December 23, 2010


Via Pickled Politics, check out Xmas is Evil here.

In the church I grew up in our pastor used to preach a lot of what Mr Choudhary et al are saying. The same sermon every year- That people had forgotten the real meaning of Christmas. They had taken the "Christ" out of Christmas and now use it as an excuse for, well a lot of the evils mentioned here.

It was only much later that I found out that it was actually Christians who stole the yuletide festivity for their own, and the real meaning of the whole thing was to have a big blow out on the shortest day of the year and hope that what you had left would last you till something grew out of the ground again!

I feel very lucky to be alive now, in the UK. I hope we all enjoy our good fortune over this festive period and find ways to share it beyond these borders in the New Year.


Hertz Hertz said...

That's true!!! some of them didn't survive winter! :/
We are lucky indeed. Merry Xmas. :)

Web Hosting India said...

Am really glad that you shared your knowledge with us.Merry Christmas..Thanks for sharing.