April 28, 2007

Everything I do I do it for you

Do check out what is going on in Republicanland with Uncle Jimbo's friday freefly. Lots of stuff about treasonous Democrats.

Over here I can't believe all this shit about Prince Harry. Its ridiculous. Do you think his presence might increase insurgent activity against the British? Errr... I wonder.

Tell you what, why don't they just dangle him a few hundred foot above Basra for fuck sake? Ridiculous.

Who is Mika? He calls himself the Marmite of pop music. I like marmite but I fucking hate Mika.

"Some people compare my music to the Scissor Sisters" he said nervously.

Really? What, like a poor man's shite version of the Scissor Sisters? hmmm...I can't imagine why. There is something genuinely sleazy about the Scissor Sisters whereas Mika is so squeaky clean he is sickly. My girlfriend actually woke up in the middle of the night last week to tell me how much she hated Mika and his "love me love me please love me" crap. We had a long discussion about what a load of banal tepid shit his music is and slept more soundly afterwards. We watched him getting pushed back and forth on a fucking trolley singing on some shit music program the other day. We could have switched over but it had some sort of unhealthy road accident compulsion to it.

April 23, 2007

Happy St Georges Day

He was born in Turkey; his mother was Palestinian. He's so multicultural we have to share him with Lithuania, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Moscow, Istanbul, Beirut - and Palestine itself. If he ever came to England, it wasn't for long. Welcome to the world of Saint George, patron saint of England, whom we celebrate today, April 23...

Yeah yeah yeah

I had a dream the other day that I put a bet on the favourite in a horse race at 7 to 1. I woke up to find it was Grand National day. I cycled off to the bookies to find the favourite was about 16 to 2. It didn't feel right so I didn't put the bet on. Later I cycled into town and went into another bookies. Again it didn't feel right. I came out of the bookies and totally by chance bumped into an ex-attendee of Finsbury park mosque.

I went into another bookies and found an earlier race with a favourite at 7 to 1. I put a fiver on it to win and, sure enough, as usual on the rare occasion when I put a bet on a horse, the race was run, the commentator got really excited shouting the names of the horses in contention never once mentioning the name of my horse. I suppose I dreamt that I put the bet on, I didn't dream whether the bloody thing won or not.


Filming the NF the other day, and a post I found on "the Nation of Duncan" have made me reexamine my motivations in an interesting way. I obviously look for the human characteristics in people that others would describe as inhuman. Why? I suppose I must still be idealistic in some sort of way. Fuck knows why.

I would enjoy doing a character study, for example, on the guy at the end of the film who talks about Combat 18. He is interesting. A smart arse film maker might be able to gain his confidence and do a hatchet job on him. Whats the fucking point though? Its been done and solved nothing. Surely its more of a challenge to address the points they make full on, with accurate representation of what they are saying.

Why does everything on TV need to be spun to shit? What is wrong with filming what people say? Humanity really isn't hard to find. It depends how you go about it.

When I look at anti-fascist groups, and how important it is for them to label their enemy I feel sad. I think to define yourself by your enemy, which is what you are doing, is a mistake. Maybe that is Zippy Buddhist post-rave shit philosophy. I just don't feel any need to get myself into a group of people who are similar to me and shout "BAAA". Whatever the "BAAA" is about it still sounds like "BAAA" to me.


I was discussing with a friend who is part of the Stop the War Coalition how much I hate Tony Benn et-al the back-slapping glitterati elite of "the left". I just don't believe in the power of politics to change shit. The days of "vote for me" are over. Burn your fucking rosettes. A friend bought the Mail on Sunday yesterday (cos it came with a free Tubbular Bells CD- he says). This is a Tory womens paper. In it came their own "Green Issue" supplement which included articles about Bio-fuel sports cars, Daryl Hannah's eco-hippie lifestyle and the plight of Palestinian children captives in Israel. A revolution is happening. Who needs Politicians?

