November 30, 2006

Some people like to fuck...

Jaco is a pretty crazy place. It's over run by coke and prostitution. I didn't realise that prostitution is legal here until I booked my ticket. It's not something I particularly am interested in or condone. I think it's good that a woman who likes to fuk can make good money from it, and from what I've heard a number of these girls are just that... girls who really like to fuk, whoever, when ever. So for them i'm happy, but the fact that the tourists come (sorry for the pun) in their hoards, and take advantage of these girls whose best chance in life is to suck their horrible cocks..... I think is pretty disgusting.

Steve is our ex-Bass player in "The Impossible" which has been an uphill struggle, but is getting somewhere now. He's deserted us to surf in a crazy place over run by coke and prostitution. I'm half tempted to head over with the guitars...
Watch the report

Teams of specialist prison officers tried to restore order after a night of disturbances.

Fires were lit in Harmondsworth Immigration Detention Centre in west London, the Home Office called the incidents a "deliberate attempt at sabotage" by the detainees.

It comes hours after a damning report raised concerns about the use of force at the centre

November 27, 2006

Poppy legalization banned in Afghanistan

The committee of counter narcotics which was made by a group of parliament member rejected a part of the law on drugs that was legalizing poppy cultivation for research and medicines purposes.

Both officials of the narcotics ministry and committee rejected the legalization of growing poppy cultivation for healthy purposes in a meeting on Sunday. Mullah Taj Mohammad Mujahid,
head of the parliamentary committee on narcotics, said to media, allowing growing of poppies for whatever purposes was against the country's constitution.

A few weeks ago, the Senlis Council also stopped to run there policy on narcotics. The Senlis council was working for licensing opium in Afghanistan but interior minister asked them to stop and close their office.

Abdul Khalil Shirzai, head of the law enforcement section of the ministry of counter narcotics, told, they were supporting decision of the lower house committee.

November 26, 2006

Child Without an Eye

The fact that youtube is a place where people are now replying by video to a video that is posing a question and asking for replies shows the powerful and compelling quality of “everyone is a producer and a reader/viewer”.

You like! I like!

Just saw the Borat movie and am glad I saw it in the cinema. Fucking hilarious, everyone was pissing themselves. I always thought Borat was an even better character than Barren-Cohen's other alter ego Ali-G. I think the film is actually in a great tradition of Jewish comedy. His sidekick, the producer is fantastic as are all the great Americans he meets along the way. I wont spoil it for you, just to say that in the "insanest scenes" he's captured some amazing physical theatre, naked and clothed.


My girlfriend brought out an old Fishbone CD called Give a Monkey a Brain... a little while back and was jealous that I had seen them on the tour of this album maybe fourteen years ago. I had a mini premonition that they would be playing live soon and sure enough, I spied an ad in Timeout, so we got some tickets and headed to the Islington Academy for the last date of their European tour.

We missed the support act and arrived as they took the stage. Fourteen years ago I saw them in the Kentishtown Forum which held maybe three thousand people. Here in front of 800 they were still fantastic and looked pretty much the same. Musically they have branched out into a bit of ragga and the singer now uses a theromin. Between songs they relaxed and wandered over to talk to each other, when they got going they were tight as fuck, having played almost every night for the last month from Spain to Bratislava. They played a few old classics and a lot of new stuff which was fantastic.

If ever you see Fishbone are playing near you, go see 'em you wont be dissapointed. I think the video below is from the late 80s. They played with the same warm heartedness and energy the other day.

CUT AND RUN from Michael Moore

We Americans are better than what has been done in our name. A majority of us were upset and angry after 9/11 and we lost our minds. We didn't think straight and we never looked at a map. Because we are kept stupid through our pathetic education system and our lazy media, we knew nothing of history. We didn't know that WE were the ones funding and arming Saddam for many years, including those when he massacred the Kurds. He was our guy. We didn't know what a Sunni or a Shiite was, never even heard the words. Eighty percent of our young adults (according to National Geographic) were not able to find Iraq on the map. Our leaders played off our stupidity, manipulated us with lies, and scared us to death.

But at our core we are a good people. We may be slow learners, but that "Mission Accomplished" banner struck us as odd, and soon we began to ask some questions. Then we began to get smart. By this past November 7th, we got mad and tried to right our wrongs. The majority now know the truth. The majority now feel a deep sadness and guilt and a hope that somehow we can make make it all right again.

