August 31, 2009


...Detailed plans are being drawn up for a mass invasion of Britain‘s third most polluting power station.

The unfolding plot follows an unprecedented vote by thousands of climate activists to determine the target of their next mass direct action, with e.on’s Ratcliffe plant in Nottinghamshire named the clear winner in an announcement made at the Climate Camp last night (Sunday).

The Camp - currently pitched on Blackheath in London - held the online poll over recent weeks. More than 2000 activists voted, with Ratcliffe establishing a clear margin of victory over Drax in Yorkshire. Groups are now forming to plot the shutdown of the station by thousands of people who will descend on the e.on plant by land, water and air.

The invasion will take place on October 17-18, but logistical preparations are already under way at the Blackheath Camp. Teams are investigating Google Earth maps and poring over detailed intelligence on how best to enter the power plant and safely shut it down. Earlier this year, 114 people were arrested for conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass at the power station. No charges have been brought in connection with incident...

from The Guardian-

...A spokesman, Peter McDonnell, said that Climate Camp wanted to shed its image of being made up of "dangerous radicals and middle-class kids" and move into the mainstream.

But the novel tactics reveal a deeper dilemma within the broader environment movement. Climate Camp and the other groups planning the October action, such as anti-aviation group Plane Stupid, know that media coverage, focusing on the aggressive policing of protests such as the G20 in London on 1 April, has earned positive publicity and public sympathy. But organisers are keen to put the focus back on climate change.

They are also aware that some people will be scared off from joining protests with an intimidating atmosphere. Yet it is much harder to get publicity without dramatic direct action... Stephen Tindale, former director of Greenpeace and founder of consultancy Climate Answers, said: "There's still a role for direct action, but it's a bit of a catch-22."

... "We are trying to broaden the movement out to Marks & Spencer clothes-wearing people," said McDonnell.

From Reuters-

An E.ON spokesman said the firm would work with local police to ensure the plant remained safe and in operation.

"We are supportive of peaceful protest but it is unacceptable to us for people to attempt to break into our power stations to shut them down," he said.

"It is not safe for people to go into power stations when they don't know what they are doing."



I didn't go up today, was jamming in Hackney, but yesterday I went to a meeting run by the legal observers. There is a lot online about legal observers being hassled at Kings North, but apparently they have had a meeting with the cops and are recieving some sort of status recognition though it remains to be seen what will happen when this lot next take action of course.

They are advising everyone not to give their details to the Police as a policy and are all wearing T shirts with this message on them. There was some fainlty alarming stuff about data bases and Police questions. Its all a bit late for that for me as all the FIT posse know who I am. As I have said before I don't really care. I can totally justify what I am doing and I am of such disposition that if I started down the path of worrying about information, databases and "the state" I would drive myself more nuts than I am already. Again this was another meeting preparing fresh new people to become thorns in the side of the worst extremists of Capitalism by all non violent means necessary, including the law.

For a festival of between six hundred and a thousand people, maybe more at any one time there is nothing quite like it. Logistically the camp is split up into groups who are expected to, and intend to be responsible for various workings of the whole. I live close by so I can come and go but I am beginning to see how the intensity of things on site could become a bit cultish if you were camping up there, especially for people from outside London this sort of meet up must mean a hell of a lot. Me? I ain't joining any cult anytime soon. In a cliquey place like this city I am sure it is much easier if you fit into a group. I've had a foot in all sorts of camps over my time in London but never felt truly part of any of them. For a while now I have retreated into music. When and if Atilla is let out of jail there is a possibility I might make one film, apart from that I can't really see my focus changing.

comment by
John Q. Publican on Liberal Conspiracy-

...The job for this generation is to consolidate (what you describe as “becoming main-stream”): to get people to accept that they’re not going away, and that they know what they’re doing. One way you do that is photos of your people being butchered on the evening news while holding their hands up and chanting “This is not a riot”. It worked for Gandhi. It worked for CC.

The movement learned a lot from the crushing, and subsequent media treatment, of the Gleneagles protest. They learned that the only way to win that fight is through letting the forces of reaction show their colours and getting it on video-tape. They’ve implemented that knowledge, honed it across several violent assaults by police in the last 8 years, and on Bishopsgate the government handed them the chance they needed.

So now the task is to build on that. They’re at the table with the Met, finally, after 5 years of trying to get a useful response. They’ll be at the table with the GLA fairly soon, given how many members are interested. Ask me again in 11 years...

