February 27, 2007


This is a short "promo" if you will for my first ever attempt at film making, where we covered the kids who came out to "stop the country" on the day the war started as requested by the Stop the War Coalition, only to be totally left to the mercy of the Police by the adults who INCITED THEM. There was a word for that sort of behaviour in my playground.

Over the weekend I was worried that they would keep going and that things would get ugly. I saw Ken Livingstone's speech in Hyde park where he said "We support the kids."

I waited for him back stage

"Ken, I'm really worried that these kids are going to carry on after the weekend and they are on their own, facing the Police.. I was wondering if you could go down and speak to them or something?"

He ran away from me. Strange guy.

Thanks to Flee and Jubal for the footage and Paula for the music.

February 25, 2007


Screen name Muflis1 has sent me a link to this video where an Imam preaches against what he believes is Abu Hamza's interpretation of the Koran. Do Compare to what I filmed Hamza say below, and go and read everything else online too.

February 22, 2007


The ITV thing didn't happen in the end and I must admit I never saw the final programme. I got the feeling I talked myself out of it in a series of emails. I'm tempted to put up my responses here. I've been reapraising what I think of Mr. Hamza recently. The more I filmed, the less of an opinion I had, and the more I was concerned with accurately recording what was happening. Occasionally I'd go off on mad gonzo anti-media tangents, I wasn't sure if I was actually doing comedy.

I don't think I would insult Mr Hamza here, out of respect to his sons who seem OK to me. I wouldn't say I got on with him, Abdullah is a more complex story..

The main thing I think, is that young Muslims should know Hamza preached against killing innocents here.
This is the life no? A friend of mine sent this from South India. The bike cost 100 quid..

February 18, 2007


Watching the BBC morning vagueley Political show I saw Andrew Marr questioning our dear leader. As usual, he's got me convinced. I don't hate Blair, I sort of grumble about him, then I see him answer questions and think- OK. Thats alright then.

And he plays the guitar.

February 16, 2007


Regulars will know of my long standing fascination with US Conservative bloggers (check the links). I never thought I'd be interested in the British version. Do check out the 18 Doughty st piece about blogging. I've never heard of any of the guests, but apparently they are all top bloggers over here and Rachel from North London was a victim of the 7/7 bombing.

February 15, 2007


Somewhere in my archive is a blog where I promised myself that when all my filming with Abdullah, Hamza and co was over I would make a really nice little film about people growing weed in a hot country.

Here it is and its dedicated to David Cameron.

Visit Jamaica. Its fantastic. When people greet you it sounds like they are going to kick your head in, but they are just saying hello.

The intro music is Marlon Ashers version of Ganjafarmer, the outro is Buju's version.

It annoys me that I've had to blank the faces, maybe one day society will sort itself out.

If you aren't interested in ganja, there are scenes of new born goats in this one.

February 12, 2007


Watching a bit of TV over the weekend I noticed Yasmin Alibhai-Brown slagging off bloggers on the early BBC vaguely Political show. Iaian Dale, a rightwing conservative politician and blogger making a few ripples over here with the 18 Doughty st project defended blogging.

Yasmin said she didn't want to write in a blog format because she didn't want to get feedback from the "vile masses" or something and she compared bloggers to "dusty people on bar stools" or something similar.

So fucking what? Your opinion is FAR more important than anyone elses because you are being PAID for it eh Yasmin? I hate pathetic intellectual snob bitches. Since I opened my Youtube site I've deleted more comments than at first but I still enjoy the "He should go and fug himself" hillbilly comment my films attract. What is wrong with hillbillies? How are they "less" than Yasmin? I see no distinction between educated and unwashed. We are all monkeys.

Come to think of it I do see a distinction. Intellectual snobs are AT THE BOTTOM.

A TV programme I have loved to hate almost made me cry the other day. In Dragons Den various dreamers looking for a knee-stool into the trough of capitalism pitch their ideas to a row of nasty venture capitalists looking to invest their own money. This has a sort of morbid road accident attraction, with capitalists getting off on destroying peoples dreams on TV.

On Sunday I watched a nice old rasta trot up singing a song about his "Reggae reggae sauce" he had been making in his bathtub with his kids or something and selling at the Notting hill carnival. A letter he had in his pocket, which he claimed had an advance order for x million litres actually turned out to be x thousand litres. A slip with figures like this is always the biggest cardinal sin with these people, the wankers in the middle duly tore into him and declared themselves out.

Peter Jones, with a strange look on his face, never seen before on the programme offered to put up half the money for twice the share the rasta was offering. If I was on a seat I would have fallen off it. The Australian fuck on the other end had a little think about it, and put up the other half.

Nice old rasta quickly accepts, hugging his new muti millionare buisness partners with the others clapping. It was worth seeing all of the other horrible series of this programme just to watch the format turn on its head just this once. Jamaican culture is still bankable eh?

Levi Roots is the singer who slayed the dragons of BBC2's business show with a reggae tune.

He convinced the millionaire investors on Dragons' Den to back his plan to produce his Reggae Reggae sauce on an large scale.

