September 03, 2012


...He told Press Gazette: "Because of where my office is based, I didn't get to cover the trial which was a shame. Whenever I read any of the stories from the trial, it just took me back to that moment all those months ago when I was just stood there watching it happen in front of my eyes.
"The same thing happens whenever I walk down that street now, I can just see it happening right in front of me all over again. It's one of those things that will be imprinted on my mind forever I think. Sort of like how I remember where I was when I heard Princess Diana had died."
After the incident he wrote about his experience on his blog: “Strolling along Norfolk Street just before 10am to go to the Post Office to pay my road tax, I never in a million years could have predicted the situation I was about to find myself in..


Anonymous said...

Dave, you know what I think?

I reckon that some folks want all Hamza's sons off the streets & not able to communicate, most likely about their father.

Here is the front page from the sleepy market town, with the photo taken by David Blackmore (off-duty) of the Eastern Daily Press. His account of Feb 2012 is somewhat at odds with the August 2012 courtroom reports (e.g. here).

See also report of 31st Jan 2012 here, which mentions the 'silver coloured BMW' & the 'white scarf' which was the court identified evidence.......

Someone wants (another one of) Hamza's sons off da street....

DAVE BONES said...

How is it at odds? Mustafa went down for a really clever car ringing scheme, I don't think anyone is professing he is innocent, but hey at least he isn't a terr-ist. What I saw of Hamza's posse they were a lot more street than Choudharrys mob.