October 25, 2004

Can you look more scary please? You are supposed to be terrorists.

Abdullah: I love Abu Hamza for the sake of God

Very scary muslims from Finsbury Park Mosque


In all the excitement surrounding autonomous anarchists vs Socialist Wankers I forgot to mention the highlight of the whole ESF for me.
A guy called Mr.Gurdul recently released from Guantanamo bay spoke from behind a screen at a debate entitled Genoa to Guantanamo. He apparently had to be hidden because the BNP were targeting him.

He said that in his whole time in Guantanamo he was never interogated once. He was chained to floors, taken into rooms, insulted and blaphemed at, his prayers were disrupted, dirty pictures were put in his Koran etc. but no one ever asked him what he was doing in Afghanistan or anything about 9/11. He was really shaky and sounded really uncomfortable.

October 22, 2004


Abdullah was explaining to a National News journalist (who syndicate to the sun, the mail etc.) how it was actualy humane to cut someones head off with a sharp knife as it severs the nerve endings so they don't feel pain. He insisted that it was a valid message that anyone who supported the US invasion forces in a Muslim country was a target and the message was DONT GO.


Anyway on a lighter note I was discussing with Hajj the strangeness of Hamza now being charged with stuff they looked into and released him for some years ago. We wondered if it wasn't just the usual doddering British judges getting up the noses of government. Miffed at Blunketts readiness to surrender British rule of law to an American judiciary it seems like the sort of thing they would do, judges being the only effective opposition to government at the moment.

Our friendly journalist had been in court on tuesday and said that Hamza's lawyers were looking pretty confident.

October 20, 2004


Channel 4 news seems to be always picking at the seams of the special relationship. No wonder the Standard are pissed.

Alex T:

Tony Blair insists the Black Watch
trek north into US-occupied Iraq is a MILITARY not a political decision.
Will people believe him? Not cynical, just never seen cabinet ministers
or Prime Ministers taking orders from the army before.



Riot culture seems to be dead in London though the met still send huge amounts of kitted out Police to make sure.

I caught up with the Critical Mass bike ride in Trafalgar square. There were maybe 15 cyclists standing in the rain, and round the corner there were 50 police on amazing mountain bikes.

The protest of the century HAS to be the storming of Alexandra Palace.

the Riot Police must have been really confused...

the debate in the indymedia article is fantastic unearthing stories of Socialist Workers historic plans to shoot anarchists "come the revolution..." fantastic, pure Socialist Wanker stuff!

Round the corner in Tufnell Park some friends are trying to make a community centre in a long abandoned church, currently under planning application to be turned back into a church.

(Iron Maiden filmed a video there a long time ago.)

I turned up this morning to find loads of Police outside talking to the squatters through a locked gate. One of them wanted to take my details. It was raining so this time I told him that if he wasn't going to arrest me I didn't want to keep giving out my details just becaucse Policemen asked me.

A HUGE policeman in stab proof overalls stood forward and said.

"Wait a minute, I recognise you from Finsbury Park!"

We chatted about Finsbury Park, Hamza finnaly going on trial, Barry's relationship with Muslims and media (top man for the job said my friend in blue) and my chances of getting Hamza's friends side of what was actually happening on TV.

Meanwhile A Police seargant negotiated between the owners and the squatters. All was amicable when I left.

October 16, 2004


Snowblind was a Black Sabbath track about cocaine. Snowmails is a little candle attatched to my favourite news service:

Greetings all - Alex T here with the way it's looking for C4 News at
6.35 tonight…


First up a new twist in society's heroin and crack dilemma. We've know
n for years that just clamping down on the dealers is only ever of
limited effect -- but now for the first time it looks like tying the police
battle to providing treatment doesn't appear to work either. So where
do we go from here? It's a compelling illustration of how attempted
joined-up thinking on drugs policy didn't join up at all. The implications
strike at the heart of the government's drugs policy.

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So Richard Littlejohn gets his wish, suprise suprise.

It felt like I was the only one who was suprised when Hamza was arrested.
Now I can't quite believe they are going to try him in this country and not use Mr. Blunketts specially made one size fits Hamza non reciprocal extradition treaty. Am I incredibly naive?

Channel 4 item here

Over the last couple of days I've watched a loop of news footage on TV with Hajj and Abdullah in the background. All publicity good for my doc. I told Hajj about this on friday.

" They think I am a terrorist?" he said.

If they had moved forward with Patrick all those months ago (see CAN I DO A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT YOU MR.ABDULLAH?) would their perspective be on the TV by now or is Patrick "evil Zionist media?" I don't know. He seems like a nice guy to me, but I am naive eh?

October 15, 2004


Over the weekend I went to Parliament square where the Supporters of Shariah held a protest. Again I missed some fantastic film moments. The Police inexplicably took me to be part of the protest group and took my name, D.O.B and website details etc.
(Hi guys! If you are reading this.)

