June 30, 2005


Always in search of a true picture of those British Muslims who would call themselves "fundamentalists" I found a great site yesterday called mpacuk.org In the debate as to whether British Muslims should involve themselves in democracy or not, on this site they clearly believe something can be gained by joining in, and take an active interest in electoral demographics.

They also obviously take an active interest in mainstream media presentation, even quoting from the BBC's Andrew Marr's guide to journalism. Signs of the real British Islam organising itself politically and in the media. From their poll, it is obvious that their readership are young Muslims, who are extremely dissatisfied with the leaders of their Mosques.

Here is some feedback they recieved about the recent BBC documentary "Don't panic I'm islamic"

On the other side of the coin I found this on the forum of a group of ex-Muslims. It is apparently from the Al-Mhujaaharoun website (which I cannot find to varify) It justifies terrorism straight from the Koran:

Allah (swt) says,

“Prepare as much as you can from power (missile weaponry) and steeds of war, in order to terrify the enemy of Allah” [EMQ Anfal: 60]

June 29, 2005


Oh why oh why did it take me so long to move south of the river? Walking around Peckham in the sunshine I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The most beautiful women in London live in Peckham. My neck is cricked from whiplash, my eyes are out on stalks.

Coming out of the cinema I noticed one of the many black princesses walk past me with her sister. She came back and deliberately walked in front of me, with her sister walking behind to check whether I was checking her out, then they both stood beside me waiting for me to speak.

Unfortunately, I couldn't tell if she was 16 or 26. Her sister definately looked about 14. What to do? I didn't risk it and walked away, but I am still kicking myself now.

June 26, 2005

US 'in talks with Iraq rebels'

Quite a bizzare and hopeful article. No official confirmation from the Americans.

June 25, 2005

I just found this leaflet from a protest in Trafalgar sq I covered. The UBA were the most active group against Abu Hamza and the Finsbury Park "extremists" with maybe 30 people coming from all over the UK to protest. I used to be in contact with them and thought that they would like to contribute to this film, but I think they have disbanded now. This is a piece I put up on socialistwanker about them.

June 24, 2005

Two interesting stories from India about rape.

Bombay University says mini skirt ban helps stop rape

"We are not children who should be told what we can and cannot wear," said a 19-year-old management studies student, Alka Mehta. "Rape is not related to what the victim wears but what is in the mind of the rapist."


A San Francisco professor has become embroiled in a dispute with militant Hindu activists who, she says, threatened to parade her naked in the streets and rape her because she was working with a local organization investigating religious and caste tensions in eastern India. here


We've all been sniggering at the Glastonbury festival downpour which, from the pictures looks a lot worse than the previous two famous ones I remember. Glastonbury used to be fairly much a free festival, in that if you were in the general vicinity of Pilton, you usually got in. The first place I ever took acid (a strawberry if I remember rightly in about 1988) It was a truly fantastic experience, with people arriving from all over the world.

Now it has a huge fence and is run by the Mean Fiddler organisation I don't bother going anymore. In some ways I could see it was getting out of hand, with hordes of scouser theives trawling the tents, but amazing things happened as drugs and heightened awareness took over. When the good vibes hit, a smile jumped from stranger to stranger throughout the site.

The usual "Fuck Glastonbury" illegal rave is going ahead now in Wales this year. The Devon Police, who were preparing for it will be disappointed.

I've been trying to design my ideal motorbike based around a Yamaha 500 single. In Goa I saw loads of trick Enfiled singles, including one hard tail (on Goan roads?)

There was also a guy with a mono-shocked Enfield who used to jump the little waterway bridges. Enfields have really stable frames but really dangerous brakes. I met a guy traveling through Pune who had fixed this by putting a full trail bike front end complete with disc brakes on his bike. I've been searching the net trying to find pictures of Goa's custom Enfields but can't find any for you I'm afraid.

What I have found is a great picture of one of the nicest Goa "freaks" Mr. Fluro Baba and one of Goa's best dj's Mr. X.P.
Sticking out through the trees in this photo is a house I rented with some friends

June 23, 2005


OK. Met Jamal and Samir today. Baking hot in Ladbroke Groove. A Policeman actually offered me a bottle of water as I waited for them outside the tube station. Fucking nice country eh? The brothers whisked me off to Ladbroke Grove mosque, hidden away below the flyover, but still quite a majestic building in a simple London sort of way, standing more or less on its own.

