January 17, 2015

‘Evil’ British preacher Abu Hamza jailed for life in US

...Abu Hamza showed no remorse for his crimes, and again pleaded his innocence in court and demanded to be sent to a federal prison hospital, where he said he would be better treated as a double amputee suffering from diabetes. “With all honesty I do maintain my innocence,” he said, dressed in navy scrubs and gesticulating with his raw, red stumps. His face was pale behind a grey and white beard. Forrest said she had thought long and hard about the severity of the sentence but ultimately concluded the world would not be safe with him a free man. “Evil comes in many forms but doesn’t always show itself immediately in all its darkness,” Forrest said. There is “a side of you that this court views as evil.” She called his crimes “barbaric” and “obviously unacceptable in a civilized society.” ...

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