August 30, 2009


The real point of Climate camp- Liberal Conspiracy
My Visit to Climate Camp- Happy Marx
Day 4- Random Blowe
Dawn of the (Almost) Living Vegans

Guided Tour


Lock ons

Night time

I think I actually got the hang of Climate camp a bit better yesterday.

I turned up quite early with no plan of action and drifted into a talk called "Composting the Capitalist State". Maybe it was a bit early for me but this came across as the same confused dreaming of a better future I have been hearing from people at these things for years. Although it sounds like it this isn't really a critisism. I am confused too. I think it is hard to visualise a better society or concrete steps how to achieve one, and Climate camp is going to attract such dreamers. Anyway, A World to Win came across as really lovely people. They say they have a plan, look at their website and judge for yourself.

After watching a "Mass action game" where groups of people were learning to lock themselves together, jump fences and build "body blockages" of all descriptions I stumbled on to find myself at an "Action Speed dating" event.

Last time I was actively invovled in mass action? Reclaim the Streets sixteen years ago. How old are you? Some of these teenagers were imagining some mythologised Reclaim the Streets I tried to dispel a bit. Yes. Everyone blocked a main road took drugs and had a huge party because they could. Trafalgar Square, the M40, yes. It looked amazing but what was it about? What did it achieve or point to? We can take over a street, take drugs and have a huge party. Great.

I am going to do what? Tomorrow? Where? Its Sunday. Noone will even be at those offices. Yeah. I have some contacts in the media. They won't come. Try any day other than Sunday. They can't do it. Its got to be Sunday. Got to go back up North, can't really get arrested, got to go to work on Monday. Discussions about the artistry of building oil slicks with bin liners gaffa taped to the pavement.

"But aren't bin liners a product of the oil industry?"

"Oh. Shit."

If I am going to glue my bell end to something its going to take more than ten minutes planning with a group of random strangers. Unless they give me some K or something then, possibly. Coming round with a policeman in rubber gloves pouring thinners on my dick might just be the thing to put me off K for good. I have no idea yet if this conspiracy hatched anything but it made me miss dinner and a couple of us dropped down the hill into Lewisham to my favourite Italian deli for a sandwich and a beer.

In the afternoon I attended a debate I was looking forward to all day with at least a hundred others, which considering it was unamplified went really well. Called "Green Authoritarianism" I was hoping that we were all going to see who would make the best "Green Hitler" from our ranks and having been elected once, forever bow to their every despotic whim and propel them to national and global domination. It wasn't quite like that, but I thought The Anarchist Federation presented really well. The debate which followed left me with a realistic picture of the state of the collective climate camp mind as people argued using the state to make change (taxation) vs rejecting the state.

As well as people driving past the fence shouting, (I saw "I HAVE got a job" sprayed on a tent at the perimiter) I like to think there are just as many people going about their daily lives who wish the Climate Camp well, and hope that someone one day might come out with a sound idea for large scale change. Meanwhile Climate camp goes on, full of people plotting to lock themselves to shit, invade offices, glue their bell ends to the gates of Downing street etc, joyously recruiting others to do the same ever hopeful to raise awareness and to challenge the extremes of Capitalism.The press attention so far collected and proudly displayed on a straw bale near the entrance is I think unanimously positive.

Over the day I overheard many many people heatedly debating the Police change of tactics this year. Has Ian Tomlinsons death and the subsequent media backlash changed things? Is this just a fake charm offensive? I joined in a couple of these debates, but overall I don't think it really matters. These are all the people who feel they have to push. The Police will inevitably get in the way sometimes. They will find they are up against people wholeheartedly commited to what they are doing which must be a difficult thing to deal with and meanwhile the energy crisis will loom ever nearer.

I think realistically the venue change has a lot to do with it. People coming in their thousands from all over the country to try and shut down a power station is a really big deal which could potentially disrupt the lives of thousands. If people are doing this in a non violent manner what can "The State" do? Harrass them. Try to encourage them not to come back. Shutting down one of the main roads through the city with tents for a day will "raise awareness" and attract attention but it is not difficult to see the thinking of "The State". Do you leave these people overnight? Another day? Two nights? If they are not being violent but wont leave either how do you get rid of them?

Black Heath was really well chosen as a place to regroup, recruit and evangelise. To feed, water and provide toilets for so many people in London without permission and pack down to leave no trace is just a hell of an achievement. The entertainment in the evening was top class. The largest tent must have held six hundred or more gyrating people from all over the country dancing to live ska and great Balkan djs whilst outside people were singing round a fire all night.


