May 13, 2004


As you can probably tell, I hate left and right wing politics and hope for a kind of "species evolution" of global, individual responsibility. When I saw the end of apartheid, the Berlin wall coming down and the end of repressive communism in the east I thought this was happening. When I saw Bush come in, my views revised, but I am still hopeful. What to do about it?

A great critique of the problems "The Left" is currently dealing with is available here

Whether there will ever be an evolved, leaderless majority takeover of the planet for the common good I have no idea but such things are discussed at

I know some people who think the internet is becoming the tool for this change. Being techies I often don't understand what they are talking about, but they are very nice people and you can catch up with them at

The cheapest, most revolutionary method of species survival I have ever come across is called the earthship. Its made of rubbish, collects enough water to sustain its occupants almost anywhere in the world, heats itself and reportedly could last 1500 years.Details of this are available at

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