Unfortunately, we can't. So we will accept the consequences of our actions and do our best to be there should the Iraqi people ever dare to seek our help in the future. We ask for their forgiveness.

We demand the Democrats listen to us and get out of Iraq now.

November 25, 2006

Sharriah Law

Things feel really good. I thought that the producers of I Was There weren't getting back to me but I am still hopeful. I'd like to get a version of all this over that an ITV audience would understand. I've had some great contact with angry young Canadian weed smoking Muslims. Their initial anger about my Hashashin video mellows into a good conversation about young Islamists in Canada. I was able to apologise:

fair enough, sorry mate. I wasn't taking the piss out of arabs in general. You are the second angry young Muslim from Canada who has complained about this one. Are there many young Muslims in your part of Canada? I heard some places have shariah law.

Well yeah there is a lot of muslims in Toronto and to answer your second question its both yes and no, there are obvious laws in the muslim community but not outside of the community, we share the same community with people of other races and religions. well I'm glad we got this out of our systems and btw next time if your gonna joke about something like this try to write it on the description that this is a joke.

November 24, 2006

O'Riley vs Letterman

via Samantha Burns


Second Victim

Litvinenko told police that he believed he had been poisoned on Nov. 1, while investigating the slaying of crusading journalist Anna Politkovskaya. His hair fell out, his throat became swollen, and his immune and nervous systems were severely damaged.

Comedian dying on stage- Caught on camera!


On Thursday November 30 the Apartheid Wall currently fencing in the West Bank in the Middle East will be visible in Swansea. The Dylan Thomas Centre in Somerset Place will also be heavily guarded by Israeli soldiers and a checkpoint.

Film makers are turning to street theatre to promote 'Beyond the Middle East' an evening of films showing life for normal Palestinians under Israeli occupation. Israel is currently building an illegal wall across farms, gardens through Palestinian homes cutting off familes and friends.The wall has been slammed by the U.N as illegal witha strong request that the construction is reversed.

The evening is part of Swansea's annual festival of alternative film and video, Beyond TV. The festival is organised by the award winning charity Undercurrents and support by the Arts Council of Wales.

The films will include the recently released THE IRON WALL by Director Mohammed Alatar exploring how the Wall was first mentioned in 1923 and has shaped the focus for hardline Israelis ever since. Other films include films produced by the Balata Refugee Camp Media Collective and Sadaa, a Palestinian / Israeli video collective based in Jeruselem.

Isobel Griffin, a spokeswoman for 'Beyond the Middle East' said today
' Hopefully on the night the people of Swansea will get a sense of the oppression which Palestine people are facing every day. Having Israeli soldiers checking film goers bags, demanding identity cards and keeping people waiting in line lit by search lights. The films will shock many but will give an insight into the conflict which we don't see in the media'

Tickets for 'Beyond the Middle East' are available from 01792 463980

Notes to editors
For interviews please call 01792 455900.

November 14, 2006

More Chosen Man

The "Ghettos of hate" need to be torn apart,Muslim and other ethnic minority communities need to be broken up and dispersed throughout the UK and encouraged to integrate into mainstream British society,multiculturalsm has been proved not to work,all it does is discourage integration and alienate both communities to each other!-You only have to go to Wembley,where the British residents are now a minority and Asians are now a majority to see the mistrust,frustration and hate!The government needs to act now before it's too late and more home grown suicide bombers are created through lack of understanding and frustration!


I'm suggesting a more responsible and thought out policy when the councils decide to house large groups of immigrants and not swamping areas of the country with the same ethnic groups but spreading them around the country to try and discourage seperatism and encourage integration and a feeling of belonging to Britain.For the areas that are already heavily populated with large groups of ethnic minorities I'm not really sure what can be done.I am not a Neo-Nazi,I support SOME,of the policies of the BNP,not all,I'm against Britain's involvement in both Iraq and Afganistan,as you've probably guesed from my previous articles,(as do the BNP),I'm against the dictatorship of the European Union and its attempts to take over control of all our lives and strip away our right of self rule(As are the BNP)And I'm in favour of proper,fair immigration and border control,which the BNP have been a lone voice for years and have taken a huge amounts of flack for in the press.Also they want to increase spending on defense which I'm also in favour of!-No other mainstream party seems interested on these points which is why they got my attention.However,I DO NOT support some of their more right wing views which are a bit too far to the right of "Ghengis Khan" even for me!