August 28, 2009

And now for some good news...

Noel said he was announcing "with some sadness and great relief" that "I quit Oasis tonight."

He added: "People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer".

me neither.



Contrary to popular belief, Climate Camp is not about fighting the police – it's about fighting climate change.

Only went up for a few hours this evening with a mate and his ten year old. The kid said it was rubbish and there was nothing for him to do. They were flying a kite outside.

Outside the Chief Policewoman was sitting drinking tea at a table with about five of the organisers and another copper. A few people coming past were photographing this spectacle but I haven't seen a picture online yet. At a bit of a distance a FIT photographer stood alone. Once inside I saw one of the masks, his line of sight to the FIT photographer and those at the table cleverly blanked by a large sheet on the fence throw something over at the tea party, possibly liquid.

I got talking to some old anarchist mates who were there who I haven't seen for ages. One of them was telling me that it was a shame that "The movement has split".

I asked him what he meant.

He said he was talking about "The Anarchists and the stupid liberals".

He went on to explain his view, that the Anarchists had the right idea about class struggle being linked to environmentalism but that the environmentalists "Didn't see the whole picture".

"How are they going to show their face in Italy when the Italian Anarchists hear things are done like this in the UK?"

Another friend of mine who was a bit pissed explained.

I think they were a bit miffed at the "drink tea with policemen" policy.

Local Newspaper News Shopper-

Many residents living by the heath seemed relaxed about the protest, with some saying they would pay the site a visit.

Web designer Stuart Mitchell, 38, of Dartmouth Terrace, said: “It doesn’t bother me really and it’s for a good cause. Let them do it.

“They’ve been really quiet. The most noise at night was from the police helicopter buzzing overhead.”

Looking out over the city, the camp is on common land where, in 1381, preacher John Ball gave what was probably the country's first speech against class oppression as part of the Peasants’ Revolt.

Jim McManus, 60, of Dartmouth Terrace said: “The issues they stand for are very important and it’s good to see that political activism is alive and well.

“It’s common land and because of the history with the peasants’ revolt it’s an ideal spot for them.”

James Allan, 77, of The Orchard, said: “This household is quite relaxed on the whole subject.

“My partner thinks it’s very good for them to get some fresh air.”

But Lewisham Mayor Sir Steve Bullock drew parallels between the “stupidity” of the campaigners and football hooligans on his website.

He told News Shopper: “I don’t think that a camp like this, which was unannounced and uninvited in an area which is a beautiful part of London is the right way to do this.

“My concern is that it actually distracts from the practical job of getting up and doing something about climate change.”



Day Two Guardian
Climate Camp and The Police Guardian
Whitechapel Anarchist group
Police adopt low profile as 1,000 Climate Camp activists set up base- Guardian

Just before 7pm the Met's chief superintendent Julia Pendry, silver commander in charge of tactics for the operation, walked on to the site to talk to organisers, sparking a hostile response from a crowd of around a dozen anarchists. Apparently against the wishes of the rest of the camp, they shouted "scum", "kill the pigs" and "you murdered Ian Tomlinson" at Pendry as she left the site with a colleague.

But she struck a conciliatory note, apparently undeterred by the taunts. "The meeting was extremely useful. I have been extremely impressed by the number of people who are calm, welcoming. I got offered a cup of tea and that is how it should be," she said.

Asked if the insults had bothered her, she said: "It's the sort of thing any experienced police officer has seen before. I hope the camp is successful."

Well I thought day two was great from what I could see. I was up there for the afternoon. It is massive. Seriously I was really surprised how big it was and wandering around I could only feel a positive atmosphere except for some silly masks who were obviously so disappointed that there wasn't a ruck with the cops. What is the excitement? I don't get it.

Being a bit of a yesteryear protester myself I was really pleased to see so many fresh young faces I didn't recognise, and none of the moany old moss covered fuckers going on about their personal squabbles and what went wrong with "The Movement". The only old faces I saw up there were the people who were positive then and I am glad to see they are still positive now.

There were some photographers wandering round and I saw a couple of heated debates about them taking photos which was a bit annoying. I just demanded that they take pictures of us. Fuck it. How are you going to get society to change? Interest people? Maybe? Like real people outisde of your little group? Maybe? People who don't look like you maybe?


