March 10, 2010


I was reading yesterday about movie yoga. You hear about all these quack therapies but movie yoga? It just takes the popcorn eh. Except that the guy who is expounding this philosophy is connected to Stanislav Grof, a guy I have always been interested in though I have yet to be reborn, or rebirthed. For those who don't know, Stanislav was one of the original LSD pioneers who came across rebirthing whilst looking for natural ways to maintain the high in real life, although I am sure that isn't how he would describe himself.

Talking movies, we were slagging off The Hurt Locker the other day, but obviously The Oscar judges weren't reading. I am pleased for the woman but on that list of ten I reckon District 9 was probably the best film in terms of original concept and delivery of concept, though I will have to watch them all whilst doing movie yoga to judge properly.

What else have I been watching? Oh yeah, Iron Maiden's Flight 666 documentary, which surprised me, having never been a big Maiden fan I didn't realise they would sound so smokin live. Also worth watching for Janick Gers ability to chuck his guitar the whole way round and carry on playing, and a tearful South American fan having a religious experience cos he caught a drum stick at the end of the show.

Docuementary wise I feel I must pwotest about Channel 4s Big Snake. I was arguing with someone on Facefuck who was saying travelling was the new collonialism. This sort of doco lends weight to his argument, which pisses me off frankly.


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