June 19, 2006

Sand Niggers Unite

Muslims joined by Sikhs in Forest Gate protest

Hundreds of members of the local community in Forest Gate, London, held a protest today (18 June 2006),
calling on the police to cooperate better with local people and revise their anti-terror tactics.

The predominantly Muslim demonstration was joined by Sikhs, a few Christians and other concerned residents.


The Forest Gate anti-terror raid was triggered by a man with an IQ of just 69 who was described as an "utter incompetent" when he was jailed for a terror offence, it was claimed yesterday.

Hey, maybe its Dave Bonewanker doing his fantasy Muslim stuff.

I like this image. Muslim guy with beard shot by Police, comes out wearing a Brazil shirt during the world cup. In other traitor news, my glorious team Ghana beat Czech! COME ON!!! Hang on, Ghana? Whats this guy doing then?

Ghanaian soccer player John Pentsil celebrated the goals scored by his teammates against the Czech Republic at the World Cup on Saturday by waving the Israeli flag at the stadium in Cologne.

Ghana beat the Czech Republic 2-0 in a convincing display of fast-paced soccer, increasing the chances the African team will be the first from that continent to qualify to the next round in the quadrennial soccer tournament.

June 18, 2006


I remember going to Hyde Park looking for some friends who were playing softball. I remember walking for ages in the heat and not finding them. I remember hearing someone playing Motorhead really loudly, wandering closer and finding that it was actually Motorhead playing in Hyde park. I remember sitting down and drinking one of two bottles of wine one my own. I remember walking down past buckingham palace to the South Bank. I remember bumping into some very old friends and helping get a sound system onto the beach. I remember leaving and walking most of the way to South London and finding a great party going on outside my house. Iremember dancing like crazy.

At some point on this journey I dispensed with a carrier bag with my Pop Will Eat Itself T-shirt, a botle of wine and my favourite metallic green sunglasses.

I woke up this morning and one of my rings was crushed onto my finger I have a big pain in my solar plexus and I have a crushed foot. Ah well at least i still have my new guitar.

June 17, 2006

Whos a happy bunnywunny

How can you have a better day? Jump on a train to Brighton, pick up a brand new guitar in the station from Graham, put my toes in the sea and come back. All I need now is to get laid and it'll be perfect.

Yup, I bought one, photos coming. A crazy Irish busker down the road who recently bought a £1000 Takamine gave it his seal of approval, but was suprised I bought it without hearing it through an amp.

"How much did I pay for it?" I asked him to guess.


I went by this review. I reckon this guitar looks like it is worth £400 too. I bought it for 200. great no? I like the name SHINE as well and the way it is written. Like a happy sixties oriental feel.

Do check the blog of my alter ego, Mr. Dave Bone Wanker. Thers nothing on it as yet but I'm sure its going to be good. Lots of stuff about fantasy Islamists raping people. Probably will include Mr.Bonewankers secret sausage-up-the butt fantasies too no doubt.

Met Kirlian Blue from The Thought Criminals yesterday and Painwhore69. with an old friend Romec from Spiky Black Cat. The Thought Criminals play very interesting electro-sleaze. We had a look at the venue. Possibly gig coming...

June 16, 2006

Meanwhile back in Texas

I don't know who Abu Hamza al-Happy Wanderer is (I'll bet someone in Langley does though), but I wouldn't give him a snowball's chance in Baghdad.

Gay, Pro-life, and Proud.
I'll take it.

Live "sex shows" of bulls mounting a simulated cow have become a big attraction at an agricultural exhibition taking place in New Zealand.

it's a whisper...
an ear tickling
leaning in
sometimes rubbing
my cheek against
the skin of your neck
and feeling you breathe
hearing and feeling


Still on the search for a nice spare guitar I'm spoilt for choice. When I started playing the guitar the Orientals were just starting to make decent guitars for under £200. They are still at it.

I've found some nice looking stuff from a company called SHINE in Korea who used to make Guitars for B.C. Rich and Epiphone. Two semi acoustics with glued necks for £199 each. One is a 335 copy the other has a Basswood body with a quilted maple front. Below is an active 5-string bass for £350. They do Strats and Teles for 80 quid.

Guitars of all ages seem to be a good investment, which says a lot for the resurgence of guitar music. If you get hold of a good one it will hold its price.