People can arse-ache on about corporate media blah all they like I don't give a fuck. If the Guardian are employing Hannah Kuchler, as far as I am concerned they have "the movement" right there. I will always remember her and her friends on Day-X when the Iraq war started.

It is nothing to do with me, but personally I am quite happy that SOME of the Climate Camp invited the Chief of Police Operations on site. They should be proud to justify and demonstrate what they are up to to all who will listen. Last time there was a big protest in Kingsnorth the Police action was heavy handed and over the top. This time, so far it isn't. That is only going to disappoint people in black wearing masks and probably a few on the other side also wearing black and holding truncheons who will have to go and kill the atmosphere at Notting Hill carnival instead. Fuck all of them. They aren't interested in Climate camp anyway.

Trouble is, if there isn't trouble the mainstream news will blank it as usual. There has to be the right balance between teaching, learning and pushing for things to change eh. I like the newsround (for kids)coverage here.

If you are thinking of heading up, go. I couldn't believe the effort people have gone to, errecting massive marquees, building toilets and stages all for free and for the sharing of positive knowledge.

Which is a good thing.

Strange Adventures in Copland:
...So it was with all this in mind that I stood up in front of a crowd of seventy police officers on Thursday afternoon, and explained to them why the Climate Camp was happening, how non-hierarchical decision-making works, and what this year's Camp will probably look like. I then described what it was like to be charged by a line of riot cops for no discernible reason, to watch your friends being beaten over the head and arrested on meaningless charges, to see people in front of you being pepper-sprayed in the face, and to know you have to stand your ground anyway with your hands in the air because the alternative is to let a beautiful Camp be trampled under their steel-toecapped boots. They listened, in silence. It was one of the weirdest things I've ever done in my life. Whether or not it will make any difference, I really couldn't say; but it felt oddly liberating all the same...

Climate campers get a lesson in citizen journalism- Guardian

from Hamish Campell and Richard Hering who was the voice of the pre-camp video posted below and who was briefly going to be involved in my project with the mad Muslims at one point some years ago.


August 24, 2009


UPDATE: The Police, from what I briefly saw pretty much behaved as requested. I was in the city lunch time and there were maybe six city Police observing what was going on and the touring group of cyclists who passed was totally unescorted. To be fair they didn't seem to stop anywhere for long either. As you can see from the website, no cops to be seen at Climate Camp. I bet everyone is well dissapointed.



I am loving Rick Steyns Far Eastern Odyssey on the iPlayer. I just love the food of South East Asia and I have had my wok out a lot recently, sometimes two woks when I make a meat and veggie version of the same meal for friends. I was in Thailand in 93 and I still miss the place, particularly the food, although smiling chicks chatting you up- even the girls behind the counter in the bank doesn't do any harm either. I have had my notebook out collecting a shopping list of ingredients. Recipes from the programme are here.

Rick Stein comes across as particularly camp in this series which I never noticed before, but he is out camped by loads of local TV chefs he meets on this journey. I really get the philosophy behind this cooking and can knock stuff up without following recipes as such, although I think I am going to pay a bit more attention to these hot salads because that is something I have never made which I remember noticing all those years ago.

I remember landing, all green in a foreign country, being scared of the street food, and the process over the three months I was there getting more and more into it until I was raging about it like Stein does in these programmes. That is the big differenece between Thailand and India. Both taste great, but in India you have to be really careful with streetfood, whereas in Thailand you dont at all. Even the simplest of set ups usually has a three washing up bowl process I used to observe whilst eating. I miss Thailand. Hope I can go back soon.


August 23, 2009



I'm still not sure what this means. I have been rehaunted by Dune for a while now. I picked up the book again for no reason I can put my finger on and read random sections of it, gradually compelled to read more and more.

I went to hospital on my own. I felt alone and unloved as everyone around me had partners and family with them. I picked up the book and started fairly near the end and read for three hours while I was changed into an operating gown and was given a wristband with my name and date of birth on it.

In the operating theatre with strangers around me I put on a brave face but in such a sterile environment I have never experienced before, I felt I had come to this moment at this point in my life without any love or security which was very sobering. I had felt earlier that I had better admit my past usage of Ketamine to The Anaesthetist just in case it made a difference, and she was joking with me about it as she injected me.

"When I give it to children, they tend to do what I tell them."

As the drug started working I was telling them the price of K in chemists in India. One of the nurses was from India and she was telling me about a temple or maybe a mosque in East London.

