May 08, 2014


Really gutted I am missing this would have loved to be there in person

Asked by his lawyer if he would tell the truth to the federal court he said: "I am no stranger to prison.
"If my freedom comes at the expense of my dignity and my faith, I don't want it, simple as that."

Abu Hamza acted as an intermediary for MI5 and Scotland Yard for years so he could help “keep the streets of London safe”, his defence lawyer claimed yesterday. The former cleric of the Finsbury Park mosque was in “constant dialogue” with British intelligence services to try to avert conflict around the world, it was alleged. Hamza would be called to engage his Islamist contacts to help with the release of hostages as a sort of peacekeeper for the Muslim world. At his New York terrorism trial, Hamza’s lawyer Joshua Dratel said it was “critical” for the jury to understand that the hate preacher’s real aims were actually very noble. Mr Dratel told the court the reality was that Hamza was “looking to prevent terrorism” and not encourage it. “His intention was to keep the streets of London safe.”

I read somewhere else that the judge wouldn't let the jury hear this last bit of evidence and the defence team are challenging this decision.

Channel 4 also on the theme of Hamza's security work-

Joshua Dratel, defending Hamza, who was extradited to the US in 2012, said: "It goes to the theme of our defence that he was an intermediary, that MI5 asked him on multiple times to act in hostage situations, cool down the community and maintain a sense of order."

If you look at 46min 47 sec on this video you can see what Hamza is talking about. He said this sort of thing on the street in the UK quite regularly


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