December 09, 2011

Racism on Public Trasport

You've seen the racist woman on tram video? Now watch this

here is the original which was in the news

October 30, 2011


Not sure how these stories get in the papers. I cannot imagine why Abu Hamza or Abu Qatada would not still be in secure units separated from other prisoners but apparently-

TWO of Britain’s most radical terrorists are preaching hate from behind bars, the Sunday Mirror can reveal.

Hook-handed cleric Abu Hamza and Al-Qaeda chief Abu Qatada are delivering sermons to younger, impressionable inmates at high-security jail Belmarsh.

The details emerged in a letter from IT graduate Bilal ­Ahmad, 23, who is serving 12 years for ­advocating ­attacks on MPs and inciting racial hatred...


October 06, 2011


I haven't had a lot of contact with Youtube about my page. Once someone ripped off some of my films and re edited them into something. I contacted Youtube and they took the video down. A while back I noticed that they had marked one of my videos rejected: (content inappropriate). A bit strange as this was the video the Sun stole and put on their website marked Exclusive! (see: IT WOZ THE SUN WOT RIPPED ME OFF) Anyway someone from Holland also ripped off my film and reposted it here.

October 05, 2011

Centre for Identities and Social Justice

I went to the launch of Centre for Identities and Social Justice tonight as it is nearby and looked interesting. I am always a bit suspect of these academia driven things, preferring to hear from people who actually get stuck into these issues on the ground. The person most grounded in this respect, Akeela Ahmed I didn't hear much from but there was a very interesting guy in the discussion afterwards who was talking about working in prisons. Everyone on the panel was saying useful stuff about the pitfalls of the prevent agenda. I will keep an eye on what these guys are up to. I am not sure if what I have been up to could be considered "research". I tried to convince Hajj (one of Abu Hamza's posse) to come with me but without any luck again.

Centre for Identities and Social Justice website

September 29, 2011


Obviously the guys I was filming from Finsbury are not going to like this guy. I asked Hajj to come with me to an event around his book launch but he didn't want to come, saying he had no interest in government lies and stories. I don't know, and I missed the event in the end due to personal reasons. From this article, I think the guy is more interesting than that.

The former Metropolitan policeman Robert Lambert has been scoffed at as a dangerous buffoon.

In the eyes of British right-wing pundits, his assiduous efforts to develop working relationships between the police and London Islamists demonstrated that he should never have occupied a position of public responsibility.

At a time of fresh arrests in Britain of terrorist suspects, Lambert has delivered a powerful riposte to his critics in the shape of a major study of the theory and practice of combatting terrorism....

There was a load of misunderstanding and power struggles in the Finsbury story that I wasn't a party to so can't comment. I will have to get hold of the book and get back to you after I have run the major points of it past Hajj, who is keeping well by the way. Always nice to visit him.


September 09, 2011


Fascinating article about a book by retired Policeman Robert Lambert who set up undercover Police group "The Muslim Contact Unit" to eventually oust Atilla and co from Finsbury. His book should be a very interesting read for me.

...The new policy has seen the withdrawal of funding for groups the government says are non-violent extremists - organisations that it says oppose "fundamental and universal" British values.

"All of the 40 or 50 Muslims who came to my retirement are all probably now classed as non-violent extremists," says Bob Lambert. "That's absurd. One minute they are partners, the next they are not."

The former Special Branch officer says his years in the force taught him that too much is at stake.

"It's in the nature of terrorism as a tactic that it only has to secure a small number of people in order to achieve its goals," he says. "I think we need to be much more creative about how we counter that."...

I just found an article by this guy for Al Jazeera and from a very different experience and perspective we seem to have reached similar views- funding Quilliam to work in Prevent the government has licensed a counter-subversion strategy that is antithetical to effective and legitimate community based approaches to counter-terrorism

In contrast to Husain, many experienced Muslim community youth workers involved in Prevent have never been in any doubt that they do not spy on communities under any circumstances.

Unlike Husain they work at the sharp-end and are clear that the only time they will divulge confidential client information to police or other Prevent partners is when they have reasonable suspicion of involvement in serious criminal activity.

As Arun Kundnani explains, "it is right that channels should be made available for youth workers and teachers to provide information to the police if there are reasons to believe an individual is involved in criminality".

That is a basic rule of youth work in inner city areas where Muslim youth workers adhere to the same ground rules that apply in a wide range of government funded programmes aimed at tackling gun, gang, drug and other kinds of street crime.

It would take more than a Prevent 'Information Sharing Agreement' to persuade an effective Muslim youth worker to abandon the golden rule of effective community engagement in dangerous environments.

It is one thing for Husain to justify spying on "radical" Muslims from the comfort of a Westminster office, quite another for Muslims working on dangerous streets to be wrongly smeared as "informers" when their integrity deserves to be bolstered not undermined.

Good Prevent work takes place on poor urban British streets every day. It helps reduce the influence of violent extremists.

However, it owes everything to the integrity of Muslim youth workers, police and local government officials who focus wholly on their original remit.

Their work is seriously undermined by government support for Quilliam and the counter-subversion strategy it embodies...


