April 30, 2006

Check this out! This is ::s:::i:>'s article come to life!

Happy Sunday

I'd been meaning to do this for years. Someone has photographed all of the beautiful derelict pubs in London check this out. I want to squat all of them. Had my eye on The Flying Scud for years.

I love Sundays. Went to New Covent Garden Market. I'd been hearing about this place as a refuge of the strange since Hackney Wick Market closed due to the ready availability of guns and illegal software etc.

I wasn't dissapointed. Its Hackney Wick moved south and west a bit. The first thing I saw was a sign:


or something. Wish I took a camera with.

The whole of Poland was there. There were Polish films, Polish sausage, Polish bread, Polish takeaway, my Polish housemate told me Ryan Air are doing a direct flight to New Covent Garden now.

There were loads of stalls selling mad conspiracy theory dvds. I bought one called "Is Prince Charles the Anti Christ?" I saw another film called "Crack babies" about how to care for a crack baby. I think I'll get it next week. Loads of weird black history films too. I think I might be able to sell my films here. I'd love to put my stuff alongside mad conspiracy theory stuff on a crazy market, all of the vendors seemed interested. Its quite strange to think that all the riff-raff and low lifes of London believe in conspiracy theories. Gives me a perspective on where the Finsbury park mindset was born.

Oh, I also bought a film called "Illuminazi" which my Muslim buddies told me about, "United 93" about Flight 93, "In the name of Osama Bin laden" by Roland Jacquard and a porno hologram which has a woman taking her g string off, bending forward and showing you her pussy as you rock it back and forward. Thats what hologram was invented for no? 2 for 50p.

Then I came home and did a line of K. You can probably tell can't you? Still no dope though but I don't remember why. Happy Sunday!!!
MaLUNG tv NEWS Sadhu of the week

April 29, 2006


This is a scientific study of the effects of Fly Agaric Mushrooms which was on TV in the UK a long time back though I've seen the scientists involved on TV quite a lot over the years. My Fly Agarics didn't have this effect but then I didn't die, which is good news. Haven't seen many flies about though ...

There is a recorded death due to this mushroom whose common name, fly agaric, was due to the practice in the middle ages of breaking the cap into platefuls of milk in order to stupefy flies...

The Lapps observed their reindeer herds would eat this mushroom and then appear intoxicated, so the Lapps themselves tried it. What happens initially is the central nervous system is affected and the muscles of the affected person start to twitch and pull convulsively, followed by dizziness and a death like sleep. During this stage the mushroom is often vomited but the drunkenness and stupor continue. Whilst in this state vivid visions occur and upon waking there is a sense of elation along with intense physical activity due to the nerves being highly stimulated.

Its worse in Siberia

The active ingredient is excreted in the urine of those consuming the mushrooms, and it has sometimes been the practice for a shaman to consume the mushrooms, and the rest of the tribe to drink his urine: the shaman, in effect, partially detoxifying the drug (the sweat- and twitch-causing muscarine is absent in the urine). This was also not an uncommon practice in Siberia, where the poor would consume the urine of the wealthy, who could afford to buy the mushrooms.

Explains Russian communism no?

Part Three,Part Four

4Docs are streaming the leader, the driver and the drivers wife, my favourite documentary by Nick Broomfield. When I was filming Hamza I was immediately struck by the similarities with Eugene Terre Blanche. The way they talk about "kaffir's" sounded similar though the word had a different meaning. Both are thought of as "fiery" preachers and were leaders of fringe groups. They certainly look uncannily similar and their egos were the focal point of their organisations.

Africa Mine Film Season 2006

* April 27th, 2006
* 9:55 pm

Tuesday Evenings @ PECKHAM MULTIPLEX, rye lane, london se15 4st
25 April 2005 - 18th July 2006

In partnership with Black Cultural Archives, Black World and Film London. Africa Mine presents a tantalizing programme of modern, classic and art-house films, to be screened at Peckham Multiplex. The season of features and documentaries will explore Africa through the eyes of Africans, alongside visions of the continent packaged primarily for western viewers. Screenings will include panel discussions and an opportunity to meet film-makers, media professionals and experts from Africa and the diaspora. Africa Mine offers an eclectic programme reflecting the diversity and richness of African cinema.
Africa Mine is presented by Afford & ScreenStation, in partnership with Black Cultural Archives, Black World, Film London.
For further information call 0207 587 3900 or visit www.screenstation.net.

via pocketvisions

also check out Travels with my Beard

Angry Veteran

And what a room the JIC floor was: a cross between the bridge of the Starship Enterprise and a cubicle farm. At the helm, on 24-hour watch, was the Deputy Director of Intelligence (DDI). And there I was, his faithful second in charge, the Assistant Deputy Director of Intelligence (ADDI). Monitors and projection equipment surrounded us. Down the rows of cubes full of analysts, the ceiling itself sprouted huge flat screen televisions. On the main wall, five or more feeds could be displayed.

