May 27, 2006

OK. First guitar I bought in many many years is an electro acoustic Tanglewood for £220. Also the most I have ever spent on a guitar, by twenty quid. I prefered the people in the other shop, but I couldn't turn this guitar down at the price.

I gave it a good loud hammering in the shop. All of the staff looked quite annoyed when I left but pleasantly surprised when I came back with the money.

"Our" Bass player was complaining the other day that I haven't written about "us" so-

Yes, I have a band together, after hassling Stevie up the road for a year, I think every time I saw him I asked

"How come we are not famous yet?"

We finally have a band with a great singer who also blogs and a great drummer who is studying classical percussion. I'm not going to tell you the name yet. Have to wait till we get a MySpace up and some tunes done to put on it.

We are considering whether to try and tour eastern Europe with a van this summer, and may have an invite to play a festival in Sweden also. Lets see. It feels great to have a purpose after ditching the doco anyway.

The last time I was in a semi-serious band was 1989. This one is much, much better. I feel a bit of an impostor next to the talent of the bass+drums, but in another way I like subtle guitar, squealing string noises... "colour" I call it. Means that whilst the drums and bass have to stay fairly straight and tight for a gig I could do 6 lines of ketamine and no one would notice. Top job eh?

I'm writing this entry waiting for Simon, a regular commenter from Rightwingsparkle's blog. We are off to see if we can't annoy guitarshop staff again.

May 25, 2006


Nightclub plot described

It has been a difficult trial to follow. The defendants are seven young
British men of Pakistani-origin, and the allegations are myriad but one
centre piece has been a plot to use ammonium nitrate to blow up a London
nightclub, the Ministry of Sound.

Other alleged potential bombing targets were the Bluewater shopping
centre and trains. The court has heard that an elaborate surveillance
operation tracked the alleged terror cell for months, bugging cars and
houses resulting in thousands of hours of audio tapes, and also CCTV

Today for the first time, pictures of the defendants have been released
and the jury also today heard a surveillance tape purporting to be that
of the plotters talking about potential targets, and the consequences
of blowing the club up.

"We won’t be blamed for killing innocent people, those slags dancing
around", one of the men on the tape is heard saying. "Blow the whole
thing up" and another chimes in: "That’s what I am saying."

The details are chilling, the prosecution is alleging that the people
on trial are part of a significant British terror cell. We have the full
story tonight at seven.


May 20, 2006

Levin: While the intelligence community was consistently dubious about links between Iraq and al-Qaeda, Mr Feith produced an alternative analysis asserting that there was a strong connection. Were you comfortable with Mr. Feith's office approach to intelligence analysis?

Hayden: No sir, I wasn't. I wasn't aware of a lot of the activity going on when it was contemporaneous with the running up to the war, but... no sir, I wasn't comfortable.

islamicrevolution (1 week ago)

He will be missed, may Allah be pleased with him and may he be an inspiration to others.
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MaccusGermanis (1 week ago)

good riddance!
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mag0070 (1 week ago)

RIP Khattab REST IN PEICES. I hope all you fucks rot like his corpse does.
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dicksucker79 (1 week ago)

chechnya you know what the war started because CHECHNYA REBELS STARTED IT are you people retarded did you see that beard lol there will never be a one ruler one religion thing to many people so whats next for you wanna be armys your gonna say well its ok to uhh destroy earth is it not i can find a verse in the quaran to prove it nah nah nah nah o boy why dont you and the other wanna be nations outcast go to a island and die and leave the ruleing of the world to russia and usa ?
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homeostatic (1 week ago)

Preceding their defeat, National Socialism was the religion of millions across central Europe. It took us killing or maiming nearly every able-bodied fighting man in their society plus PURPOSELY killing nearly 1 million civilians to crush their undemocratic faith. Doubt not that if it becomes necessary, we will do the very same to you. If you continue to push us, you Islamo-fascists will bring total destruction upon your traditions... both the beautiful and the backwards.
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Lomitza (5 days ago)

This video is terrorist propaganda. Since when are they freedom fighters, since when are they in the right. Russia is trying to help Chechnya to get back on it's feet. Rather than having a shithole where drugs, armed criminal gangs and total chaos rule the country. So to hell with all you PIGS that support the REBELS. They are all burning in eternal fires of hell, subject to unimaginable pain and suffering for their part in Murdering innocent people. Russia is totally in the right.
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Neddhartha (5 days ago)

Screw the "freedom fighters" - fighting for a sadistic devil-god like Allah. Corpse chewing faggots. Go to hell!


via God is Not an ASShole

May 18, 2006

Fuck tha Police

NWA were the pioneers of gangsta rap. Via this is "Straight outa Compton" how it would sound if it was recorded today.