There is a dealership not far away, I think I'll take a look. Click on the logo for Shines's full range.


The Sun:

ANTI-TERROR cops were last night trying to find out why the two brothers arrested over a suspected poison bomb plot had a £38,000 stash in their house.

The fortune — in CASH — was allegedly found in a bedroom after the pair were arrested in a swoop on their modest terraced home.

Police quizzed Mohammed Abdul Kahar, 23, and his brother Abul Koyair, 20, about the money during the week they spent in custody.

But neither would tell them where it came from. Last night a security source said: “It was a hell of a lot to have knocking around. The cash was in a bedroom, much of it in £50 notes.

The Guardian:

Relations between the police and the Muslim family targeted during the ill-fated anti-terrorist raid in Forest Gate fell to a new low yesterday as details were leaked of how officers found £38,000 cash on their property.

The money, said to have mainly been in £50 notes, was discovered in a bedroom in the east London house...

In a strongly worded statement, his sister Humeya Kalam said she had informed police about the money two hours after the raid took place. She said it was accumulated income which the family was reluctant to store in a bank because they felt that to do so would conflict with their religious beliefs. She said the money was kept in the basement of the house next door, which is owned by her and rented to a separate family.

"The story is incorrect in every way. It suggests that there is something sinister and unexplained in relation to monies found in my house," Ms Kalam said.

"The monies are neither sinister nor unexplained. I told the police that the money comes primarily from the monthly income from the rental of number 48, kept by my mother for safekeeping over the period of time in which I have owned the house, ie over approximately four years. My mother has never felt it right to keep this money in a bank account, or to hold savings in a bank; Islam prohibits the keeping of money in circumstances where interest is earned or where it is paid."

Is there going to be an upsurge in household roberies against Muslims?

June 14, 2006


The suspicion the Universe is a conspiracy on your behalf.

On the terrestrial level, pronoia should be defined as the opposite of paranoia: the sneaking suspicion others are conspiring to help you (and you them!). Symptoms include: sudden attacks of optimism and outbreaks of goodwill.


Originally, I wanted to be Rainbow Brite, but I started having doubts as to how to assemble the costume. A self-made Rainbow Brite costume would have to be flawless.

Over and over, I would smoke dope and nod out, and get better ideas.

I finally decided to go ahead with Rainbow Brite and maybe hire a tailor to make the costume, but I would be a Fierce Rainbow Brite, leading two half-naked gay prostitutes around on leashes all night.

I would dress them in black loincloths and make them kneel any time I sat down. Ohh! I’d make one hold my drink and the other hold my ashtray.

Oh yes.


I thought that the trajectories of attention in this picture triangulated between the womans pussy and the camera lenses looks like she is firing some sort of psychic energy ray.

Check out the venue we played in for as many friends as could get there with a coupla hours notice last friday. The sound was fuckin awesome. A real pleasure to break 4 musicians out of the studio to play on a crazy friday. The stage is at the back of the room below just out of sight. t:::o:::s:::s::e::r got them another two weeks off the judge. Nice one. Still a tosser though. The prosecution brought a vaguely sexy German girl who was pretending to be Australian. Hopefully there will be some good theatre in here over the next two weeks. There was some good theatre in court anyway.

I was sitting in the back of the court room looking as apologetic as possible and nervously whispering "Shut up!" under my breath as usual. Brought back good memories.

Newsnight tonight has a fantastic report on the Forest Gate terror raid, as well as a great report about the Malawi tabacco trade by a very interesting Mancunian reporter who I've never seen before. (click on picture)

Can't Sleep

also check out SEX ACTION

June 13, 2006

via skrufff

This is a great Pop Translator. Also, I've heard of candy-flipping but I reckon the white house made up most of these terms.

Mr Skrufff's new mix isn't bad either. I'm swinging round to this dirty electro-shit.

Fellow Traitor

Jon Snow:

My team is Iran

Well, if you are interested in the World Cup, I don’t think you will be
reading this. I will put my colours on the line, I will be supporting
Iran. I watched them defeat Costa Rica 3-2 in a friendly in Tehran. The
reason I am supporting Iran is I would like to see its leader
Ahmadinejad come to Europe for the final stages, should the Persians do well. It
would be great to see western leaders engage with him. Now there’s a
nutty vision for you.