What were we watching? Translated broadcasts of Al-Jezeera? Copies of tapes made by leading analysts and historians on our area of responsibility? Anything at all that would help the J2 get into the mind of the enemy and create an atmosphere of critical thinking?


We were watching FOX news. FOX fucking news. We were in a permanent feedback loop. FOX news couldn't wave the flag fast enough and praise the military and the administration hard enough. We, in the fucking INTELLIGENCE CENTER, were watching news about how great we all were.

Once, I actually asked if we could change the channel to (*gasp*) PBS because they were interviewing Muqtada al-Sadr - a key figure at the time, and still today. People gave me shit for changing it to PBS. As if I were a communist for wanting to hear what one of the local leaders was saying - instead of just having sunshine blown up my ass by the spokesmodels on FOX.

April 28, 2006

via Jo here is a blog by a group of squatters who are trying to stop a historic building where I used to live 10 years ago being knocked down. If it is the building I think it is its got quite an epic history with the rave community as well.

Also watch Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq

54 days now, though I actually puffed some dope by accident on friday smoking the dregs of a friends tabacco. Does that count?


Fucking best day I've had in ages taking a break from the sunshine to jam in the basement with a real live drummer at last. Think he enjoyed it too. I don't think I looked up from my guitar once to see what the other guys were doing. In this state I get the same stoned feeling behind my eyes but without the dope. This sort of jamming is great, its like i know I don't give a flying fuck about anything else.

Listening to Aquarius records showcase on Winamps shoutcast radio I found a band that we sounded a bit like. "Psychedelic Post Rock"apparently. A Japanese band called Mono. (Scroll down the Aquarius page for some examples) This is quite a good clip.

April 27, 2006


via Rightwingsparkle check out the guy tagging airforce one.

... OK its just a hoax.

Our favourite Texan has also joined the Houston Chronicle as their new conservative blogger Texas Sparkle. She'll be running for office next and then we'll all be in trouble!


Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez will be visiting London on Monday May 15th and 16th, at the invitation of Mayor Ken Livingstone. Chávez will be returning from the EU/Latin America/Caribbean conference, which takes place in Vienna from May 10th to 13th. His programme will include a meeting with the London Mayor, a press conference, a meeting with Members of Parliament who are supportive of Venezuela, and a meeting with leading trade unionists organised by the TUC.

Trade unions and solidarity organisations are also involved in trying to organise a public meeting for Chávez.

April 25, 2006

Glastonbury Movie

This was from last friday.

Passed by The White Cube yesterday (Jesus is that a shit flash website or what?) where they were giving out free beer. I was hanging around in North London anyway for the later showing of the Glastonbury Movie at the Screen on the Green in Islington. I wasn't disappointed. Highlights included the mutoids filming themselves arguing with Michael Eavis over money, Faithless doing “We come one”,the late Joe Strummer ranting about surveillance and then trashing the BBC cameras with his microphone stand.

Lowpoints: The rabbit watching her rabbit boyfriend, Fatboy Slim, Coldplay and The Chemical Brothers "Superstar DJ" wank. I remember running through the crowd on this last one out of my head on acid looking for something or someone.

When I first went to Glastonbury in 1987 I paid for a ticket and watched the bands and did stupid things like say to people "OK. I'll meet you at x place to watch y!" Over the years Glastonbury taught me to shed all this, jump the fence with whatever money I had at the time and just wander. I know that site better than the back of my hand. I learnt so many things I can't put into words.

I remember arriving one year, pitching my tent and going off to get firewood. I dropped all the money I had in the firewood and only noticed when I got back to unload. I ran back to the wood pile, from which hundreds of people were taking wood- and found my money just as it got dark.

Since they put up the new fence and the fucking mobile phone mast I have totally lost interest but the indescribable memories remain.

Anyway the edit was great. Caught all the main historical points in a very relaxed and clever manner using recurring stories. Its nice to see someone else can edit a film without a stupid voice-over, maybe there is hope for me yet. It got across how important Glastonbury was for mainstream people in Britain to have the opportunity to open minds and shake them loose, attach themselves to the raw paganism of them thar hill for a few days, and for alternative people to make a living putting it on.

Did the film put me there? No, of course not, but for anyone for whom there was a time during Conservative rule where Glastonbury festival was the only sane place in the country it will almost put you there. Glastonbury has enabled thousands to maintain an alternative lifestyle over the years, from jugglers and stilt walkers to India heads who only ever popped back to sell 2 grands worth of hash truffles in 3 days and piss off back to India.

