August 27, 2004


I’ve had so many Paula Radcliffe moments about this documentary its driven me crazy.Or is it the meditation or the drugs?

With so many misunderstood atheletes driven out of the games isn’t it high time there was an Olympics for drug takers? And what drugs do they feed the horses in the dressage anyway, as they stagger diagonally? Ketamine? Many years ago I took two blue planets with a friend and cycled from Parliament hill to Piccadilly, we were fine till we got off the bikes. I would say our performance was definitely enhanced.

Would a shit faced Olympics catch on?

If it did I’d like to represent my country at free style levitation. All competitors would have a week to train however they wanted, then would have 10 days in silence with their eyes closed to levitate. Whichever competitor levitated the highest would win. If I won I wouldn’t be able to stand the national anthem due to the offensiveness of the lyrics. I suppose Jimi Hendrix playing the star spangled banner would do as an anthem for everyone.

And what about a venue? Goa? Byron Bay? The Boom festival in Portugal? I’ll have to start looking into this, I could make a fortune. Whilst on the question of sport I don't really care about rich footballers but Beckham and co's press boycott after the Poland game was a classic.

"You dont support us when we draw so when we win you can go fuck."


Anonymous said...

did you ever hear jimi hendrix play god save the queen, isle of wight?

DAVE BONES said...

Fucking hell, i thought noone was reading! Did he really do god save the queen?