When is Terr-sm Not Terr-ism?

Despite being accused of possessing the largest sum of chemical explosives of its type ever found domestically in Lancashire, a BNP member and a far right sypmapthiser will not face any terrorism related charges...The case has also attracted little publicity despite the record haul which included the discovery of a rocket launcher, a nuclear biological suit and claims by prosecutor Christiana Buchanan that the pair had some kind of master plan...

November 11, 2006


I interviewed Fun-Da-mental for my film Day-X which I keep meaning to put on Youtube. I was well suprised by their new video which they actually managed to get banned!

In this day and age.

I wanted to embed it but its been disabled so here it is

One rule for one

Its a crazy world innit? Nick Griffin's previous trial coincided with Hamza's, this one coincides with:

The verdict clearing Nick Griffin on race hate charges stands in stark contrast to the case of a young Muslim man convicted the previous day on very similar charges. In both trials, the defendants were accused of using words or behaviour intended to stir up racial hatred.

The case of Griffin and of his British National Party colleague Mark Collett centred on speeches made to their supporters in a pub in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

In the speeches, they launched into tirades against Muslims and made slurs against the murdered black student Stephen Lawrence.

Griffin told the throng that Islam was a "wicked, vicious faith" and said that Muslims were turning Britain into a "multi-racial hell hole", while Collett called asylum seekers "cockroaches" and told the gathering, "Let's show these ethnics the door in 2004."

Both were cleared of using words or behaviour intended to stir up racial hatred.

The case of 23-year-old Mizanur Rahman had a quite different outcome.

At a rally outside the Danish embassy in London in February, Rahman had said soldiers should be brought back from Iraq in body bags and called for September 11-style terrorist attacks against Europe.

He carried placards with the slogans "annihilate those who insult Islam" and "behead those who insult Islam".

He was found guilty at the Old Bailey of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour with intent to stir racial hatred. During the trial, Rahman apologised, saying: "I didn't think about what I was saying." His lawyer compared his remarks to those made from soapboxes at Speaker's Corner.

By contrast, neither Griffin or Collett showed remorse for their words after their trial concluded. Griffin said he was simply "speaking the truth".

Lawyers for the two men successfully argued in court that since their comments were predominantly against Muslims, who were not a racial group, they could not be considered as inciting racial hatred. By contrast, Rahman was apparently found guilty on precisely the opposite conclusion: that the people "who insult Islam", presumably non-Muslims, could be considered a racial group.

I'm not sure anyone should be prosecuted for saying anything. Better out than in no?

Love Music Hate Islamophobia

After my time in Finsbury park I wasn't sure how paranoid an Islamic event like this would be about cameras so I met Ishmael from Mecca2Medina thru Mohammed from Blind Alphabetz to OK filming at the Love Music Hate Islamophobia event. He was flyering in Oxford circus and I was able to explain a bit of what I was about. I needn't have worried as there were a couple of people filming and it was just a normal university style debate with a mellow alchohol free gig in the bar. I've been quite bitterly against going to these "preach to the converted" style things for a long time, choosing instead to spend my time arguing with Republicans but I must admit I've enjoyed this one and I was suprised to find my usual cynical self encouraged by the comradeship of it all.

The people from I Was There have been calling most days wanting a Hamza story "brought up to date" so with this in mind I wrote down a question for Yvonne Ridley. Looking at it now, it was a bit confrontational but she answered it very well. I'm going to make sure I've got it on tape before I expound further. Rakim from Mecca2Medina was a very inspirational speaker too. A lot of questions didn't really get answered because they did the usual thing of taking questions 3 or 4 at a time and then going to the panel which naturally allows them to pick and choose from memory. This sort of thing gets quite heated when people are angry and want their questions answered sometimes but thankfully not this time.

The gig was OK, it got better as it went on but I had to go cos my girlfriend was stuck at Seven Sisters with no dosh so I missed Mecca to Medina. Overall I thought that although a small scene, there were plenty of characters who would go well on film. Popping out for a quick cigarette I met two enthusiastic young North Africans who were dead against it all.

"We wouldn't have come if we thought it was like this." they said.

They thought that in Islam if you were going to do "music" the words should be clearer and Men and Women should be segregated. They went down stairs for more though.