Thanks for the memories Glastonbury.

April 24, 2006

Had a great weekend out of London. Blog coming. Here is the blog of the cannibal guy. He's been blogging since 2002.

April 19, 2006

Old Chestnuts

Going a long way back to the old old story of Finsbury park mosque, you may remember how a lot of this talk of a "Zionist conspiracy" sounded , and I asked you to read Jamal's pdf and judge for yourselves. I was always careful not to be drawn, and to clarify when the guys talked about "the Jews" that they meant "The Zionist organisation". the whole thing always left me uncomfortable though as I wanted to take everything face front but didn't want to be repeating anything which sounded like anti-semitism. I've just found a Jewish commentator on all this who seems very interesting and also takes the whole anti-semitism thing by the horns. Apparently he invented the board game "Scrupples".

he's a strange fella. This is his piece about holocaust and holocaust revisionism. Do look at the comments. Also The Bikini and the Burkah.

My life used to be a lot like this. I think I'm heading this way again this summer. Dance. Cos you are going to die one day. I did some K again last night. Is it illegal or legal? Don't know. Not knowing is no defence in law. Certainly feels like it should be illegal sometimes. I met a guy with a 7 year plan, some strange 3 wheelers and a speedboat...I think I'm going to follow this up. I'm off to Dorset for the weekend on one of these hairy mutherfuckers.
via miserable donuts

...the greatest suspicion of covert interfering in Afghan affairs is being directed at Pakistan.

This was starkly illustrated when President George Bush said in Islamabad last month that "part of my mission today was to determine whether or not the president is as committed as he has been in the past to bringing these terrorists to justice".

He then said President Musharraf was thus committed. But even to ask the question was an admission of serious concern...

...Kabul believes Islamabad already has control of the militant groups but is simply turning a blind eye to their actions.

no shit?

Happy People

check this out via Rightwingsparkle

Happiness is associated most heavily with the left (i.e. logical) side of the brain, while anger is associated with the right (emotional, non-logical) side of the brain.

explains a lot no?

"Containing France"

Having sold Iraqis into slavery in exchange for petrodollars, the French have proven that they are beyond redemption. Disturbing as it may be to contemplate, some conduct puts one beyond the circle of humanity - enslaving fellow human beings, condemning them to rape, torture and execution, all for a few pieces of silver, surely qualifies.

It only remains to determine how civilized nations should deal with this kind of offender. Perhaps in another time - a time when nations could play the great game and risk only a few deaths in far off places - one could use all the tools of statecraft to isolate and disarm the French threat. But that time has passed. Western civilization is now in a knife-fight with a deadly and determined foe.

If France seeks to align with Islamic fundamentalists and/or their Arab government backers - if it signs a separate peace with Arab fascists - as it looks likely to do, the US and its allies must begin to think hard thoughts, to ask what will be required to defeat France. In this regard, I would expect Western leaders to contemplate even the nastiest of tricks to counter French perfidy - sabotage, false flag operations, diplomatic deception, espionage, political subversion, etc.

What is the betting that the person who wrote this is a geek behind a computer screen?

This sends chills down my spine. I always thought when I heard this instrument that it was a violin. I'm in the wrong country. I never really came back from India.

April 18, 2006


More stories from the tower of babel...

Europe later undergoes the wounds of Chernóbil 20 years. A British report assures that a 40% of the ground of the European Union present/display discharges dose of radioactive contamination.

(...) The British nourishing authorities have made this week a information public, according to which, "due to the contamination caused by the accident of Chernóbil, ewes in certain areas of the United Kingdom still contain levels of radioactivity over the safety limits. The Agency [ of nourishing standards ] maintains restrictions to the movement of the affected ewes to protect the consumers ". The report adds that cesium 137 happens of the Earth to the grass, and of the grass to the animals, and they apply to the restriction to a total of 200,000 animals and 374 farms. And in that same country, the epidemiólogo John Urquhart finishes publishing a document that relates a growth of 11% of infantile mortality in the zones in which toxic rain had more impact at the end of the eighty, as opposed to 4% in the rest of the country.

Next to the United Kingdom, the restrictions to the food traffic persist in Sweden and Finland, where they mainly affect to the reindeer and products of the forests. And in some regions of Germany, Austria, Italy, Lituania and Poland, where the wild hunting, mushrooms, berries and a species of carnivorous fish register an excessive cesium content 137. The consequences of Chernóbil were from the beginning reason for discord, partly by the opacity with which the old Soviet Union handled a catastrophe that tried to hide and to diminish until the last moment (also they hid other countries to it like France). (...)


