April 21, 2012


Yeah, came slewing to a halt on my bike this afternoon not cos of the intermittent rain but because I was passing the window of Nobrow press who I somehow hadn't noticed before though upon speaking to the guy behind the counter I found out that they had been there for two years and print their own line of very individual comics. I bought two and they were very reasonably priced as well.

 I haven't been blogging very much because I have been working on my own graphic novel which may or may not be connected to the subject matter of this blog (what do you think?)  An idea that hatched itself a long while ago was incubated in fear over a two year period then splurged out and wrote itself in a week and has since had an interesting journey through skill pages looking for an artist- and that's all I am saying for now.

Apart from all this I am going to The Great British Tattoo Show tomorrow looking for tattoo equipment as I want to start drawing on the bits of my legs which don't see the sun very often!


April 19, 2012


U.K. Cleared to Send Terror Suspects to U.S.

Well I finally got through all the articles and on the way found that the Rev Coles has finally been "outed" (again!) by The Daily Mail and they have actually done a decent job of the story wonder of all wonders though without his consent. I met him after being directed his way by one of Hamza's cohorts after his arrest in 2005. I thought I would do it properly and went along to one of his church services. At the end when they have a really nice ritual where everyone greets the people around them the woman next to me started describing the trouble the Revered had with the congregation accepting him, and the penny dropped- and blew my mind.

Speaking to Rev Coles he asked me not to write anything connecting them so I didn't cos I didn't want to be responsible for "Hamza visited by gay vicar" in the tabloids. He is a really nice guy and I am glad the Daily Mail have reported his impressions of Hamza in full as these are the impressions I got as well.

From the rest of the news around the subject of deportation I noticed people rightly pointing out that the missing piece in the puzzle Haroon Rashid Aswat is curiously not on his way to the States. I am not really into conspiracy theories of any kind, but this one seems to hold weight as I heard from someone who was detained with him that he disappeared kicking and shouting in the night last seen sane so I am tempted to believe this one.

Also from the Daily Mail Rede Hassaine's account of his activities is very interesting, though reference to "the little known deal described as a covenant of security" is stupid as every Muslim would know of the covenant of security Hamza used to shout about all the time in the street as it is from the bloody Koran. Though none of the TV news broadcasters used to use these quotes pre 7/7 curiously.

I will try and get some reaction from those closer to Hamza, but I am not hopeful anyone will want to say anything at this time.

UPDATE: Not so sure about the Aswat thing as he was in a seperate block and his mental health issues at Long Lartin have been documented

ANOTHER UPDATE: Had to drop in a link to this interesting article about a trial in the US which seems to reference almost every terror trial and act everywhere in the west to date.

April 16, 2012


Yes, I know the Europeans have finally decided to deport Abu Hamza . I found out mid tangle with the gurgling toad Buddha and the computers are very strict there. Well everything is very strict there but more about that later. I was paying back my debt serving in the kitchen this time but was still pretty intense. I will read through all the news about Hamza over the next few days and maybe try and get some sort of reaction from those who used to be closer to him. I wonder if people in the States will pick up this blog as he heads over there..