Hajj was talking at length to a Policeman about smoking den’s in South London. The Policeman was secretly eating a Mars bar, putting it back in his pocket between bites. There were maybe 15 protesters, Abdullah took centre stage screaming at the houses of parliament, and curious tourists through a megaphone. A larger and stranger looking pro-life protest came by complete with carts and little donkeys.

Paul from www.potp.co.uk turned up to take photos (see HAMZA ARRESTED) I felt silly talking to Paul then walking a few steps and talking to Hajj. I like both of them and wanted to introduce them.

“ He sell’s his pictures and they print lies next to them, he knows what is happening. Why do I want to talk to him?” said Hajj.

“Well tell him.” I said.

Even without a camera I’m still obsessed with opposite sides talking. I remember trying to convince Hamza to talk to a representative of the U.B.A. I relayed what Hajj said to Paul but he was also unenthusiastic about talking to Hajj. I spoke at length to the Police who admitted that Hamza’s friends didn’t quite look how they were portrayed on TV.

“ But why didn’t Hamza himself make sure he came across in the media better when he was free then?” he asked me.

That’s a question I’ve often asked myself as week in, week out I watched the brothers almost gift wrap a threatening portrayal of themselves to hysterical mainstream TV crews.

Brian, Britain’s longest running one man protest came over and asked the brothers for a placard. His conversation with them would have made great TV. I’m glad they met. The Finsbury posse seem to isolate themselves so much from un-Islamic protest groups. Even when I told them that someone was organizing a forum where one of the ex-Guantanamo prisoners would be a secret unanounced guest they were not interested, seemingly because it came from me and not another Muslim. It was nice to see them give Brian the respect he deserves.

From Parliament square the protest group moved up to speakers corner. I wasn’t going to go at first but was glad I did. I cycled on ahead to find the brother who blocked me from entering the mosque last week (see THE BROTHERS GONNA WORK IT OUT ) in conversation with a good friend of mine, Magic Dave who was ranting to a small crowd and handing out 9-11 dollars. It was obvious the two had known each other for a long time and had engaged in much debate here.

This was to be the first time I would see Abdullah address a predominantly non-Muslim audience and I was worried how he would come across to the crowd. I thought he would loose his temper once the many regular hecklers got into their stride. In Finsbury Park I’ve often seen passers by judge him to be a threat simply because of his angry delivery.

Speakers corner is contextually a long way from Finsbury Park and the crowd that gathered just saw his style as entertaining as the next shouting person halfway up a step ladder. He actually came across really well to Muslims and non Muslims alike, although he strangely never mentioned Hamza or Finsbury Park once. He took a lot of questions from the audience who clapped when he finished.

A great day out with loads of documentary potential agonizingly flushed down the drain for me. I hope they do it again.

October 09, 2004


As promised the Mosque reopened yesterday. Everyone had a meeting the previous night and decided to set aside their differences for Ramadan. There was a genuinely good feeling outside, with all those involved with last week’s arguments in a conciliatory mood. I tried to get in but a Muslim I didn’t know blocked my path, (UPDATE: This turned out to be my first ever meeting with Mohammed Hamid ) so I stood outside with the other infidels corner regulars and a Policewoman called Rachel. Barry popped by briefly but I forgot to ask him if he would write something for socialistwanker. Before he left he told a journalist that he hoped the demonisation of Finsbury Parks Muslim community would now stop.

Eventually some Algerians I knew got me into the entrance of the Mosque, camera running. After two years standing outside it was quite a big moment for me. I found that I wasn’t the first infidel inside. I was beaten by none other than Jeremy Corbyn. Much as I try and dislike politicians, seeing Jeremy surrounded by Finsbury Park’s Muslims, papers in hand trying to help them with their worries was an idyllic scene. I told him I was from socialistwanker.com and he told me that he was proud to be there with the Mosque open. He had always been a guest here for Ramadan before and was looking forward to coming next week.

A couple of people tried to get me out but a very animated Algerian who claimed to be recently released from Belmarsh insisted I stayed. I’m still trying to work out what else he was saying on my tape, but I can already see that this guy will make great TV and he has a story he really wants to tell. I checked with a couple of Muslims who I had told about this blog and they all said I had represented their side fairly.

I am continually amazed by how totally under whelmed everyone is by my language and drug references. So many Muslims here have reverted from a lifestyle similar to mine, they don’t seem even to notice. Mr. Abdullah eventually came out. He didn’t seem downhearted or defeated; although it was obvious he had taken a step back.

“ The Muslim community is happy, I suppose the government is happy…”

An Imam had come in whom all sides respected. Everyone agreed that to be enemies with each other was not Islamic and that they should all talk and refer everything they said to the Koran. I told Mr. Abdullah that I had seen him on a BBC program the previous night called The Asian Invasion.

They had used a clip with Abdullah preaching and Hamza in the background shot the first week I arrived at Finsbury Park (not by me) to demonstrate “British Asian Extremists” and implied that the majority of British Asians were embarrassed by them. Abdullah and co all thought this was hilarious.