I love this film of traffic in India. How many times I watched people hop on their scooters and start with the horn before they even moved. Is there some sort of superstition involved maybe?

April 17, 2006

via Citizen of Mosul:

Jesus fucking H Christ, depleted uranium and Palasts confusing story: Remember how the war was supposed to be for cheaper oil? Now apparently its for more expensive oil.

Reading the comments here drives me mad. Everyone arguing from their perspective of what the event was and what it says about who, statistics etc. round and round in circles. This comment drew my attention, and guess what the commenter is doing about it.
41 days without a toke now..

The first 9 were good. The rest have been pretty dull really. I don't feel better. I suppose I'm less comatose and watch less TV. I think to do this properly I've got to immerse myself in something else which takes up as much time as toking does.

"You've changed a lot since you stopped smoking, you are more focused." said a friend of mine on Friday.

"I've just done a line of K..." I told him.

Just the one though.

April 16, 2006


Easter is off the radar for me these days, but if its not for you then happy easter. This is "Jesus being led away by the soldiers" from The Manchester Passion which was on BBC TV on friday.

And check out the Origins of Evil!!! Shit!! We're all fucked!! What can we do?????


OK. Doing my duty for my country I've been keeping an eye on what is hot in Republicanland. One of the main topics at the moment is IMMIGRATION. A good example of Repub thinking on the subject is Stuck on Stupid here.

The woman has properly gone to a demo and asked the people what they think. I love this style of blogging. For me, it never fails to knock the shit out of professional journalism. Whatever the political slant of the blogger they are there because they give a shit. This is the future of "democracy".

"I didn't try and engage anyone in a debate, I just wanted them to tell me in their own words why they thought they were there or what they believed."

You go Girl!

Here is an interview shes done with a protester who is into the "no borders" ideal. This is one of the best interviews I've heard in ages. I agree with everything the guys says. He puts his case simple, and profound. It reminds me that its not just Republicans with ideals and an agenda. If "globalization" should be about anything I pray to which ever God is listening that it will one day be about what this guy is talking about.

Here is an indymedia article about a No Borders demo I went on last Saturday. I didn't see any trouble, but then I don't look for it. Having lived under a Conservative government the Indymedia whine about Police makes me sick to be honest. They can photograph me, they can fucking hit me, I refused the convenience of Police as my enemy a long time ago.

Anyway, rant over, those inside knew we were outside and joined us on the phone so I suppose that helps a bit psychologicaly. I've seen the Policeman pictured quite a lot over the years. Don't know his name.

Some of those interned at Colnbrook have since gone on indefinate hunger strike.

London No Borders forum


Malung TV News Exclusive EXPOSED (!!!) Commie sub-editor of the Morning Star, Charly in Venezuela with fellow evil socialists. Jo and I have done a little more work on a Venezuela edit, hopefully be with you soon.

April 15, 2006

This Ickean stuff...

After watching the Icke in action, and then reading one of his ex-followers open letter I must admit I'm tempted to go down to Brixton Academy to film the sort of people who would queue up to give him their 25 quid. I'd have to find a lizard costume for someone to wear creeping up behind people as I filmed them or maybe make some kind of "forked tongue extension" I could slip out with an evil glint in my eye.

Reading in the open letter about the mindset of the sort of people attracted to Ickean stuff reminds me of a New Age convention I went to once. I think its interesting that Icke quotes fiction to support what he presents as fact. The Matrix, Monsters Inc. etc. As usual I make no judgement on Mr. Icke's theories. Shapeshifting aliens could be running the world. I don't know. At this point I'd like to quote ROBOCOP THREE where the Police join the squatters against big business. Give me 25 quid and I'll tell you my theories.
Here you go. A story from a US Soldier in Afghanistan I've just read.

It was worse than I thought. I met the family at the district government center, thanks to the hospitality of my friend the district attorney, Kabir Ahmad. The widow came in with all six children, ranging in age from 2 to 13. Her male relatives had accompanied her and stayed with us, as well as the local police commander (a distant cousin of hers). I ran out of things to say in about 2 minutes. I offered her the envelop and she took it, proceeding to break down weeping right after.


via Omegaprojektet

...I now find myself at a point where I am completely disillusioned with all of this New Age love and light bullshit, and endless conspiracy crap. The followers of the ‘Cult of Icke’, as I shall call it for want of a better name, are no more enlightened than the followers of any other religious or political belief system you care to name. They are merely sheep who have moved out of one pen and straight into another, whilst believing themselves to have been set free...

...There is a difference you see, between talking the talk, and walking the walk. And I’m sorry to say it, Mr. Icke, but all I’ve seen you and your followers doing so far is a whole lot of talking. Your lips might be moving, as they often are for hours on end, but your feet are still stuck firmly to the ground...

