December 14, 2008


Three-quarters of the most serious terror plots investigated by UK authorities are linked to Pakistan, claims Gordon Brown.

Saying the time had come for "action, not words" - the prime minister unveiled a pact against terror as he visited Pakistan for talks with its president.

Oh God here we go again. Six million pounds to who? For what? How is that de-radicalization money process going over here? Any results? Anyone?



BigDog said...

Pakistan is messed up. Good thing the US is creatign a close alliance with India. One of the many legacies of his tenure.

Too bad we need Pakistan to get supplies into Afghanistan.

DAVE BONES said...

Otherwise what? Pakistan is a very mixed bunch of people. Except for the Afghan border which is Taliban, always has been. Personally I think this new guy is a step forward. If India get too much influence in Afghanistan the ISI will always act regardless who is in power.

Anonymous said...

How many terror plots are there?

DAVE BONES said...

Yes I have met Merion.