August 13, 2011


and I have read a load of crap, but I very much like this new debate in the street. Hopefully it will come to something.

June 14, 2011


When Four Lions came out it was pretty obvious that Nigel Lindsay had based his character on Atilla. He talks about it here -

...The other guy was perfect. He worked as the janitor in the Finsbury Park mosque when Abu Hamza took over. This guy converted and became their spokesman. He was a bit like John Prescott in that he spoke really quickly and often talked complete gobbledegook but he had a brilliant way about him. He had real charisma and he’d come out of the mosque and he’d go, “Oi, Mr Policeman, you can’t stand there and...” And he’d talk like this the whole time. I used to do it to myself just before doing Barry scenes. He was wonderful. He got seven years for inciting racial hatred in the end. He was a Greek Cypriot. Abu Abdullah was his name but he was probably called Stefan Iliades or something...

Here is a scene from Four Lions

This is one of my vids of Attila getting animated in Finsbury all those years ago which Nigel probably watched for inspiration.


April 28, 2011


The internet was down for a bit, it comes back on and the whole world is revisiting my story.

WikiLeaks: Guantánamo Bay terrorists radicalised in London to attack Western targets
Islamist extremism: so did we cure the problem? (Andrew Gilligan, interesting article)
Why does Britain have an Islamist problem while America doesn't? Answer: the welfare state (Stupid question, stupid answer, as America has been revealing its own small scale Islamist problem and the very different methods they use to try and contain it)
'35 terrorists incarcerate at Guantanamo sent to fight West'
'Al-Qaeda assassin worked for MI6', secret cables claim

WikiLeaks: how Britain 'became a haven for migrant extremists’

'Guantanamo prisoners held ties to BBC'
London Mosques Train Muslims for Terrorism

US feared London mosque was extremist 'haven': WikiLeaks

US tipped off about al-Qaida cell that did not exist

How political correctness encouraged British-made Islamism (very funny)

Nothing new or surprising really. Hamza was recruiting people to train for Jihad in Afghanistan. The Americans picked up a lot of international Jihadis there. Nothing connecting Hamza with attacks on the west yet, but I suppose once people are out there they must be introduced to the theory. Hajj always said Hamza was against attacks on the west, and the Police have never picked him up yet.

Everyone I met in Finsbury said they just wanted a fight back for Islamic law in Muslim countries. This is consistent with what he has said in his defence and even on the sometimes chilling tapes which have since become famous. In his defence Mohammed Hamid referred to a debate going on at Finsbury as to whether attacks on the west were justified.

Its still impossible to tell what has really been happening as regards to Hamza, especially when the US wikileaks also contains stories like this

Wikileaks: 255 Guantanamo Bay detainees incriminated on claims of eight inmates

This is what I was picking up in 2003. Hamza said this all the time in front of very impressionable young Muslims and it never ever got to TV. Everyone will draw their own conclusions based on what they think already. The story for me is something from the past until Atilla wants to speak I suppose. Meanwhile the banned Islam4UK have metamorphosed into Muslims Against Crusades and are warning everyone about an imminent Al Qaeda inspired attack tomorro..

UPDATE: I thought this was quite funny from the Pakistan Observer who reckon the intelligence community run the lot.

April 14, 2011


Once Atilla and the crew had been seen off from Finsbury I never went back or was ever really curious about the new trustees. Some company approached me about using my footage in conjunction with a proposal they were doing about filming the new posse. I forget what happened. Well obviously it didn't happen but I don't know why not.

Anyway it was very interesting to see them all up close in Episode 3 of the BBC's excellent series See You in Court. I didn't really develop any more opinion about them from watching this than I did on the street when I saw them, but you can't watch this series without developing really strong opinion about lawyers. Trial watching over the years I have never got a good feeling from either prosecution or defence. The system feels alarming in all sorts of ways.

I do remember the Newsnight piece about these Policy exchange people though. I am glad this doco gave the mosque the publicity of seeing those worms wriggle out of the situation by legallese rather than standing up in court even though it cost them so much money.

Anyway as a blast from the past- here is my film from the first Friday the new trustees took over. I only ever really revisit these films myself to clean the youtube numbskulls comment-turds up.

April 08, 2011


Do check out this doco as it is great. Just the sort of thing I wanted to make all those years ago. Because the guy is the film makers brother he is allowed to tell a realistic story about the good and the worrying things about his brother rather than one wrapped up in a load of crap. Good on him.

More about the experience here

March 29, 2011


Was tempted to wander down but also tempted to watch how rolling news would present on BBC. I am sure Charlie Brooker is preparing a summary now. Yeah, still jadded by protest really. I think UK Uncut are doing quite well. If they can keep on the same happy non-violent tip this mass arrest should eventually work in their favour.

The statistics speak for themselves. UK Uncut arrests for non violence: 138. Arrests outside: 10. Shows exactly what the priorities for Policing are. To be fair Paul Mason made this point on Newsnight.