...It isn’t the bloody reptilians that are the real problem down here – it’s us; and as long as yourself and others keep endlessly spouting on about how nasty these lizard folks are you’re simply distracting the real human beings on this planet from actually taking responsibility for themselves, and making a positive change. Knowingly or not, you’re only engaging in further promoting victim mentality, thus disempowering people even more, and keeping them locked within a false cage of self-imposed experiential limitation....

April 14, 2006

BBC Newsnight has left wing bias? Naaaaa

"When did education education education become bollocks bollocks bollocks?"

can't say that on US news TV can you?

Along with a couple of school rows there is also a piece on the coutmartial of Flight Lieutenant Kendal Smith. I don't think the judge liked him very much. Having a very interesting discussion about this in the studio are someone from the MOD and an ex-SAS man who once said:

"As far as the Americans were concerned, the Iraqi people were sub-human, untermenschen. You could almost split the Americans into two groups: ones who were complete crusaders, intent on killing Iraqis, and the others who were in Iraq because the Army was going to pay their college fees. They had no understanding or interest in the Arab culture. The Americans would talk to the Iraqis as if they were stupid and these weren't isolated cases, this was from the top down. There might be one or two enlightened officers who understood the situation a bit better but on the whole that was their general attitude. Their attitude fuelled the insurgency. I think the Iraqis detested them."

Both agreed that he could discuss his opinions about foreign policy but nothing operational about the SAS. The MOD man didn't call the ex-SAS guy a traitor once. Strange country I live in.

also via Indigo... Great Japanese Nob-fest here.

April 12, 2006

More4News on Whipping, Radio Gazza, Wikipedia, Gay Palestinians and Israelis making love not war and CIA rendition plane spotting.


Following everyones helpful links into Gnosticism I found this great definition of Docetism.

This... is rooted in the idea that a divine spark is imprisoned within the material body and that the material body is in itself an obstacle, deliberately created by an evil lesser god (the demiurge) for this purpose, that prevents man from seeing his divine origin. Humanity is, in essence, asleep.

This resonates with Buddhism and Hinduism, especially Hare Krishna philosophy of denying pleasure in this life for the reward of not having to be incarnated again. My second ever girlfriend left me to join the Hare Krishnas. Being 19 I related it all to sex. I thought that either I was so unbelievably good that she couldn't stand the idea of someone else and had to give up for ever, or I was so bad that she couldn't stand the idea...

I think she was going through some sort of breakdown. She was one of my favourite ever partners sexually but when we were out with a group of more than 3 or 4 she often cried for no apparent reason. I think she is still with the Krishnas. She came to visit me a year after we split up and she had changed shape completely, was really unhealthy looking and had boyish sandy hair. When it became obvious I wasn't about to "krishna-ise" she left.

On the subject of "man not seeing his divine purpose" I was pointed to David Icke's online TV site. Some of Abu Hamza's friends were into Ickeian stuff- except for the Lizards of course. The lizards was the point I tuned in on. Icke was saying that if we challenged our belief systems we would see these "shapeshifters".

The Reptilian side of our brain was our "cold-heartedness" and explained how Blair and Bush could cluster bomb children. Ancient texts Icke had read had pointed towards Royal bloodlines being Reptilian and Alien. A close confidant of Princess Diana said that she referred to Charlies family as "The Reptiles". Apparently Reptiles are in charge- almost. They need a one world government to take over.

Icke put up a photo of Blair which did look a bit Reptilian and everyone clapped. He spoke of a woman who said that a guy she was boning shapeshifted briefly into a black reptile with a tail. She chucked him off and he ran away.

You can see David Icke talking about all this in Brixton- for 25 quid a ticket. That is 5 quid more than Killing Joke, and he's not even going to play anything from the old days.

April 11, 2006

Clicking through Urban75 I found this interesting piece about Burning man, plus the same boring one eyed shit they keep repeating about Goa every couple of months.

Also some obsure Bosnian history.

YES!!! Got some Killing Joke tickets. Last time I saw them was in 1988 maybe. I was in a band then. After all these guitarless years of techno-trance I'm looking forward to seeing what I'll make of these guys this time.

Talkin 'bout riot and ting

I'm pretty sure this thread includes the real Brian Paddick and Paul Boateng... as i say, the doc yesterday featured Brian admitting to the Police problems at the time. For those across the pond, Brian Paddick is famous as the highest ranking gay policeman who relaxed drug laws when he was in charge in Brixton, was "exposed" by an ex-lover and sacked, to be eventually reinstated and promoted. He handled a lot of the Police publicity around 7/7.

