July 17, 2012


This has been going round in cirlces for years and years eh. Abu Hamza appeals again, the tabloids are pulling out hair now

I had a dream. An Olympic dream.It was that - smack-bang in the middle of the Games, with British athletes winning medals by the fist-load - the nation would pause from enjoying the sport to watch a fanatic with hooks for hands being loaded on to a plane.
What a cause for celebration it would have been to finally see the back of Abu Hamza, after a decade-long extradition saga...

also, recently but I didn't find time to post, an article in The Telegraph which made me groan a bit. I'll try and correct the bits I know about, which are only the bits that refer to Atilla Ahmet

 Atilla Ahmet, a former football coach from Bromley, South London, was said to be the emir [leader] of a circle which recruited and trained the failed July 21 bombers, taking them on training camps and paintballing sessions before they joined al-Qaeda.

When did Atilla take anyone paintballing? Didn't come up at the trial. Strange that.

Oh and I hate bloggers new editing system.