We are there less for the sport than for the circumstance in what is
said to be the most watched event in the world, far outstripping the

See our reporter’s blogs and latest news from the tournament in our
World Cup special section at www.channel4.com/worldcup

---------- ---------------------- -------

I can symathise with this lack of patriotism as I put 3 quid on Ghana at 250-1. they lost against Italy yesterday but its early days...

Fuckin COME ON GHANA!!!!!


Afghanistan’s warning bells

In a sense despite 9/11, Afghanistan has stolen up on us. When I say
‘us’ I mean ‘we Brits’ but I might just as easily say ‘we Nato’.

The first death of a UK soldier in combat with the Taliban has served
notice with the powers that be this side of the Atlantic that
Afghanistan is a deep and complex challenge. I have been speaking to an extremely
senior well-connected military source who claims there are very serious
misgivings in the British armed forces about the extent of the British
commitment in Afghanistan.

My source describes what he says is a very serious lack of armour and
firepower but also says that this is a commitment from which we “cannot
bug out”. He thinks the resurgent Taliban are beginning to give Nato
forces a run for their money. Further, the complexity of the Nato
deployment, the constant need to refer back to national capitals before any
decision is taken is neutering the capacity in the region.



More bumpf for the Galloway lovers/haters, Galloway in San Fransisco

June 10, 2006


I never really understood this lowslung trouser thing. Is it skater fashion? Crusty techno fashion? Don't know. I always used to think PULL YOUR FUCKIN TROUSERS UP YOU LOOK LIKE YOU HAVE SHIT YOURSELF! I saw three people in the last couple of days with the waistband of their trousers actually below the lip of their butt cheeks. That can't be right.

Yesterday I got a chance to experience the low trousers look as my combat shorts were very loose. We did a little gig for friends in what the rest of the band called a "squatted temple". (The building I was cryptic about). The guys have already had favourable press in the Ham+High. (Posh North London paper)

The gig and the building was excellent, spoilt only by <:::::is:::w:::a::n::::k:::e::r> spitting beer at us, but I poured beer and bongwater in his new shoes while he slept later.

Photos soon I hope...

For more musical action do check out the Deeksters World Cup song

June 06, 2006

check it out

More Snow terror

Terror raid: Unanswered questions

Our man Simon Israel continues to turn exclusive insights into the
strange goings on in east London which resulted in a major police raid and
claims of chemical weapons and highly dangerous individuals.

Four days on, and as yet nothing has been said to substantiate the
'very specific intelligence' which prompted the raid. Mindful of the
possible community consequences, the police have been briefing that they had
no choice but to act upon that intelligence: public safety, they say,
was and is their top priority.

More: http://www.channel4.com/news/content/news-storypage.jsp?id=776110

London Bomb attacks report

The report into the 7 /7 attack last year says the police turned off
the entire mobile phone network by mistake and that if such an attack
occurred again today matters would be much the same. There is however a
major new security digital network being setup which should be up and
running by 2007.

The inquiry makes a series of criticisms of 'unacceptable' failings in
the adequacy of the response, but also notes individual heroism that

More: http://www.channel4.com/news/content/news-storypage.jsp?id=776111


OK. Friends were doing work for a large central London arts venue which involved one of them driving a happy little red hired ex-Post Office 7.5 ton truck in and out of the carspace/loading area of said venue. Because there is no parking restrictions they left it overnight.

Coming to collect it the next day in a smaller car the guy found most of the roads around this centre, oh- and also one major road bridge over the Thames closed. Beyond the huge cordoned area were only very worried looking Police in black SWAT style uniforms. He pulled up and asked one of the Police what was happening.

"We are not allowed to tell you."

He told the Policemen about his truck inside the area.

"Is it red?" asked the Policeman.

Once he had confirmed that it was indeed red the Policeman straight away radioed

"I have the suspect here."

and then told him that he was going to be searched under the terrorism act 2004 for "trigger devices".

Apparently everything passed off amicably. It wasn't his fault the van was unregistered, as it belonged to a hire company. He went to meet the head of security of the venue. Everyone agreed that the whole thing had been a useful lesson and the many shows at this venue , which were ten minutes away from being cancelled were allowed to continue.