I was going to tell you about my attempts to force destiny to make lighting strike twice in the same place but its too depressing. I was going to tell you how I fought against an urge to have a look at this trial for a couple of months and lost but I can't explain myself without commiting contempt of court. Surfice to say that the experience shit me up for exactly the reason I feared it would.

Anyway, watched United 93. Good film. Too soon? On time? Late? Don't know. Whats wrong with it? Good film.

Also watched a "Sarf London" gangster film. OK. If you want the UK to be American Ghetto styley. Obviously a lot of people do. Quite artistic use of sound. Stylised brutality. Usual crop of typecast British actors.

I've also got half way through this Illuminazi thing. I try not to watch these conspiracy things cos I know they'll send me off on one. This one has done it already. I've got to give up and go outside. How come I didn't know that in the fucking US congress building there is a fasese either side of the American flag ? We are all fucked aren't we? No really. We are.

May 15, 2006

More Bollocks Questions

I'm loving this "Muslim Question" lark.

It may take many years before we know what this episode in human history was actually all about, and how important it truly was. Give it time, for it will get played out. And when the dust finally settles, one side will have won.

Then, having learned from the Arab and Israeli interregnum, we won't get duped into years of letting our victory continually get toyed with. For we have learned, winning something worth fighting for means holding onto that victory.

And once that victory is in hand, I guarantee you, peaceful and not-so-peaceful Muslims alike, we will hold tightly to our victory. Because, after seeing what you're truly capable of, when it comes to America, as you're starting to see, there's no more Mr. Nice Guy.

Maybe not today, maybe not tommorow. These guys are involved in a "Third World War" with shitloads of Arabs apparently. Fighting from behind computer screens as usual.


Osama has heeded, not hijacked, Islam.

In the event that doubts linger, "Infiltration's," "Top 10 Myths Of Islam" blows an even bigger hole in the heart of the Religion-of-Peace fable. Terrorism is an excrescence of Islam, Sperry argues, because while the murder of "innocents" might be prohibited, "orthodox Muslims do not consider Jews and Christians [much less Israeli civilians] necessarily innocent." In other words, "What the public recognizes as murder, these Muslims recognize as justice."

I may have to stick up a permanent link to this one. Its great. In other news:

Four years ago Moussaoui was on the verge of pleading guilty to offenses that would have resulted in a life sentence. But he was unwilling to accept the government's insistence that he admit to being the 20th hijacker of Sept. 11, 2001 -- an allegation the government has long since dropped.

For almost two years, the case was stalled as the government sought Moussaoui's execution while denying him access to witnesses in its control who had testimony establishing that he was not involved in the Sept. 11 plot at all. Due process has long required the government to turn over such "exculpatory" evidence, but the government, citing national security, refused to afford Moussaoui access to this evidence. In October 2003 the trial court offered a reasonable solution: Allow the trial to proceed but eliminate the death penalty, because that's what the government's exculpatory evidence related to. The government refused that solution and spent several more years trying Moussaoui. The case ended where it began -- with Moussaoui facing life in prison.

Meanwhile, at a secret CIA "black site" prison, the United States is holding the alleged mastermind of Sept. 11, Khalid Sheik Mohammed. And at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, it has Mohamed al-Qahtani, who the government now claims is the real would-be 20th hijacker. But the administration can't try either of these men, because any such proceeding would turn into a trial of the United States' own tactics in the war on terrorism.

May 14, 2006

I'm With the Band

Check out this amazing interview with someone called "Sully" from the band "Godsmack" absolutelyfuckinhilarious.

Arthur vs Godsmack


I never could figure out why I stopped liking Godsmack once I shipped out to ol’ Babylon. I really liked ‘em when I was in highschool - before I signed up - and even for a little while after. But it was as if someone flicked off a switch when my overseas orders came. I just chalked it up to the fact that so many other redneck hicks in the Corps were into them. Well, thanks for clearing the fog of war, and thanks for giving Sully a li’l bit o’ basic training!