If I was Islamic I would have critisized them saying "But you are smoking!" but as I'm not, I don't care. I told them they were very opinionated, that it was good to set up contrasting sides in a film without antagonism and took their email addresses for future reference.

The wierdest thing that happened, I met the kiwi guy who used to frequent Finsbury park on occasion. It was such a long time ago that I can't remember if he made it into any of my edits but we recognised each other straight away. I'm not sure of the details but he told me he was arrested handing out flyers outside a London train station predicting bombings just weeks before 7/7. He wanted to check my stuff out before going on camera about all this but obviously I want to dig a bit deeper. He ended up with a 18 month suspended sentence.

A friend of mine said "If this was christians rapping you'd be dissing it wouldn't you?"

I can see his point in a way, but if Christians were in the situation Islamists find themselves here I'd like to think I'd be standing with them like this and I thought the vibe they put across was just perfect. I thinkIslamic rap could be a very important "cross cultural" thing just now.

More power to all of them.

One of the best things Yvonne Ridley said was how the Islamists are in the situation the Jews were in during the rise of fascism in Nazi Germany. How did that start? With demonizing cartoons. She's right, isn't she?

November 09, 2006


I've had a look at MPACUK on a number of occasions. I didn't realise they were behind this TV program. I'm very impressed.

November 08, 2006


Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, unable to fulfill U.S. goals in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan during his tenure, will resign from President George W. Bush's Cabinet, a senior administration official said.

The official said former Central Intelligence Agency Director Robert M. Gates will replace Rumsfeld at the Pentagon. Gates was head of the U.S. spy agency under Bush's father, former President
George H.W. Bush.

Rumsfeld, 74, oversaw the global fight against terrorism that followed the Sept. 11 attacks. A casualty of the American public's growing conviction that U.S. policy in Iraq is a dismal failure, Rumsfeld's stewardship of the war is likely to be his foremost legacy.
Kember goes "Amish" on his kidnappers...

Dispatches: Tuesday 07 November 2006

The torture and slaughter of Iraqi civilians is reaching unprecedented heights with estimates of up to 655,000 dead.

Night after night death squads rampage through Iraq's main cities. In Baghdad, up to a hundred bodies a day are dumped on the streets. Often they've been tortured with electric drills.
Yet those doing the killing have little to do with al Qaeda or Sunni insurgents. The majority of the killings are carried out by Shia death squads who want to turn Iraq into a Shia state aligned to Iran.

This shocking film investigates the links between the death squads and high-ranking Shia politicians. It reveals how the Shia militia that these politicians control have systematically infiltrated and taken over police units and even entire government ministeries. It investigates how these units are closely linked to the death squads, indeed they often are the death squads. And the killers act with impunity -- there's little investigation into their activities.

Mixed Messages

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip: Signaling a change in tactics, Hamas' military wing on Wednesday called on Muslims around the world to attack American targets after a deadly Israeli tank strike in the Gaza Strip.

"America is offering political, financial and logistic cover for the Zionist occupation crimes, and it is responsible for the Beit Hanoun massacre. Therefore, the people and the nation all over the globe are required to teach the American enemy tough lessons," Hamas said in a statement sent to The Associated Press.

While critical of the U.S.,
Hamas has always focused its violent campaign of suicide bombings and rocket attacks against Israeli targets. Wednesday's threat signaled that the group is identifying with global Islamic extremist movements, such as al-Qaida.

Ghazi Hamad, spokesman for the Hamas-led Palestinian government, said the group had no intention of attacking American targets.

"Our battle is against the occupation on the Palestinian land. We have no interest to transfer the battle," he said, though he said America was indirectly responsible for Wednesday's bloodshed because of its support for Israel.

November 07, 2006


and I thought I was an acid casualty...

I was there. I was.

OK, so I'm going to the Love Music Hate Islamophobia gig at Westminster college Student Union to film Islamic rappers. Should be interesting.

I have been contacted a few times by the producers of I Was There (Endemol) who are keen to include some of my footage in their end of year summary.

did you catch a special event of 2006 on your mobile phone, camera or camcorder? Were you in the right place at the right time, to capture the news as it happened?

If so – here’s your chance to see it on ITV1 later in the year.

I'm not sure how they want to present this, but I told them I didn't think Mr. Hamza was much use in jail.

Reasons to vote #4 & #5 from Michael Moore...

