September 30, 2005


Now this is proper Malung-TV-news in the mainstream again. The Billboards scream "Exclusive: Cocaine at Labour party conference!" The London Evening Standard haven't got it on their rather staid website But the scotsman have it here

Asked about the cocaine allegations, a Labour source said: "We don't have a line on that".

You know what I mean? These guys think they are fucking funny. Loads of great entrepreneurial minds languish in prison because of their hypocrisy. Poor people risk their stomachs, entrails and prison in hope of getting a bit richer. Criminals control most of Bolivia and Columbia.

"We don't have a line on that"

HA ha ha ha ha ha ha you are so fucking hilarious you new labour TWAT.

More Cocaine news via drugspot.

September 29, 2005

More square eyes

Watch TV. Its good. The hip hop years has got to be one of the best things I have ever seen on TV, next to Scorsese's Dylan doc. The conclusion last night was totally top shit. The rise of Gansta rap with NWA and then Death row, the rise of Snoop and his trial for murder coinciding with sales of "Doggy style" going balistic, the rise and fall of Biggie and Tupac. Amazing.

Dr. C. DeLores Tucker's cross party campaign against gansta rap.

"We didn't go through all we went through to have our children calling each other niggers and calling our sisters bitches."

Powerful stuff. The doc touched a little on how hip hop has taken over white kids in the states but didn't really go into why.

Tonight: Christian Hip-hop!

September 27, 2005

44 oil spills found in southeast Louisiana
Largest is nearly 4 million gallons, most big ones are on Mississippi River.

I don't know why Bio-diesel as a fuel hasn't got a huge great push from all this. Millions of Texan's on the move, running out of petrol, in a diesel truck in that temperature you could pass them all filling up from behind the fast food stops.

Does no one own a deisel engined car in the states?

...and thanks for all the fish

via copyeditor: Armed and dangerous - Flipper the firing dolphin let loose by Katrina

Nice one Zoe

This is a civilized version along the lines of my rabbit rant. See? If journalists can be this sensible in print, the law will catch up one day. Scag's not so bad. If I do it at my own pace I don't have to chuck my guts up.

You were saying Zoe?


This week I've been sweating under a heap of abuse over something I wrote about Sainsbury's cherries being, unit for unit, more expensive than E.

I was expecting the complaint to come from Sainsbury's, since I didn't actually work that out, and the odds of my maths being very slightly off were overwhelming. But in fact the complaints were that I "trivialised" drugs.

Two thoughts: first, the person trivialising drugs is surely the one flogging them for 50p each, not the person who read about it in the Daily Mail; second, had I added a bracket (like this, for instance: 50p? For an E? What clearer testament to our declining standards?), then I would have gotten away with it. Instead, I started the week with a drugs shame.

Obviously, the shame would be greater if I had been taking instead of trivialising the drugs, and if I'd then been caught on camera, by the very newspaper I forced an apology out of for the very same offence two months ago, and if I were, I don't know, Kate Moss. Yet I feel very little shame, and I don't think I would if I were her, either. It's terribly easy to make a person feel ashamed of cocaine use the next day, when they're at a low ebb and still have their party clothes on, but leave it a week or more, and you might as well try to make them feel guilty about saying arse in front of an old lady.

Drug use, in fact, holds exactly the same cultural position as swearing - politicians definitely, positively, don't do it, people who work in newspapers do it all the time, but you'd never know it to read the newspapers, and everyone else is pretty neutral on the matter. They might, they might not. The ones who don't might disapprove, but it's rarely the lodestone of a person's moral apparatus.


This is what I remember Christianity being like.

I like christians. I can understand where they are coming from. I think its a bit of a shame religions become a bit insular and groups always end up making up their own language.

I saw "Jesus is Lord" lit up above a church yesterday. I wonder what this conjures in the minds of non-believers. Jesus is Lord? of what? Lord as in the house of Lords?

I've a lot of respect for christians who take Jesus seriously. I miss that type of motivation to be honest with you. I don't like not believing anything, but I can't help it.

via Bushwhacked:

I know what I believe. I will continue to articulate what I believe and what I believe -- I believe what I believe is right.

-George W. Bush

I had some smarmy christians trying to throw demons out of me once. They were "ministering" to the Kallash tribe who they no doubt thought of as "lost souls". I wanted to hit them. I felt a bit "possesed" though, which bothered me.

September 26, 2005


The way I see it: white people are trifling and white people bullshit is fucking everything up in this country...

R: Was Mamaw an Indian?

****For the sake of clarification, my mother’s mother was called Mamaw and my father’s mother was called Granny****

M: No. I told you before – many times -- that her grandmother or her great grandmother was. That’s where your high cheekbones and the black hair come from. Her people were called West. That’s all I know.

Remember Stefs comments?


Heres another one, and another, and another.

Heres some serious research on the subject.

and heres a poem.

Results 1 - 10 of about 612 for "Ian Paisley" "bigot". (0.03 seconds)

OK. I take it back. We are spoilt for terrestrial TV in the UK. I'm watching Scorsese's Dylan doc. Later:

11:00pm: Porn With Attitude

Documentary about the unholy splicing of the hip hop and porn industries, which is seeing multi millionaire artists such as Snoop Dogg sell records to teenagers one minute and host quite unpleasant sex parties on films the next. A bit wrong? You decide...

We are blessed. Halleluja! There is an "intelligent design."

followed by

12:00am: The Hip Hop Years
Another chance to watch this really quite brilliant series. The first instalment charts the beginnings of hip hop in late 70s America.

Thats 6 hours of top notch documentaries and Rupert Murdoch doesn't get a penny. Fantastic country no?

Had a good day today. Why am I attracted to black single mothers? I remember in conversation with Mrs Sparkle one time she said that one of the problems with black society in the US was the number of unwed mothers. Whats the problem? George Bush had both parents and it didn't stop him becoming an alchoholic for twenty years.

I came by some liquid morphine the other day and found myself waking up all night taking little sips every couple of hours. Very dreamy all the next day. Sent me on a search for stronger opiates. I'm a bit pinned. Wouldn't make a habit of them, but its nice to enjoy drugs sometimes. I don't enjoy very many these days.

Amazing news. IRA. 600 Ak's, a couple of tons of Semtex...No one seems to be too offended by the bank robbery.

A special cheers for today to Mr. Balrog. who will probably have more to say on the subject when her sobers up..

Democratic Unionist Party leader the Reverend Ian Paisley said there had been no transparent verification of IRA decommissioning in today's announcement.

He said today's announcement showed the ``duplicity and dishonesty of the two governments and the IRA''.

He said there had been a ``cunning cover-up'' and no announcement of what had been decommissioned, as was required by unionists.

He said the announcement by General de Chastelain did not meet the requirements of proof the unionist people demanded.

The promises of British Prime Minister Tony Blair that decommissioning would be transparent and verifiable had been broken, said the Democratic Unionist Party leader.

Today was to be the day when the gun was finally take out of Irish politics, according to the IRA, he said.

But the people of Northern Ireland watched this afternoon an announcement which “illustrates more than ever the duplicity of the two governments and the IRA," said Mr Paisley.

Mr Paisley and his party are crucial to any progress with the political process and he made it clear he was unimpressed with the announcement as a means of kick-starting progress.

Speaking at a Belfast news conference he said: “Instead of openness there was the cunning tactics of a cover up, the complete failure from general John de Chastelain to deal with the vital numbers of decommissioning.

“We do not know how many guns, the amounts of ammunition, explosives – nor were we told how the decommissioning was carried out.”

He said also that the ‘so called’ independent witnesses were “appointed by the IRA”.

And he said not one iota of evidence had been given to verify that what the IRA had told the IICD was accurate.

Mr Paisley said the Commission had simply taken the IRA's word at face value but he claimed the terror group could not be believed.

The DUP leader said: “The so-called Independent International Commission for Decommissioning could only say to the people of Northern Ireland that the proof that all the guns and material of the IRA were decommissioned was an assurance given to them by the IRA.