To a lot of people in the Brixton community Brian has a saintly glow around him.

Apparently this week marks 25 years since the Battle of Railton Rd.

April 10, 2006

The Fascist Regime

The Union Jack was 400 years old yesterday. I've had a few conversations with the Republicans about the diference in attitudes to our respective flags. I was reading in the Daily Tory some Royalist twat reminiscing about how the Union Jack "signified our dominion" over a quater of the worlds population.

That, to me is nothing to be proud of. I'm really proud of the Sex Pistols for subverting it. I'm really proud of how, when they were banned from playing anywhere on land during the Queen's jubilee in 1977, they took to the Thames in a boat and got themselves arrested. It was the right thing to do at the time.

I caught a fantastic documentary about the Brixton riots earlier. These after the fact "truth and reconciliation" docs are truly inspired sometimes. In this one they interview rioters, Police, news reporters and politicians from the time interspersed with news footage and the words of Margaret Thatcher.

Everyone knew which side they were on in the 1980s. To black people in Brixton, Toxteth and Handsworth, the Police were the enemy. All sides said that progress was made as a result of these riots. I know Blairism isn't the "third way" it was sold as, but still this isn't the 1980s. We've got a chance to stop grinding axes and move forward. I worry that we won't have long before an energy crisis. If we don't sort it out, Thatcher style fascism could return in this country easily. I'm not with these people who are moaning about a "Police state" now. This is nothing like the 80s. But we've got to be watchful.
Nothing of my own to post right now. Almost got inspired the other night chatting with a friend over a bottle of wine. Can't remember what about now though. Must have been important. Anyway, I picked up a right-wing womens paper, as I am prone to do these days to see what the other sides concerns are.

What is right-wing these days in the UK? First thing I read is about wives of soldiers in Iraq suing the government.

"Servicemen who go off to war are led to believe that if they die their families will be looked after, but that is not really the case."

Also an interesting leak from what the Tories are calling a "7/7 whitewash"

the official inquiry into the attacks will say they were planned on a shoestring budget and did not have any direct support from al Qaida.

According to the Observer, the Home Office report, being complied by a senior civil servant, will say the atrocities were not the work of an international terror network as originally suspected.

Rather they were carried out by four men who had scoured terror sites on the internet.

Tory homeland security spokesman Patrick Mercer said the lack of a link with al Qaida was difficult to believe.

"The leak suggests that the Government's narrative on the July attacks is going to make no connection with international terrorism and al Qaida," he said.

"I find that very hard to believe. A narrative from the Government is going to come from the same sources that provided us with the dodgy dossier over Iraq. This is why it is so important that we have an independent inquiry and not just another Government whitewash."

The Government has repeatedly rejected demands for a public inquiry into the attacks. Instead it will publish a definitive account of what happened in a written narrative.

let me tell you a story....

Oh yeah. I forgot. I watched the infuriating documentary about the Gospel of Judas last night. Very interesting. They dragged out what could have been said in 10 minutes to almost an hour and a half. It was like fingers down a blackboard wondering whether they were going to put a new fact up of go back to well shot endless repetition. Wankers. Anyway, yeah. Judas. Jesus told me to betray him to "Release him from this world." Oh and something about there being a God who is even bigger than the God who made the world- I think thats what it was about anyway. Bloody hard to tell.

Work it out for yourself.

Left me with an interest in these "Gnostic gospels"

April 09, 2006

Citing the "Prevention of Terrorism" act, British Police have arrested and interrogated three of the stars of the award-winning film "The Road to Guantanamo", together with the three ex-Guantanomo detainees on whose story the film is based.

...Extensive interrogation established that they had no connection with al-Qaida, and despite their plight being ignored by British authorities, eventually they were returned home. The UK media covered live the return of these "Suspected terrorists" and the massive police convoy that brought them in to Central London for questioning.

BBC online here

April 08, 2006

Because I linked to a more confrontational thread on Rightwingsparkle's blog the other day, I thought I'd balance it out a bit with this open thread. I know most of the commenters here really well now though we've never met. I didn't participate in this one. I read it just now, with increasing incredulity. Notice how those from left and right deal with the increasingly hysterical Allesandra.

I was part of the Synergy internal e-forum for a couple of years, but got bored of it. I'm part of Psy-Forums but never post there or read it. I've briefly tried various forums. Rightwingsparkles "comment forum" is the only one I regularly participate in and actually feel "part of". I hope this thread goes some way to expain why.

April 07, 2006

Found this here
More Scientology from Southpark. or here. John Travolta, Tom Cruise and R. Kelly lock themselves in Stans closet...apparently this is why Chef quit.

April 05, 2006

123 people watched London Post 7/7 last month.