4. I'LL PUT YOU ON MY WEBSITE. That's right. You can appear on my home page and be seen by millions later today. All you need to do is bring a broom when you go to vote. The broom is our mascot today because we're going to sweep the crooks and the warmongers outta office. Take a picture of yourself holding a broom outside your polling place, e-mail it to me, and I'll put as many of you as I can up on the home page of my website. People all around the world will see you! Government files with your name on them will be initiated! What better way to celebrate this historic day?!

And the final reason to vote today...

5. 2,836 + 655,000. Each one of them, American and Iraqi, are no longer with us because of the decision by one man to start a war. Each one of them represented a precious, God-given life that no man had the right to take away. Each one of them had a mother and father, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, friends and loved ones, little boys and little girls. It's mad, my friends, utterly mad, this senseless loss of human life.

So, do it for them. Call up whoever you know and tell them to meet you at the polls. And tell them to bring a broom, real or imaginary, with a big D on it. It's the only true American thing to do.

See ya at the victory party tonight!

Michael Moore


Barot, who sat silently and impassively throughout most of today's hearing, stared intently at Justice Butterfield while his sentence was being handed down. After the punishment was read, Barot muttered briefly to himself before casting one final glare at the judge as he was led out of the courtroom.

Military Times editorial: ‘Rumsfeld must go’

Published in the Nov. 13 issue of Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times and Marine Corps Times, on newsstands Monday, the editorial says it is time for the president “to face the hard bruising truth.”

“His strategy has failed, and his ability to lead is compromised. And although the blame for our failures in Iraq rests with the secretary, it will be the troops who bear its brunt,” the newspapers say.

Last week, someone leaked to The New York Times a Central Command briefing slide showing an assessment that the civil conflict in Iraq now borders on “critical” and has been sliding toward “chaos” for most of the past year. The strategy in Iraq has been to train an Iraqi army and police force that could gradually take over for U.S. troops in providing for the security of their new government and their nation.

But despite the best efforts of American trainers, the problem of molding a viciously sectarian population into anything resembling a force for national unity has become a losing proposition.

For two years, American sergeants, captains and majors training the Iraqis have told their bosses that Iraqi troops have no sense of national identity, are only in it for the money, don’t show up for duty and cannot sustain themselves.

Meanwhile, colonels and generals have asked their bosses for more troops. Service chiefs have asked for more money.

and from the forum:

As a Norwegian former professional soldier who served in the Kosova, may I say how good it is to see the US military institution finally exercising their professional sense? My Iraqi friends are totally speechless over the handling your staff has conducted down there. Donald Rumsfeld should have been fired after Fallujah by direct military demand, if not before, wich was where you decisevily lost the initative in the Iraq war and pissed of all the major clans. That was, I believe, a direct order from Rumsfeld and Cheney, to employ the iron hammer.

As a bachelor in history and a military man, let me presume to make one comment/suggestion that those who read it may spread around:1) Solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict by slapping Israel a bit around the ears. The killing of unarmed women is despicable, and offends all muslims. 2) Bolster the UN, and give them operational brigade-level multinational force-capability with a European doctrine. Relinquish this US doctrine of nationalism and employ foreign soldiers into roman legions under UN command. And yes, this means that US war-criminals will be equal to all the rest. The war against islam is not a winnable war, but a surefire way to bring on the dogs of war on all of us.
If his comeback is confirmed, Ortega would join a growing number of left-leaning Latin American rulers.

"This is good for the people of Nicaragua and for the integration of Latin America," Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque told The Associated Press on Monday.

Ortega's supporters celebrated in the streets, with caravans of hundreds of cars filing into the capital, honking,
waving party flags and blasting the Sandinista campaign song, set to the tune of John Lennon's "Give Peace a Chance."

Many Nicaraguans worry Ortega's return to power will drive away the country's business leaders and elite, as did his first time in power in 1985.

"We're just trying to figure out which country to go to," said Karen Sandoval, a 27-year-old Coca-Cola marketer shopping with a friend at an upscale Managua mall. "This sets the country back 20 years."

But Herberto Jose Lopez, who earns about $235 a month selling CDs from a kiosk, said he voted for Ortega in hopes that he would help Nicaragua's poor.

"I've got a wife and kid and I'm lucky because I have a job, but most people will tell you the same thing: The current administration just governs for the guys in ties," said the 32-year-old Lopez.

