April 29, 2013


The Express are trying to link the Boston bombing with Hamza

Did Abu Hamza inspire Boston bombers?

THE Boston bombers’ murderous attack on the US city’s marathon may have been inspired by the rantings of extremist preacher Abu Hamza. US intelligence officials suspect Hamza’s widely publicised extradition from Britain to the US last year could have fuelled Tamerlan and Dzhkhor Tsarnaev’s warped jihad campaign.

Last night a senior US intelligence source said: “The most high-profile cleric who has come to the US was Hamza.
“He made a lot of headlines and this is something they would not have missed. These types of people always have someone to inspire them and Hamza fits the bill.
“He may be in prison but if you listen to the internet chatter there are still a lot of people talking about Abu Hamza. He is considered very highly.
“These two got a lot of inspiration from the internet and from reading material on those who preach hate. We are looking at all paths.”
Hamza, who is being held in a high security jail in New York, had no contact with the brothers.
 However, videos of Hamza are readily available on the internet. Those containing his more radical sermons calling for a jihad against the west are distributed among a select group by file sharing.