And the guy was really really pleased that he wasn't Asian or Arabic looking.

June 04, 2006

I boned er innit.

Squatting has been a way of life for the past five years. "I feel freer than if I was renting. I can write on the walls if I want. Every time I try to settle down, I get claustrophobic and have to run. Squatting is the only time I've felt at home." She is part of a community who move round the country, seeking out empty buildings. "They have to have been derelict for a long time, otherwise it wouldn't be morally justifiable." They change the locks, set up home, restore the building, host free parties, get evicted, and move on. Despite the chaotic homelife, she finds the peace to write. "I try to have my own separate space, writing on my laptop. I've killed three so far."

Writing has been interspersed with a cycle of trance parties, squatting, moving on and getting married.

I got the music in me

blah blah blah blah guitars, blah blah blah blah War on Terr-r, blah blah blah Republicans. Like my blog? Good innit.

OK. Tried a Marshall valvestate 150W combo. The bass end was great. Very harmonic distortion. The treble like a tin can. Tried a 350W Crate stack. Sounded like a large angry punk-bee trying to squeeze into a pair of pvc trousers. I found a smaller out of town guitar shop in Penge where they actually make their own guitars and tried a Hiwatt combo, hmmmmm... it was OK, and a Line 6 combo which had 30 settings of bollocks "modelled" amp settings plus at least another 60 settings of pathetic effects bollocks. I tried something called a Stinger which was shite too.

So far I've resisted enquiring as to the status of my camera, though I can actually afford whatever price they want to fix it. Its been in the shop for such a long time I'm not sure if the guys would have sold it maybe. Someone contacting me recently about the merry Muslims made me realise how little I give a shit about cameras and film making, and how much now the music is my life.

Even just rehearsing once a week it feels so much better revolving my life around a living breathing band than it does around the unknown quantities of trying to make films about people who don't want films made about them. I remember the nerves in my stomach, the way my voice would change and my throat tighten up whenever the name "Abu Hamza" came up in conversation. The obsessive, nervous, animated way I would talk.

What do you do? I hate that question. I hate this need for identity, but I am much happier now its no longer "Trying to make films about Fundamentalist Islam" and is instead "Play guitar in a band". It makes me feel 13 again. The other week the drummer and singer crashed in my bed after a 9pm-4am rehearsal. It felt like a teenage sleep-over.

When we play we hardly look at each other. Phrases repeat which will eventually become recognisable tracks. I feel wierd electricity going up my right arm. When I can't take the tension anymore I look for single notes to pick out to relax it a bit. I'm just picking echoes, dying whales over the top of rock solid, growling bass and drums. Perfect. The whole thing goes together fluid, like alloying metal. I tilted my amp backwards a few times and it fell over, like a devil-baby on its back having a screaming tantrum. I plugged in the electro-acoustic and the feedback made the whole body vibrate like it was going to explode. I'm fucking in love with this. After a few extended intrumental breaks I asked Paula if she was struggling to know when to sing,

"Sometimes parts just don't need singing."

she is right.

I was thinking in the week of how we could get some sort of one man show, or magic act to join us for the long instrumental breaks maybe, but sitting together as a band I think Paula could pull off whatever inter-vocal performance requirements we needed. I've never felt so much faith in four people being slaves to the same groove. There was a festival yesterday on the green in front of the studio. Some friends dropped by to listen. Our first audience of 4 totally raised the game between us, recognisable tracks came out, the feedback whale of the notes I was playing merged into the notes Paula sang. Sometimes tracks morphed into other tracks. We stopped twice, my delay and nunu's (the drummer) cymbal crashes echoing into the distance. When I came out Chik Budo were playing in the festy. They were fantastic.

I'm happy.

I'm not depressed.

Without this band I would be.

ps- just a little obscurity to end with. All may be revealed.

June 02, 2006

"They crush them with their vehicles and kill them just on suspicion," he said. "This is completely unacceptable." Attacks on civilians will play a role in future decisions on how long to ask American forces to remain in Iraq, the prime minister added.

The denunciation was an unusual declaration for a government that remains desperately dependent on American forces to keep some form of order in the country amid a resilient Sunni Arab insurgency in the west, widespread sectarian violence in Baghdad, and deadly feuding among Shiite militias that increasingly control the south.