After they prayed I found that the unknown driver of the vehicle was Shahid Butt, a character who had come across "bostin' like" (as they say in Birmingham where he is from) in the recent BBC Documentary Dont panic I'm Islamic. I am always surprised by "fundamentalist" reaction to the name "Socialist Wanker." Shahid laughed a lot- but said he didn't want to appear in it! We went to a fantastic little cafe, hidden away below a main road slipway for buses. It was like something from roadside Pakistan.

He told me that he had met Phil Rees who had made the documentary and built up some trust with him. He was aware of the editing process, Phil had taken about 15 minutes out of a five hour conversation. He was pleased with the results. I found out that the other young stranger who was with us was Mohssin Ghailan, a son of Abu Hamza and Mustapha Kamel's older brother. I had no idea as, unlike Mustapha, he looks nothing like Abu Hamza as he is adopted. He looks about 21 -and nothing like he has done time in a Yemeni jail either. He asked me what sort of questions I would like to ask him.

I told him I wanted to know what it was like growing up, being himself in Britain. He said he wanted to talk about his dad. The "preacher of hate." What he was like as a father. He did not want to be recognisable from the film but was up for doing it.

They had just gone to visit Mr. Hamza and they had much news to report on his condition. Apparently Shahid Butt is a very close friend of the family for many years and used to be involved in the running of Finsbury Park mosque 9 years ago and knows Mr. Hamza better than anyone.

Here is an account of his and Mohssin's trip to Yemen. He told me Hamza has never recruited terrorists and never told people to kill those of other races. He says he knows of no Muslim preacher in Britain who advocates terrorist acts in this country.

As for Mr. Hamza's condition they told me he has lots of infections on his stumps and because he has no access to his hands he is at the mercy of his doctors and the screws. They gave the impression he was in a bad way and believe it is only his Islamic faith which is keeping him going.

They told me of an incident where a completely unrelated white man had punched one of Hamza's medics because they were messing him around. The guy was not a Muslim and apparently spent time in solitary confinement for his trouble. They have a letter that another prisoner inside wrote to the Sun, accusing them of lying about Hamzas situation inside. They told me Hamza is kept away from other prisoners. They are scared of him talking to anyone. Five people have become muslims in Belmarsh as a result of meeting Mr. Hamza.

Apparently Mr. Hamza remembers me well, when they talk to him.


Right. As you can probably imagine, whilst keeping you all entertained with endless drivel, things have been going on behind the scenes in documentaryville which I am frustrated that I cannot write about yet. Suffice to say that the documentary proposal is in the hands of television broadcasters, we have the agreement of the whole of Abu Hamza's close community and a very exciting group of Republican Christians to meet.

I want to film peace terms in the war on terror. I don't believe in God, but I pray that is what I am going to film. With live8 going on at the same time as the Hamza trial (booked for 4th July, maybe suspended...who knows?) I really feel this is the year that the peaceful majority can "take over." from those who would increase suffering. The solution has to involve EVERYBODY. It will be ENJOYABLE. Lets do it.

June 18, 2005


I've had some success predicting the result of Tory leadership contests in the past. After the evil Thatcher was usurped, it was obvious that they would take refuge in the candidate with the least personality, and the least involvement in the leadership coo, hence John Major. I remember I knew William Hague would be chosen because he had a pretty wife. I was convinced as soon as I saw her that he would get in, regardless who he was. I should have put money on it.

Last night watching Anne Robinson's programme I had the feeling that I was looking at the next Tory leader, possibly our next prime minister in Alan Duncan. Openly gay, he also does a passable impression of Ali G innit.

I'm going to put my money where my mouth is this time.

June 17, 2005


Every single day, 30,000 children die, needlessly, of extreme poverty.

On July 6th, we finally have the opportunity to stop that shameful statistic.

8 world leaders, gathered in Scotland for the G8 summit, will be presented with a workable plan to double aid, drop the debt and make the trade laws fair. If these 8 men agree, then we will become the generation that made poverty history.

But they'll only do it if enough people tell them to.

That's why we're staging Live 8. 5 concerts, 100 artists, a million spectators, 2 billion viewers, and 1 message... To get those 8 men, in that 1 room, to stop 30,000 children dying every single day of extreme poverty.


June 13, 2005


Whatever your politics this has got to be good news. A beautiful thing to hear read out on the TV news too.


What an excellent program on BBC2 last night. I'm sure a lot of people will be complaining of bias, it was almost Michael Moore in places. Whether it is mainstream Muslim thought or not I thought it accurately presented and illustrated what a lot of the Muslims I have been around are saying.

