February 19, 2009


Loads going on in mad Jihadiland at the mo. I watched Richard Watsons Muslim first, British second on the iPlayer yesterday. I heard about the progress of this film a long while back from Mr Waleed and was at the Islam4UK meet that features in this doco, though I was outside having a cigarette and missed argument with Mr Watson. I blogged my version of events (THE MAGICIANS OF THE PHARAOH here)

From what I heard there certianly seems to be some beef between the guys and Mr Watson, or maybe the BBC in general. I don't know what about, maybe I will find out in due course when Mr Waleed gets back to me. I think they have another meet up coming up the beginning of March. When I was in Finsbury I thought the investment in tension between Muslims and media to be unproductive but unsurprising. Without going through specifics it is hard to unpick or to know how to go about filming. Of course I disagree fundamentaly with some of the fundamentals of Islam, but if I want to do something its really just to document, and if possible to look for solutions. I'm interested in who people think they are and the vison they have of Britain, now.

Anyway, in further "Abu news" Abu Qatada has been passed for deportation to Jordan so he'll be lost in the corridors of Brussels, or Strasbourg or wherever the fuckin European court of Human rights is for a little while. Oh and they want to give him money. Also heading that direction is Abu Hamza, who may be able to sit out his wait at home.

Whitehall torture by proxy, of course they do. I'm not even taking a position there- if someone knows about some up coming terr-ist attatcks how do you get them to tell you about it? I don't know. Anyway now the government are looking for Muslims with beards who want an Islamic state, don't like homosexuals, believe in Jihad and fail to condemn the killing of British soldiers.

Err.. OK. I know some of them. What happens now?

We want to label them as "Extremists" who "Don't share our common British ideals."

Err.. OK. Good. Do that. Lets label them as extemists. Maybe they should wear a fucking star or something? And while we are talking shared British values what is going to happen at Stonehenge next Solstice? Are you going to send extremists to stiffle common British values rearing their pretty little heads? Seriously. British values are important. I don't want to fight anyone for them, but I'd love to enjoy them you know?

The BBC go into a bit more detail saying

...that Muslim leaders who urge separation will be isolated and publicly rejected. He also said this would occur even if their comments fell within the law. This will include those who argue that Muslims should not vote and that homosexuals should be condemned on religious grounds...

I still don't get it. Isolated? Publicly rejected? By who? Richard Littlejohn in a dog collar? What does this mean in reality? They can't come to the party? From what I have seen I don't think they want to come to the party.

Down in Belmarsh the liquid guys are up again, with the prosecution telling a different (Gulzar-less) story and the first jury being mysteriously dsmissed by the judge. I don't know if I can be arsed to head down for any more of this.

Anyway what else? Oh. There is a jihad going on in Somalia where some of these guys come from. Hajj knew a couple of them. Said they were very nice. He was very surprised to see them naked outside a flat on TV.


Giving this man compensation is a triumph for democracy over medievalism- (The Times)


Gorilla Bananas said...

There's no need to label anyone as anything. All that's required is to infiltrate the the mosques and other meeting places with fake muslims to keep an eye on things. The minute anyone is planning anything violent, throw them in the chokey. I think you'd make a pretty good fake muslim Dave. How about it?

DAVE BONES said...

I'm sure its being tried all over the country.

Anonymous said...

Hi all. In regards to Abu Qatadah and Human Rights (the pact with Jordan that he won't be tortured has as much weight as air):

What law would we put in place so that we get rights and he doesn't? (Remember this man had been held without charge for a long time, and had his release on bail revoked based on the heinous crime of possessing a video of him talking to his children about the importance of ‘Eid festival and his son having an mp3 player.)

The above would remove rights from just about everyone. Especially Muslims (who very well may be innocent, and if convicted of anything; the sentence unjustly disproportionate when compared with convicts who are considered being of "us" and not “them”).

DAVE BONES said...

I have no idea how to deal with Abu Qatada.

DAVE BONES said...

Actually I have. If he is some sort of representative of the Jihadis who threaten us with terrorism I would talk to him, and Hamza. Negotiate with them like we did with Gerry Adams.