I woke up, surprised at how good I was feeling. I asked the nurse who was watching the batch of patients I was part of if I could carry on reading my book. Seeing that I was obviously making a quick recovery she summoned a porter to move me into the next room.

I felt energy seem to return to me quickly, or it might have been surprise at how little the anaesthetic seemed to affect me. I got out of bed and asked if I could go to the toilet. I passed families in caring modes around beds. I didn't know how to react. I just felt luckier than their relatives. When I got back I was given my clothes and was allowed to sit in my chair.

Eventually my ex turned up to collect me.

"Do you want your results?" asked the nurse.

All clear. Good to hear after a hard three months not smoking anything waiting for this moment. I left the hospital feeling lucky. I am not in a hurry to start smoking again.

I thought I was OK but almost walked into a bollard outside. We jumped on the bus home and I walked a lot of the way feeling fine. At home I cut off my wristband and rested. I carried on with Dune between dozes and by the time I got to the end I was hardly able to focus on the words. For the last few days I have felt fine but had to sleep a lot. A friend and her two year old have been to visit which has been nice.

The whole Dune thing seeped further and further in. The story always revisits me for a reason and I don't know this time what the reason is. A friend lent me The boxed DVD which had some additional material and put the film in a different context.

I saw this film when it came out before I read the book and loved it. It spoke to me.

"The Sleeper Awakens".

I just got it. I only heard years latter than it was panned by the critics and bombed commercially.

Rereading a book written in 1965 now, in 2009 what jumps out in todays context is the references to Jihad- The Fremen being desert people on a Holy War. There is even mention of The Shariah and the name The Fremen give the hero Paul Artreides is Usul, or the base of the pyramid. Al- Qaeda means "The base". Although one of the fremen is involved in a suicide bombing of sorts it is not directed against random strangers.

After drinking a fair bit of the French farmers Calvados I finally got round to watching the film again tonight, searching for the new meaning I am supposed to find on this pass.

"Without change something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken."

But what? How?


August 19, 2009


Last weekend my ex-girlfriend grabbed me along to Charlie Pi's exhibition in The crypt at St Pancras. I refused to google the address.

"How hard can it be to find a crypt attatched to St Pancras station?" said I distainfully.

We almost missed the exhibition looking round the new St Pancras Station, until a helpful Policeman suggested crypts are attatched to churches, usually underneath them, and that this one was probably opposite Euston Station as St Pancras was an area of London and not just a station.

My ex made a few suggestions herself.

This journey started quite a while ago when I had a habit of starting every morning with a bong and "I belive I can fly" by R Kelly blasting on the stereo. Someone stuck a flyer of Charlie's exhibition of the same name on my bedroom door which had a picture of Tupac with wings on it. When I got back from France there was another one advertising this exhibition which my ex noticed, so off we went.

The exhibition deals with Iconography of black musicians. It is in a lovely venue and we met Charlie there to find he has a studio near where I live. The Exhibition Black Man Kind continues til the 23rd Aug. My ex said all these pictures of black men made her feel a bit fruity.


Scotland Yard is overhauling its tactics for policing protests by reaching out to activists in advance of its first big test since the controversy surrounding the handling of the G20 demonstrations.

Senior officers have told representatives from Climate Camp, who are planning to construct a huge campsite next week at an undisclosed location in London, that they will be met with a "community-style" policing operation that will limit the use of surveillance units and stop-and-searches wherever possible

In a further effort to disseminate real-time information, the Metropolitan police has activated an account on Twitter, named CO11MetPolice after its public order unit codename, which will be used to send operational information to protesters taking part in the camp....

Climate Camp is here



An article in the Daily Star about The Islamic Awakening forum-


Under the picture they have of him it says Abu Hamza is said to have launched a sick rant but if you read the article it says that some people who supported him used to post there and accuses them of sick rants about soldiers now.

Some of the forum rants you can check for yourself here

Three UK soldiers die in Helmand .....
"Amerikan and European civilians are enemy combatants" - Al Qaeda

the one I found the most interesting Bin Laden's (former) Driver talks...


August 16, 2009


Mr Choudharys posse had a meet up on Edgware rd yesterday as far as I know. I missed it due to previously made commitments. Through Richard Bartholomews blog I found the Casuals United website. They claim not to be racist or nazis and are forging alliances of rival football supporters against, well Mr Choudharys posse. This is much like The UBA who I had some contact with a while back.