“Not one iota was given to verify that assurance. The IICD message was to trust the IRA as the IRA had indicated all weapons had been decommissioned.”

Mr Paisley claimed the General had simply taken the word of the IRA, which in turn was accepted by the witnesses.

The DUP leader said the witnesses were under the General’s control.

He said: “It must be clearly stated that both witnesses were approved by the IRA and therefore were accepted by the IRA and in no way could be independent.”

Mr Paisley said the unionist community would be unimpressed by today’s developments, which he claimed amounted to a betrayal.

He said: “The fact remains that the promise made by the (British) Prime Minister, that decommissioning must be transparent and verifiable and must satisfy everyone, was broken.

“There were no photographs, no detailed inventory and no detail of the destruction of these arms.

“To describe today’s act as being transparent would be the falsehood of the century.

“The people of Ulster are not going to be forced by IRA/Sinn Féin or by the two governments along the path of deceitfulness and treachery.”

Google Results: 612 pages for "Ian paisley" "bigot." (0.14 seconds)

September 25, 2005

I was a BNP activist...

I was a BNP activist ... and converted to Islam

I am not sure, but I think this guy might be the white guy on the right hand side of this picture from the "Koran desecration" protest outside the US embassy in May. He says in the article that he is close to Hizbut-Tahrir who were there.

September 24, 2005


I focus so much on Republicans and Fundamental Islamists I forget to big up my mates sometimes.

Peace Not War at Cargo

Fantastic. Fun-da-mental DJ set rocking as usual. Lots of Punjabiisms over some really tough beats. Asian dub Foundation, two guys rapping over drum and bass? Worked great. Nice crowd. It feels to me as if the Republicans have won. They get what they want in my country let alone their own. Sometimes "peace campaigners" or "moonbats" look as beaten as they are. Not at Cargo. Really bright, profesionaly put together entertainment from a really positive posse.

Kalahari LSE Houghton st

What a fantastic gig last night. Its always good when you realise someone you know in passing is actually a really talented musician. Gaudi. What a great live act. Beatboxing, theremone, random percussion. Dub remixes of the Cure and Nirvana (I think) kicking out amazing music to top a night of amazing music and no trance anywhere. Nice to see my backdrops up and so well presented along with some really beautiful decor. Lovely people. Hilarious security guard at the end of the night actually started locking the doors as we were trying to get equipment out. Theres always one isn't there. Nice bouncers for this type of venue though.

EXCLUSIVE: Helawell says something sensible about drugs!

Helawell, ex-drug "tzar"

"Why would you focus on Kate Moss when there are thousands of people in London who are involved in this type of behaviour and thousands of people who actually Ian Blair will mix with?"

Mr Hellawell also criticised the "celebrity arrogance" and hypocrisy about cocaine. He said everyone knew the drug was widely used.

"As soon as it's discovered and it can't be kept in the box then everybody comes out with this outrage," he said.

"I think those double standards are silly."

September 23, 2005


Reformation USA

The one thing I am completely sure of is that neither party deserves the mantels they have chosen to identify themselves with. The Republican party has abandoned the conservative philosophy, despite their spin and likewise, the Democratic party has abandoned the liberal philosophy, despite their spin. Both parties are in the pocket of big business and perhaps they always have been. I do not believe a word any of them say... I have no faith in our system. Because the Republicans are in complete power today it is easy to take shots at their open hypocrisy and lies but the Democrats are no better.

I recall a quote, some place or another, and I apologize for not recalling who to credit but the gist of the quote is "There is no limit to what a single man can accomplish, so long as he doesn't care who gets credit". Every..... Single..... Day..... I have to deal with and watch people who are more interested in getting credit than they are in doing what is right or what needs to be done.


Boooo! Fuck you rabbit!

The Mirror:

TROUBLED Kate Moss finally said sorry yesterday for her cocaine binge scandal...

"I want to apologise to all of the people I have let down because of my behaviour, which has reflected badly on my family, friends, co-workers, business associates and others..."

She confided to brother Nick, 29, that she might enter rehab in a cynical PR ploy to save her career - "or it won't look good"...

But several fashion giants have now ditched her.

And PR gurus believe yesterday's confession came too late.

Max Clifford said: "It looks like she's making a gesture because she's losing a lot of money.

"If she had made her apology before these fashion houses dumped her, it would have been more authentic. This reeks of being commercially motivated, a calculated move.

"She should have apologised straight away.

"She needed to go on TV and pour her heart out to convince people that she's sincere, genuine and facing up to her problems."

Great idea! Cry on TV Kate. Show remorse. Pour your heart out. We love seeing millionare cokeheads crying on TV. Can't cry? Well sniff then. I'm sure you can sniff...


"I absolutely confess that my whole industry STINKS. Anorexic bitches, coked out of their heads on stupid amounts of money because their face fits one end, slave labour of children because their fingers fit and their stomachs are empty the other end. ALL OF YOU are living off of it. ALL OF YOU hypocritical wankers are wearing it ALL THE TIME. If the 7/7 posse BOMBED THE LOT OF YOU instead of bombing random members of the public on their way to work in the shape of a cross they might grudgingly deserve some respect, NOW FUCK OFF AND PUT YOUR FUCKING NOSES BACK IN THE TROUGH YOU HYPOCRITICAL BUNCH OF WANKERS."

US TV Stuck on stupid?

We always get the impression over here that US TV is some how "lower" than what we are served up in the UK. I don't know, I thought this clip of two old men arguing about war on Fox was pretty comprehensive. I'd rather see this than Paxman talking to people over his nose. Also via the fleeing (I hope) Mrs.Sparkle this excellent "Stuck on Stupid" newsclip.

Denise said...

via eye of the storm:

Denise said she thought she was in hell. they were there for 2 days, with no water, no food. no shelter. Denise, her mother (63 years old), her niece (21 years old), and 2-year-old grandniece. when they arrived, there were already thousands of people there. they were told that buses were coming. police drove by, windows rolled up, thumbs up signs. national guard trucks rolled by, completely empty, soldiers with guns cocked and aimed at them. nobody stopped to drop off water. a helicopter dropped a load of water, but all the bottles exploded on impact due to the height of the helicopter.

the first day (Wednesday) 4 people died next to her. the second day (Thursday) 6 people died next to her. Denise told me the people around her all thought they had been sent there to die. again, nobody stopped. the only buses that came were full; they dropped off more and more people, but nobody was being picked up and taken away. they found out that those being dropped off had been rescued from rooftops and attics; they got off the buses delirious from lack of water and food. completely dehydrated. the crowd tried to keep them all in one area; Denise said the new arrivals had mostly lost their minds. they had gone crazy.

inside the convention center, the place was one huge bathroom. in order to shit, you had to stand in other people's shit. the floors were black and slick with shit. most people stayed outside because the smell was so bad. but outside wasn't much better: between the heat, the humidity, the lack of water, the old and very young dying from dehydration... and there was no place to lay down, not even room on the sidewalk. they slept outside Wednesday night, under an overpass.

Denise said yes, there were young men with guns there. but they organized the crowd. they went to Canal Street and "looted," and brought back food and water for the old people and the babies, because nobody had eaten in days. when the police rolled down windows and yelled out "the buses are coming," the young men with guns organized the crowd in order: old people in front, women and children next, men in the back. just so that when the buses came, there would be priorities of who got out first.

Denise said the fights she saw between the young men with guns were fist fights. she saw them put their guns down and fight rather than shoot up the crowd. but she said that there were a handful of people shot in the convention center; their bodies were left inside, along with other dead babies and old people.