I got defriended on facebuk (which I still don't know why I am on) by someone because I said I couldn't see the point of smashing stuff which was covered by insurance. Hilarious no? Insurance. A pretty simple concept. The guy was actually calling random smashing "economic damage". That is ridiculous no? I mean 9/11 was economic damage. People's insurance premiums went up and that was what- 15 guys? none of whom even wore masks or carried flags. Yes. Economic damage. Peoples insurance premiums went up. A bit. What fucking economic damage does random smashing do? Right next to fuck all.

And what the fuck was Theresa May going on about? Banning hooligans? Banning masks? The cops already have laws to cover this. Ridiculous woman.

The message from Saturday? If you do non-violent direct action you will be arrested, if you violently run round with masks smashing stuff, you will probably get away with it. Another reason I would go nowhere near black block. How many of them behind those masks are cops?

Amusing blog trying to distance Labour "movement" from UKUncut
Someone in the Labour party who still backs UKUncut
Brendan O'Neill's bullshit
Inspector Gadgets "We'll show you what happens when we don't kettle" perspective
Pwotest, but not on Saturday

Update: There has been a lot of talk about unclear alternatives on the march for the alternative, so I thought I would post this excellent video from Al Jazeera where Max Keiser wipes the floor with the experts he is up against who don't even refute anything he is saying.And what he is saying is let the banks and bad banking practices fail, nationalize them as utilities which lend at 2% and give all the non bankers a wage hike to stimulate the economy. No one needs to smash anything. Surely even the Tea party can get behind that no? If we need to campaign for anything, I think a good focus would be for the general public to understand the banking system in clear terms, and the king of the castle on that isssue is Max Keiser.

Another update: If you take it all a bit more seriously than Max, Inside Job is amazing. Online here.

March 02, 2011

Munir Zamir

How I fell into the clutches of radical cleric Abu Hamza

...He then showed the teenagers a picture of radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza.

"Look who I ended up with," he said.

"We had a fantastic relationship. It was a match made in heaven – his anger, my lack of self-esteem.

"He wanted me to die on the battlefield."

But he said people often did not understand the meaning of Jihad, which has become associated with suicide bombers but refers to the struggle Muslims face to make themselves better people.

Mr Zamir said: "Jihad is getting to school on time, Jihad is helping your mother with the shopping, Jihad is being the best person you can be."

And he urged the teenagers to read books and talk to family members to find out more about the religion.

He said: "I did not go looking for the answers, they came looking for me."

A former British National Party member, who has turned his back on the group, also spoke to the youngsters at the conference at police headquarters in Ripley.

The event, the first of its kind, was organised by Derbyshire Constabulary's community engagement team which was set up in 2008 to prevent extremism...


Hamza's slant on events

Jailed Cleric calls for Libyan revolution

What do you think? Sounds like he isn't calling for Islamic revolution either, but speaking as another Egyptian no?

February 09, 2011

More Hamza..

I'm reading this the same as everyone else:

Radical cleric European human rights claim rejected



Apparently Mr Hamza got a message out through Hani al-Sibai. This was one of the guys who turned up in the public gallery at Hamza's trial. I had no idea who he was till I saw him on TV much later.


February 05, 2011

Camerons Muscular Plan

...Speaking to a security conference in the German city of Munich, Mr Cameron said that the threat of terrorism must be confronted not only though intelligence and surveillance, but by taking on the ideology of Islamist extremism at home.

"Frankly, we need a lot less of the passive tolerance of recent years and much more active, muscular liberalism," the Prime Minister said.

While a "passively tolerant" society allowed its citizens to do what they like, so long as they do not break the law, a genuinely liberal country "believes in certain values and actively promotes them," Mr Cameron said.

"Freedom of speech. Freedom of worship. Democracy. The rule of law. Equal rights, regardless of race, sex or sexuality. It says to its citizens: This is what defines us as a society. To belong here is to believe these things.

"Each of us in our own countries must be unambiguous and hard-nosed about this defence of our liberty."

The Prime Minister stressed that right-wing extremists and Christian fundamentalist preachers of hate must also be condemned.

He also insisted that a clear distinction must be made between the religion of Islam and the political ideology of Islamist extremism...


February 04, 2011


Not been bloggin of late, been engrossed in making music. Al Jazeera is on in the background rooting for Egypt. Its been quite amazing how Al J is really coming into its own through this and twice as amusing that the whole of the US is suddenly watching it.

Not in the tea leaf reading business so no predictions.

Also in the news, it seems from Wikileaks that the US govt started in Finsbury where I left off


Nothing new or particularly secret really, they should sort their filing system out though.


January 12, 2011

These stories usually turn out to be bullshit....

Sky sources reveal that jailed radical cleric Abu Hamza has been involved in a 'violent' incident with prison officers at a high security jail. Hamza was allegedly left "bloodied and bruised" after the altercation...

...Family members said the Egyptian-born cleric told them he was assaulted by up to 10 prison officers during the incident. However sources have told Sky there was no violence involved, but that Hamza had to be restrained by officers...

...Hamza's family claim he's suffered repeated racial abuse by both inmates and staff and has requested to be placed in solitary confinement.

last I heard he has always been in solitary in a "prison within a prison" as Musa described it.