February 27, 2008

Meanwhile Here's Some Music...

OK. I've been reading papers, Mrs Ahmet's been reading papers, Hamid's daughter's been reading papers...

There is a bit more from the two Musa's on the BBC site. I had no idea Musa Ahmet was going to talk to the BBC.

Its probably best if I don't write anything just yet. I've got a very different story to the ones I've been reading anyway. I'll write more after sentencing. Meanwhile, here's some music.

February 26, 2008


My films featuring Mohammed Hamid are here and here.

I knew about this a few days ago. I think the reporting restrictions were to do with the last trial from the Bridge to China raid in which the defendants pleaded guilty today.

The trial and conviction of Mohammed Hamid has been one of the most important counter-terrorism prosecutions since 9/11

The Radicaliser and the Bombers

Mohammed Hamid 'is evil personified'

Top Terror Recruiter Found Gulity

Analysis: terror camp convictions mark end of the Hamza network

Guardian, The Press Association, Yahoo

"Breakfast" on Youtube

Channel 4 News

Sky (I think)

As reporting restrictions have been lifted I will reintroduce some of the comments which appeared on my blog regarding this trial which I feared could be regarded as contempt of court issues. As regulars will know I sat upstairs for as much of this trial as I could get to, often with Hamid's daughter and Atilla's brother Musa.

What is of interest, if you wade through some of these articles is that the jury found Hamid not guilty on charges of incitement attached to Atilla Ahmet. What does this mean? That they thought neither was inciting or just that Hamid wasn't? I don't know how this will affect Atilla's sentencing.

You will see on the BBC Website Musa Brown and Musa Ahmet gave an interview to Daniel Sandford. Musa (Ahmet) called and told me he said a lot more about his brother which wasn't included. Daniel had asked me for some footage of Hamid and Atilla together. I had to turn him down because Musa and Atilla were unhappy with the way it would be used. (see Atilla's wifes comment)

I will post the links of updated blogs here when it is all in order, I'll also try and get some sort of reaction from Hamid's daughter. Give me half a day or so..


Musa Ahmet and Atilla's wifes comment reintroduced on STRANGE BREAKFAST

African Neocon comment on ITS NOT FUNNY ANYMORE

Anonymous comment on VERY CROSS EXAMINATION


Also coming up I have video interviews with a couple of people arrested and released in the Bridge to China raid.

Thanks for the interest from all sides in my work on this subject.




A PAL of hook-handed Abu Hamza is continuing a war of hate against Britain — after being DEPORTED.

Evil Adbullah al-Faisal, 44, jailed here in 2003 for soliciting the murder of Jews and Americans, is mounting an internet campaign from his homeland Jamaica. The preacher of hate — an associate of notorious rabble-rouser Hamza — was kicked out after his release last year. He is now raising cash from followers so he can carry on his wicked doctrine on the web. In an interview posted on an extremist British website, he defends terrorism and appeals for funds for equipment to broadcast online and to pay for an international “lecture tour”. He says Allah will “reward” those who donate.

I've been speaking to Hajj a bit recently about "Hamza's mate" Adbullah al-Faisal. He said that just before Al-Faisal was arrested he spoke ill of Hamza. Hajj was angry and asked him to take it back. Apparently Hamza challenged him to a public debate which he didn't turn up to or wriggled out of. Hajj went to where the debate was supposed to happen (Finsbury Park Mosque I think) listened to Hamza speak and stuck with Hamza from then on. He said Al-Faisal wouldn't hurt a fly. He just "Got angry" when he preached.

Apparently when Al- Faisal was deported after his release he was offered to appear on Al-Jazeera etc, but the only media appearance he would accept was Jamaican TV. Jamaica, being a very religious place (I think there are more churches per head than anywhere else) has a popular show on TV every Sunday night called Religious hard Talk. I haven't seen it all the way through, I think the DVD is in two parts. A taster of the second part, where he debates a christian preacher is on youtube. As you can see, the presenter isn't really frightened of Al Faisal is he-

Hajj said that Faisal doesn't get any trouble in Jamaica because Jamaicans are aware of global conspiracies of the world powers. Speaking to people in Jamaica I noticed no one had any love for US and UK foreign policy. I'm sure they wouldn't have any problems with his views about homosexuality as it is illegal there.

February 24, 2008

Charlie Wilsons War

Just finished the book, its actually more extreme than the film. The truth being even stranger than the adjustments of it the director made to fit his story. You wouldn't get Michael Winterbottom doing that- but I enjoyed the film too so I won't gripe. I was ribbing my Texan republican blogger pals about their tax dollars financing this jihad, reading the details of the story is mind boggling. I couldn't put it down and would recommend it to anyone of any political persuasion.

Doing a bit of background I found an interesting doco from Kandahar, which starts pre-Soviet invasion and an interview with a Russian Helicopter pilot.