August 15, 2009


The Tories, not content with championing the NHS are turning on the fatcats.

Large City bonuses should be outlawed in banks that have received any sort of government guarantee, according to the shadow chancellor, George Osborne.

In an interview with the Guardian, Osborne delivers the strongest attack yet on the bonus culture, suggesting that a future Conservative government would act to curb pay excesses across the financial services industry.

"It is totally unacceptable for bank bonuses to be paid on the back of taxpayer guarantees," he said. "It must stop."

I am sure this is exactly what would happen were the Tories to take control of the country.


August 13, 2009

I enjoyed Bruno, but I'm happy to post another perspective on what Sasha Baron Cohen has been up to from Sky news of all people. (cheers to Minty on facebook)


OK, so it looks like The International Analyst Network didn't like Mr Jenvey's recent updates and have removed them, so they are currently only available on a Pravda forum.

I don't know Mr Jenvey but have had contact with him about all this as recorded here, and I was helping him a bit with some editing of the second piece when this news came through. I have also heard from one of the Islam4UK guys (Mr Waleed) about their recent encounter with Mr Jenvey.

He said that not surprisingly a lot of them didn't really know how to deal with meeting him when he came down to London and spent the day with them, but that after meeting him they feel his conversion is genuine. He told me that they had been reasurred by the Koran which carries stories of Mohammed's enemies converting.

As I have also said before, none of this makes any difference to me but I do find it all fascinating. Being an ex- born again Christian myself who used to knock on peoples doors and tell them about Jesus conversion stories are obviously going to be an interest of mine. Maybe this seems like an unnatural interest but I don't think I will be converting any time soon. I think I am still a bit of a slave to some addictions, even ones which I don't partake in anymore cause me worry sometimes but I don't really see the hand of Satan in it all, its just brainwaves, direction, motivations and concepts.

I found myself watching Abu Haffs lecture about Music Are You On the Right Track on the Islam4UK site. I think I asked this guy if he wanted to make some films after their meeting in Euston one time. Personally none of this moves me or resonates with me at all. I spent most of my time watching it thinking "Get to the bloody point!" but then I am a bloody musician innit so thats probably not surprising. Reading my own writing I am obviously happy for Mr Jenvey, if he is happy.

There are bloggers I know about as well as I know him who might have reason to dislike and mistrust him, I have no idea if these reasons are founded or not. To me he is now just another colourful Muslim I have come across who doesn't believe people should blow up random strangers here and as long as they don't I feel I must treat all of them the same way really.

To maybe provide a bit more perspective of where I am, I missed all this because I was in France doing a show. I just got word of some pictures on a britanny photographers Flash based website. If you click here and follow the links > "Spectacles"> "Vos galeries (...privées) > "The impossible" you can see them.

This sort of thing is much more my focus these days. I rarely examine my beliefs or my perspective on what is "success" in terms of film. In terms of filming Islamists or anyone else for that matter I still think the main thing I believe in is simply documenting. Although I haven't had any success in worldly terms I find I still hold this belief quite strongly and although I live in London and have done for a while now I try to keep hold of a very un-London attitude to hurry. This only seems to bother other road users for some reason.

UPDATE: Omar Hamza Jenvey has reappeared here


I really like Eminems comedy work- err singles but it is really great to see he can still freestyle

August 12, 2009

Normal Service Will Resume...

Meanwhile heres some more linky-linky

Firstly a bit of non drum and bass pirating for a change

Also quite a good article about Shayler "The Reluctant Messiah" in Vice Magazine Mr Camel sent me.

More Shayler from The Times, cheers again to Mike.

August 11, 2009


Airbia proposes a new eco-friendly and efficient transportation system linking the suburbs and city centre. Corresponding to the lack of coherent public transportation in the majority of the sprawling cities, a set of airships is designed to form an additional network over the urban tissue.


August 10, 2009


I have been away so I missed something I would love to have filmed. Here is an update from Glen Jenvey and a video of him joining those he used to spend his time trying to beat. From the article-

...I have converted to Islam in front of Muslims who for years I worked against. I faced them as a man. I will follow my new faith and give up drinking, smoking and pray to the one God I always believed in. Allah and Muslim Brothers have given me a new start in life...

... I have a way now to pray to Allah and be an honest person and say good bye to my past. I have found Allah, which means God....

...There is no trick I am now a Muslim it's up to me to become good one...

UPDATE: More here