Still no comments. I wish I knew what these people were thinking. It would help.

Some of you maybe aware that I communicate regularly with Republicans. Of course things get heated from time to time, but I have a distant dream that we will all one day realise communal solutions beyond politics which are in everyones interests.

This is a bit abstract, but it is what I am trying to test. Its hard because Republicans are the winning "side" at the moment and aren't in the soul searching mood that British Conservatives are in. Things usually come a croper over the thorny issue of Guantanamo. I'm trying to suggest that the situation down there is not in US interests but this is hard to get across.

If you have opinions about this do join in.

April 04, 2006


Probably my all time favourite singing voice belongs to Ozzy Osbourne. I was so pissed off when he went to meet George Bush. How could the man who sang "War pigs" do that? I later found out that the lyrics were written by the Bass Player.

I had a bit of an epiphany in the studio today jamming with my bass-playing budy. We are the only two members of our band so far. We were playing really subtly for ages. It was like waves. I don't know if it was the lack of oxygen in the basement studio but i felt properly high, for the first time I can remember, playing guitar without dope.

"Maybe you've got to the other side" said my friend. I hope so.

Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of death’s construction
In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds, oh lord yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor

Time will tell on their power minds
Making war just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in chess
Wait ’till their judgement day comes, yeah!

Now in darkness, world stops turning
As the war machine keeps burning
No more war pigs of the power
Hand of God has sturck the hour
Day of judgement, God is calling
On their knees, the war pigs crawling
Begging mercy for their sins
Satan, laughing, spreads his wings
All right now!
This guy is a very tiny bit younger than me. I'm trying to find out whether he is playing drums on the upcoming Killing Joke tour. I'm going to get a ticket today.

Rarely in the history of rock has a musician switched bands and instruments simultaneously with such a high degree of success as Dave Grohl. Born on January 14, 1969, Grohl grew up in Washington, D.C., teaching himself to play drums and guitar while listening to such heavy metal acts as Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Motorhead, and Black Sabbath, plus the punk outfits Black Flag, the Germs, Bad Brains, and the Stooges. While still a teenager, he joined his first real band, independent D.C. punkers Scream, and toured the world as their drummer. After Scream broke up in the late '80s, Grohl relocated to Seattle and tried out for a little-known band who had a drum vacancy -- Nirvana.

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Arriving to a jazz guitar soundtrack and dead-on postcard perfect scenes of San Francisco (including passing cable cars plastered with posters for "Tom's Fudge Factory: Packing Fudge Since 1969" -- hmmmm...) Kyle's family is welcomed by self-congratulating, polyhyphenated-named neighbors, who announce that "we're a little more progressive and ahead of the curve here in San Francisco" -- before bending over and savoring their own farts.
Right and Wrong and something which is apparently called "Liberal moral relativism".

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Sparkles view of America's place in the world and American foreign policy here.

How am I doing?

Castlemill boatyard is under imminent eviction alert.
British Waterways have applied for, but do not yet have an eviction order.
Catch Newsnight if you are quick. All this week from Latin America. In tonights program Greg Palast interviews Chavez. My politics are pretty left, but I can see left-wing bias in this piece, particularly in the way the guy speaks to the US representative by satellite. I think this is a shame and its unnecessary. He's let Humala make points I agree wholeheartedly with over a friendly game of chess. The least he can do is let the evil Republican make his points over satellite. Its supposed to be the BBC for fucks sake.

These ideological confrontations of left and right in the world and in Peru are over. That all came to an end when the cold war finnished. The empire that won that war has been engaged in a process of globalization. This led to some countries like mine being globalized which we need to defend. They are infringing our sovreignty and weakening our national industries. The neo-liberal model hasn't benefitted normal Peruvian families... Ollanta Humala, presidential candidate in Peru.
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I've avoided putting US military blogs in my sidebar whilst covering Fundamental Islam, now I'm not anymore I'm not avoiding nothing. I've been keeping an eye on Miserable Donuts, which is set in Afghanistan for a while. I've also been keeping an eye on United Muslim Brothers which I have linked to before. Its written by some young Muslims in Pakistan.

April 03, 2006


Kennedy approached the Soviet Union... with considerable weariness over the rhetoric of the Cold War.The John Foster Dulles contrast between the God-anointed apostles of free enterprise and the regimented hordes of athiestic communism bored him...he could not utter without embarrassment the self-serving platitudes about the total virtue of one side and the total evil of the other.(p271)

April 02, 2006


I'm trying to read A Thousand days by Arthur M Schlesinger JR. documenting the time John F Kennedy spent in the White House. I'm going to quote a few sentences about US dealings with anti-Castro Cubans in the run up to the Bay of Pigs incident.