The book is quite painful. Some incredibly funny and crazy things happen whilst you are constantly aware of how many people are suffering and dying. I read the book wondering whether the connections between right wing fundamentalist Texans and Afghan fundies could be reignited toward some sort of solution, but it looks like Charlie Wilson kept to his "minds eye view" of the jihad rather than getting to know any Jihadi's, except Zia of course. Charles Schnabel "The Other Charlie" is the only real hopeful and I can't find a lot of reference to him online.

I really, really don't get war. I think I've been very lucky in my life. I thank whatever forces created me every day. I am trying to make out what Jihadi's would think about an Infidel who pickled his heart in alcohol financing their Jihad.


Looking thru my footage I knocked up another quick edit.

This is Abu Aziz, refered to in the news at the time as Abu Hamza's "Press Secretary". He was usually like this with journalists. I think he is still at large though I haven't seen or heard of him in years.

You get a bit of my "technique" with the fundies at the end. The Bin Laden look alike in the last shot called himself "Abu Jihad" and gave an interview to ITN outside the Old Bailey during Hamza's courtcase (later) saying "The Black Flag of Islam will one day fly over Downing st." He was one of the friendliest people outside the mosque.

Bosnia- Madrid Connections

The following persons are suspected of having provided the blasting caps for the Madrid bombing. They are part of a large group operating in Bosnia. Members of the group belong to Wahabbi sect of Sunni Islam, and they are involved in terrorist training of youth, religious indoctrination, and weapons smuggling operations across the Balkans.

1. Alibaba Selimbašić; real name Sead Kahriman. He is the man with the best connections. We have indications that he is currently in the vicinity of Tešanj, promoting militant Islam. He pays young Bosniaks to attend “military training” and Islamic lessons. Has links to the Wahabbis. On his instructions, Zehrudin Omerović “Beli” (Whitey) and Osman Selimbašić purchased weapons and material needed for Wahabbi terrorism. There are indications that Selimbašić is currently seeking SAMs, from Stingers to Russian Strela-2s produced in Pakistan, in the Balkan black markets. The name Kahriman is linked to another active Wahabbi, one Ferid Tatarević, whose parents are Muhamed and Rasema Kahriman. Ferid was born March 20, 1956, in Zenica, and lives at Ulica Armije BiH 4, Zenica.

2. Nisvet Durgutović (061/100-873) belongs to the extremist criminal gang “Riblje glave” (Fish heads) in Cazin. Traffics in illegal weapons and narcotics. He has an associate nicknamed “Lopov” (Thief) who is also engaged in weapons trafficking for the needs of Islamic fundamentalists (and others as well).

3. Nedim Alagić lives and works in Goražde, meeting frequently with the Wahabbis at the nearby Kriva Draga hill, at the old headquarters of the Bosnian Army's Rogatica Brigade. Wahabbis gather at the Muslim Youth center in Goražde (Maršalina 4, Mahala quarter) and the internet-club “Uldiz,” where they train on computers.

February 20, 2008


This is Katya Nisim's film which is a bit less violent than my version of events.

February 15, 2008


Nice one. Mr Camel got hold of Charlie Wilson's War. I'm going to read it with a careful eye on the relationships between Texans and Islamic warriors. I'm wondering if these two tribes might have the solution to all this, or might be an even more scary alliance than anyone could imagine.

February 12, 2008


This is why I buy tabloid newspapers. Our nations youngest suicide bomber is actually a really fascinating story destined to be made into a Michael Winterbottom movie anytime soon. The British shot his father whose friends encouraged him to revenge his death by learning how to blow himself up. He let slip to his mum one night who didn't want to loose another family member and got him "people smuggled" to the UK where he told the whole story, detonators and all to immigration in Croydon.

"Talibrum" refers to a SUN EXCLUSIVE!!!!!

Apparently there are people from the Midlands and people from Yorkshire in the Taliban. No shit. Really? Hajj was telling me that in the good old days of "Londonistan" Muslims from all over the UK were buying properties in special towns the Taliban were building for foreigners who wanted to experience life under Islamic law.

heres another talibrum from 2006

oh and there is some justice coming to Guantanamo bay apparently.

February 08, 2008


Should really be working on a "It Was the Sun Wot Won It" for Socialistwanker on this one. I wonder if we will suddenly become popular in the States once Mr H is on US soil? (I wouldn't say we were "popular" but 80% of our hits are from the US for some reason..)I'd like once and for all to hear the charges answered. Maybe I should put up some of the stranger stuff from Finsbury park.

Here you go- Hamza's solitary jail cell hell. I think they are trying to say solitary in the states is going to be worse than solitary here...?

also Amy Winehouse refused Visa to USA, Abu Hamza invited to stay

UPDATE: Clarkson takes it for The Times: Give it up, Hamza – you’re too ugly

much as I hate everything Clarkson stands for he's a great writer and I am glad I don't own a TV or I'd be watching reruns of Top Gear on "Dave" end to end- and I haven't even got a driving licence-

...The main reason the war against apartheid was won is that Nelson Mandela looks good on a T-shirt.