Now Roots, from Brixton, is in talks with Sainsbury's about distributing the sauce, which claims to "put music in your food". He may also have a surprise hit song on his hands.

...Discussions about a nationwide launch with Sainsbury's could even be accompanied by a chart release of the Reggae Sauce song following thousands of enquiries from viewers after Wednesday's show.

Roots said: "I'm not in this to be the next Heinz ketchup. I just want to bring the sweet, sweet flavour of reggae music to the world."

If you click on the site you can watch the whole thing.

UPDATE: Youtube here

February 06, 2007


I watched another great Dispatches last night, At Home with the Terror Suspects. Four suspects under house arrest on secret evidence they have never been able to defend themselves against make video diaries. I'm sure it'll be on Youtube soon. Excellent doco.

It always seems strange to me that people like mr. STUPID QUESTIONS imagines I might be upset if he insults "Allah".


Strange guy.

People like this always resort to saying you are gay. This is not an insult in my culture. People are allowed to be homosexual here. It makes me think that maybe these people would be happier in a culture where homosexuality is not tollerated- like under Shariah law for instance.

Anyway, Stupid Questions here led me to another earlier Dispatches I had missed called "Undercover Mosque" which is another "expose" on extremism this time in Birmingham. Part 1 of 5 starts on Youtube here. Some of those accused in the program have used Youtube to reply starting here. Dr. Bilal Philips responds on the thorny issue of Mohammed's marriage to a 9 year old here.

Here are some totally unrelated answers concerning gayness:

« Reply #4 on Mar 3, 2006, 4:43pm »

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February 05, 2007


Watched another great documentary by Louis Theroux last night. This one was about gambling in Las Vegas. He really caught the thousand yard stare of addiction in the faces of those who were being filmed gambling sometimes for 20 hours plus. He always appears a bit callous on TV. I'm thinking maybe that is just the strange "kooky British" expression on his face as he seems a lot warmer to people in his book.

February 01, 2007


Fuckin hell, remember STUPID QUESTIONS?

"Muslim Chickens (skwark!) hatched World War 3" etc?

I wrote the original blog (GOOD FUCKIN QUESTION) based on communication I had with someone from the blog and had a mystery person set up the "Dave Bonewanker" hate site.

I found out from our last communication that this was (probably) the person who I had the communication with. As "Dave Bonewanker" was obviously not boasting about the number of hits he had...

Anyway, just clicked on them and Google have taken them down as a "hate site".

After posting our article at blogger.com on Jan. 27, 2007 Islamofascist Arab and Muslim Groups Protest ABC’s Hiring of Glenn Beck , the Arab American Institute visited our blog at least 4 times, then contacted Google to have our site blocked as a hate site.

Without warning, Google obliged them, even though we are clearly not a hate site. We simply blog about radical Muslims and Arab groups, like AAI. We also joke and attempt humor, somethingArabs and Muslims seem not to understand.

Somehow these Arab/Muslim Islamofascist groups fail to realize that their dream of an Islamic sharia state in the U.S. has not quite been achieved (Google does seem to have thrown in to aid them at this point). We are still free to report on their activities as we wish.

If Google folds under this pressure and boots us from blogger, we’ll go ahead immediately with our plan to host our blog on another paid domain with our same name, THE MUSLIM QUESTION, free from the conniving reach of enemy Islamofascists who would silence our truth about them.

Within 2 months, our blog was in the top 1-2 percent on the web. We can do that again immediately. This time we will focus more attention on Islamofascist groups like the AAI. In fact, we will concentrate on them. Thanks for the motivation AAI!

We will not be silenced by enemies of the United States of America. We will expose them and run them off to jail or out of the country or both. They don’t know who we are, but we know who THEY are.

At the moment, I am only able to edit and create posts at blogger. I cannot access our main blog. I get a round robin from the blocked page to a sign in and back around through the page editor to the blocked page again.

Google claims they don’t censor, but that’s exactly what they do. They let people and organizations who oppose the truth gang up and have you blocked, especially if Google also opposes your views. Google is only too happy to oblige because they’re as liberal an organization as exists in the United States. In fact, they side with and attempt to appease these Islamofascists, but pedophiles are welcome at blogger anytime.

We’re at war with terrorists and Google wants to throw them a party. I didn’t even make the guest list and I’m an honorably discharged 100% disabled veteran.

Shame on Google.

I was just thinking about following up my previous posts by saying that I did indeed believe they were acting as cheerleaders for possible future genocide- but in no way do I think they should be censored. There is no point in censoring this type of thing.

How al-Qaeda 'tried to bring Baghdad to Birmingham'

How al-Qaeda 'tried to bring Baghdad to Birmingham (Times Online)

When I was first inspired to film in Finsbury park it was partly due to my positive experiences living amongst the Muslims of Sparkhill in Birmingham from 89-91. I assumed that Muslims in Finsbury park would treat me in the same way- and that is why I got some of the stuff I filmed.

Obviously I am quite alarmed by these news reports and am toying with the idea of a quick visit as I still have friends in Sparkhill.