April 21, 2007

National Front March 21st APRIL Bermondsey

Rocked up in Bermondsey to be descended upon by a number of Police for a thorough search and a talking to. I'm sort of used to it these days, but being a sunny day a couple of friends had come along for a laugh and as a whole load of Police were there with nothing to do we got pounced on. They stole one of my friend's ganja, but not a lot, so if they smoke it they are let off.

I had an interesting conversation with the officer, who I recognised.

"He recongises me." he said to his co-workers.

I admitted I had filmed on a number of demonstrations though I didn't feel part of any group anymore.

"So you've given up?" he asked.

"No. I'd have a revolution tomorrow, but only if you lot would join it."

"We'd join in if we got better pay, and bigger truncheons." he answered.

I spoke for a long while with a lady called Barbara (I think) who wouldn't go on camera. She was a bit cryptic but definitely a BNP sympathizer who was also a lecturer who used to work for Police intelligence. When a member of the F.I.T. team took her photograph and she challenged them as to why they told her it was because she was talking to me.

Eventually maybe 50-80 National Front supporters turned up and marched. I was expecting a load of anti-Nazi people. There weren't any and the black independent journalists who turned up had much the same objective interest in filming as I did. I managed to do quite a civilized interview with a standing National front parish councillor, which was my main objective for the day so I'm quite happy. I'll get an edit onto Youtube later.

Interesting afternoon, interesting bunch and I had a very good chat with the others who were filming afterwards some of whom had heard of Malung TV News.

April 19, 2007

...if Islam is by it's nature such a violent and hateful religion, how come so many of the 1.2 billion Muslims in the world are chilling out while their brothers and sisters are being tortured and murdered? Seriously, a violent and hateful religion by it's very definition should inspire violent and hateful reactions by a whole bunch of them, perhaps 50%, or 600 million people. We don't see that. Okay then, a violent and hateful religion should by it's definition inspire at least a big chunk of them to retaliate with violence and hatred, or perhaps 10%, or 120 million people. We don't see that either.We don't seem to remember that most of these people wanted to send their kids to America for a better education. Seriously. They don't hate our "values", and the average middle-eastern DVD and CD collection quickly reveals that lie.


There is loads of this stuff here.


The joke of it all is that i only got active in the BNP because the local organiser where i used to live was arrested and thrown in the cells for leafleting, so i got in contact with him and after reading the perfectly reasonable and legal leaflets, offered my help, and here we are, with this blog alone receiving 1'200 unique visitors just today.

That happens the country over. Decent people will not look the other way. There are now great multitudes of BNP supporting blogs and grass roots initiatives while our public support grows exponentially. Pretty soon the authoritarianism will become naked or cease, either way is good for us. The main thing is we are right, and it is for that reason alone that our opponents find themselves resorting to such underhand measures. For a man that believes he is right has no need to cheat; Such a man's greatest desire is to show and share the truth, for what smallest thing does he have to gain from a lie?


Radical Muslim:

It is not that some Muslims are moderate; it is that although a minority maybe deviant in their character/practices, this does not represent the collective no matter how you attempt to make links that it does. I suggest that rather then continuing to pass judgement on over a billion Muslims worldwide, the majority of which you have never met, that you instead take a course in Islam, visit your local mosque, or just speak to some local Muslims in order to get a real feel of Muslims and Islam.

April 17, 2007


Indigo tagged me with this
Me? Thinking? I suppose so. Apparently I've got to tag five blogs which make me think so erm.... let me get my thinking head on...

Ex-Millenial Girl- A fantastic human tale humanely told. Also includes this sort of thing:

“I tell you what I want.” I leaned over to whisper in his ear. “I have a full bag of opium in my purse and I want to go home and smoke it.” Talking about smoking opium turned me on more than anything could.

He leaned in closer and whispered in my ear, “Mmmm. I think I love you.”

Back at my place, we got high and started kissing. I barely remember the sex. I do remember his bent dick, though. His dick curled to one side at a 45 degree angle, curling even more at the tip. As we fucked, one side of me was like “Ouch!” and the other side was like “Am I even being fucked?”