It is sometimes essential for a state, even for a democratic state, to undertake clandestine operations... But, when such operatins are undertaken, it is important never to forget that the relationship between an intelligence agency and its instruments tends to be a corrupting one. The agency has a natural desire to control...and therefore a natural preference for complian people...

Exiles are typically friendless, moneyless, jobles in a strange land;... They become increasingly dependant on the agent....

The relationship is degrading for them and demoralising for the agent. (p208.)

By nov 1960 the CIA operation had taken on a life of its own... In favouring the "reliable" exiles- those who would take orders- they were concievably endangering the whole project; for the men most capable of rallying popular support.. were bound to be more independent, more principled and more radical than the managable types whom the intelligence agency prefered for operational reasons. (p209.)

Kennedy: "Our objection isn't to the Cuban revolution, it is to the fact that Castro has turned it over to the communists." (p222.)


OK. Went to Jo's "Another World is Blossoming" party at the Synergy centre. Had some very funny conversations under the influence of powders. Firstly with someone who was slagging Brian Haw as an eyesore who should be removed. I've heard Brian has 8 kids and so I think he should be looking after them, but he's a bit nuts. I am very used to such people from the life I have led. Idealists live in a non-ideal world, so they often decay under pressure. I saw that the decision of parliament to go to war had brought the nutters out in parliament square and Brian was the last one left after a couple of weeks, probably because he chased off the others. He's a sympton of this society.

"You should support the institution of Parliament because its given you the freedom you enjoy."said my friend.

"But they have taken away freedom to protest in Parliament Square" I answered then resorted to countering the argument with the obvious rather than any factual basis. "Look at me. How many protests do you think I've been on? Do you really think I support the institution of Parliament in its current form?"

I usually let this guy get away with his strongly pro-Blair, pro-Bush commentary because I find it amusing, but I constantly wonder why he spends his time amongst hippies. Because I was about half as forthright as he usually is he started saying something about our friendship.

"No mate. You are still my friend. I disagree with you. I am friends with Republicans. I consider these friendships the most important things I have experimented with as a reaction to this war. I disagree with them."

I moved on to a discussion with a girl who was praising Margaret Thatcher. What is it with hippies today?

"She believed in what she did and changed the country."

"So you are not offended by the undeclared civil war between North and South at the time?"

"Capitalism is a beautiful thing. At its basic level it is about encouraging individual enterprise."

"I would agree, but at a macro level its about exploitation and is intrisically linked to a war machine. Its about treating people as a commodity. I think more of the human spirit than that."

I didn't feel like arguing much further. "Look if you've got a view about how great Thatcher is and want to write it down, I'll stick it up on Socialist Wanker. I totally disagree, but it'll wind people up so you are welcome."

The guy came back, this time we were on the dancefloor watching a white rapper.

"I think this white people doing black music is very suspect."

"Really? What do you think of the Rolling Stones? they were hugely influenced by black music."

"I think they were White English rock."

"I don't think the Rolling Stones would agree with you, when they jammed with the Black musicians they were influenced by they did it as a tribute."

"So you don't think white English people can make their own music without Black influence?"

"I think if you are good I will take influence from you. Whether you are white or Black doesn't matter.

I met some nice people from Green TV. I asked them how they were uploading stuff and what sort of formats they used. One of them knew in passing about my attempts at film making.

"You should have a go Dave."

"I don't think my stuff fits. Its just straight Doco."

"But your stuff is a bit "activist" isn't it?"

"No. Its not. My subjects believe homosexuals should be killed."


I met another girl who edited with Green TV who was very attractive but I seemed to put her off with every word I said past the initial smile we shared. Maybe drugs aren't good for me. Maybe I can no longer communicate with idealists and utopia heads (except Big G and Josef) because I am not one any more and my heart is black.

I also mt up with Rob Rub who told me his song called "George Bush is an Islamic Fundamentalist" is going to be in Julian Temples new movie about Glastonbury. I've been worrying about this movie sine I heard about it, hoping that its going to be good. The stuff about it seems favourable. I have so much emotion wrapped up in my experiences of the pre-Fiddler Glastonbury I really, really hope its going to be good. I also really, really hope it launches Rob Rub. he deserves it. he's a great guy.

The next day I went back to the same place where they were running a kids day. This is probably the most improtant thing I have ever seen the Synergy project try. A positive event for kids in an area known for gang violence. A guy had advised me not to come because of what I looked like. I agreed with him, but a girl involved had pursuaded me to come. "I want the kids to meet real people." When I arrived and got past the huge bouncers the guy was there but not the girl, with predictable results. I don't think I'm going to the centre anymore. I get a bad feeling every time I walk through the door.