Comment by Joey Alamo — 05/03/2006 @ 08:27:13 PM

May 13, 2006


via snowmails

On the trail of terror
And that’s our top story tonight – two reports out today on the 7/7
bombings in London.

These are the first official accounts on the atrocity.

One inquiry is into the intelligence services - this finds that the
intelligence services had had some awareness of two of the bombers but
had regarded them as peripheral. That decision - says the Intelligence
and Security Committee - was 'understandable', and they also find that
the services were incredibly strapped for resources but did their

The report finds no evidence that the bombing was directly linked to
al-Qaeda, although two of the bombers had previously visited Pakistan
where they received some training and came into contact with al-Qaeda
figures. The finding is that the 7/7 operation was more than likely home
grown, and there was no mystery mastermind who left the country.

The coordinated quartet of attacks which resulted in the deaths of 52
people, were plotted for less than a month, cost only a few thousand
pounds to put into effect and the agents of their detonation had only
been radicalised in the previous 18 months.

In some way the findings are more shocking than if this had been a
directly controlled and co-ordinated outside al-Qaeda attack.

But as al-Qaeda is an organism for inspiration rather than an agency of
trained bombers ready to go at specific times, this is hardly

The implication seems to be that the educated men who carried out these
attacks had in part been alienated by British foreign policy not least
by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, although Chechnya and Bosnia also
seem to have played a role. But how they came to be radicalised to such
a murderous degree is not fully understood.

Tonight we shall be talking live with the Home Secretary about
Britain’s present state of readiness and much else.

We shall be talking to survivors, to the Muslim community and
attempting to assess the current state of threat.

See all the reports from 7/7 and its aftermath at

One question, so far and that is Who the fuck is Haroon Rashid Aswat?


OK, its that time of year again, and like last year I'm celebrating in proper geek style- with the badly photoshopped collage of bloggers who either comment here, or I read, or both.

Missing are Jo and Tequilita, anyone else? I am awaiting photos. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG!!!

The scary tits on the left are Boudicia's, The Camel below is Jeff, Head in his hands on the bar is Indigo, Floating above the bar is Deek, the picture over the bar is Edit Copy. With the wings is Paula, the dog watching TV is The Scrutinator, on the TV is a Swedish footballer representing Bill X Nillson.

Back row is Gloria who is now blogging from Africa, i::::s::::, BigDog and ex-Millenial Stef is trying to nick Paula's beer.

Along the front is Major John, Evangelina, Mexican Adrian in LA, Rightwingsparkle, Rose and the afro with "Angry Black Bitch" on it is Angry Black Bitch.


Check out this rubbish.

Britain's secret intelligence service, MI6, has established the first proof al-Qaida is playing a major role in the new Cold War between North and South America - with Osama bin Laden's terror network seeing itself in league with Mexican subversives in infiltrating the U.S. border.

The evidence emerged as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez swash-buckled into London...

Look through the archives.

"Muslim chickens hatched World War Three."

This is one of the stupidest blogs I've ever read. The first post I read was this one. I stuck a comment asking how many Muslims the author had spoken to. It wasn't put up, but I recieved a reply which said something like

"I have lived in Muslim countries for 30 years and have 12 doctorates and PHDs coming out of my butt-hole so I won't embarass you by publishing your comment and my FANTASTIC retort."

I wrote back saying the person had REALLY suprised me as I thought the piece was a carbon copy of all the other uninformed exagerations of bullshit about Islam I read on the worst Republican blogs I love so much.

I got back a copy of an I.P. stats sheet which I assume was a record of my visit.

Anyway, wrote back saying something like

"Interesting stats sheet. I haven't got 12 doctorates so you'll have to spell out to me why you've sent me this. Is it in someway part of the argument?"

Was I supposed to be frightened or something? Fuck knows. Anyway no answer.

Wrote again, something like

"Why do you put up this rubbish? You know most Muslims just want to get along just like the rest of us..."

No answer.

Strange people.

May 10, 2006

Just a sec...

OK. You can get this sort of thing in the Toy shop in the UK...
but I'm not sure about this...
via dannychoo


via Omegaprojektet

The men attending the mawlid -- a celebration of the birth and life of Muhammad -- sat on colorful rugs, rocking gently back and forth, while the women, on the upper floor watching via a large projection screen, passed around boxes of tissues and wiped tears from their eyes.

