December 05, 2006


Remember Stupid Questions? (see GOOD FUCKING QUESTION) Here is another amusing blog: God Help Britain. The owner seems to think we are facing Islamo-fascist takeover at any moment. I thought blogs like this were only in America.



People like you will be laughing right up until Britain becomes an Islamic state. Within 20 to 50 years, British muslims will have increased in number so much that any general election will result in a pro-Islam party being elected.

Shariah law is already being introduced.

In ten years, Amsterdam and Rotterdam will become majority muslim countries.

Muslims bread three time more than non-muslims and the vast majority of people moving to Britain are muslims. 100k Britons leave the country to live abroad.

If Turkey joins the EU, we are fucked.

Parts of Paris are already a no-go zones for the police, Sweden the same. Swedish women in some areas of the country need to wear the veil to avoid being raped and abused. Germany loses more indigenous people to emigration than gains in immigration of ethnic minorities.

It all seems surreal but it is very real. You may never have experienced invasion before and that may well be why you feel such a threat is unthinkable. We are not as secure as you seem to think.

Do some research before laughing like an ignoramous.

Indigobusiness said...

Muslims bread sounds yummy.

DAVE BONES said...

Is it halal?

You should meet some of my republican buddies. They've been saying the same thing about Europe for ages.

Britney, if you just looked up the meaning of the word "ummah" on wikipedia before you wrote anything you wouldn't be making an idiot of yourself.

dave bones said...

Dave "Malung News" Bone swallower is an idiot, a Muslim lover, and/or both.

Either way, he's the enemy.

Time to dispatch a hit team to take him out. Wait, I guess we already did. Nevermind.

Goodbye Davy boy!

dave bones said...

I put my blog up and had 600+ profile views within a few months. Davy-girl has had his up longer and has had only 60 profile hits.

Nobody reads his lame-ass blog because he's a Muslim-Lovin bitch.

Mohammed was a pedophile, rapist, and child molester. Dave loves Mohammed. Dave will die by the Muslim sword.

Dave is stupid.

Dave needs to come up with something original to post and stop simply putting down other blogs.

Dave is stupid.

DAVE BONES said...

where have you been little bonewanker? I'm glad to see you are keeping a high profile, but when are you going to write something on it?

DAVE BONES said...

where are your 600+profile views? you've had 24. Write something for fucks sake.

Indigobusiness said...

Get a room, y'all.

Anonymous said...

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