April 04, 2014


Red alert: New York cops fear hate preacher Abu Hamza's trial could spark more terror  

...One-eyed Hamza, who was extradited to the US from Britain in 2012, will appear in court next week in New York, and the city’s authorities fear another al-Qaida attack to coincide with the trial. Security services including the CIA are said to have picked up a high level of “internet chatter” among Islamic extremists. Rebecca Weiner, security chief for the NYPD, said: “We are attuned to the possibility that his upcoming trial may inspire more terror.” 

 She called Hamza, 55, a “star” among jihadists and said he had “helped radicalise dozens of individuals in both the UK and the US who went on to engage in terrorist acts”... 

...John Miller, NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence also said officers in the city, where al-Qaida destroyed the Twin Towers in 2001, were on high alert but had yet to identify any “specific” threat. 

Last month Hamza, 55, was branded a “terrorist leader of global reach” by the US government. Prosecutors said he was so dangerous they wanted jurors to have armed guards...

They forgot to mention that coincidentally or not coincidentally the 7/7 bombing happened a day into his trial in the UK.


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