The centuries-old mawlid, a mainstay of the more spiritual and often mystic Sufi Islam, was until recently viewed as heretical and banned by Saudi Arabia's official religious establishment, the ultraconservative Wahhabis. But a new atmosphere of increased religious tolerance has spurred a resurgence of Sufism and brought the once-underground Sufis and their rituals out in the open.

Analysts and some Sufis partly credit reaction to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States for the atmosphere that has made the changes possible. When it was discovered that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi, the kingdom's strict Wahhabi doctrine -- which had banned all other sects and schools of thought -- came under intense scrutiny from inside and outside the country. The newfound tolerance Sufis have come to enjoy is perhaps one of the most concrete outcomes of that shift.

"This is one of the blessings of September 11. It put the brakes on the [Wahhabi] practice of takfir , excommunicating everyone who didn't exactly follow their creed," said Sayed Habib Adnan, a 33-year-old Sufi teacher. The government "realized that maybe enforcing one religious belief over all others was not such a good idea."

May 09, 2006


Mexican Border...

These are pictures from the blog of a Mexican friend of mine who has a job doing computer animation in Los Angeles. Adrian lived with us briefly in the squat I posted the news report about. We had quite a few illegal Argentinians, Brazilians, Poles etc. Lovely crowd. I don't think I could live anywhere else in the UK now. Too many English people.
Channel4 News piece about Basra

May 08, 2006


The evil Dave in Texas has finally got a blog. He's one of those bastid Republicans so go give him some shit here.

Also check out Uncle Jimbo's videoblogs including a great interview with the perma-tan absentee-MP, Galloway himself! (parts2-4 on Uncle Jimbos Youtube page)


May 06, 2006


Basra violence as helicopter downed

Tonight : British forces are in deep trouble in Basra.

A helicopter has been shot down and a number of British airmen killed -
people in the streets cheered as the wreckage burned in a grim
demonstration of how much local hearts and minds have been lost.

In the rioting that followed, Basra police say several more people were
killed and injured, including children. We'll be assessing what has
gone wrong with the local Shia militia who are rejecting their political
leadership and sticking to violence and we'll be asking whether the
British can stem the deterioration before it is time to leave.



Killing Joke live

Well Killing Joke weren't like I remembered late 80s. They didn't play this track, but played an interesting remix with a girl singing after. They didn't play much that I knew at all and under the influence of magic mushrooms it was very wierd standing in between huge bald headed guys dressed in black. Very weird being at a gig at all.

I was too frightened of the mad mosh pit until the end when a body came flying out for everyone to part and make sure the guy was back on his feet. Controlled violence. Very interesting. Must have been very important in the eighties for people like this. On the bus I blew it with an amazingly beautiful girl who was dying for me to speak to her. I let her fo without saying a word. Its not the first time this has happened on mushrooms, I must have been giving out a glow. I'm still in bits now to be honest. I thought knocking the ganj on the head would sort all this out.Ah well, I'm starting to believe in love again which is good at my age.

Killing Jokes MySpace with 3 tracks


I've got quite into Youtube over the last few weeks as you can probably tell. Here is my first effort at uploading. This was the best squat I ever lived in in 10 years or so of squatting. Hampstead heath at one end of the road, Highgate cemetry at the other. We had it for a year and after us it was resquatted twice. I think Camden council have finally done it up now.

Rock on with the Rightwing TV

via Rightwingsparkle, I love this. Powerline delving into some HUGE Mayday protests across America. The first report is sort of "one-sided party line" but the guy on the street is very good. He disagrees but is doing it properly and comprehensively and giving people a chance to explain themselves.

More McGovern

...they will not be able to repeal 18 US Code 2441 (the War Crimes Act of 1996 condemning torture) before going out the door. In addition, potential truth-tellers have become increasingly aware of the seldom-mentioned "Nuremberg obligation" to do what one reasonably can to prevent the commission of international crimes like torture.

By conducting these activities overseas, Bush's lawyers thought they might dodge the U.S. criminal statute. Maybe so. But international sanctions also apply. Will Donald Rumsfeld be able to travel to Europe once he loses his Secret Service protection and that afforded by the office of secretary of defense? Will CIA operatives, like the notorious keystone-cops kidnapping crew in Milan, be able to vacation on the Riviera?