The "Osama bin London" character who said "No one believes Osama did Sept 11th"

I have spoke to and seen occasionally at Finsbury park. He hangs around Speakers corner in Hyde park if you want to speak to him. I knew he would make great TV.

I have heard him say most of what he said in the program in other contexts.

What I thought the program got across which I haven't seen on British TV before is how unmistakably British they all are, in character and humour.

Good TV well done BBC.

Interesting views on the film here and here

June 12, 2005

At the recent protest outside the US embassy I caught the evil terrorists- who were themselves complaining about abuses of the Koran in Guantanamo desecrating socialist worker party banners.

Evil people!

I wrote a piece about my strange encounter with the British Left wing party system here. Maybe I was a bit nasty, I don't know. Its interesting that to get political power they have had to fit their traditional British left wing stance around some Muslim issues they must struggle with.

I must admit that following the hilarious capers in Bethnal Green I actually wish them well.

come the revolution these lot will be the first up against the wall!


I first heard the word "innit" used in random context amongst second generation Asians when I lived in Birmingham fourteen years ago innit. Alongside "Jodpur, Bungalow, err...Balti" and "Chicken Tikka Masala" It is probably my favourite word the Indian people have contributed to my glorious mother tongue innit.

This is what the BBC have to say about the word "innit" innit.

(Assume posh BBC voice)

Isn't 'innit' ungrammatical?

Phrases like '...ain't it?', '...haven't they?' and '...wouldn't you?' that sit on the end of a statement are called 'tag questions' in linguistics. There's an almost infinite number of tag questions most people call on, varying by verb, tense, person and whether the tag is positive or negative.

For some people, 'innit' is just another tag question, a contraction of 'isn't it'. But kids in urban Britain are using 'innit' to cover a wider and wider range of situations innit.


June 09, 2005


I hate the way geekspeak gets into the English language.

In a supermarket today I saw a pre-packed lasagne meal labelled as a "traditional meal solution"

Since when is a lasagne a fucking solution? No one calls a lasagne a "solution" in real life. No one no where. A solution to what? Its fucking DINNER innit? Stupid wankers.

June 07, 2005


Bolivia is in political crisis today after President Carlos Mesa offered his resignation last night amid angry demonstrations and a blockade of the country's capital city, La Paz.

President Mesa, a political independent with little party support in Congress, offered to leave power last night in the face of enormous protests from Bolivia's Indian population and poorer communities, who demand the nationalisation of the country's energy reserves, the second largest in South America.

times online

June 06, 2005

Kris Owen hopes history sees that "we truly brought freedom to a country. I hope history doesn't see it that we occupied a land for our own interest."

from operation truth


Over on Omegaprojektet just now I read a great piece about EVP.

Now I haven't had many supernatural things happen to me off of drugs.

Once, when I was a Christian knocking on doors telling complete strangers that they needed Jesus every Sunday I had a "word of prophesy" in my prayer time that "one person would come to know the lord" as a result of our mission the coming weekend. To cut a long story short, it happened exactly as I had prophesied and I believe the guy is still a christian now.

Once Mike H and I took part in the filming of a ouji board experiment with Jud Charlton and another friend which became part of his excellent stage show.

I entered into the spirit of the occasion with an open mind, and was really suprised to find the glass enthusiastically traveling around the letters, camera running.

Of course it was spelling complete gobbledygook, but I didn't care as I had never seen a glass moving round a table apparently of its own accord with four peoples fingers on it ever before in my life.

I got the impression that we had come across a spirit who couldn't spell. Maybe a kid. (the building we were squatting was originally built as a shelter for ex-child prostitutes) Jud and I encouraged the spirit to take the glass wherever it wanted. It started moving noticeably faster.

Mike H got impatient and shouted at whatever was doing it to make sense. The glass stopped, then slowly moved to the edge of the board, wiping all the letters off the table.

Maybe we are surrounded by the spirits of the dead.

June 05, 2005


Briefly passed through Mike H world yesterday.

"We're in court on Tuesday. There are squatters over there, and squatters over there. The squatters in that place had a four day party. They played the same record over and over again for four fucking days."

Even though squatting for 10 years drove me mad i still miss it some times. Its nice to see so many fresh faced (and low slung-trousered) Bulgars, Czechs and Poles enthusiastically mixing with the more familiar Italians and Spanish.

I am sure all the anti-immigration people would be overjoyed.

