraq war bombing campaign.

The painting goes on display on Monday night - five days before the second anniversary of the terror attacks which killed 52 innocent people.

Mr Laing, a former Army officer, said: "No establishment organisations wanted to show the painting. They don't want to bite the hand that feeds them.

"I was very impressed by the National Army Museum's decision to show this."


I don't know what to say really, four years after the ariel bombardment of Iraq, we seem to have "summoned" some Iraqi's back here. What a suprise. I thought there would be a lot more. What I don't understand is all this

"If we don't do this and that we are letting them win."

Win what? What do they win? What is the alternative? Should we all run around screaming? And some sort of peace process is???.....zzzzz

The thing is see... we can't actually expect Politicians to be able to sort this out for us. Its like WE have to DO IT. If you know what I mean.


I'll shut up.

July 01, 2007

Abdullah gives his views on possible arrest and Hamid talks about women in short skirts