Angry Black Bitch- Fierce Black thoughtful bitching. This sort of thing:

My brothers and sisters we need to engage our community with consistency and authenticity, not only when some asshole on the radio touches a nerve.

We need to be a part of the community rather than visit it for some music or yummified food once a month.

And I don’t give a hot damn how many marches we have, how many candidates with Harvard law degrees run for president or how many Oscars are won…social change requires regular folks like you and this bitch getting off of our asses, jumping into our SisterGirl Cabrios and driving to the ‘hood, getting o
ut of the car and participating in the lives of others.
London Alive- Rose opens our eyes to London's art.

Bold As Love- err... I think I'll just quote here shall I?

These bastards whine about saving the rainforest and animals rights-They pontificate on the beauty of nature, yet have never spent a true moment in nature. How else can you describe their total ignorance of the fact that nature is a cruel Mistress that feeds the young, weak and aged to the strong and hungry. Nature doesn’t give a shit about what is fair and equitable. Left to these guys, America would subsists solely on soy products and really bad granola. These pisspots usually populate the Human Resource Departments of large corporations- that is until they go nutso fulltime.

Guilt-ridden, bed wetting, reality ignoring Liberals. Jeez, these pansies make real men want to walk up and bitch slap some sense into them. There is nothing these spineless pricks won’t apologize for- Slavery, the Punic wars, really terrible off Broadway shows- These slugs are usually actors, newspaper editors, TV anchor men and women, activists of various flavors, and lately often times they moonlight as Senators and Congressmen and Women.

Spoiled Mama’s boys that will never grow the fuck up....

he goes on but you get the general idea.

One left? OK. I'm not sure if his blog frightens me more than it makes me think, but I've got to congratulate Citizen of Mosul just for still being around these day and telling it like he sees it.

April 13, 2007

Do also watch Uncle Jimbo's friday freefly. The first bit is mainly of interest to American's. The middle bit deals with the frustration your average right winger who wants to "go and do something about it" feels when the world just doesn't fit to their concept of "winning" no matter how many billions of dollars worth of munitions get thrown about. These guys are going to work it out.

Also do check Channel 4' s excellent piece about fighting in the tribal territories of Pakistan.

The Pakistani government says these battles are the result of deals it has made over the last two years with its Pushtun tribes. But tribal leaders in South Waziristan say they took on the Uzbeks simply because they were behaving like criminals and bandits.

The commander Hanan: "I swear by the Koran, we did not move against them at the request of the government. The reason is their activities. "For the last three or four years, we have treated them as guests for the sake of Allah. But when people leave the path of God and start killing people just because they won't give them shelter or money, this is cruelty which we cannot accept."

So whatever President Musharraf might say, it's far from clear whether these men have turned against the Taliban - the fighting might just be the result of clan rivalries within the Taliban.


"Not every blogger is a narcissist who has nothing to say. In particular there are people in China and Iraq who are blogging - and that is very brave," he said.

"But generally I don't see a social benefit. It's just a great vehicle for next-generation media personalities. Why do I want to know what some guy sitting on the west coast of America thinks about Iraq? Would you pay to listen to this person?"

Do read the whole article. I missed the tenth anniversary of blogging but I love the quote a newspaper journalist chooses to end his article about it with.

Because I've paid my 50p to read what you've got to say, Bobbie Johnson makes your opinion so much more important than a West Coast American's eh? Its not about whether what a person says is right or not, its about whether you've paid to read or not isn't it? Thats why McDonalds have consistently served the best quality food for such a long time isn't it? Because so many people pay for it eh? Bilions of paying customers can't be wrong. The "financial marketplace" is the spiritual and moral arbiter on this planet isn't it?

Bollocks to the lot of them. Give me an obscure blog any day. I don't need any money to justify what I do, or any fucking praise. Hang on... Whats this?

Youtube user davebones goes to London demos, protests and gatherings. His videos demonstrate the complexity of issues, calling into question the credibility of television news which tends to portray the same events in black and white terms. While his blog sets a clear agenda, his commentary-free videos are accessible to people regardless of their viewpoint.

Do I know this person?