Denise said the people thought there were being sent there to die. lots of people being dropped off, nobody being picked up. cops passing by, speeding off. national guard rolling by with guns aimed at them. and yes, a few men shot at the police, because at a certain point all the people thought the cops were coming to hurt them, to kill them all. she saw a young man who had stolen a car speed past, cops in pursuit; he crashed the car, got out and ran, and the cops shot him in the back. in front of the whole crowd. she saw many groups of people decide that they were going to walk across the bridge to the west bank, and those same groups would return, saying that they were met at the top of the bridge by armed police ordering them to turn around, that they weren't allowed to leave.


Alive in Truth have started seriously documenting personal stories from survivors of Hurricaine Katrina. are rescuing role-players and SF gamers...

Dog trapped under a couch treads water for two weeks???

September 22, 2005


Don't like awards ceremonies, always enjoyed the MOBO's. Congratulations to Lemar, who has a great voice and to unsigned north London rapper Sway who beat off Fifty cent and The Game to win best rap artist.

British urban music stars triumph at Mobos
Times online

DIY musicians take on industry giants

Sway, who remains unsigned despite approaches by record labels, beat artists who have sold millions of albums - such as 50 Cent and The Game - in the best hip-hop act category.

"I couldn't believe that they had recognised the underground," says the rapper, who was also a finalist in the best newcomer category.

"My name is spreading faster than my music. The underground is rising up and the industry is coming down to street level."

Evening Standard:

Rappers Sway, Kano and Roll Deep are all nominated in the Best UK Newcomer category, sponsored by the Evening Standard. And all have been showcased at Deal Real's night.
The idea was the brainchild of the founders who wanted to highlight British talent as well as bigger acts from America.

Oggi oggi oggi

As Katherine Zeta Jones would say.

In Oggi's world, you must be patient and wait your turn. Money and Good looks do not open any doors. We are not doing this for money.

Its official! Bush: One of the worst disasters to hit the U.S.

I knew they'd all wise up eventually. via rivertribe


OK. I hope everyone is out of the way of God's wrath Rita.

September 21, 2005

What to believe?

As all the Texans on both sides of the political spectrum are debating whether to flee the advance of another hurricaine, (good luck guys) I've noticed things getting stormier in a rather nasty way in the middle east, but who to believe? If you don't believe your own sides propaganda are you a traitor?


Britain says its forces moved in because the undercover soldiers were held by a militia group who had gained custody of them from police.

Washington Post:

Iraqi security officials on Monday variously accused the two Britons they detained of shooting at Iraqi forces or trying to plant explosives

ABC news:

Iraqi television on Tuesday showed footage of the two soldiers, unshaven and looking nervous as Iraqi police looked over wigs, Arab headresses, an anti-tank missile and communications equipment, all apparently used in their mission


Several hours later, Basra's provincial council held an emergency meeting and voted unanimously "to stop dealing with the British forces working in Basra and not to cooperate with them because of their irresponsible aggression on a government facility."
In a statement, the council demanded Britain apologize to Basra's citizens and police, and provide compensation for the families of people killed or wounded in the violence. The council also said it would punish employees who had not tried to defend the Basra police station from the British military attack.

(via omegaprojektet)


Oh the shame of it all!!! Rabbit does coke??? With her rock star boyfriend????



Phone the fucking fire brigade!

I found just one "paid opinion" who said "Leave her alone, you are all up to your hypocritical eyeballs in the stuff. " in the London Evening Standard strangely enough. (cant find link)

Jesus the cokehead would be turning the tables over in every single newspaper, magazine or fashion house in London. Shame on them all. Malung prediction: The Rabbit will take a break for a while and come back twice as famous in a few years. The brands who dump her will suffer.


Watch TV. Its good for you. I was watching some "ITV celebrate 50 years" or "Tarant on TV 20 yr aniversary" last night and it did get me thinking as to what a splendid medium the old box has been. Jerry Springer's on screen bust up with the neo-nazi who wanted to turn him into a lampshade, the "rape" call. Disturbing but groundbreaking stuff. Simon Cowells rise to fame in the US. Amazing. I know I promised not to blog about Big Brother, but the on-screen moments captured for the first time on this medium, Jade's one night stand scenario, Nasty Nick getting caught out cheating. Means nothing. Totally ground breaking. The last series I was totally hooked by a girl who managed to maintain a totally pretentious facade for the whole series with no regret. Didn't drop her act to show the real person once. Amazing. TV is huge. I want it. J-Lo's butt. Huge. I want it. Its sold to me through a screen and I want it.

September 20, 2005


Wow. And I though I've been having some strange dreams recently....


Oh shit.Shit, shit, shit.

What i don't understand is, how could two white British soldiers be "undercover" in Basra?

September 19, 2005


Fuckin hate taggers. Don't know what they are where you come from but here "taggers" are neandertal fuck-heads who have to write their fucking name everywhere with spray cans in a "dogpiss-to-mark-its-fuckin-territory" styley.

Nothing wrong with Graffiti artists, nothing wrong with Graffer's signing their work, but fucking tagging shits used to ruin my environment frequently. A dark art-less art.

That said, apparently I have now been tagged from Texas by the lovely Tequilita which means I have to answer some questions, so here goes:

10 years ago: Living in a squat in Dalston, East London. Partying Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My backdrops were new. I thought I had discovered a new way of painting where I shone a bright light at a huge white canvas and after doing a two litre bucket bong I would fill in the shapes I saw with a black marker. I watched my paintings paint themselves in this way. I proceeded to get ripped off for them by every psychedelic trance promoter in London. I took acid most days and believed a psychedelic human awakening was going on. When I came down I really came down which I couldn't handle so I went back up again. My favourite moments were when people on acid used to come up to me and say

"Your paintings really fucked my head up."

I thought that was job done. I found it wierd that they all looked sort of "dragon like" and thought that some "dragon energy" was trying to access this world through them.

Most memorable nights..erm...Juno Reactor live in Tysen st and Linford Studios, Parallel Youniversity at Bagleys on Wednesdays, a Flying Rhino party when Mass opened in Brixton.. I think this was in 95 anyway.Indescribable screaming heavily sexual crazy dancefloor vibe. Superhuman dancing.

5 Years ago: Doing Ketamine, Pushkar, India. Travelling with a ladel with burn marks from the candle I cooked the K in and some stone balls I was carving (Trust me to take up stone carving whilst backpaking) Did Vipassna for the first time which cured me from depression for 2 months at least. It was great doing K at Hindu festivals because no one seemed to notice in the frenzy. Seriously wierd things happened by that strange lake and on the crystal mountain which overlooks the town.

1 Year ago: Getting evicted from some squat it looks like, can't quite tell from my archive which one. I think I was arguing with Abu Abdullah. Not sure. My IWC Media doc pitch focusing on Abdullah fucked up too. Abu Hamza was not long arrested.

Yesterday: On my mates boat drinking wine in civilized company.

5 songs I know all the words to: I know all the words to so many songs it is untrue. Easy ones to mention here would be the whole of AC/DC's Back in Black album, Most of Black Sabbath's stuff, but I remember all the words to stupid pop songs I don't even know I know. All of them. I don't know why.

5 snacks: Boring. I eat nougat, plantain crisps, flapjacks, cereals, dates, crystsalised ginger...

5 things I'd do with $100 million: Pay for the summer of love in a major city somewhere. Start a revolution in London. Something outrageous involving debauchery and drugs and me probably. Buy a ticket anywhere and start walking, keep walking buying tickets and going round and round the world completely at random on random forms of transport for the rest of my life. Build an earthship somewhere and an amazing eco-village to make parites in, probably in India or Cambodia or anywhere tropical. I'd swap the whole $100 million if I could have J-Lo's butt in front of me forever.

5 places I'd run away to: Anywhere tropical where the women are dark and lovely. Mozambique, Thailand (again) Ghana, That huge waterfall in Venezuela, India (again)

5 things I'd never wear: New clothes unless I know where they have been made. I don't wear shirts with collars very much. Shalwar Kamieze and me didn't get on in Pakistan, cant think of anything. No problem with dresses and make-up...Oh, I'd never wear those hip-hop/skater trousers which hang off your ass to look like you have turd in them. Nothing against them, they don't suit me.

