November 22, 2004


I recently saw Nigel Wingrove on the BBC’s vaguely religious Heaven and Earth show. Because he had been the only person to ever successfully get his film banned under British blasphemy laws I set about trying to track him down for an article. I wrote to the Heaven and earth show and got this from the series producer:

Obviously, I can't just give out Nigel Wingrove's contact details, but you might find something of interest on the attached site.

I wrote back asking if they wanted a sort of “mosque in the street” story for their vaguely religious show and got this back:

David - Thanks for you email. I don't think your footage would be quite right for us - but I'll pass this on to Liz - our development Exec who might be interested. I'll leave it to her to email you back if she thinks it could be useful for any of her slots.


I wasn’t surprised. Can you imagine all these cosy “Vaguely Buddhists” and “Vaguely Christians” and “Vaguely Middle class New Ageists” and “Vaguely Cliff Richard fans” sitting down to a cosy Sunday mornings viewing and then Mr.Abdullah comes on:


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