I mean it. Look at all the successful freedom fighters and you’ll note they all had one thing in common: a chiselled, romantic figurehead. Che Guevara, for instance, worked well as a screen print, and as a result the rebels still hold power in Cuba. And because Yasser Arafat looked like he’d just stepped out of that bar in Star Wars, Palestine is still a prison rather than a country. ...

...This of course brings me neatly to the question of Muslim extremists. They are waging a preposterous campaign, trying to make all women in the world wear their headscarves back to front. And there’s no doubt that if their international leader was Abu Hamza they wouldn’t get anywhere.

One eye is good. Admiral Nelson pulled that off well and so does Gordon Brown. It makes you look sinister and interesting. Then there’s the hook for a hand. That’s inspirational. The stuff of Bond baddie legend. But I’m sorry, the rest is hopeless; especially that patchy and spartan face fungus, as threadbare as an aristocrat’s carpet.

Unfortunately, however, Hamza is not the global figurehead. That role belongs to Osama Bin Laden, and let’s cut to the chase on this, shall we? The man’s a looker. Teaming those gentle and kind eyes with an ever-present AK-47 keeps us guessing. He even manages to look good in a dress and that beard. Wow...

Telegraph, Press Association, AFP, This is London, The Spoof, BBC, The Mirror,

The Egyptians also want Hamza

February 04, 2008


The discussions about a reclassification of cannabis begin tomorrow:

the Daily Telegraph front page headline ... says "Abuse of cannabis puts 500 a week in hospital", and it turns out they're actually quoting a figure from a report on the number of people having contact with any drug treatment service of any variety. The colossal majority of these, of course, are outpatient appointments for drugs counselling, not hospital admissions. So there are not 500 people a week suddenly being put into hospital by cannabis...

Channel 4 News reach a different conclusion in their report

Also read Skunk and Psychosis:

"I'd legalise normal dope, but turn skunk into class A," says Julie Lynn-Evans

Why I'm Backing Obama

Fuck knows. I mean really. I thought Blair was going to be the "Third Way" and look what happened. I haven't got a good track record on these things. I can usually guess who is going to become the next Tory leader from one look at the candidates. As for a "least worst" leader in this world we live in I try really hard not to get sucked in because it's often a huge disappointment. He's got a nice smile? If he rides in on a "Kennedy-esque wave" he might actually do something? The mad 'mentalists might give him a chance to develop plans for a safer world before exploding? God knows. Anyway I know I probably shouldn't, bite size TV politics being like crack an' all but I'm backing Obama apparently.


600 in Karachi:

As many as 600 suicide bombers are present in the Pakistani port city of Karachi where they are planning to carry out a major attack, arrested militants of an al-Qaeda linked banned outfit have told the police.

more via South Africa:

...Law enforcement agencies have been putting pressure on ministers to overhaul immigration rules that allow South African passport holders to enter Britain without a visa and stay for six months...

...Intelligence services and anti-terrorist police have also shut an al-Qaeda cell, members of which had been travelling to terrorist training camps in Pakistan via southern Africa...

February 02, 2008


Several thousand Muslim ex-fighters and their supporters protested on Saturday against a Bosnian government plan to start deporting foreign volunteers who stayed in the country after the 1992-95 war.

Thousands of fighters from the Middle East and Africa arrived in Bosnia to fight alongside Bosnian Muslims against Bosnian Serbs and Bosnian Croats. Most left after the war but hundreds stayed on after marrying local women.

The protest was organised under the slogan "Forgive Us, Hamza" in the central town of Zenica, where most of the ex-mujahideen live, ahead of the expected deportation next week of their informal leader Imad Al Husayn, known as Abu Hamza.

The same story through Serbian eyes:

Bosnian Muslims rally behind Jihadists
February 3, 2008

"I carry Bosnia in my heart," says Aiman Abu Abdurrahman, a Jihadist from middle east who was invited by the Bosnian Muslim government in the 1990 to help them kill Christians.

Abdurrahman was given Bosnian Muslim citizenship and was given a local Bosnian Muslim woman to marry with whom she has children.

Bosnia is a country in which I have experienced the nicest days of my life, my Bosnian [wife] has enriched my life, my good Bosnians will always be on my side," says Abdurrahman.

Two of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were veterans of the Bosnian Muslim Jihad. Most gruesome atrocities such as beheadings of Christians, burning down churches with Christians in them and other brutalities have been documented by these Bosnian fighters and the video footage is for sale in many mosques across Bosnia.

February 01, 2008

Mad Blonde Stickwoman Backs Hillary

via Drudge

also do check comments here in Sparkleland for a flavour of Republican though about the merits of Hillary vs McCain. If you think it looks like I am endorsing McCain myself I will totally deny everything. Its a jedi mind trick I am playing on my NeoCon buddies. Shhhhh.