June 04, 2005


The Downing Street Memo, official minutes of a 2002 meeting minutes between British Prime Minister Tony Blair, members of British intelligence MI-6 and various members of the Bush administration, notes that MI-6 director Richard Dearlove said, “Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.”

Blair and other British officials have not questioned the minutes’ veracity.

If I die in Iraq, I do not want anyone to make a political statement out of my death. I need to say that again. If I die in Iraq, I do not want to be used as a martyr for political gain.

a very interesting review of Michael Moores book: Dude where's my country from an american soldier serving in Iraq.

"They were very good breakfasts," says McAlpine. "Kidneys, sausages, bacon, scrambled egg, kippers, all that kind of thing, laid out on a big buffet. The point of the buffet was we didn't have any waiters in the room - so no one could hear what we were plotting - and it was good plotting stuff."

an article about the last campaign for a "yes vote" in Britain.

To round up: a story about Tony and Cherrie's spiritual awakening

the Guardian newspaper in Britain published ample extracts from Francis Wheen's new book, "How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World: A Short History of Modern Delusions." Wheen recounts the rise of gurus, spiritualists and assorted pagan beliefs. One of the most successful modern gurus is Deepak Chopra, who earns around $20 million a year...Wheen also recounts that Cherie Blair, wife of the British Prime Minister, is keen on alternative forms of spirituality....Both Cherie and Tony Blair underwent a Mayan rebirthing experience while on holidays in Mexico in 2001.

June 03, 2005


Will the US follow Brown's plan for Africa?
Gordon Brown launches the detail of his 'Marshall' plan to aid Africa
and immediately flushes out the reality of Bush resistance to any of it.
But - just consider, might American arguments be RIGHT? Maybe, maybe
not: but given their own appalling record on doing much about either aid
or trade in the African continents despite their Aids work, they could
be said not to be doing the best for their own case.... ...Lucy Manning



Krishnans snowmail

Hi there,

When is a million not a million?

Tonight we reveal how the police and Home Office are planning to deal
with what could be a million protesters heading to Edinburgh for the G8
protest. Anti-terror laws, public safety - everything is being reviewed
now there is the prospect of peaceful and more hardcore protesters all
arriving together.

Did I say a million? Ah, I meant to say a "figurative" million - or
that's what Live 8 organiser Midge Ure now says they meant when Bob Geldof
issued his call to march. I think there's a bit of back-pedalling going
on after howls of outrage from various Edinburgh big-wigs at the
thought of a million protesters converging on the city. We'll be talking to
Midge at seven.

Don't mean to carp on about Live 8 but there are a couple of other
aspects we'll be looking at tonight too. First of all: what can they
achieve? Will the G8 really be impressed enough to take radical and concrete
action? I've just been talking to former International Development
Secretary Clare Short who is pretty scathing about "vacuous" people having
fun and achieving nothing. Scathing too about Tony Blair and what's
really motivating his apparent support for Live 8. I can't help wondering
whether the PM fancies getting out his guitar. Never mind the Spice
Girls. What about an Ugly Rumours reunion?!

We'll also be looking at why the line up at the concert in London is
what Greg Dyke might have described as so "hideously white". Fine if you
like Dido and Coldplay. But what if you're a bit more black in your
musical tastes? The best the organisers could come up with was Mariah
Carey. Is Live 8 really doing anything to appeal to black Britons? Or is it
all a bit middle class and white?

Shut up Clare Short. The revolution is on. You cannot stop it. We know what to do. We know how to do it.



And next year, poverty will be history.

wait a minute, oh dear...

June 02, 2005


Matt Drudge (video) on blogs, neo-cons and progressives.

June 01, 2005


Geldof on demonstrations:

"The British Police the most experienced with dealing with hooligans on the bloody planet."

Geldof on poverty:

We know what to do. We know how to do it so do it. Do it.

Rebel clown army plugged by channel 4 news!

Gelgof negotiates terms of Summer revolution at G8 with Edinburgh city council tommorow.


Now I am a Malung. A Kaffir. An infidel. Yet so far in this incredible journey into the heart of British Fundamental Islam the “brotherhood” have not shown themselves to be my enemies or the enemies of my race. (ie the fucking human race.) If anyone did I would have stopped filming. One person, once looked at me and said:

“You are the devil himself!” and he meant it.

I quite enjoyed that.


established newspaper groups have to look at ways to start profiting from the new ways that audiences access their media, ie: through blogs, which can only mean a combination of two things: more newspapers setting up blogs, or more newspapers buying out existing blogs. Moral none the less: play ball with the blogosphere or newspapers will lose out.
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