November 06, 2006

Blind Alphabetz

Researching Islamic rap I met Mohammed Yahya from Blind Alphabetz over the weekend who was selling his CDs in Carnaby Street. We spoke over coffee in nearby Golden square where he told me he had reverted to Islam after a trip to Gambia where 95% of people are Muslims.

Having passed through religions as diverse as Christianity and Buddhism he was in a phase of Rastafarianism and had dreadlocks. He was impressed with the feeling of brotherhood amongst Muslims there and the way Islam covered all aspects of life, nature and the community. He cut off his dreads and took "Shahada" (became a Muslim) a week after his return and has been a Muslim for almost two years now.

In the wake of the 7/7 bombings he said he was stopped maybe 15 times by Police in the West End and at Train Stations, but didn't seem overly concerned about it.

"They just wanted to look in my bag. They didn't arrest me. I took to carrying Dawa information, leaflets about Islam to give them. I also carried information about Buddhism and Christianity as well sometimes." he laughed. "They said,"So what are you then?"

Outside London is a bit of a diferent story but here race relations are OK. People can see what the government are doing is wrong. We are part of a festival: Love music hate Islamophobia. Islamophobia is just the new racism. Some people, even rap fans will refuse to buy my CDs because I am a Muslim. Two weeks ago my wife (also a rapper, part of Poetic Pilgrimage) and I were egged. The egg bounced off me, off my wife's leg and only broke when it hit the pavement."

Apparently this was a "Drive by" egging.

Mohammed asked me about Abu Hamza, saying that he had met Mustapha (Hamza's rapping son) and spoken to Muslims who had a lighter view of him. I told him where Hamza's khudbahs were available online. Can I get done for recruitment now? I spoke of the dificulty of filming in Finsbury park and of maintaining a relationship with the Islamists there. I also said frankly that coming from a background I'd call "festival anarchism" I couldn't really connect to the atmosphere of deference around Hamza by Muslims and as a media spectacle.

"They are against music there?" asked Mohammed.

"As far as I know, yes." I said "One of the people I got on with the best put up a curtain when his wife came home and she went to another room. In his life pre-Islam he had been organising nightclubs and she had been a rapper."

"When you spoke on the phone about "Jihadi rap", that isn't how I would describe myself. I am into peace, Islam is a religion of peace. We are a positive influence on our community."

here is a link to a fatwah, or Islamic ruling about Music from Blind Alphabetz MySpace page.

November 05, 2006


This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.


Aki Nawaz from Fun-Da-Mental answers his critics thus:

...It is an absolute fact that the division created between Muslims and non-Muslims stems from the lack of deep and meaningful debate. We have been here many times before and I have participated in many struggles outside the Muslim arena to know this becomes a root cause of frustration and action...I am not interested in competitive politics or in books such as the art of war. It is all manipulation and egoism. My concern is to create a chamber where people discuss issues with passion and then resolve. If this helps avoid another atrocity be it by the State or by any individual person then we all gain and enlighten ourselves. Maybe a great and gross naivety on my side but that is my root struggle however I know the branches and leaves are a washed with difficult arguments but something that is achievable.

The following quotes are fact and not fiction

"That sort of thing repeated on a daily basis made me understand how people can become suicide bombers. I think if I had to live in that situation - and I say that advisedly - I might just consider becoming one myself."

Liberal Democrat MP Jenny Tonge referring to life in the Israeli occupied territories.

Suicide bombers "felt they had no hope but to blow themselves up".

Cherie Blair 18 June, 2002.

I have not even said anything of the sort other than creatively and musically talk about bombers as a collective yet there is Politicians asking for me to be arrested.

Bobby Gillespie from Primal Scream recently penciled out poverty and replaced it with Israel in the slogan makepovertyhistory .Yet he is still entertained and respected by the music industry with no loss or resignation notices. If I had done the same can you imagine the fury?

I, for the moment, refuse to talk to the media because it is presenting me with its own sinister agenda and quoting me out of context as well as presenting the album as a few tracks to meet their sensational headlines.

I urge all people to watch V for Vendetta and then ask the press why they did not come down on this film in the same manner or ask for the director or scriptwriters to be arrested as would be the case with many other films, books, documentaries etc. written about the issues I have addressed in my music.Do not believe the hype...

New Cons

senior neocons now say they wouldn't have pushed for the invasion of Iraq if they knew how poorly it would be carried out by the Bush administration.

via snowmails

November 03, 2006



The Guy Fawkes Ball
This Saturday 4 November

The annual and legendary fancy dress rave-up is back with a bang...