5 joys: Trailriding, dancing on acid, sound of waves, bongs, talking to people whos views I don't share with a camera running.

5 toys: I'd like? Trailbike. Hard-tail jap engined chopper. Old Biodiesel bus to live in, something ecentric and high-up like an old Alvis or something. Lancaster bomber. Always wanted one. Gypsy moth bi-plane.

5 people to tag: Bill X Nillson rarely blogs about himself and has intrigued me recently. Right and Blond has also touched briefly in conversation on a life I'd like to know more about. Goldenballs for the same reason. I've e-known the Scrutinator for a long time without knowing much about him. I don't know. I suppose Mike likes blogging about himself although answering questions like this might not be abstract enough for him and I know most of the answers...Du Monde doesn't have a blog but leaves comments in very strange language on Sparkles blog...Oh and Bold as Love called me a United Kingdom fuck and a motherfucker. Hes got an interesting blog, maybe he'd have a go at this. Thats 7.

Is Condi Black? Update...

Been getting mixed results in my survey of black opinion on this issue. Everyone in the UK seems to say no. The two black bloggers I frequently read have yet to answer. I got one fantastic answer from angryblackbitch's blog's comments section. A couple of Republicans have made half arsed attempts, but I've never been so roundly fucked over since Oxen called me a terrorist lover on 7/7. No. Since Jenjus

Bold as Love wrote:

ABB,Let me apologize for using your comment section to address one of the comments made concerning Condi Rice before hand. I mean no disrespect to you or your blog.

Dave bones, Never, ever ask that stupid ass question again- Condi rice is black- she was born black and she will die black, you United kindom fuck. Condi was born and raised in Alabama, yes that's the deep south, for any of you euro weenies that seem to know so fuckin much about the world.You know the place where the real racists used to turn the dogs loose onto women and children, the place where the firehoses were used on a regular basis--but there was no fire. The same place where strange fruit hung from the trees. Condi grew up among all of that, and guess what dave bones, she was no safer than any other little black girl in the state of alabama. Being black is not a political affliation. Being black is not listening to a certain music, being black is not wearing fubu, ---being black is simply being black, motherfucker.

Great answer no?

Long Time

If ever I thought I was a long time trying to document Fundamental Islam to a profesional standard I can take heart from this.

The project as originally envisaged should have taken just three weeks. But few directors imagine that the film laboratory they are relying on will burn down or that the specialist black and white film stock they have chosen to give the movie that earthy film noir effect would run out, necessitating a worldwide search.

During a decade of calamities, the investment ran out, one of the main actors died, the leading man had gained weight and the master negative suffered serious damage which would have been fatal but for the restorative abilities of digital imagery.

A friend of mine was invloved in this film.

Room 36 is in the cinema in London now.

Ahhh...Give me a Huggywuggy....

Always interested in webmagazines a Seattle-ite pointed me to the stranger where I found this.

Cuddle Parties aren’t supposed to be sexy. In fact, rule #2 explicitly forbids sex, rule #1 states that pajamas must stay on at all times, and rule #7 disallows dry humping. Kissing and stroking are allowed, but only with permission.

According to the official Cuddle Party web site (, the goal of a good Cuddle Party is to be a free-for-all “affectionate play event for adults, designed to provide a space to explore and enjoy touch, nurturing, and communication.” Parties like this have been praised post-9/11, and now post-Katrina, as a form of hug-therapy for traumatic events.


Untouchables In The World Of IT

“In Pune they just assume that anyone working in computers is a Brahmin,” says a young man from a small town near our home in Western India. He, like many Dalits (ex-Untouchables) is trying to break into the new world of Information Technology, but fears to reveal his origins to his colleagues. With caste attitudes continuing to shape marriages, life chances and career opportunities, the fear is understandable.

Though the current government in India is projecting a feel-good factor about India – its catchy phrase is “India shining” – there are significant social groups for whom a good deal of rot lies under the shine.

via Paki.TV

September 18, 2005


Somebody book this guy. He is fantastic.


Via omegaprojektet:

Chavez Calls US 'Terrorist State' In UN Speech.

Chavez told the UN General Assembly that the United States was "a country that does not respect the resolutions of this assembly."

To loud applause he took up the call of Latin American revolutionary Simon Bolivar for the UN headquarters to be moved to "an international city" in the southern hemisphere.

"It is time to think about an international city," he said, just before being told that his speech had gone beyond the allotted 15 minutes for each of the 170 heads of state and government leaders at the summit.

Chavez took the opportunity to fire a new assault at the US leader, claiming that Bush had been given 20 minutes.

At a press conference after his speech, Chavez said that the United States was a "terrorist state" because of its actions in Iraq, Robertson's assassination call and for harboring Luis Posada Carriles, who is wanted for the bombing of a Cuban airliner.

"It is a terrorist state. It is a government that violates all rules and behaves shamelessly," he said.

"The United States is the champion of double standards. The United States' government defends terrorism. They talk of the fight against the terrorism, but they commit terrorism, state terrorism," said Chavez.

The Venezuelan president said the United States had used napalm in Iraq and protects Posada Carriles, who is being held in the United States on immigration charges.

Why Dick Cheyney won't play in Hugo Chavez' band

Greg Palast: There's so much BS and baloney thrown around about Venezuela that I may be violating some rule of US journalism by providing some facts...

September 17, 2005


Good question.

Sparkle pointed this one out. If you read the comments below someone has got round to claiming that Black people have lower "IQs" than whites. I think everyone debating are whitefolk but aparently Sparkle has a cherokee grandmother. She links to an interesting article in the Black Commentator called "Is Condi Rice President Bush's pet negro?"

Is Condi Rice black? I think its worthy of some research.

My favourite two bloggers who are black are Angry Black Bitch and Fresh truth is Dangerous

I wonder what they would have to say on the subject.

September 16, 2005

ring ring

OK called Abu Abdullah. First time for a while. Explained recent proposal fuck ups.

He told me that newspeople have been goading him with the usual shit (my words of course) about shutting down preachers of hate etc. etc. saying he is first on the list etc etc.

Think that they are really angry that he is British? I think so.

He also said that a recent Turkish TV piece he was involved in is calling him Al-Qaida's number one man in Britain.

None of the tabloids in Britain have made such accusations yet. They are usually first with this sort of thing. Strange.


OK. When I've posted about these guys before some have accused them of "being anti-semetic" and "linking to nazi sites"

These guys are the closest thing on the web to a representation of Islamic opinions I heard in Finsbury park. This post explains what the youth seem to feel about Islamic leadership in Britain:

No sooner had the British Government said jump; some Muslims responded by saying in true colonial subject style, “Yes Sir how high would you like us to jump”.

To some Muslims, saying No to Government is simply not in their vocabulary. To them, just being in the presence of Government Officials is an awe inspiring experience. Others are involved for the progression of their political party careers and to serve their Leader, Blair.

Many others are on board to milk the system for their own pet interests and projects. There is also another group of participants, a new breed of Muslims seeking to become Islamic consultants in the manner of Race consultants (so the recommendations will inevitably involve commissioning out identified areas of work).

These Muslims have made, or wish to make a career in an Islamic Relations Industry to rival the race experts. Of course there are also many that are sincere but politically naïve, and then there are also those who genuinely believe that their version of Islam is the true one, and has been hijacked by extremists who need to be countered.

Also Muslim Weekly: Forced marriages scrutinised


If you have been following news of recent events in Ireland Balrog is right on the button as usual...


I love the guy. Gave me hope watching his program when there was none for many long years but if I had a piece of fudge for every time the geezer used the word "fudge" I'd have a nice little bag of fudge by now.

Fudging at the UN

I can confess that I lobbied hard to go to this epic United Nations
summit in New York with 170 leaders at the biggest gathering the world has
ever seen. But my editor knows better than me, he can smell a bad story
a mile off.

