March 02, 2011

Munir Zamir

How I fell into the clutches of radical cleric Abu Hamza

...He then showed the teenagers a picture of radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza.

"Look who I ended up with," he said.

"We had a fantastic relationship. It was a match made in heaven – his anger, my lack of self-esteem.

"He wanted me to die on the battlefield."

But he said people often did not understand the meaning of Jihad, which has become associated with suicide bombers but refers to the struggle Muslims face to make themselves better people.

Mr Zamir said: "Jihad is getting to school on time, Jihad is helping your mother with the shopping, Jihad is being the best person you can be."

And he urged the teenagers to read books and talk to family members to find out more about the religion.

He said: "I did not go looking for the answers, they came looking for me."

A former British National Party member, who has turned his back on the group, also spoke to the youngsters at the conference at police headquarters in Ripley.

The event, the first of its kind, was organised by Derbyshire Constabulary's community engagement team which was set up in 2008 to prevent extremism...



Anonymous said...

Munir Zamir is a fantasist who never had any connections with Abu Hamza. This is a direct lie and he has never been associated to or with any member or close ally of Abu Hamza. FACT..

Anonymous said...

Munir Zamir is lying out of his backside! He hung around with the loony Al-Muhajiroun group for a couple years and thats about it. Even Hizb Ut-Tahrir didn't want him!

Now he's telling a load of porkies to get his hands on some govt money! He had no links whatsoever with Abu Hamza.

What a joker!

Anonymous said...

This liar didn't even have anything to do with Al Maj lot, although he tried to get involved, with some of the guys but only for a few months... What an arse!! You have to give it to him though, he's got the gov fooled...