Expect live bands, loud sounds, djs, special livesets, circus performers and stageshow

A map to the venue will be going online on Saturday evening - the web address will be announced on the phonelines!

November 02, 2006


All people of religious persuasions are totally excused from clicking on this link. No seriously. You won't like it.


translation via babelfish:

I must confess to them that possibly this one is the first time that can enjoy a film to me Squirting, which never attracted to me until now. Cytherea was too anglian for my pleasure. Jincha, very skinny and lacks a good apparatus of cagar like which it likes to Tococo. Nevertheless, Jada is a pretty woman, has one of the tonalities of black skin that it enchants to me and she is more explosive than a strike in the IUPI. That is to say, it promises to be a wood and for that reason I brotherly share with you trailer.

I would like to settle down and have kids with a girl like this no? She seems very nice.


I very rarely get any reaction to my films from Muslims so I was very pleased with this via Googlekv

spoke to him at Uni last week he watched a few of your videos and actually liked them...his exact words were "I am suprised at how he just lets you form your own opinion, we Muslims dont get that kind of treatment very often"

I'm quite pleased with my experiments with Youtube so far. For some strange reason no one who comments seems to be able to spell but thats OK.


French Connection were unable to stop us using CNUT and WNAKER (at least CNUT was my idea whereas FCUK was actually nicked from a band called THE FAMILY CAT see more below) on our t-shirts but they started injunction proceedings to stop me using FRENCH CORRECTION which was on the back of all our t-shirts. We totally believed in our right to use French Correction but the legal costs soon began to mount up. So we changed the backs of the t-shirts to French Collection for which they started legal action! So we changed the backs to French Erection for which they started…we had far too much time on our hands then...

We then discovered that French Connection were very precious about their Trade Mark but not so precious about others! They were in fact clearly infringing other company’s Trade Marks below and following a few phone calls to the interested parties FCUK found themselves in a whole heap of trouble. FCUK were forced to withdraw the following: FORD, MARS, DUREX


Tonight at JAMM in Brixton FREE

An interesting bend

London Mayor "Red" Ken Livingstone was left red-faced today after making an embarrassing U-turn over the terrorist son of jailed preacher of hate Abu Hamza.

Speaking at his weekly press conference at City Hall this morning Livingstone said he would be "happy" to have Mohammed Kamel Mostafa working on the underground...

...When it was pointed out that Mostafa was a convicted terrorist, the Mayor replied: "I wouldn't be at all surprised if MI6 was working with him to try to overthrow the regime in Yemen.

"Has he been convicted of any offence in Britain? The answer is no. We are happy to have him work here for us."

However, in a statement issued six hours later by the Mayor's press office Mr Livingstone said: "In this country a person cannot be sacked for what their parents do. It is the actions of Mohammed Kamel Mostafa himself which are relevant.

"However, Mr Mostafa has convictions in Yemen. These must be taken into account. They should have been brought to light by those doing the security checks, the failure to do so must be investigated. As he failed to declare these to the subcontractor they are correct to dismiss him."

A Road to Peace

...“While to many Mr Botha will remain a symbol of apartheid, we also remember him for the steps he took to pave the way towards the peacefully negotiated settlement in our country,” Mr Mandela, 88, said. “His death should remind us how South Africans ultimately came together to save our country from self-destruction.”

The black-dominated African National Congress was banned and exiled throughout the time Mr Botha was Prime Minister and then President, from 1978 to 1989...

...Thabo Mbeki, the South African President, ordered flags to be flown at half-mast from today. He said that Mr Botha had “realised South Africans had no alternative but to reach out to one another”. Mr Mbeki’s son and brother are both believed to have been killed by apartheid agents...

...During the Government of Margaret Thatcher — who denounced Mr Mandela, Mr Mbeki and the ANC as terrorists — Mr Mbeki met about 20 members of the Afrikaner ruling elite at Mells Castle, near Bath, for highly secret talks from 1987 to 1990, with the blessing of Mrs Thatcher and British Intelligence.

They discussed conditions for Mr Mandela’s release and held constitutional talks. Technically Mr Mbeki’s “terrorist” ANC and the “ostracised” Afrikaners were at war. But in the English West Country, talking over South African brandy and cigars into the small hours, the two sides planned peace...