Any great idealistic hopes we may have had that in some way this great
organisation was going to be rebooted for the better of humankind is
out of the window. The odour of stale cooking wafts from Second Avenue,
New York, and the flavour is fudge, yip, that distinctive smell of UN

Jonathan Rugman is there braving the cooking pots and the cant, or to
be more precise, the can't, including an uninspiring speech from the
President of the lone super power.

Jon Snow snowmails

Bush Apolo...Apol...Apolowhat???

Bush apologises...(Channel4 news)

September 15, 2005

Here's more than a whiff:

Galloway: "you know Hitchens you are a court jester at the court of the bourbon bushes"

Hitchens counters: "I suppose Mr Galloway we have to congratulate you for being absolutely consistent in your 100% support for unmentionable thugs and criminals"

It was the grapple in the Big Apple.

For almost two hours, Gorgeous George and the intellectual scruff his friends call Hitch hurled abuse at one another, British political theatre of the kind Americans rarely see.The two men continued to slug it out. Hitchens had this assault on Galloway's links with the Saddam regime:

"How can a man who is a business partner with this regime show their face in a city like this? The man's search for a tyrannical fatherland never ends. The Soviet Union's let him down. Albania's gone. The Red Army's out of Afghanistan and Czechoslovakia. The hunt persists!"

And Galloway on blisteringly good form accusing Hitchens of betraying the British left by supporting the Iraq war.

Galloway: "What you have witnessed. is something unique in natural history. The first ever metamorphosis from a butterfly back into a slug. You did write like an angel, but now you work for the devil and damn you and all your works."

from channel 4 snowmails

watch channel 4 news report here

Mr Galloway and Mr Hitchens I presume...

from Anna:

By Greg Palast

Man, it just felt so good watching George Galloway rip Senator Coleman an extra exit hole...

But before we rally 'round this stand-up guy from Britain, we should ask him a few questions of our own.Honorable Mr. Galloway, you met with Saddam Hussein in Baghdad in 1994 and said,

"Sir, I salute your courage, your strength your indefatigability. And I want you to know that we are with you until victory, until victory, until Jerusalem."

After this effusive praise for Saddam, the two of you shared some Quality Street chocolates and some funny stories about Winston Churchill.

In 1990, Saddam executed a troublesome reporter, Farzad Bazoft, of the Observer newspaper of London. You complained about it at the time. Some time later, Saddam finished off about 100,000 Shi'ites and Kurds.My questions are,

"Are Quality Street chocolates your favorite brand? And did you forget the name of the reporter that Saddam executed? And how is it that you found the courage to challenge a bunch of US Senators but became such a pussy cat when confronted with a man whose killing spree easily exceeds theirs?"


Trying to knock the herb on the head has repercussions.

Dreaming is one of them.

Got pissed woke up on a boat. Strange dream fresh in my mind. This time I was kissing two really nice girls on a bench attached to other benches floating down a river. The second girl I recognised as a girl I was at college with 10 years ago. She was small and thin and a bit gothy, none of which I usually go for but in my dream she was a very passionate kisser and had a surprisingly nice ass to hold.

In part two of my dream I was talking to an ex-girlfriend I am still in love with only she had turned into a male acquaintance of mine. I was explaining to her that it was much easier to talk to her now she had changed into a bloke.

September 13, 2005

"Cheap holidays in other peoples misery?" There was definately a bit of that, but the Goa economy has a lot of involvement from Westerner's with kids who have carved for themselves a "great escape" from the west over the last 20 years. There is a lot of real harmony.

I'm glad that it was hard for me to dance with a kid in front of me with an outstretched hand. I'm glad the kids with their hands out was something I never got used to in a year in India. I didn't always give them money, but I didn't hit them or shout at them like I saw a lot of "enlightened hippies" doing. The prevailance of their attitude was what really disturbed me.

"Its their karma man!" they'd say.

Fucking convenient explanation.

Partying with the Kallash tribe in the North-west frontier province in 2000. A full-on Animist fertility culture in an area where Osama Bin Laden could (and probably does) walk around freely.

On the "tribal dance floor"kids from 14-16 years old are actively encouraged to flirt and find a wife and groups of young Karachi male tourists (who the tribe have a lot of trouble with) are punched in the face if they get too close whilst the local Muslim Police with AK-47s turn a blind eye. I smoked a spliff with one of them.

When America invaded Afghanistan I should imagine a lot of Taliban came through the pass at the top of the valley. I met Taliban on their way through when I was there including a couple of British guys. The Kallash are culturally threatened by Islam. If they want to get anywhere in larger Pakistan it pays to convert. I wonder if an influx of Pakistani taliban into the area has proved any problem to them. the kids faces still haunt me. They were amazing.
On ketamine entertaining Bombay tourists on the beach in Goa 1999. The guy in the white could lift his clasped hands right over his head and down his back. We all had a go too. As he walked off down the beach he kept doing it. We thought it was some sort of strange sign.

September 12, 2005


Remember Live 8? I was well enthusiastic about it and thought that poverty was going to be made history in my lifetime.

The Man Who Betrayed the Poor
Even as the G8 promises fall apart, Geldof stays silent
by George Monbiot

America's black children are twice as likely as whites to die before their first birthday.

I saw somewhere that half of the children in the third world live in poverty.

Pverty isn't history.

And Geldof says........??????????


Jesus, Mary and all the saints. The guys who used to run the most well known commercialy sucessful "Goa" party in London 10 years ago are going to meet the bloody pope!

Chris Deckker; founder of Earthdance International, and Abigail Lewis; Earthdance Executive Director, will have an Papal audience with Pope Benedict XVI in Rome where they will present him with the “Declaration of Peace,” which will include the thousands of signatures from people around the world, representing a global call for peace and unity.

September 11, 2005


Some of you may know that I spend a lot of time debating with Republican's. Some of you are them. Its good to know you all. When I find a Republican I can relate to at any level I tend to hang onto them like grim death. I spend very little time communicating in cyberspace with those whose worldview I share. Republicans have 95% of my cyber-time and I'm not joking. I've heard Republicans talking about I might have clicked on it once, can't honestly remember.

I wonder sometimes if I have isolated myself too much.

As details of the Guantanamo hunger strike emerged, I wondered, through my joviality and politeness whether I was achieving anything. I know I am dealing with a nice person and that means everything to me.

I cried.


Woke up. Couldn't sleep. I was in India, or someplace. There were hippies everywhere, partying, enjoying themselves. I had the feling that I didn't have much money and couldn't realy partake in third world hedonism. I moved away. Inland a bit. I saw a group of 60 or more people massaging each other on the sand around a central hippie guru. I went to speak to him and thought about joining in.

The transition is unclear, but I then found myself in an old Indian wooden building, narrow but at least 5 floors. It was full of westerners. I stepped through a neatly aranged pile of a typical "lonely planet" travellers belongings, complete with tablets only the amount of stuff was exagerated.

I walked towards a stircase and bumped into a friend of mine who left his life here and went off to India years ago. I was really pleased, and couldn't beliee we had re-met under such circumstance.

"Shit! Keith! How are you man?" I asked, grabbing his shoulder warmly on the staircase.

"You are shouting. You need to chill man." he said and went to walk up stairs.

I couldn't believe it. I walked outside and i the distance snow was lying on the sand. Hippies were body surfing this snow somehow as I walked towards them.

Somehow I came round in a room full of hippies chopping down ganja plants at the stem and talking to each other enthusiastically about their harvest. My heart was in my mouth. If I was caught here I would go to an Indian jail for a long time. If my mother found out it would kill her. I couldn't stay here.

I walked outside into another room which was full of brand new tiny sports cars, with a few ganga plants drying against them.

September 10, 2005


I'm going big guns on the showbiz. A while back I was listening to R.Kelly's "Trapped in the closet" saga epic every morning before working on some chewns of me own. No idea if he's fraternised with under age girls. "I believe I can fly" is one of my favourite "bong rush" tracks as well.