As far as I know, the Mosque will be reopen for prayers everyday now, and I can feel my documentary coming to a conclusion. I haven’t really spoken to the other side, ie the trustee’s, but it would be great to negotiate access to the conversations between the two sides as the Mosque reopens, film of this may help to “rehabilitate” the Mosque in the eyes of the great British suburban sofa. I’m going to keep trying to get in with or without a camera anyway.

I found it strange the choice of vehicle that people left in. Jeremy Corbyn MP tucked his trousers into his socks and cycled off. Barry disappeared in an unassuming white Vauxhall Astra while the Imam left in a posh, sleek, streamlined gun metal grey Beemer.

October 03, 2004


" I'm not your enemy! Ming is! Let's all team up and fight him!"

from the film FLASH GORDON

One of the main reasons I first came to hear what Mr. Hamza had to say was because I wondered whether there could be a genuine alliance between all those who wanted to stop the oil rollercoaster and create a genuinely fair society.

(In between making my own mind up as to whether he was a terrorist threat or not)

In the short time I was "active" as an activist I realised how hopelessly split and riddled with cliques and infighting the "left" was and so I wasn't suprised to eventually find similar things in the Islamic community. I certainly don't revel in it, but it is very human.

On this vein I was interested to come across a representative of Al-Mujhaaroun handing out leaflets in Finsbury Park on Friday who told me that they had officialy dispanded due to this problem of factionality. The intention was to unite everyone who believed in the Koran as it is written and his leaflet had many critisisms of the MCB and Mosque committees all backed up with words from the Koran.

He reckons Muslims have been banned from mosque's in favour of kaffirs, managers have become dictators, committees are silent about Palestine, Kashmir Guantanamo and Abu Graib whilst they invite their followers to commit apostacy by voting for man made law and inviting George Galloway into mosques and allowing him to distribute kaffir leaflets outside.

I have personally only ever committed this apostasy once when I was 18 and voted for the Liberal/SDP alliance (remember that political farce) I would advise anyone against voting for George Galloway because he is a wanker. If it was a choice between him and Blair on a voting card I would puke up on the card.

In the same way I was really excited at the prospect of a night at the rampart including The Synergy Project, The Wombles and The E.C.F. in the same building. A couple of people thought it important to network between all groups, there was certainly no infighting but I wonder whether a genuine alliance to produce genuine change is possible or factionality and tribalism are just part of our species. I'm very confused.

October 02, 2004


Between chaotic squat moving spasms I actually got a chance to get to the mosque yesterday to find that Mr. Abdullah had found my blog. I was relieved that he didn’t hit me or stand in the street and issue a fatwa against me. Not until I can get a camera running anyway. I wasn’t really intending to keep it a secret. I just didn’t want to influence events in what I thought to be a very important story.

He made some criticisms from Islamic law which were fair, as I was in their mosque. I agreed to update anything we both agreed were factually incorrect. It felt good to be out in the open a bit more. He preaches a lot about the truth standing clear of all falsehood. I hope any Muslim who now finds this will see it as an attempt to report the truth as I see it and excuse some of the language for the sake of truth.
(Though I can’t find a verse in the Koran to back me up in this request.)

I asked a few of the guys who appear in the background of shots I intend using if it was OK to include them. They were all proud to be standing next to Abu Hamza but pleased I had asked them and in this new spirit of glasnost I also got a chance to make up with my Muslim bookseller friend {see EVICTION, EXTRACTION AND EXTRADITION)

As far as drama was concerned if I had 5 cameras here I could have made my documentary in real time today. I’m lucky my blog didn’t provoke Mr. Abdullahs anger as he seemed to have a whole lot instead to show to another brother before, during and after his hudba until quite a long time after the Police were gone. Everyone got involved except for the 20 or so bemused Police.

He seemed to think this guy was a spy who was doing a deal with Barry to arrest Abdullah before reopening the Mosque. He preached that he’d rather have a gun to his head than accept man made laws and addressed most of this to Barry by name at some decibels though he came up to me afterwards and told me that Barry was a credit to the Police force.

Absolutely no idea whether the guy is a spy, actually feel a bit bad reporting the internal politics of Finsbury park mosque now, you can see the same thing at any religious or political institution. Better out than in I always think.

Although it would have made great TV action and as a tabloid fan I’d love to call this

“Bust up at Finsbury Park mosque!”

Suffice to say that it was nothing the Police took the slightest interest in arresting anyone for- just like the last 21 months really.

I heard a strong rumour that an attempt to reopen the Mosque was coming next week. I know Barry agrees that nothing has actually happened outside the Mosque in all this time that could not have concievably happened within and so as such this part of the war on terror can be declared an absolute waste of taxpayers money, but nevertheless a grandstand for sensitive Policing.

I hope the brothers can hold it together to get the place open next week and that it becomes all the best things they say a Mosque should be. The four of us regulars in Infidels corner are hoping to be invited in this time. Whilst the brothers were arguing we had a long discussion and agreed that Religion and Politics should in no way be expected to be separate issues. We quite enjoy all this Blair and Blunkett bashing and can’t remember hearing a lot which threatens our way of life whatever the fucking Sun says.