May 05, 2006

What does this say?

I set my first ever Tarot with playing cards out in the wineglass shape. What does this say?

CARD ONE: The situation at hand. This card can be used to identify the situation, pin point the actual cause or identify the main participant.
3 of hearts:An unwise decision, made in haste and without proper background information.

CARD TWO: This card represents a past problem or situation which is related to the matter at hand.
King of clubs:Represents a very good friend. A lifelong companion, someone who can be trusted and counted on during times of need and sorrow.

CARD THREE: This card forewarns of a problem that can be expected to arise as a direct result of this present situation.
8 of hearts:An event, a celebration, a party/bash..etc. Some sort of ceremony that is already in the works..or is being planned.

CARD FOUR: This card along with (CARD FIVE) represents the past experiences that have caused this situation to come about.
9 of diamonds:Adventure: A move in the hopes of advancement.

CARD FIVE: (see above)
7 of hearts:A card of disappointment. Usually indicates a partner or other person failing to keep their promises. If this card comes up when dealing with some sort of plan, expect that the other person will back out.

CARD SIX: This is what should have been done, or what might have prevented the situation. It’s an important aspect because ,often, there is still time to rectify the situation or follow some of the advice now.
2 of diamonds:A serious love affair, resulting in a marriage or interfering with one depending on surrounding cards.

CARD SEVEN: Used to further identify situation in (CARD SIX)
Queen of hearts: A trusted woman. Someone knowledgeable and faithful. One who always plays fair.

CARD EIGHT: This card along with (CARD NINE), represents the final outcome. Card eight is the outcome without intervention. (No change of plans, nothing out of the ordinary, no extra effort)
3 of clubs:A sign of a second marriage or even a third. Or an engagement with someone, then a marriage with another, after a friendly separation.

CARD NINE: This is the outcome if you get some help from others, or make some changes in your plans, look at all of the other cards to help guide your decision.
4 of hearts:The bachelor or old maid card. This card represent someone who is too fussy in their selection of a partner. Someone who, by their picky nature, is destined to remain alone.

ex CIA Ray MacGovern vs Rumsfeld


Zahn: Did you go to this speech today with the intent of challenging Secretary Rumsfeld?

MCGOVERN: I had no predetermined objectives. I just wanted to see what he had to say. But I did get very motivated when the first lady was ejected from -- from the -- from the crowd.

Zahn: How much of an ax do you have to grind with Secretary Rumsfeld?

MCGOVERN: It's not a matter of axes to grind. It's a matter of telling the truth. And we pledged, in my day at the CIA, to tell it without fear or favor, to tell it like it is. And, when I see that corrupted, that is the real tragedy of this whole business.

Zahn: There was a point where it appeared as though you were going to get kicked out ... Donald Rumsfeld encouraged whoever I think had their hands on you at the time to let you stay there. Does he get any credit for that today?

MCGOVERN: At first, I thought, well, that was rather gracious. But, then I got to thinking, I was not abusing the privilege. I was simply asking pointed questions. And for the national TV audience to see me carted away for asking Rumsfeld to explain what any objective observer would call a lie, that wouldn't have been good P.R. So, yes, I'm glad he let me stay. But I think it was for self- interested reasons.

May 02, 2006

More Magic

Met a guy in India caller Topper if I remember rightly, an American who used a regular deck of cards for Tarot. He said that everyone had a card according to their birthday and I guessed mine correctly. Uncanny eh? Here's a page with each cards meaning. This is The Chandelier Spread, This is The Wineglass, This is The Fan Spread, I've been looking for a set of virtual playing cards to do the whole thing online with no sucess as yet. Here is a tutorial about how to make one anyway...
Went to a great squat trance party in Fulham on Sunday/Monday. Good mix of euro and south Americans. Didn't hear any good psy-trance though. Rarely do these days. Nice sharing drugs with friends and dancing. Did I have a spliff? Course I did. Chewed the inside of my mouth a bit too and met a really lovely Swedish girl I haven't seen in over a year, maybe two. Not sure where good trance is these days, but here is a good drum+bass radio station.
via Otomano some fantastic photos from Evgeniy Shaman