I saw an award ceremony on TV last night. What a bunch of bland idiots. Destiny's Child were the deserved winner's of All time best selling girl band. They are great. Shame they went on to sell burgers. Its nice to see the American's slagging Coldplay. I don't like music journalist's (except for Charlie) but "a blown up band trying not to deflate" is right.

September 09, 2005


OHHH!!! Our does my bum look big in this? big pants brit-bollocks showbiz reporter has come back today with rumours about a certain showbiz personality!!!!


She's heard that a certain waitress was working in a certain east London restaurant attatched to a popular bar/venue. A very tall, very serious customer came up to her and said, slightly flustered:

"Is there any better restaurants than this around here?"

Not knowing who she was talking to, and giving a bit of attitude back she answered:

"I don't know, ask the chef."

sort of challenging him to go in the kitchen and insult the guy.

"Do you know who that is?" asked her fellow member of staff as she passed the kitchen. "That's Ali G that is."

September 08, 2005


Rightwingsparkle tells me we are in the same tribe. I want to believe that. It is very interesting how our perspectives of George Bush are polar opposites. Everyone, even Tony Blair, even Abu Hamza seem like nice guy's to me. I'm sure Hitler's friends would say "You just didn't understand him". They are all nice guy's. I have no idea how many, if any innocent deaths Abu Hamza is responsible for. I KNOW George Bush is responsible for thousands of innocent deaths in Iraq. I KNOW he mostly keeps silent about thousands of innocent deaths in Chechenya.I know that his family are involved in the stranglehold a few rich families have on the arab world.

I see Osama bin Laden as someone who is fighting back against this using tactics that I disagree with.

Maybe George Bush is just a nice person who I don't understand properly. Or maybe he is the one who doesn't quite understand what he is involved in.

September 07, 2005

Du Monde

Its one thing joining in debates with Republicans on their own blogs in hope of some progress (which I believe we are making in a way that never existed in such a splendid manner before

Its quite another taking the piss out of a new stranger who is in all probability on your "own side"

Why did I call du monde a "cheese eating surrender monkey?"

Mr. Du Monde, if you ever make it over to my blog I have linked to your blog already and you haven't even got one yet.

Where would you like to be? left? right? or all over the place?

(also check out "extreme golfing" here)


And the award goes to...

I don't spend a lot of time on lefty blogs at all. I found Tom enthusiasticaly giving Oxen a bollocking. I can't stand humourless conscientious lefty's sort of in the same way Trey parker describes.
Tom makes me laugh. However, top ranter 2005 has got to go to Angry Black Bitch

That, Katie, is both bullshit and the motherfucking problem.

A wake up call for us all…

A bitch does not see the Katrina fucktitude as a wake up call for conservatives alone. People will find a way to absolve themselves of their role in this shit. 52% of this country voted for Scooter...

rant away bitch!


OK. One of the main reasons I've put all this before Republicans as an audience first is because I am a bit daunted about the scale of the subject I am involved in.

The implications, if what they guys I have been filming are saying has any truth would be that John Ashcoft is a liar, and the case against Mr. Ujaama and Mr. Hamza has been fabricated.

I can see that Mr Hamza's crew believe that a massive media machine has fabricated all the stuff down the side of my blog. I have no idea. I am interested in the other side. It's here. I am sure all of the Islamists are disappointed that it is someone as gonzo as me, (except maybe Jamal and Hajj) but there you are.

When this "machine" rolls into action again about all things Hamza next year I don't want it to roll over me.

I don't agree with Republicans or Fundamental Islamists. I care about both of them. A solution HAS to be found between them eventually. Maybe I'm looking for it a bit too early. I wanted Republicans, as my hardest audience to go through and shoot down anything a techno-pagan, neo-communist or maybe neo-communalist like myself would put forward so that when this story goes ballistic at some point next year (depending on the trial restarting in January and when the judge lifts reporting restrictions etc) I am prepared for all eventualities.

If I maintain my position on this subject, and if, for instance Mr. Hamza some how makes it (unlikely I think) to Guantanamo Bay, or if he is set free (even less likely) I realise I could be in a heap of trouble with a whole load of Rightwingers who might suddenly discover me at the same time without knowing who I am.

Oxen was the first to call me "Terrorist lover" drawing 70 hits to this blog as details of innocent members of my community being blown apart were emerging. It shit me up really badly.

My text message to Mike was probably the surrealist "what the jibbering fuck have i got myself involved in" memories of the time.

We've sorted that all out and Oxen's link is there in my "blogs to the right" section. A few more of Oxen I could handle. Anything on a larger scale, of course I couldn't. Whether the media have stuck mud on Mr. Hamza or truth, some of them are very good at mud and do such things for sport.

I don't want to be a "shot messenger" if I can help it.

I am aware that I am deliberately cultivating an insurance policy in the blogsphere of Republican's that do know me and I am very grateful for help, support and understanding recieved so far. Besides that, we've had a bit of fun, even though we are in a very desperate situation. The only thing in the mainstream media so far about this blog is in Italian and I'm not too disapointed about that. Though I was suprised to be mentioned on the same article alongside some blogging heavy-weights.

Another christian republican who has made a big effort (sorry about the stupid amount of time it takes to download in the states) is Right and Blond who has helped me a lot already by writing about Preachers of Hate here.

Cheers dude.

September 06, 2005

Opposition? That's a bit 1980s isn't it?

The BBC has described comments made by its presenter John Humphrys at a corporate event as "misguided and inappropriate."

The Radio 4 Today Programme presenter was said to have ridiculed senior Labour politicians and claimed the BBC's job was to "take on" the government.


Scrolling down the hilarious Goa drugs story I linked to in the last post I came across the story about " American Jewess Cleo Odzer," (separate box 2) who has apparently died. I met her in Anjuna flea market selling copies of her book. She was still beautiful and I really wanted to bone her. I am sad to find she has died.

I hope you are partying wherever you are Cleo.


Listening to the radio I've heard of an electoral survey which says that 18% of people in London aren't registered to vote. Can't find a link online yet.

The Labour woman said:

"Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah"

The Conservative reaction was:

"Woomph, woomph, womph, woomph, woomph, woomph, woomph" and something about compulsory voting.

I don't know. Maybe the concept of choice would be a good idea! More choice than Tweedle dum, tweedle dee and Tweedle TWAT.

I don't usually buy newspapers, especially lefty ones, but the Guardians "Special K" drug of choice, page 3 got 60p out of my pocket straight away. For previous Malung-TV Ketamine stories see (HIT HIM WITH A PIECE OF WOOD, ALLAH AND JAHILIAH, THIS ROOM IS THE EARTH and the first Hamza related blog I ever wrote LIES AND MORE LIES)

Our in depth, dutifully researched socialistwanker ketamine movie is here, which Mr. Camel (Camel? Are you sure Mike?) tells me was made by the author of this enlightened report into squat culture in London.

Here we go then...

Firstly, ain't nobody calls Ketamine "Special K". Maybe on the gay scene. Don't know... just looked at our own webmagazine and apparently Mr. Camel does so maybe I'm wrong.

"The emergence of ketamine as a key substance of choice is an entirely new phenomenon since we carried out the survey in 2004 when it didn't figure at all" says Harry Shapiro

Harry you are SACKED. Get your cards. You have BLATANTLY conned decent law abiding people into believing you are an authority. I remember Madona talking about doing K years ago. My big binge year was 1999 in India and it was already popular in London then.

Ketamine is being sold for as little as £15 a gram in London and Nottingham, half the average UK cost

K has recently gone up to £15 under extreme protest for no bloody good reason. Don't encourage the capitalist drug dealing scum.

"...You can spot them on the dance floor because they are not dancing, they're sitting down in a bit of a vegetative state."

Trick is to wave your arms about as you are coming up. You should then be able to remember how to move as it hits. Most of the time. Maybe...

