August 28, 2004


Still without a camera.

This week,as Abu Hamza was finally being questioned about terrorism in this country, amongst other things Mr. Abdullah was telling the Police that the maggots would eat them and that they are puppets of the government because they don’t tell the government to ban pornography on TV.

Barry was back {see BARRY THE BOSS}and I asked him if he had a nice holiday.

“ Where did you go?”

“ Nowhere really.”

I asked him what he had been talking about with the trustee’s a couple of weeks back.

“ I don’t know, you try to help people…” he said cryptically.

“ Do you think these people here are the rightful occupants of the mosque?”

“ Well yes...”

“ Is there any evidence that these people are threatening so called "moderates" to stay away? It must be hard being in your position when these guys leader is being called the Bin Laden of Britain...”

He expressed a personal view on that subject which I can’t report. (the clue may or may not be in the title)- and walked away leaving me stunned.

As the mainstream media did their piece to camera at the back Barry was arranging a meeting between himself, the trustee’s and 5 of the guys here with a view to reopening the Mosque. I told Hajj and Abdullah what Barry had said. I can’t exactly remember Abdullah’s reply but it was certainly negative as far as trusting Barry was concerned.

He has told me before how he thought Barry had a different attitude behind closed doors. It maybe true. If I had to make an instinctual judgement I would personally doubt it. I’m not sure what Barry will achieve but he, and all the Police here seem to deserve an end more worthy than maggots.

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