October 30, 2011


Not sure how these stories get in the papers. I cannot imagine why Abu Hamza or Abu Qatada would not still be in secure units separated from other prisoners but apparently-

TWO of Britain’s most radical terrorists are preaching hate from behind bars, the Sunday Mirror can reveal.

Hook-handed cleric Abu Hamza and Al-Qaeda chief Abu Qatada are delivering sermons to younger, impressionable inmates at high-security jail Belmarsh.

The details emerged in a letter from IT graduate Bilal ­Ahmad, 23, who is serving 12 years for ­advocating ­attacks on MPs and inciting racial hatred...


October 06, 2011


I haven't had a lot of contact with Youtube about my page. Once someone ripped off some of my films and re edited them into something. I contacted Youtube and they took the video down. A while back I noticed that they had marked one of my videos rejected: (content inappropriate). A bit strange as this was the video the Sun stole and put on their website marked Exclusive! (see: IT WOZ THE SUN WOT RIPPED ME OFF) Anyway someone from Holland also ripped off my film and reposted it here.

October 05, 2011

Centre for Identities and Social Justice

I went to the launch of Centre for Identities and Social Justice tonight as it is nearby and looked interesting. I am always a bit suspect of these academia driven things, preferring to hear from people who actually get stuck into these issues on the ground. The person most grounded in this respect, Akeela Ahmed I didn't hear much from but there was a very interesting guy in the discussion afterwards who was talking about working in prisons. Everyone on the panel was saying useful stuff about the pitfalls of the prevent agenda. I will keep an eye on what these guys are up to. I am not sure if what I have been up to could be considered "research". I tried to convince Hajj (one of Abu Hamza's posse) to come with me but without any luck again.

Centre for Identities and Social Justice website