The rise...has alarmed Home office ministers who have decided to outlaw it...

Prohibition! That'll work wont it! Always has done in the past hasn't it? Just once I'd like to spike some of these New Labour coke heads with Ketamine.

battlefield surgery in Vietnam

I heard about this when everyone was claiming it was "Just a horse tranquiliser" (neigh) . I have yet to read a good Vietnam K story and I have spent time looking for one.

Giving K to a German guy to try for the first time in Goa I warned him about how fast it could come on. As I watched his eyes glaze he went silent for ten minutes and then said slowly

"My horses are all asleep. Totally tranquilized."

If it is mixed with ecstasy it can bring back E sensations

Totally. trick is to do everything else first. In Goa I used to take it at the end of an acid trip. Just when everything got too confusing I could blast myself through the cosmos and come down more or less straight in an hour or so. Most off my bollox I've ever been in my life. Only time I've ever stood and watched a whole dance floor moving in slow motion for what seemed like an eternity of bliss.

The Advisory council...said recreational users were unlikely to come to harm

Apparently it was used on the battlefield because it was such a safe tranquiliser to self administer

Traditionally ketamine pills came from vet surgeries but recently...shipped from India in Rosewater bottles


I have NEVER seen a Ketamine pill IN MY LIFE. The drip down at the back of the throat makes it bad enough putting the shit up your nose. I would not ingest the stuff through my stomach lining in a hurry. It all comes from India except for my secret UK medical source I lost contact with some time ago.

ecstacy pills 50p in Portsmouth, £1 in Birmingham

Thankyou. Hope the capitalist drug dealing scum are reading...

Dealers offering two for one..

If a dealer EVER offered me two for one on ANYTHING I would run away convinced he was a fucking copper.

And in more mainstream media advertisments for drug consumers apparently if you want cheap Cannabis, pssst! the word on the street is you got to go to Cardiff. Although the Belfast telegraph reckon there is some sort of "Druglink Street Prices 2005 survey" we should be looking into.

September 05, 2005

Tottenham Ayatollah

I hadn't seen this documentary before. When I was proposing a documentary about Abu Abdullah more than a year ago I think the guys from IWC Media thought they were after a similar thing. Jon Ronson, updating the program said he thought the government were "misleading" people portraying Omar Bakri as a danger, but still felt angry that he spoke about "taking over" a country which had given him sanctuary.

Very Topical Snowmail

Hey! The government are going to do something!

(Wait for it...)

Clarke lays out the new rules

Topping out on Charles Clarke who emerged today to set out plans for
curbing deporting and otherwise moving against 'preachers of hate'.
Slight development on what Blair had already forecast, strong suspicions
that instantaneous deportations will not be possible at all soon if ever.

One interesting point - will clerics who call for the assassination of
other people's democratically elected heads state be vulnerable to this
new legislation? Step forwards former US Presidential candidate Rev.
Pat Robertson - yesterday he called for the assassination of Venezuela's
elected president, Hugo Chavez. Will Mr Robertson be banned as a
'Preacher of Hate'? Watch this space.



Jesus! At last! I feel so much safer now.

Stupid Fat White Men

Passing through Glastonbury on my way back from Devon last week I popped into a bookshop to find, prominently placed, a book called Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man. It has always suprised me how all these US "Pundits" make money pointing out how skillfully Michael Moore twists and manipulates facts using skulduggerous (Did I just make that word up?) editing techniques. etc. etc. blah blah blah.

I like all of Michael Moore's films but I think they give him far too much credit for skillfullness and manipulation which I can't see him as actually being capable of. He comes across to me as a simple American who apparently never left his home state before making Roger and me.

His films are about the big picture as he sees it and are directed at your Joe Bloggs audience, not some sort of up their arse intellectual elitists to pick apart. I've heard that since his sucess he has displayed some eratic behaviour. I'm not suprised. If I had such huge success in the unpopular field of documentary it would probably go to my head too.

Rod Liddle

The only professional journalist I can find who has done anything remotely like what I would like to see done with the story of British fundamental Islam is Rod Liddle, which is strange because whenever I have seen him on TV I haven't liked him that much. His radio interview with Hamza and Nick Griffin (download zip) is truly fantastic stuff. I think if everyone had gone hell for leather with an attitude like this we could confront and solve all the problems we have in our society.

I am going to try and contact him to see what he has to say regarding all things Hamza.
Probably one of the most emotional news reports I've ever seen on Crooks and Liars.

September 04, 2005


Mike err... Camel has posted a link to the funniest thing I've read in ages.


There's 30 pages of this. In 10 years of squatting in London I spent the first year living with people like this twat when I didn't know any better. Junkies who I would cook up skip food for, for them to throw it up down the toilet (next to my bedroom) half an hour later. Hackney at the time was full of people who glorify squalor in such fashion. It's great to see some people are still keeping up the tradition!

my cocks shrivelled up, tummys rumbling, just had a shit and couldnt wipe my arse again. Brian sets up the rig in the corner and the sounds of Chris Liberator start getting blasted out, i huddle up to my jumpers, but someone spills his stella on my head. im freezing and feel sick.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


Officials within the Foreign Office are known to be unhappy about the growing 'Islamisation' of the department and many feel uncomfortable with moves across Whitehall to open up a dialogue with radical Islamists.





What a steaming pile of fucking horse crap.





Nevermind! Almost time for another bomb thursday by now isn't it?

moves across Whitehall to open up a dialogue with radical Islamists

I almost went off myself just reading that SHITE.

Net Casting

I cast my net a bit wider with the "next blog" randomizer. I have been following the Repub/Democrat arguments on rightwingsparkles blog but to be honest I cant see any difference between the two. Sure, Clinton looked nicer, but what did he do? Blair looks nicer than the Evil Howard but what difference did electing him make? I'd almost rather have the party which blatantly doesn't give a fuck rather than the one that pretends to.

I don't care about either of them. I see no way forward without some sort of coming together of left and right thinking PEOPLE on a human level which bypasses politicians. I think we are all capable of this but very few want to.

"Dont follow leaders watch your parking meters" as Bob Dylan once croaked.

In no particular order:

Peacemaking is a Catholic viewpoint which is more or less the exact opposite to Rightwingsparkles.

Barcepundit blogs about intelectual looting (Global warming? What global warming? etc.)

Blanton's and Ashton's blogs an unlikely looting story where an 18 year old steals a bus and drives the thing to Houston.

"I just took the bus and drove all the way hours straight,' Gibson admitted. "I hadn't ever drove a bus."

The teen packed it full of complete strangers and drove to Houston. He beat thousands of evacuees slated to arrive there.


Authorities eventually allowed the renegade passengers inside the dome. But the 18-year-old who ensured their safety could find himself in a world of trouble for stealing the school bus.

"I don’t care if I get blamed for it ," Gibson said, "as long as I saved my people."


Its not nice being back in the city and it isn't the air polution which bothers me. The "image polution" is far worse.

This image of Kate Moss is on every single fuckin bus stop in London. Does anyone else think she looks like a rabbit? The only person who looks more like a rabbit is her fucking boyfriend.

I suppose these models eat rabbit food so maybe the rabbit face follows. I watched some trash "Top 100 models" show on TV and except for the bald black one I found it really hard to tell them apart. I would prescribe a good dose of myxamatosis.

And who the fuck this side of 1985 finds girls with red clouds painted on their cheeks attractive? Ugly, ill, giraffe legs.

September 03, 2005


Pretty bizzare to walk into the local shop this morning to find left and right wing papers condemning the US govt for its reaction to hurricaine Katrina. "Third world America" says the Daily mail (Tory women's paper) "Left to die" says the Sun.

