March 01, 2021


Jeezus. Let me blow the cobwebs off this blog to launch the prelude to my Comic Londonistan.
Video launch below.
This blog logs the footprints of how this project came about. Its quite a time capsule for me. I hope you all enjoy it! As you will see scrolling I have had almost all my Finsbury park related videos taken off of Youtube most without even informing me. Lets see what these algorythmic tossers next move is launching this. I am sure it is cancelable for something. All feedback here or on Youtube. This is my rudumetary attempts to get to grips with software (Corel painter 12 30 quid) over my friends pencil sketches with a drawing tablet (Wacom Cintiq 16) I am seeking artists to continue so if that is why you are here do get in touch.
cheese mate!