[T]emporary [A]utonomous [A]rt [LONDON]

Wed 16th – Sat 19th MAY 2007 FREE entry

Opening hours: Weds–Fri: 2pm – midnight. Sat: midday – midnight

www.taaexhibitions.org / www.randomartists.org

4 days of gallery, performance, music, film and workshops in a reclaimed central London venue. More information and full programme as it comes in: www.taaexhibitions.org All contributions welcome. email: info@randomartists.org ….these details are just for the London event.

You can also check out the group to blame for the London TAAs: www.randomartists.org

I wouldn't call it Marxism but you get the general idea...

via Skrufff mailout:

"The middle classes could become a revolutionary class, taking the role envisaged for the proletariat by Marx," says the report. The thesis is based on a growing gap between the middle classes and the super-rich on one hand and an urban under-class threatening social order: "The world's middle classes might unite, using access to knowledge, resources and skills to shape transnational processes in their own class interest". Marxism could also be revived, it says, because of global inequality. An increased trend towards moral relativism and pragmatic values will encourage people to seek the "sanctuary provided by more rigid belief systems, including religious orthodoxy and doctrinaire political ideologies, such as popularism and Marxism".

I've been saying this sort of thing is going to happen for ages, nice to know the military are worried about it.

April 11, 2007


Ha ha ha, Tony has finally made it onto Youtube, six months after WebcameronUK. Am I bovvered? The subtle difference is that Camerons is a "director" account and Tony's is a "guru".

April 09, 2007


I read with interest the fate of Daniele Mastrogiacomo, it looks like his fixer has been beheaded although reports are confusing.

Some Afghans have criticized their president, Hamid Karzai, for helping to win the release of foreigners, but not Afghan nationals.

Earlier in the week I read an excellent article in the Guardian about Jamil el-Banna, the man who said "no" to MI-5.

Topically at easter, I've had a bit of a long running argument with another guy who thinks he is Jesus. I do meet them occasionally. This one spammed me with his video on Youtube, so I tried to engage him with a view to filming but gave up pretty quickly when I realised he was only interested in what came out of his own mouth. Why are these Jesus's so egocentric? The last one I met was just the same. Tedious fucking Jesus.

I watched the Passion of the Christ on TV yesterday, only to see if it was annoying as I originally thought it was, and to count how many times he falls down in slow motion from multiple fucking angles on his way to the cross.

The answer is five.

April 03, 2007

via Dan Covan, some huge Mexican crystals...also:

In my head, I keep writing my own movie or reality TV show of the next few years. In this gripping adventure yarn, the ticking time-bomb of ignorance and greed gets defused at the last moment by teams of stylish secret agents of consciousness and compassion, working in coordination across the planet. These tantric technicians create wilderness corridors for endangered species, end sectarian conflicts among warring factions, deploy alternative technologies at appropriate scales, and generally transmute negative vibes to harmonic frequencies.


I've been arguing with a die hard Hawkwind fan about the BBC4 Documentary about them the other day. I've looked on line and haven't seen much about it so I thought I'd throw in my tuppence worth...

When it was manifest fairly near the beginning that Dave Brock wasn't going to appear, I feared it would be the ex-members doing a hatchet job on him. I've read before what Nick Turner has to say, and have spoken to people who have been involved with Dave Brock who have negative things to say about him none of which I am prepared to repeat here.

As the documentary unfolded I was surprised how little Dave Brock was mentioned, the others just telling their stories. I thought it was a fairly good document of the earliest and most successful incarnation of the band, as good as they could do without Brock. My Hawkwind fan friend thought it was a hatchet job on Brock, and that Dave Brock "is" Hawkwind.

"When Brock insisted Nick Turner wasn't involved why did they then choose to include Nick Turner instead of Dave Brock?" he asked angrily.

"But if it was a hatchet job, why didn't it go into detail about Turner's extensively recorded allegations about Brock?" I asked.


I don't know. Neither of us do but its fun to argue about. Tim Cummings behind the scenes story is here. As I say, I thought there would be lots of argument online. Maybe no one gives a shit about Hawkwind.