I don't read a lot of left wing US blogs so I didn't know that George Bush was also called "Chimpy" and "Scooter" I gave up demonizing Blair and Bush etc a long while back as it is counter productive and gives them a fictional power which I am not sure they deserve. I think both are more misguided than evil. I could be wrong.
Lockerbie evidence faked by CIA? via Omegaprojektet


OK. Area the size of the UK devastated. Sparkle is off volunteering in the Astrodome. I'm not going to comment too much on the politics of the situation. Newsnight covers it pretty good.

I'm going to take this opportunity where I see Republicans and Democrats arguing about such intense issues, and also working together as individuals to repair such a huge natural disaster to chuck out my new mini movie Preachers of Hate

transcript here

This is sort of "part 2" of A year on the street and focuses on the two guys either side of Abu Hamza as he stood, sat and was at some points literally held up as he took on the media from the street in Finsbury park. Regular readers will know that I am sort of banking on the incredible sounding idea that the Supporters of Shareeah are not what government and media are telling us that they are. This film shows a little of why I hold this opinion.

If I turn out to be wrong I will be very disapointed.

Although I disagree very strongly with these people on a number of issues, and I have seen film of Abu Hamza saying some things which I find shocking, over the time I spent filming they focused massively on the same injustice apparent to me in the world. They also preached against the killing of innocents in this country.

If I turn out to be right, a real opportunity for peace with "Fundamental Islam" has been totally wasted. If I am wrong, the Sun, the Daily Mail and such like are all justified. Those are pretty big odds which I have found very hard to deal with on an emotional level over the years even though I have very much enjoyed filming these people.

I'd like to thank all the journalists, Muslims, Republicans and pot heads for their words of encouragement along the way.


Journalists like Colin Baker (ITN) Christopher Peacock (ITN I think) Christine Phillips (BBC London) Vivian White (Panorama) Tom and the other guy (can't remember the name) who are in some of the pictures from Finsbury park on Socialistwanker. The Canadian news cameraman who is in this film, whoever he is...

bloggers like Mike H, the Scrutinator ,The Deekster, Angie, Rightwingsparkle, Bill X Nilsson, Oxen and Tequilita

Every Muslim who bothered to talk to me in Finsbury park, especially Hajj, Jamal, Abu Abdullah, Mr. Abdullah the bookseller guy and friend, Abu Hamza and sons Mustapha and Mohssain Ghalian, also Samir, his brother, "the Algerians" and the bright young guys who appear in A Year on the Street wherever they now worship.

Muslim's outside of Finsbury park, notably Adnan Saddiqui from and Aki Nawaz from Fun-da-Mental.

others, notably Anna and Charlie, Steve and Dom from the Synergy project, Jo from United Diversity and Precious from Revolution Gogo Broadcasting.

Not forgetting some of the guys from the UBA who have been in touch.

I really hope that the civilized majority will one day unite across political and religious divides and sieze real power in a peaceful manner. I do not doubt that it is possible.

September 02, 2005


Here's some proper Malung-tv-news in the mainstream. Having been away over the last few days I missed all the news about Hurricaine Katrina, though we passed through a masive deluge maybe 40 miles outside London and were suprised to find the capital unscathed and people sitting outside pubs in summer dresses as we drove in.

I'm a bit sad to see Mrs. Rightwingsparkle taking so much flack on the subject as although I disagree entirely with her perception of George Bush I know she is a definative "caring conservative" in every sense. All of our mainstream TV news in the UK is making direct links between what they call "The US faliure" and misappropriation of resources towards a "War on Terror" .

Krishnan Guru-Murthy from Channel4 snowmails

Anarchy hits US storm relief

The news out of New Orleans is getting harder to believe every hour.
The world's only superpower seems to have lost control of the situation.
Thousands of people are still stranded without food, water or medicine.
Tens of thousands more homeless...

People are starting to ask whether or not the warning and evacuation
was mishandled. If people are being forced to leave now then why not at
the weekend before Katrina struck? And there are increasing voices
emerging about the warnings that were ignored.

Federal funds were denied to strengthen the levees. Was America so
obsessed with fighting terror that it forgot what homeland security really
means? And does the demographic breakdown of those worst hit -
predominantly poor and black have anything to do with how little was done to
help them?

channel 4 report here

For the same story written in Black click here

Satan verses Galloway

I'm still not sure what Harry's place is about but I read an interesting post there about a TV clash between George Galloway and Salman Rushdie that I am sad I missed.

The Satanic verses is one of my favourite works of fiction, though the part which allegorizes Mohamed's early life isn't anything that I would focus on. I haven't discussed it with Abdullah or Hamza as I am sure they wouldn't have read it. I was drawn to the book out of curiosity having very much enjoyed "Midnights Children". If I remember rightly there are three separate stories running through the book. One is a surreal and magical tale of London through a young Muslim's eye's in the 1950s, another is a tale of how a naked girl who is covered in buterflies becomes a talisman to her fellow villager's who up stick's and follow her to the sea.

The story starts with a plane splitting in half over the English channel. We follow two people who fall out of it and survive. One want's to survive, the other one doesn't. The whole story is rooted in a fantastic imagination.

I found it interesting that Rushdie " described Muslim leaders in Britain as "a joke, because no one follows them"."

I don't think I have met a Muslim who wouldn't agree with this.

Thats cleared that up then

So after much speculation about conspiracy, duping and all that it turns out Mohammad Sidique Khan made a video. (BBC here) in which he clearly states that he is retaliating for the war in Iraq. He holds our society directly responsible for the killing of his brothers and sisters and thinks we need a taste of what our democraticaly elected government has wrought elsewhere.

I wonder if our government will make any effort to deal with extremist philosophy now to make us safer? Like bollocks will they. We can all just sit here and be happy little fucking targets.

September 01, 2005


Why do I live in London?

Trying to make films about people which no one wants to commision or watch, the subjects of which aren't really into the idea of me making films about them anyway. I certainly needed a break and 5 days in the south-west has right sorted me out. The phatbull party itself was pretty ropey and poorly attended but we all agreed we'd rather watch men in dresses and body paint argue whilst sound checking than stand in any field with thousands of sheep singing along to the latest version of Coldplay anyway.

Before I went down I was wondering whether psy-trance in a field would sound a bit dated and on the way I mentioned that I was hoping to hear some rap. So on the saturday night, with the effect of a couple of drops of liquid acid coming on I veered away from a trance soundsytem to stumble upon exactly what I was looking for- 3 guys freestyling in a geodisic dome. I thought they sounded a bit familiar and was wondering through my acid daze if I recognised the rapper in the cowboy hat.

"This next one goes out to my mate Dave Bones out on the audience!" he shouted.

I haven't seen Carpetface perform for a little while. It was great to catch up and find that he has moved his performance into really exciting new territory. At times it sounded like they were doing spirituals from the deep south of America. Really top shit. Very individual in such a familiar genre. Afterwards he told me that he had taken a step back from the political protest scene and his music sounds the better for it. They had brought a really profesional black American New Yorker with them who put the icing on the cake of my suprise to find such talent in a field on the Devon/Cornwall border.

After that I had a pretty scarry acid trip, but I was expecting it anyway. I think I have to relearn some basic principles of life which I have got wrong before embarking on further experementation- or take some MDMA instead.

The next day deadsilence kicked off the morning with some very refreshing dub/punk/drum&bass and I spent time in the excellent Fish seeks bicycle bistro run by a collective from my home turf who I was suprised to find out are doing a party next week in a cave in a Dorset quarry which I think is owned by the husband of my art teacher from school.

It was really nice to leave all the banging to head for the beautiful North Devon coast. Some Oxford tribe had been doing a party there illegaly for 4 days but after a very scary walk in the dark around the cliffs I found the music to be predictable unlistenable shite and had to leave. The sound of waves crashing on rocks topped the whole journey for me. I found myself wishing that I had sought this out first rather than crashing straight out of London into booming fields full of people obsessively breathing in and out of balloons full of N20.

Its not nice to be back, so I think I'm heading out again the day after tomorow. I'll try and get another film up online if I get time.